Pro Chef Tries Pancake Art for the First Time | Bon Appétit

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Molly Baz
Molly Baz - Månad sedan
WELCOME TO MY NEW SHOW! In which I am utterly blindsided, given lots of presents, and taken on a suuuuper silly scavenger hunt of a journey. Ya really can't ask for much more than that folks! FIRST UP: Pancake Art! Do yourself a favor and stick around until the very end...I promise it won't disappoint.
Julian Esparza
Julian Esparza - 2 dagar sedan
This was a great video molly 😊
Michael Wade
Michael Wade - 18 dagar sedan
If someone eats the Bradcake, do they gain his powers?
Sera Karaka
Sera Karaka - 19 dagar sedan
that was fun!
Courtney McMorrow
Courtney McMorrow - 23 dagar sedan
I didn’t stop smiling once. This was amazing
Tigre Fuego
Tigre Fuego - 25 dagar sedan
Brad deoesnt get that is women get those all day everyday, lol.
jill p
jill p - 12 timmar sedan
this is the cutest video i've ever watched
Josie's Journey
Josie's Journey - Dag sedan
LOVED the mystery challenge - treasure hunt aspect of this show! More please:)
Josie's Journey
Josie's Journey - Dag sedan
...but are they edible? I mean - do they taste good cooking slow... dry & dense?
Amirtha Krish
Amirtha Krish - Dag sedan
Then strip down
They are not paying me enough
Keverley Charles
Keverley Charles - 2 dagar sedan
"I'm tryna bite into a fat pancake mix not some stringy bits in my mouth" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 killed me!
Jackson Fortune
Jackson Fortune - 2 dagar sedan
Bon Appetit is doing such a fantastic job at producing content that isnt the normal drudge fo vlogs and political commentary! Keep it going!
Connor - 2 dagar sedan
She's so upbeat and happy. This is hard to get used to after only watching Claire's gourmet snack food vids.
2sweeetTV - 2 dagar sedan
LOL Brad's portrait looks like Vincent Van Gogh
Fabrice Münger
Fabrice Münger - 2 dagar sedan
Rockell Sandria
Rockell Sandria - 3 dagar sedan
BA should look at the pie crust art out there !
KaraDawn Ruzic
KaraDawn Ruzic - 3 dagar sedan
the best thing to do for any writing in art is to do it upside down. It makes so your brain doesn't see it as words and instead as a picture. Its how people forge signatures as well
Isabella Palvin
Isabella Palvin - 3 dagar sedan
She’s SO CUTE her reaction and energy is adorable
Lillian Crossley
Lillian Crossley - 3 dagar sedan
brads portrait looked more like van gogh's self portrait
Luiz Ricardo
Luiz Ricardo - 5 dagar sedan
"Who are you?"
jaeho park
jaeho park - 5 dagar sedan
what is the pancake art in the terms of art history?
Guru Sandirasegaram
Guru Sandirasegaram - 5 dagar sedan
Pancakes most easy to cook . I have seen those robots mechanic. I used work country kitchen.
Make pancakes every day goes with strawberry 🍓 whipping cream
reeeeee - 6 dagar sedan
Omg Molly is just a bundle of joy!!! Love herrrr
gvstradamvs - 6 dagar sedan
dogshit graf writer
GG Girl
GG Girl - 7 dagar sedan
I'm a normal artsy girl, I see Van Gogh, I click immediately
Tomboy. tv
Tomboy. tv - 7 dagar sedan
Now I want pancakes lol
A K - 7 dagar sedan
It's like a teenage girl geeking out lol
Aaron Zinman
Aaron Zinman - 7 dagar sedan
Interesting to me how BA has found this great formula of reality tv meets cooking show, with consequence-less challenges and self-effacing yet talented personalities... all perfectly suited to YouTube. Genius!
TheKatzenabbort - 7 dagar sedan
Wow Emily, you are really unfriendly.
Amy Jespersen
Amy Jespersen - 9 dagar sedan
Dying to know where Molly’s apron gift was from!
