Opioids II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Scott Mitchell
Scott Mitchell - 48 minuter sedan
I'd like to thank the pill companies for WEEDING out the weak ...keep up the great work
ainslie187 - 54 minuter sedan
Opiod deaths are funnier than this fruit.
Michael Radwanski
Michael Radwanski - 54 minuter sedan
"I dONT kNOW" I was dying 😂😂
Steven Cramsie
Steven Cramsie - 4 timmar sedan
Kermit's a top? Cool.
isabella ericson
isabella ericson - 5 timmar sedan
Sackler could put their name on Recovery Centers for Opioids starting in Kermit W. V.
isabella ericson
isabella ericson - 5 timmar sedan
Sackler needs to be in jail for life . The destruction of millions of families all in the name of GREED.
steveh46 - 8 timmar sedan
The delivery of millions of doses of opioids to a small town of 400 in West Virginia reflects the moral failings of a few drug abusers there and in no way calls into question the selfless efforts of drug companies and distributors to increase their profits.
The Ultimate retro Gamer
The Ultimate retro Gamer - 11 timmar sedan
Xylitol rhymes with fuck my asshole
SHOODOO SHAJY - 13 timmar sedan
The funniest part in this video is 18:55
((I don’t know))
Shawn Michael
Shawn Michael - 17 timmar sedan
AL Holt
AL Holt - 21 timme sedan
Please think of the chronic pain patients who are being affected by hard, one sided, negative reporting such as yours.
They are now being forced to go without their medication because their doctors are afraid to prescribe them their full amount. And please believe me, living in constant physical pain is not something that is easy to cope with when you don't see a solution...
please take these individuals' lives and pain seriously
Natalee  Steele
Natalee Steele - 23 timmar sedan
Do one on Valeant pharm
Natalee  Steele
Natalee Steele - 23 timmar sedan
When I heard Perdue pharm, I was fucking strapped in and ready
Storm Daze
Storm Daze - Dag sedan
Opioids 2: Electric Boogaloo
Nerds Of Nashville
Nerds Of Nashville - Dag sedan
8:32 his name is Dick Sackler, poor guy
Naval Unicorn
Naval Unicorn - Dag sedan
Among all the american show, John Oliver is the only ons whers you have a specific rational analyze to whats going on in the US. He s british but he knew how to help americans better than their own shows do!
Ek0 - Dag sedan
I love the information that comes from this show but 90% of the attempts at comedy are cringeworthy.
Unga unga3fingerz
Unga unga3fingerz - Dag sedan
Opioids = population control.. Let them o.d.
Unga unga3fingerz
Unga unga3fingerz - 9 timmar sedan
+Jerry Atrix it would be a start. And definelty cheaper for the rest of us.
Jerry Atrix
Jerry Atrix - 22 timmar sedan
Population control? Lol no that's not population control.
Taylor Bennett
Taylor Bennett - Dag sedan
Sackler isn't the problem. Yeah, someone else might have been less aggressive, but if they weren't aggressive enough in peddling these dangerous drugs, these companies would have hired someone else who would be.
Capitalism is the problem. The reckless pursuit of profit motivated by the very structure and foundation of our economic system is the problem. Abolish private property now, free housing, free Healthcare, free people.
Michael DeSilvio
Michael DeSilvio - Dag sedan
They've been sodomized!
Obscure Fiume
Obscure Fiume - Dag sedan
This Jewish family has killed more Americans than all the illegals drugs combined.
Obscure Fiume
Obscure Fiume - Dag sedan
Sackler the fucking Jewish cunt that made billons on the misery of other people.How the fuck this demonic family can be so protected from all the things that have caused.Millions of desperate children , ruined by their parents addictions.Years of unimaginable pain from withdrawals and misery.Fuck this motherfuckers. May the suffer for generations.
Dustin Rodriguez
Dustin Rodriguez - Dag sedan
You are beautiful. I love you John Oliver.
kevin austin
kevin austin - Dag sedan
The Sacklers only got involved in Purdue Pharma in 1952.  The company was created in 1892
Iced Chai
Iced Chai - Dag sedan
Julia Chernov
Julia Chernov - 2 dagar sedan
Opioids are a huge problem I know .. I was only 20 years old and they prescribed me Norco for my headaches? I was like alright bet and I was so lucky I didn’t fall down the rabbit hole as so many others do.
