Disney's Mulan - Official Teaser

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Tia Bri_Anna
Tia Bri_Anna - Timme sedan
I'm trying to work with y'all but "Make a man" pumped me up and gave me hope. I need that song in my life!!!!
Bryson Love
Bryson Love - Timme sedan
Oh my gosh I just realized something they started making famous Disney movie remakes examples:jungle book Lion King Dumbo Mulan Christopher Robin etc.
Selene Corona Zamora
Selene Corona Zamora - Timme sedan
Where is mushu, I know that in the animated movie mushu is funny but atención leats you could mention mushu in this new version
Sarah Tilgner
Sarah Tilgner - Timme sedan
Well now. _This_ is one I might actually see. If they're meshing some of the recognizable moments from the animated film, while telling a new take on the original tale of Hua Mulan, that could honestly be really interesting. I'll hold out hope for this one.
brookelyn rogers
brookelyn rogers - Timme sedan
i can’t wait for it
Gunjan Chhetri
Gunjan Chhetri - 2 timmar sedan
She's so pretty😊
sylph - 2 timmar sedan
Kirby Querobin
Kirby Querobin - 2 timmar sedan
Crystal liu?😮
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide - Timme sedan
Surprise they didnt make mulan Mexican
Jenna Yiu
Jenna Yiu - 2 timmar sedan
Wow, after a dozen of convincing fan made Mulan trailers, here is the ACTUAL trailer!
Araceli Andrea Crisosto Pradena
are you kidding me ! , how can be even possible that Li Shang , Grandmother Fa and MUSHUUUUU arent there!!!! and also why does Mulan never cut her hair, thats one of the most special moments of the movie !!
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide - Timme sedan
Looks 🔥🔥🔥🔥
didjargo - 3 timmar sedan
Disney live action remakes. Taking an animated musical comedy and making it none of that.
sofia salazar
sofia salazar - 3 timmar sedan
Li Shang and Mushun does not appear in the movie ??
I find it unacceptable to eliminate the characters, I know that the original story should be respected, but the movie will not only be released in China, but also in the rest of the world ..... the hair is not even short .... ..
amylucio - 3 timmar sedan
looking for mushu?
elkkari m
elkkari m - 3 timmar sedan
Ciara Martin
Ciara Martin - 4 timmar sedan
I would love to see a Princess and the Frog real life movie. 😀😄
Scat Lacquer
Scat Lacquer - 4 timmar sedan
Can all be patient and watch the movie instead? All having different expectations regarding adaptation, reimagination and etc about Mulan or the Ballad of Mulan. Questions to ask: Why Disney took a more respectable move of going to the source material than their adaptation of the story of Mulan? How will this affect the sales? Who are their target market? Who are their actors who were cast for the roles? How will audience' perceptions of China change after watching the movie? Who is Mulan? Why the dragon and the cricket not involved in this movie? Will Caucasian audience understand the value of respecting heritage/culture of an Asian and world power house over personal taste and perception? Why Disney took this route? Why do people patronize a Chinese Disney movie without respecting the Chinese ideals and culture? Is Chinese/China relevant to the sales of the movie? 🐥🦅🕊️
Christopher Gongora
Christopher Gongora - 4 timmar sedan
I bet Kevin Hart is Mushu
Ohana T 6-pack
Ohana T 6-pack - 4 timmar sedan
Wheres mushu
Chengmaster - 4 timmar sedan
Meri Linh
Meri Linh - 4 timmar sedan
I always wanted Brenda Song to play this movie, because she was very similar to Mulan
scamila17 - 5 timmar sedan
It looks good. And they said this is a more accurate adaptation of the Ballad Of Mulan. Which is the story that the first animated Mulan film took as its point of reference.
