THE INTRUDER - Don't Let Him In (In Theaters May 3)

This May, don’t let him in. Michael Ealy and Meagan Good star in #TheIntruder, only in theaters May 3.
When a young married couple (Michael Ealy and Meagan Good) buys their dream house in the Napa Valley, they think they have found the perfect home to take their next steps as a family. But when the strangely attached seller (Dennis Quaid) continues to infiltrate their lives, they begin to suspect that he has hidden motivations beyond a quick sale.
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Directed by: Deon Taylor

Written by: David Loughery
Produced by:
Roxanne Avent
Deon Taylor
Mark Burg
Jonathan Schwartz
Brad Kaplan

Michael Ealy
Meagan Good
Joseph Sikora
and Dennis Quaid
#DennisQuaid #MichaelEaly #MeaganGood #Sony
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krono069 - 2 månader sedan
White man in a red hat coming after a black family. About as subtle as a dumpster fire. You got a downvote from me.
JR SAVAGE LIL PRINCE - 5 månader sedan
I can’t wait till this come s out like imma go see it
ANIMUS - 6 månader sedan
Trump RED hat? White guy intruding.... lol SJW culture out of control
Discussions with LD
Discussions with LD - 6 månader sedan
Not saying it won't be entertaining, but this movie is so

Dennis is the performer.
Meagan is the attraction.
Michael is the backup.

Could be perceived different to others.
Funny Johnny
Funny Johnny - 6 månader sedan
Idc about Sony buying views... did no one think that the thumbnail was Phil Swift from Flex Tape?
Joe Allen Dickerson
Joe Allen Dickerson - 6 månader sedan
Ephix - 6 månader sedan
Thumbnail kinda reminded me of Phil Swift
AutoMatron - 6 månader sedan
2.2 million views in 17 hours