Julia Chernov
Julia Chernov - 2 dagar sedan
EnderZ13 - 2 dagar sedan
Babies that look like Wallace Shawn? _Inconceivable!_
Ben Aurich
Ben Aurich - 2 dagar sedan
A week later, a bunch of CEO’s get busted in the opioid crisis. John Oliver gets more done than most of our politicians.
deich31 - 2 dagar sedan
Much as I love this segment, they got Omar wrong. Omar was not a murderous drug dealer.
He was their mortal enemy.
Andre Cochran
Andre Cochran - 2 dagar sedan
please link that rap video xD
Ezaarkash - 2 dagar sedan
Truely these people are led by the devil and they shall find themselves in the deepest depths of hell in the hereafter !
Even Odds
Even Odds - 2 dagar sedan
They totally copied eminem's "rap god'
eletricboogalo - 2 dagar sedan
We need to build a wall around this family.
redkev1904 - 2 dagar sedan
Nice touch using Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M. as inspiration for your shitty rap song Oliver
Diego Segura
Diego Segura - 2 dagar sedan
A true American hero
mako zero
mako zero - 2 dagar sedan
The US pharma industry is just a large drug cartel protected by corrupt politicians and the cops. The mexicans and every little street dealer has more decency than these kretins. And you get a much better bang for your buck too.
Philipp - 2 dagar sedan
I've been waiting for Wagner Moura (Pablo Escobar in Narcos) and now am very disappointed
bansheemania - 2 dagar sedan
IF the Government Would crack Down on Doctors that hand out Subutex/Suboxone etc. Its a CASH MARKET.....300 A MONTH ..CMON. They dont Want People to GET BETTER. SUBS SHOULD BE FREE
sglewis42 - 2 dagar sedan
ahhh if only this much research was done to uncover the people behind the crack epidemic
Jerry Atrix
Jerry Atrix - 22 timmar sedan
Well it wasnt, cant live in the past.
Toxic_Jager_Main - 2 dagar sedan
Opioids II Electric Boogaloo
bender42 bender42
bender42 bender42 - 2 dagar sedan
I'd pay good money for the Nancy Reagan--MrT Sex Tape.
That tape is the next big weapon of mass destruction, he who controls the tape, controls the WORLD.
Dee Cohen
Dee Cohen - 2 dagar sedan
Fucking genius. And I say this with context because I was married to a opioid addict who I had to literally give CPR to the fifth time he overdosed in six months and I left him shortly after that. His entire family including his mother who is a nurse who steals drugs from her job at a hospital have been burying their heads in the sand while simultaneously enabling this addict his entire life. And he still lives in her basement- after I dumped him off there after I left him two years ago. The entire family is a group of addicts absolutely supported by his crazy bitch mother who steals drugs from the hospital she was fired from at least one job and I’m sure it has something to do with her stealing things I remember I fell down the stairs once because I wasn’t wearing shoes and she had a plethora of opioids and other things and gave me a lidocaine patch that made me throw up for three days because it was so strong and it was obviously something that should’ve been prescribed by a doctor not some rwice fired “nurse”. The opioid epidemic is out of control and will never ever ever be contained I was a witness I lived with an addict and a dealer there’s no stopping them until they are all dead and I don’t mean in rehab I don’t mean in jail I mean until they are dead
Emily Tanaka
Emily Tanaka - 3 dagar sedan
https://www.sacklergallery.com/ CLICK IT
two Hugo
two Hugo - 3 dagar sedan
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Potayto Doggo
Potayto Doggo - 3 dagar sedan
John do you happen to hate your janitor
Dec - 3 dagar sedan
This is what happens when a country is afraid to put criminals in jail just because they're rich. I'm still galled by the logic here, have an ounce of pot and be black? 5 years, maximum security. Get millions hooked on pain pills and ruin or end countless lives but do it while a company executive and white? Eh, fine that's the equivalent of a parking ticket for you.
Art P.
Art P. - 3 dagar sedan
As usual; pure fkn genius.
Michael T
Michael T - 3 dagar sedan
John is getting closer to confronting the Illuminati. He needs about 10 million more XP to purchase the upgrade that will let him tank their soul-destroying eye-lasers.