Andrew Fu
Andrew Fu - 9 dagar sedan
that looked like vincent van gogh
that dang gabbie
that dang gabbie - 10 dagar sedan
That uneven heating tho
Darling - 11 dagar sedan
I love that you're having the time of your life and we get to tag along ☺️
Ariellabellaboo - 11 dagar sedan
This series should be called "Blindsided" 
"Pro Chef figures it out' 
"Molly get a bunch of presents and has to learn something in 2 days"
Jake Musgrave
Jake Musgrave - 12 dagar sedan
You are the second person I've ever heard use the word "scoshe."
Maria Portillo
Maria Portillo - 12 dagar sedan
Look at Molly’s hand 4:51 ! Must’ve been a strong handshake lol
jared schmitz
jared schmitz - 13 dagar sedan
I don't know who is assigning the video ideas to the person there or it is their idea but they are doing some absolute wonders in assigning the video type to the personality of the person.
Todd Long
Todd Long - 13 dagar sedan
Omg the reaction at the end was freaking hilarious!!!
Caroline McCullers
Caroline McCullers - 14 dagar sedan
This was so much fun to watch, Molly! I can't wait to see your next fun adventure. Other than giving old man names to dogs, Tuna has to be my favorite name for a dog :)
Böller :3
Böller :3 - 14 dagar sedan
The brad-pancake reminds me of a self portrait of Van Gogh
Emily Lian
Emily Lian - 14 dagar sedan
I was hoping she’d make a Claire pancake
That Can Don’t
That Can Don’t - 15 dagar sedan
Swipe, almost swipe
Jordan Castleton
Jordan Castleton - 15 dagar sedan
Brad KILLS me🔪🔪
He’s perf
kyran loves demi
kyran loves demi - 15 dagar sedan
Jamie - 15 dagar sedan
0:52 hello and welcome to the yogscast
Shanique November
Shanique November - 16 dagar sedan
Urghhh!! Molly's great
Tommy Kelly
Tommy Kelly - 16 dagar sedan
I would have played something from Phish, instead of classical music, while making the rainbow pancakes.
Silvina Elena
Silvina Elena - 16 dagar sedan
i'm sorry benny but Molly is going to be my wife from now on, i'm flying her to Argentina. Gaby can come to
Tom Godsey
Tom Godsey - 16 dagar sedan
Poor camera work.
Alex W.
Alex W. - 16 dagar sedan
Anyone else think Brad’s pancake looks like van Gogh’s self portrait?
Clive Chiam
Clive Chiam - 16 dagar sedan
Hubert Louis
Hubert Louis - 17 dagar sedan
Can I just say I love that they used "The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba"
That's one of my all time favorites
iuv - 17 dagar sedan
Who's Tuna again? I feel like they haven't stressed that enough :'D
alli b
alli b - 17 dagar sedan
alli b
alli b - 17 dagar sedan
can we just take a second to appreciate how cute she is
INX - 17 dagar sedan
Can I become the janitor of your workplace, the atmosphere is so amazing unfortunately I do not have any cooking experience to flex so janitors best I got
KTea Designs
KTea Designs - 17 dagar sedan
Little bit of Yogscast at 0:50 ?
freetalkn657 - 17 dagar sedan
Jasmine A
Jasmine A - 17 dagar sedan
i re-watched the non-monetary offer reaction in slow-motion and it's hilarious how Brad and Molly's reactions are so opposite of each other!!
Caro Jean
Caro Jean - 17 dagar sedan
9:31 😂🤙🏻
Cadin Truesdale
Cadin Truesdale - 17 dagar sedan
These are the biggest Tiffany’s boxes I’ve ever seen
Laced - 17 dagar sedan
When i found out she was married.........😢😭
Danielle Hollis
Danielle Hollis - 18 dagar sedan
Molly's Brad looks like Vincent Van Gogh's self portrait.
Marianne K
Marianne K - 16 dagar sedan
I am glad I was not the only one who thought that
theredrobin - 18 dagar sedan
I love Molly HAHAH one of my favourite BA people
dmeadville - 18 dagar sedan
Aw man, the surprise DP at the end. That's harsh. The internet sucks sometimes! Luckily it also has this, and this was great!
Nick Bakker
Nick Bakker - 18 dagar sedan
Pro Chef???? thats what you're going to go with? what next you're gonna call Claire a pastry chef..... that'll be the day
P Vong
P Vong - 18 dagar sedan
Breks critique on the first pancake was more “artsy” than food related. Hm.
