Building A Custom Supercar Part 3

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simon pizzichelli
simon pizzichelli - 3 dagar sedan
you can use your power probe to energize,power any 12v motor or electrical device thats in the car, just connect it to a 12 v source and stick the pointy end to power it
B Martin
B Martin - 7 dagar sedan
Love the experiment. Love the channel
Brendan Walker
Brendan Walker - 10 dagar sedan
“We can’t just stick our hands in the glass will cut us up”
*proceeds to stick hands in middle of glass piles with slightly thicker gloves on*
张建超 - 11 dagar sedan
syamal ancha
syamal ancha - 15 dagar sedan
the price of this junk car repair can get a new car, why should it be repaired even though buying a new one is cheaper than the cost of repairing this car ??
Kane Persing
Kane Persing - 23 dagar sedan
I cant wait to see what you guys are going to do for a car body im wondering if your going to combine two different brands on that car
Dusik Padtong
Dusik Padtong - Månad sedan
I thnks every supercar should have fire extinguisher in front or inside the car to prevent more dmge from fire n heat..
Hidden Eye
Hidden Eye - Månad sedan
Put the key in the bowl of rice and the Asians will come and fix it for you
The devil Made me do it
The devil Made me do it - Månad sedan
He said emphasize! He even said it correctly! That’s the most amazing part of this video
Bonny Mwangi
Bonny Mwangi - Månad sedan
You guys are Osm
Jasminanya - Månad sedan
I flinched when you pulled on that splinter 😂 Urgh
Daniel ch
Daniel ch - 2 månader sedan
I dare you too start this car 😉😉 hy from Romania👍👍👍
haiqu - 2 månader sedan
That shit will buff right out.
Legend17 - 2 månader sedan
14:26 “pretty sturdy, oh not with the flops” 😂😂😂👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
rb67mustang - 2 månader sedan
20:20, Epic Airbag Testing, oh well, it was good but now it can't be sold, but without testing no one would want it anyway. Thanks for sharing!!!
o g
o g - 2 månader sedan
What are you all planning for this car? It seems like its going to cost more than its worth to repair.
Rick Antrim
Rick Antrim - 2 månader sedan
For small bits of glass, wrap your ha d with tape (sticky side out) that should do the trick.
Rick Lake
Rick Lake - 2 månader sedan
14:26 "it's pretty sturdy dude.....ohh..maybe not......not with the flops"
Brian Whelan
Brian Whelan - 2 månader sedan
You guys should make this into a mudding truck..
PLAYHACKERI - 2 månader sedan
Congratulations brothers, I loved the project, although I saw all the projects that you have done, it hurts that they last so little and they are not subtitled in Spanish, to be able to understand you better, my American is not very bad, but the language is so fast, that sometimes I lose myself, peace.escrito por jose ignacio yubero fernandez.
Alexander James
Alexander James - 2 månader sedan
Mr. Worthington
Mr. Worthington - 2 månader sedan
You boys would have better luck rebuilding something on the bottom of the ocean than reviving that burned marshmallow.
MrJaiimez - 2 månader sedan
The check engine light is on...
*checks engine* yep checks out.
Gustavo Villalobos
Gustavo Villalobos - 2 månader sedan
I really enjoy your videos, greetings from Costa Rica.
shelbo1000 - 2 månader sedan
Your American flag shouldn't be hanging below any other flags.
Mycah Brooks Jr.
Mycah Brooks Jr. - 2 månader sedan
Do a Q/A video please!!!!
Boss - 3 månader sedan
speaker / buzzer = parking reversing sensors
Eric the Capitalist Child
Eric the Capitalist Child - 3 månader sedan
Say Billy, that is a nice ring
MrSmokin04 - 3 månader sedan
More work...less talk. Your content is great, but you guys drone on a bit too much. (Over 3 minutes about finding the key...come on y'all. Should be MAAAYBE 20 seconds of content) Intro, time lapse...highlight gotchas...more time lapse, closing with sponsor stuff, done.
Ima Starboy
Ima Starboy - 3 månader sedan
i still think theres a small possibility we r being trolled since the first custom car video because its really unbelievable that u can build a custom car from this, cant wait to see what youll do. i have no idea what you should do but i know together youll will figure it out based on what u want to do with it when its finished etc.