Anita Spero
Anita Spero - 3 dagar sedan
I guess I was lucky? My doctor stopped prescribing due to being threatened for to long. After 14 years of being on Norco everyday he took me off using the proper method with Suboxone. I only needed it for 5 days.(WHICH IS THE PROPER WAY. IF YOUR DOCTOR HAS YOU ON THE SUBOXONE LONGER, IT'S FOR MONEY) It has been about a year and I've never craved the medication. But now my life is lost. On the Norco I started a business. I have been so proud because I started it with 20.00 and it grew fast. I could drive again and even work out. I was eating and sleeping. Now I have no idea who I am. Every doctor tried to put me on anti depressants. But I am not depressed. I think for what happened to me sadness and anger are normal emotions. I fear diabetes. It runs in my family. I am almost always sedentary now and gaining weight, Very different than when I was a body builder and trainer. I gave up driving. I sleep very little and eat very poorly. I can't eat in pain. Now I'm dealing with PTSD from doctors. I had one doctor scream at me. He didn't even bring my file into the room. He didn't even know my name. He called me desperate and an addict and said he was cutting my meds to less than half per day. It was horrible. The staff let me leave to drive home- even though I was having a panic attack and an SVT. My only thought was "I'm losing my business, my livlihood". The next doctor demanded an MRI of my back. I explained that I did not want an epidermal (they are not FDA approved). My back isn't even my worst pain issue. He yelled at me on the phone and hung up. Then a female doctor put me on several anti depressants at one time. I ended up in the ER with serotonin syndrome.So, I have serious white coat issues. I'm am slowly losing my business. I'm trying and don't want to give up. I understand why people are committing suicide. It's not like retiring. You aren't prepared. In a week your life just changes. It's gone. I always tell ppl' that are not in pain...have someone tap on your forehead for a month straight. While you try to eat, sleep, talk on the phone or make big decisions. See how well you concentrate after a month. It's not just the sensation of pain, but it brings madness to your life. I spend much time watching t.v..trying to just focus on the t.v to try to drown out the pain. I can't even read well now. My concentration is poor at best. I am so terrified of doctors that I broke my nose several months ago and fixed it myself. Last month I dislocated my shoulder and again fixed it myself. I respected the medication I was on. I was so thankful. After years of all kinds of therapies, medications that did not work and I was even scammed into trying things like body magnets, copper bracelets, infrared therapy, acupuncture several times and more. I'm not ready to just be a meat suit sitting on the sofa, with a brain that wants to do so much in life. I have another grandchild coming, number 5. And all I can think is 'another grandchild I can't play with or babysit. "They" never made a follow through for us. Once this started there was all kinds of things to help addicts. But we are left chronic pain criminals. Sadly this issue is having a snowball effect. People don't trust doctors anymore. I even know a group of women that are doing home births with no medical help. This is infecting everything. It has not slowed down drug abuse and suicides have increased. I can't believe my countries medical system is doing this to us.
operationgnp - 3 dagar sedan
GFY sackler clan. stay hiding.
MetaSynForYourSoul - 3 dagar sedan
Richard Sackler. DICK Sackler. That is all.
Johnny Murillo
Johnny Murillo - 3 dagar sedan
@LastWeekTonight | How about making your Opioids III episode be about those of us who truly suffer from chronic pain & are becoming collateral damage casualties of this opioid crisis. Because our doctors are being pressured to cut those of us off who've never abused our chronic pain regiments.
I'm the model chronic pain patient, I don't abuse my pain medication & in over a decade have never even once asked for an early refill. I've even cut my dosage by 50% over the last year to ease my doctor's concerns because he was being pressured by his higher-ups. Even though it meant living with even more pain, but I did it anyways.
And now my doctor is tapering me off even though he told me he wouldn't & I'm still in pain. I don't drink alcohol, smoke marijuana/cigarettes or do illegal drugs. I'm not a criminal & I go to church, I don't deserve this. I'm being treated like both a junkie & liability & that's wrong. Kaiser Permanente & doctors should be ashamed of themselves for what they're doing.😭🙏🏼 Help
Scott - 3 dagar sedan
Richard Sackler buries documents while we bury those affected.
Lauren-Kate Kush
Lauren-Kate Kush - 3 dagar sedan
The guest actors are fantastic
Josette Tyler
Josette Tyler - 3 dagar sedan
Yay! Someone else has seen Splash besides me!
Justin Murray
Justin Murray - 3 dagar sedan
Rauter - 3 dagar sedan
Captain_Nerdrage - 3 dagar sedan
Bryan Cranston is a delight, and I don't believe anyone has ever eaten a turkey sandwich quite as evocatively as Michael Keaton.
Grim Reafer
Grim Reafer - 3 dagar sedan
White girl look like she was going to try twerking for the first time but realized that now wasn't the time to try nor was it appropriate for the song.
Guy with shades look like he was excited to do a music video and was just now introduced to rap for the very first time and is confused with the freestyle dance.