Johnny Saralidze
Johnny Saralidze - 5 timmar sedan
I'd rather have a remake
SooFlow - 5 timmar sedan
Looks 🔥🔥🔥🔥
HXSSON -_- - 6 timmar sedan
Surprise they didnt make mulan Mexican
House of M
House of M - 5 timmar sedan
Spoiler Alert
Shiny 428
Shiny 428 - 6 timmar sedan
I get that it's supposed to be a more accurate Mulan, but it's Disney man!
Katy Gonzalez
Katy Gonzalez - 6 timmar sedan
This looks great
Creative Beka
Creative Beka - 7 timmar sedan
I’m so excited💫
Annika Larson
Annika Larson - 7 timmar sedan
I think I just might like it.
Laoagan Lester
Laoagan Lester - 7 timmar sedan
Wow! The actress Liu Yifie from the 2017 Canes Film Festival Official Entry The Chinese Widow/In Harm's Way and Jackie Chan and Jet Li's movie The Forbidden Kingdom play's Mulan and she fits the character. I am happy for her! Good for her! Good Luck!
Karina300 - 7 timmar sedan
Wow she's so cool
just someone random
just someone random - 7 timmar sedan
Glenn Funderburk
Glenn Funderburk - 7 timmar sedan
Me when lion king trailers came out: I’m not seeing any more of these remakes!
Me now: on second thought...
TITANMAN251 - 7 timmar sedan
Is this good or bad? To me it doesn’t look bad.
Tias - 7 timmar sedan
Fuck China. Freedom oppressing shithole of a country.
They've are also behind this
TrollsMCUandpixarfanatic2007 - 7 timmar sedan
work hard play hard
work hard play hard - 7 timmar sedan
I movie worth fighting for! nope I guess not.... no songs ok then🤨
Acapella Princess (Cool Cassi)
I remember seeing the original when it first came out in the 90’s. My grandma took me on opening day.
Ramen Noodles
Ramen Noodles - 7 timmar sedan
Where’s the fuckin dragon?
Damerksh 123
Damerksh 123 - 8 timmar sedan
Its a reimaging so hope
Vasquez Beardoracci
Vasquez Beardoracci - 9 timmar sedan
Now I want a live action Rick and Morty.
Hassan Atif Cheema
Hassan Atif Cheema - 9 timmar sedan
This no mushu. This movie no gud
Junior Feliz
Junior Feliz - 9 timmar sedan
Disney is racist, why is she not black ???
Kacey Conner
Kacey Conner - 9 timmar sedan
I love mushu, cricket, and the songs. I loved shang! I adored so many elements that were in the original animation that are not here and or changed. That's alright. I can give all that up if Disney does this one thing!! KEEP MULAN NON-FEMINIST! Through out the animation, she never made her gender her reason for doing anything despite the many men that reminded her of her sex. Her cause to protect her father, and then, the people of china, was her goal focus. She did it because it was the right thing to do, not because someone told her she couldn't! Her hair? She cut that shit. Body? Covered it. Disguised tactfully, not to make a statement.
Dulce Stephanníe Catun
Dulce Stephanníe Catun - 9 timmar sedan
Que onda con Chang flacucho? Yo quiero a mi Chang mamado y bronceado
Robert Delgado Capetillo
Robert Delgado Capetillo - 10 timmar sedan
I really can't wait to...NOT see this movie😃.
Warphorn - 10 timmar sedan
Who will Scarlet Johansson be playing?
Kareesse E
Kareesse E - 10 timmar sedan
Please dont suck. Please dont suck. Please dont suck. Inlove this anomation too much so disney dont mess this one up. And thank goodness its not a white girl that will act as an asian 🙄
galxysheep 709
galxysheep 709 - 10 timmar sedan
*How the hell they makin a Mulan movie but with out mushu*
Jean-Pierre Yin
Jean-Pierre Yin - 10 timmar sedan
@Walt Disney Studios if you looking for mulan voice https://youtu.be/QJWl1qmhZcs
Thanos - 11 timmar sedan
For the love of god please let this be good because I’m already disappointed from the LYING king bullshit.