Jordyn Alexander
Jordyn Alexander - 18 dagar sedan
kinda flirty w brek girl for having a husband lol
Sanchia Smith
Sanchia Smith - 18 dagar sedan
OMG that's Beautiful
cuckling - 18 dagar sedan
tuna's eye fell off
wazaaminator - 18 dagar sedan
Cnc router that is used to make pancakes? I thought that perfect robotwives did not exist.
Evelyn Labib
Evelyn Labib - 18 dagar sedan
Emily- wHo ArE yOu?

Luuk Woudstra
Luuk Woudstra - 18 dagar sedan
Schmogless - 18 dagar sedan
Thank you for all that you do BA ❤️
Sabrina Perez
Sabrina Perez - 18 dagar sedan
What do Brad and pancakes have in common? I want both of them inside me. hahahaha too much!! but I couldn't resist 😂
Dana Cherlin
Dana Cherlin - 18 dagar sedan
Molly looks so much like me it's crazy. It's like I'm watching myself. Only difference is that she's blonde and I'm a brunette
Tayli Morgan
Tayli Morgan - 18 dagar sedan
TheBhaiSaab - 18 dagar sedan
***TRYPOPHOBIA WARNING*** Skip 19:25-19:45
Elle van Veelen
Elle van Veelen - 18 dagar sedan
I laughed so hard at Brad's blue eyes!
Larissa Garcia
Larissa Garcia - 18 dagar sedan
OMG "Brek without a c" haha
Sage Meleney
Sage Meleney - 18 dagar sedan
I’m a simple man. I see Molly in the thumbnail, I watch the video
truthfullies28 - 19 dagar sedan
Shoutout to the producers and editors. This video never dragged. It was interesting all way through
Jakub Golik
Jakub Golik - 19 dagar sedan
That 3 second interaction between Emily and Breck made me hate her so much.
lounz - 17 dagar sedan
Yeah she was kinda rude
Peter N
Peter N - 19 dagar sedan
I'm dead
Moon - 19 dagar sedan
God I wish i could have a job like these guys do for Bon Appetit.
Karla - 19 dagar sedan
I feel like I’m cheating on Claire....
Zac Buwalda
Zac Buwalda - 19 dagar sedan
"They're not paying enough" hahaha, BA has been stepping up there game weekly, I love it
robert10197 - 19 dagar sedan
wait what is molly’s dog’s name again?
Mike Sandefer
Mike Sandefer - 19 dagar sedan
How has nobody said anything about this guy looking exactly like H John Benjamin??
Emily Smith
Emily Smith - 19 dagar sedan
This gives me The Office vibes 😂
Matt T
Matt T - 19 dagar sedan
23:20 lol. No words were necessary, we knew right away.
Simon Smoy
Simon Smoy - 19 dagar sedan
The way this was shot and edited was exactly like a sitcom. Very well done!
LadyCydonia - 19 dagar sedan
This is so dope I gotta get a griddle like that then I can eat my art :)
panda bb
panda bb - 19 dagar sedan
Mollyyyyyy chew with your mouth closed 😪
andthecowsaysmoo4 - 19 dagar sedan
I’ve been falling in love with this woman since BA has been on YouTube, and she’s married. Sad day.
Luca Ortolani
Luca Ortolani - 19 dagar sedan
Molly Is married
*I'm in shock*
JoshuaApathy Miller
JoshuaApathy Miller - 19 dagar sedan
Molly is like me, i cant draw to save my life. Hey at least her food tastes great. Great job trying Molly. That was spot on brad by a
Maru Chan
Maru Chan - 19 dagar sedan
is that... van gogh...?
Marlo - 19 dagar sedan
Pancake brad looks like the night king
Amen News
Amen News - 19 dagar sedan
That was fun to watch!
Way to go Molly 😊
R M - 19 dagar sedan
That Brad looks like Vincent Van Gogh
Saptarshi Saha
Saptarshi Saha - 20 dagar sedan
She has a really bubbly effervescent personality.
Shouq Almarzooqi
Shouq Almarzooqi - 20 dagar sedan
“Who are you?”
ICH KL - 20 dagar sedan
pancake brad looks like the bad Jesus restoration
tatt oo sticker
tatt oo sticker - 20 dagar sedan
"Am I at work or am I living my dream right now?"