Lakshay Sethi
Lakshay Sethi - 3 dagar sedan
Why aren't these episodes available on YouTube in canada
ANNO DOMINI - 3 dagar sedan
Is it just me or is Brian Cranston’s head too big for his body?
Richard Sleeve
Richard Sleeve - 3 dagar sedan
All this is made possible by the US Government. In one of two countries where pharma to consumer advertising is legal. But sure... pot (a plant) is the problem.
Corey Welton
Corey Welton - 3 dagar sedan
Sackler should have been publicly flogged, beaten, and then crucified in front of Purdue headquarters. Then force any family member involved in the crisis on to vacate their property and relocate them to a lifeless island off Antarctica
lilyme3 - 3 dagar sedan
I just realized how ADD Last Week Tonight is. This is why I love this show and it makes perfect sense to my brain.
Maston Dane
Maston Dane - 3 dagar sedan
From around 5:30 he argues the DEA agent who said 150 million dollar fine isn't enough and they should've been put in jail was right but he conveniently left out what the fine was specifically for.
I've been disabled for the last 10 years with a medical condition that put me in an unreasonable amount of pain every second of the day and for years we tried every treatment we could and nothing alleviated the pain except narcotics but this hysteria has so many bullshit laws being enacted that my medications have been drastically cut even though i need them to get through the day and its put me in so much pain that I even tried to kill myself. How about we fight for information to be widely accessible about the risks of death or make patients sign a piece of paper saying what the risks are instead of just taking away an option that some people actually need?
some internet weirdo
some internet weirdo - 3 timmar sedan
​+Maston Dane Ooooh, yes! I understand now, I apologize! Your point is very valid--in order to combat crooks like the Sackler family, we've allowed laws based on fear of narcotics to be passed which limit care for those who actually need it. You're entirely right and it really is such a corrupted system that ruins lives of good people every day while billionaire criminals continue to thrive. Thank you for clarifying for me and for sharing your own hardships in the medical system--although I wish I could say your case was rare but it's really not. It's an absolute travesty the lack of pain management given to those who need it and the misconceptions of pain killers!
Maston Dane
Maston Dane - 4 timmar sedan
+Traumglanz I'm not saying that people should be allowed to be given narcotics for recreation or high doses for small reasons. But many of the laws thatre being passed are unreasonable bullshit. When someone has a diagnosed condition thats understood to be extremely painful narcotics should be on the table.
Maston Dane
Maston Dane - 4 timmar sedan
+some internet weirdo the second part isn't really in response to anything in the video, it's just a comment about the wider subject of opioids I added since I was already commenting.
Traumglanz - 13 timmar sedan
You do sound like a junkie. This is a total unfair statement, but still a true one.
some internet weirdo
some internet weirdo - Dag sedan
I'm not sure I follow how that's related to the disproportionate fines. How does giving these Pharmaceutical companies tiny fines and ignoring jail time relate to getting more accessible information to patients and doctors?
DaBLODE - 3 dagar sedan
man i wish my insulin was cheaper...like it used to be. OH WELL
DaBLODE - 3 dagar sedan
i pitty me, because i guess i am the fool. sorry everybody else.
Rage - 3 dagar sedan
James Spader would have been great too.
Sol Stice
Sol Stice - 3 dagar sedan
Helena Kondak
Helena Kondak - 3 dagar sedan
I wish you would a few more videos on political issues.
Susamoy Ahmed
Susamoy Ahmed - 3 dagar sedan
John Oliver needs to get Noble prize. Respect!
Mariusz J
Mariusz J - 3 dagar sedan
You guys should watch the Founder with Michael Keaton. This is the sole reason he was asked to do Sackler.
Steven Cramsie
Steven Cramsie - 4 timmar sedan
I love that Keaton is back making movies again.
Aditya Gunturi
Aditya Gunturi - 2 dagar sedan
Mariusz J p
SammySalSaSucker92 - 3 dagar sedan
Either go kill the entire Sackler family, or quit complaining that they're meanies.
Uriel Cordoba
Uriel Cordoba - 3 dagar sedan
I am literally using this video to write a paper on opioids. Thanks John Oliver!!!
Above the Lies
Above the Lies - 3 dagar sedan
Tonight this moron claimed trump's team didnt listen to his orders , John Oliver you are a liar and a coward. I cant wait until liars like you get dealt with. Lies lies and more lies....
jbn675478 - 3 dagar sedan
it literally says that in the mueller report
Sarah Riddle
Sarah Riddle - 3 dagar sedan
An obscenely rich family monetising off of destroying the public? Let me google them. Oh, of COURSE they’re Jewish!!
jbn675478 - 3 dagar sedan
don't hate the player hate the game. Where are the laws in the US that would protect the public from this shit?