Jeremy Mack
Jeremy Mack - 3 månader sedan
When it’s done call it the goonghini
David Williams
David Williams - 3 månader sedan
Chris from B is for Build pulled that rollover pop up frame out with great difficulty
J.f Lecuyer
J.f Lecuyer - 3 månader sedan
Duude, duuude, duuuude, duuude, duuuude, duuuuuude, duuuuuuuuude....
Tez - 3 månader sedan
Worst case it hits the moon or something 😂
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas - 3 månader sedan
Some AmorAll and a little tree air freshener and its as good as new . MINT
Chris Dockman
Chris Dockman - 3 månader sedan
"now that we know this air bag was good we can go ahead and sell it". I laughed so hard at that part.
Chris Dockman
Chris Dockman - 3 månader sedan
Hey guys! If your looking for a cheap solution aside from the rocks to clean up the oil I have an answer that will save you some cash. Go to a wood working shop in your town and ask them for there extra wood dust that the wood working machines capture. The wood shaving/dust works great and they have plenty of it. Free is a nice solution. I would give them a call and ask.
Mr. Mediocre
Mr. Mediocre - 3 månader sedan
Interior cleaning is SO SATISFYING!!!
Joe - 3 månader sedan
i wonder what the guy who owned that did to it.. hopefully it was something covered by insurance
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow - 3 månader sedan
airbag is a crazy thing,,,hahahah
MLK Jensen
MLK Jensen - 3 månader sedan
Plzz rotate all the flags and banners. :)
BLUXK0 - 3 månader sedan
Am I the only one thinking of a lambo pick-up???
Casey and Breelyn
Casey and Breelyn - 3 månader sedan
B is for Build had the same problem with that part you guys had issues with! He has a video showing how to get it out too!
om singh
om singh - 3 månader sedan
B is for build pulled that roll over protection thing
iamyourfuture808 - 3 månader sedan
check engine light is on LOL !!
Beefy Beings
Beefy Beings - 3 månader sedan
curtis wilcock
curtis wilcock - 3 månader sedan
Super sick it’s cleaning up nice 😍👌 so dope loving this build as always epic keep getting better and that little experiment was sick 👌 😊🙏
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith - 3 månader sedan
That airbag test though! Worth it boys.
Gamers Paradise
Gamers Paradise - 3 månader sedan
Congrats billy on getting married and keep up the work
JA MASTER Flex - 3 månader sedan
Love these lamborghini build. Plz do a porche 911 turbo S next
A Ramos
A Ramos - 3 månader sedan
CONGRATULATIONS BILLY! Good to see you back! God Bless to you and your wife.. Hope to see little Billy soon.
ToaMeikhaal - 3 månader sedan
Way to go Billy! Sporting the wedding ring! Congratulations again!
Your nans hamsters dead Uncles dads brothers cat
your wasting your time. the car is an utter mess - look at the dash - youre going to have to fabricate EVERYTHING. its all burnt an knackered
Andrew Howell
Andrew Howell - 3 månader sedan
Miss the ol videos
Angela Fietkau
Angela Fietkau - 3 månader sedan
Didn’t B is for Build show how to reset the top crash bars?
Nathaniel Mathies
Nathaniel Mathies - 3 månader sedan
Do we get a sneak peak at Billys new wife?
Dustin Wohlers
Dustin Wohlers - 3 månader sedan
I have seen a TON of these Lambo's people are rebuilding due to catching fire... Make the new Generation of Rat Rods... but from super cars... I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
Brett Mccabe
Brett Mccabe - 3 månader sedan
Wanna give Billy a big congratulations on being a newlywed!!! You guys have came a long freaking way. The sky is the limit. I laughed too hard about the check engine light and the "experiment"
national airducts
national airducts - 3 månader sedan
Hey you guys shouldnt associate with will/motivation hes a known drug dealer his exgirlfriend has posted many facts and exposed him after he cheated on her and dumped her. Im not hating im telling you facts ll online for you to see. Im just saying you got a great channel and your very fun to watch i'd hate to see you get dragged down because your associating your channel with his. Hes already exploiting you and using you to help boost his channel and his car.
Shinnji - 3 månader sedan
hey goonzquad, how bout you try pimp'n that lambo