[NEW SEASONAL MISSION] Storm Rising | Overwatch

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Abdullah Najam
Abdullah Najam - Timme sedan
Overwatch team there was a glitch of my favourite player junkrat whenever I take him the sensitivity is too high it doesn’t happen to others players like Hanzo i would really like your team to fix this Bug
Samuel Endicott
Samuel Endicott - 8 timmar sedan
Overwatch on mobile please
Shaded Penguin
Shaded Penguin - 9 timmar sedan
I feel like they should’ve kept the bike a secret, then no one would’ve expected it. So, people wouldn’t be disappointed when you couldn’t.
Di0guardi - 14 timmar sedan
“Storm Area 51 - They Can't Stop All of Us!!!!!”  😄👽😄👽😄👽😄
Emerson Futral
Emerson Futral - 14 dagar sedan
i hope people have been enjoying the comments ive been writing
Red Wonder8 YT
Red Wonder8 YT - 17 dagar sedan
I missed this event! :( why!
Batman3217 - 24 dagar sedan
Is Tracer Straight or Bi Again yet? I can't get it unless she's Straight or Bi.
Mr. Monopoly
Mr. Monopoly - 25 dagar sedan
Needs more Maximilien.
Arnold Carrera TM
Arnold Carrera TM - 26 dagar sedan
if this game were multiplayer, that is, if the PC could play with the PS4 (as in fortnite) this game would play more people
AnisxGamer xbox 360
AnisxGamer xbox 360 - 28 dagar sedan
YoUr SisTer
YoUr SisTer - 28 dagar sedan

I need healing
Dwight Jones
Dwight Jones - 28 dagar sedan
overwatch reaper shiver cosplay?
Painter Plus
Painter Plus - Månad sedan
Guys love overwatch especially soldier76
Xwolf NLX
Xwolf NLX - Månad sedan
I dunno if this is The right place 2 leave a commend for the game but i don't have twitter but why can widow not swing around with her grapling hook because in the lore it can.can you guys please add that to the game?
Noah Batiz
Noah Batiz - Månad sedan
Buff symmetra pls
Di0guardi - Månad sedan
«OVerhoeven»  😄😄😄😄😄
Dayddestroyer - Månad sedan
yal should make a hole movie
n00dle - Månad sedan
then i remember my xbox stopped reading game disks all of a sudden
Yeet Skeet
Yeet Skeet - Månad sedan
Hey over watch creators can u plz fix this bug : I can’t see the name of groups and games I have no idea what I am getting into
Bino Phoenix
Bino Phoenix - Månad sedan
Maksimovic Dimitri
Maksimovic Dimitri - Månad sedan
We need that flash ability or even the flying ability on Mercys E. So u can revert her mass rez without the invulnerability and adding a sight to the Rez so she can no longer hide before using it. And also revert her heal at 60.
arnat wongsrisoontron
arnat wongsrisoontron - Månad sedan
Look team fortress 2 can change gun and can have hat new gun everday
arnat wongsrisoontron
arnat wongsrisoontron - Månad sedan
Overwatch is for noob kid team fortress 2 is for pro hacker god men
Gen Racer88
Gen Racer88 - Månad sedan
I love Tracer😎👍✌💜💖💗
hi how are ya
hi how are ya - Månad sedan
Maximilian: Honey, you got a big storm coming. *snaps*
Austin The redstone minecart
Dang it
I missed it
Spoopy Meat
Spoopy Meat - Månad sedan
This have to be a movie
Jasmine Liu
Jasmine Liu - Månad sedan
0:21 CONNOR!??
Timjor 77
Timjor 77 - Månad sedan
The android sent by Cyberlife.
Pedro Fdez Ruz
Pedro Fdez Ruz - Månad sedan
When Will be overwatch available on switch
히로 - 2 månader sedan
목소리 병신들이면 좀 닥치지 ㅉ 송하나 경찰 스킨 나올때 좃지랄깐 병신들 에휴
Gh0st - 2 månader sedan
I really hope there's a plan to release all of these PvE modes as it's own permanent playlist. It would also be good to have as an offline option for those who don't have internet access but still want to use their game.
Samicom - 2 månader sedan
-retribution was better-
Graf Fefchanskiy
Graf Fefchanskiy - 2 månader sedan
no good events, no 5 characters in a year, this game becomes a shhhhhh.....................
Jay Allen
Jay Allen - 2 månader sedan
and I thought that it ended on the tenth, we got 1 day extra and now I feel sick
#Savage-Cupcake - 2 månader sedan
thish ish so good yall need to mmake a movie though
Wolf Queen
Wolf Queen - 2 månader sedan
Gengi x mercy moment
I ship it so bad like omggggg 😍😍😍
Victor Sabras
Victor Sabras - 2 månader sedan
please all delete this game, this is trash
Amin Kadrioski
Amin Kadrioski - 2 månader sedan
I wish i could....
Keepkeepzz - 2 månader sedan
Love the music in this trailer.
ᴄᴏᴄᴏɴᴜᴛ ᴄᴀᴛ ɪꜱ ʀᴇᴀʟ
and it turned out to be a great disappointment
Christopher Discavage
Christopher Discavage - 2 månader sedan
Did anyone else hear Winston say “Jenji” instead of Genji?
Mondoblasto0 - 2 månader sedan
Don't care if the hoverbike (a HOVERBIKE! It's NOT a motorcycle) isn't playable, someone went to a lot of trouble to make that sequence look good, and I applaud them for it.
Harry Poter
Harry Poter - 2 månader sedan
Get streamers/youTubers/OW content creators to help develop the game.
Lucy Young
Lucy Young - 2 månader sedan
Also it's fair
Lucy Young
Lucy Young - 2 månader sedan
This has nothing to with this but blizzard should make xbox and ps4 compatible because most of my friends are on ps4 and I can't play because I play xbox. At least make the console compatible with each other
ysabelle martires
ysabelle martires - 2 månader sedan
I hope there's story mode (jk)
Liz Bop
Liz Bop - 2 månader sedan
this looks terrible. Sad to see it only took 3 story modes for you guys to just give up on a game that everyone loved the world building in. Wont be reinstalling the blizzard launcher ever again. Thanks for leading me along for 2 years.
Xd Unityy7
Xd Unityy7 - 2 månader sedan
Am i the only one that thinks that this is the easyest arcives event?
Dragon Actual
Dragon Actual - 2 månader sedan
Xd Unityy7 Sure is. It’s a lootbox grinder
jolly fire
jolly fire - 2 månader sedan
Let's have a broken match making system with broken paper rock scissor that force people to pick the characters they don't want to play, or you tell the others to have a formation which auto become a toxic.
No wonder this game is seriously lack of players now.
D Train
D Train - 2 månader sedan
Can we get a Lucio cinematic/ short please. I'd love to see how you incorporate him into the overall story or even just his orgin. This comment probably won't be seen but I'll keep trying lol
Aiglos - 2 månader sedan
Dragon Actual
Dragon Actual - 2 månader sedan
Aiglos Michael Chu aka the male J.K Rowling