Tyg Rahof
Tyg Rahof - 3 dagar sedan
"Settling out of court" should be illegal in America. Ripping off billions and "settling" for $500,000 IS STILL A CRIME!!! Settling does not exonerate them. American law, for the rich by the rich to exonerate the rich.
Jenny S.
Jenny S. - 3 dagar sedan
So they used Eminem’s Rap God to hype their employees to sell this shit.......Eminem is sober
justin bautista
justin bautista - 3 dagar sedan
Still think the website should’ve said “showusyoursackler.com”
Anthony Paul
Anthony Paul - 3 dagar sedan
Thanks John, now my mom lives in constant suffering from chronic pain because doctors no longer gives her the medication she needs to function. Unbalanced reporting like this will only continue to cause more suffering to the people who did nothing wrong because of this narrative which in no way attempts to truly prevent the other extreme.
Strahan740i - 4 dagar sedan
Omar! It's Omar!!
Jacob Walters
Jacob Walters - 4 dagar sedan
Is literally everyone of your jokes think about the worse way you can take a statement?
Derp UmWell
Derp UmWell - 4 dagar sedan
John knows that his Kermit comments made him an immediate gay icon
JackDibs - 4 dagar sedan
Bumb to piss off the Sacklers
unbroken1010 - 4 dagar sedan
The separate topic that needs to be addressed as CBD oils that market is getting out of control there's only two that I recommend pet releaf which is actually made for pets but is human grade which I've had such an amazing results with that I started taking it myself and Rick Simpson but unfortunately there's a lot of knock-offs now the market is getting flooded with CBD everything most of it garbage sodas gummies chocolate.. why in the world would I pay $5 for a CBD gummy frog that contains 10 mg of CBD oil while also having food coloring and other garbage.. I'm also getting very tired of seeing hippie labeled CBD oil selling for $80 a bottle when I can get the pet relief for 28 or 30... it's also hilarious. I see stores open in my neighborhood in Brooklyn banking on the legalization of marijuana in New York and the CBD oil Craze...
M. A.
M. A. - 4 dagar sedan
I have started a game, it is kinda like the where’s Waldo game. Only we are going to be in full force, out trying to spot Russian bots and Russian social media ads. I already, and just started, counted 4.
THIS IS A FUN GAME, WONDER WHO WILL WIN? This is a fun filled game.
M. A.
M. A. - 4 dagar sedan
Thank you,.
M. A.
M. A. - 4 dagar sedan
Who in the FDA passed this so quickly.
ArkhamInmateE32b - 4 dagar sedan
Omar wasn't a drug dealer. Drug dealers hated him. They should have got Stringer.
M. A.
M. A. - 4 dagar sedan
Hey John, Richard has serious issues. There is definitely a sensitivity chip missing towards the human race.
M. A.
M. A. - 4 dagar sedan
Did you talk with Melania? I thought she was concerned about opioids? So what has she done lately? Ask any military solider how easy it is to get Percocet.
GraceJification - 4 dagar sedan
Michael F. Keaton!!
Rick Malchow
Rick Malchow - 4 dagar sedan
How is it that Richard Sackler is not on Trump's staff? Missed opportunity! (Sad)
Carrie Rueden
Carrie Rueden - 4 dagar sedan
Michael Keaton😍
Stephan Dumond
Stephan Dumond - 4 dagar sedan
McKesson monitoring itself is actually a problem for every company in the world. They all can do as they please and if something goes wrong, they just say "Sorry it won't happen again, I promise."
Jenna W
Jenna W - 4 dagar sedan
Think of it this way: between 2010 and 2020 the amount of people who will have died from opioids would equal the entire city of Baltimore. An entire city. Think about that.
Lu Te
Lu Te - 4 dagar sedan
He was shaving his arpits and waxing his crotch because he was meant to go to a pool side barbecue right after. Trust me I know...
Alex Gulino
Alex Gulino - 4 dagar sedan
I wonder how many people are popping a tab, or having a little snoot of h while watching this video...
Kamey Pullen
Kamey Pullen - 4 dagar sedan
Corporate Pablo Escobars. Its about time the rats in the FDA and the pharma industry receive the same treatment from the DEA
TalonSky - 4 dagar sedan
John Oliver isn't the hero we deserve, but he is the hero we need.