UncleJackOnline - 6 månader sedan
Denis is a great actor.....seeing as we had a older Batman...why not make him the older Joker?
JJ Claxton
JJ Claxton - 6 månader sedan
Isn’t this the 5th movie with a black woman being attacked in her own house?
Kendall Bald
Kendall Bald - 6 månader sedan
I thought the bad guy looked like Phil Swift
Random Duck
Random Duck - 6 månader sedan
DatOneRiley - 6 månader sedan
avayeh vasch
avayeh vasch - 6 månader sedan
the only way this movie can redeem its self is by being a comedy.
Lidija Cullen
Lidija Cullen - Månad sedan
Nope, not even then.
avayeh vasch
avayeh vasch - 6 månader sedan
@LeGhetto Gamerson I haven't watched those so I can't comment on their quality but they each seem to have set their own tone and style. But just watching this trailer This particular movie seems to be very cliche and weak as a psychological thriller. If the movie had intended to be a satirical version of its predecessors then perhaps it has something new to put on the table.
avayeh vasch
avayeh vasch - 6 månader sedan
@LeGhetto Gamersonidk what you mean by the original.
E. Hanker
E. Hanker - 6 månader sedan
*Is that Phil Swift the Origin Movie?*
Ethan Phillips
Ethan Phillips - 6 månader sedan
Doesn’t this already exist? The Gift is basically the same premise, right?
Jed Elias
Jed Elias - 6 månader sedan
This sounds very similar to that Octavia Spencer movie “Ma”. Comes out very close to THIS movie’s release date, actually. They’re also both marketed as horror movies and star someone who would be classified as an old person.
Yeshi Lhendup Films
Yeshi Lhendup Films - 6 månader sedan
Excited here 😍 Love from Bhutan 🇧🇹
Wharzone - 6 månader sedan
2.2 million views but less than 300likes/dislikes? Never seen that before.
Jefe41510 - 6 månader sedan
I’m sorry but I cannot find Dennis quad scary
Lidija Cullen
Lidija Cullen - Månad sedan
Come again!? I'd check this out only for him, unfortunately the black actors look like both have the acting chops of a wooden stick so no.
Evening News
Evening News - 6 månader sedan
Dennis Quaid looks so scary. I can’t tell if it’s his acting or his Botox
Cosmic Bunny
Cosmic Bunny - 6 månader sedan
Sony should be banned from making horror movies.
Cosmic Bunny
Cosmic Bunny - 6 månader sedan
another PG-13 horror movie?
but why tho?
Jacob - 6 månader sedan
2 million views but only 200 likes 🤔
Zezus Christ
Zezus Christ - 6 månader sedan
*_Views Are Intruder_*
King Movies
King Movies - 6 månader sedan
How is that possible with just a minute and got a million views already? Lol
MrGeorgeRoots - 6 månader sedan
The Intruder... they're referring to the couple btw... ;-)
Lidija Cullen
Lidija Cullen - Månad sedan
@Sarah Myles wouldn't you be a stick in the mud
Sarah Myles
Sarah Myles - 5 månader sedan
Wouldn't that be plural if that were the case
Cramy Gamer
Cramy Gamer - 6 månader sedan
Mmmmmmmmmm 2 mil in 25 min Waaaaaaat??????
ALVIS STUDIOS - 6 månader sedan
By only seeing the title of the video, I'm only thinking about:
Let me in!! LET ME INNNNNN!!!
james hudson
james hudson - 6 månader sedan
"You got any games on your phone?!?!?!?!!"
Ben Lifson
Ben Lifson - 6 månader sedan
2.2 million views. 200 likes/dislikes.... ok
Jayden Marvel
Jayden Marvel - 6 månader sedan
This doesn't interest me
alexei lindes
alexei lindes - 6 månader sedan
Oh so its black Pacific heights ?
William Dritt
William Dritt - 6 månader sedan
2 million views and only 9 dislikes. Must be the best trailer ever.🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Umer Qazi
Umer Qazi - 6 månader sedan
Paid views definitely
Ese Rigbone
Ese Rigbone - 6 månader sedan
Let me in!
MrAdonis258 - 6 månader sedan
Come in to your house to read your messages.. scary af.
king slayer 007
king slayer 007 - 6 månader sedan
I think this video make 2m views maybe because this is an ads that shown in 2m people within an minute or an hour it houl a massive 2m views.
Matthew's Activity Channel
Matthew's Activity Channel - 6 månader sedan
2M views in just minutes.... How is that possible? just curious lol
Damar Laksono
Damar Laksono - 6 månader sedan
Well, somehow it's in my recomendation. So yeah, there'svthat. :/
MaxwellYT - 6 månader sedan
You'll have to kick him out again
Gadiel Alvarez
Gadiel Alvarez - 6 månader sedan
40 comment
Garrett Gauthier
Garrett Gauthier - 6 månader sedan
Adit Sakti
Adit Sakti - 6 månader sedan
20 minute 2 Mill views??? Our life is rigged hahaha
AinaAvata - 6 månader sedan
Airbnb nightmare ?
Bleidd - 6 månader sedan
Sony and their view bots OMEGALUL
NGC 7635
NGC 7635 - 6 månader sedan
Alright, that opening could literally be edited to put anyone or anything behind the girl.
SueDunMc - 5019
SueDunMc - 5019 - 6 månader sedan
Whoa that looks exciting! Love Dennis Quaid!
Joe Crew
Joe Crew - 6 månader sedan
25 minutes ago but 2.2 million views how?
Alec Oliver
Alec Oliver - 6 månader sedan
Still on 2.2 😅
Benjamin Boswell
Benjamin Boswell - 6 månader sedan
Two words Red Had ( no I will not say who I stand for leave it as a mystery
factsDon't CareAboutYourFeelings
Still on 2.2 mil
Gordon Watkins III
Gordon Watkins III - 6 månader sedan
2.2 million views under 30 mins. How?
Luis - 6 månader sedan
this looks like that film with Samuel L. Jackson as a creppy neighbor that is also a police officer
Flix Talk
Flix Talk - 4 månader sedan
Same Director of Lakeview Terrace also...go was aigghtttttt
Karina - 6 månader sedan
2.2M views in less than 20 minutes...
Karina - 6 månader sedan
99% of you won’t read this

But have a great day :)
John Rine
John Rine - 6 månader sedan
No sir, you have a great day!:)
Mo Salah LFC
Mo Salah LFC - 6 månader sedan
Sony buying views again 😱
Avinash MAFIA
Avinash MAFIA - 6 månader sedan
Awesome 😍🔥
Ybn Goku
Ybn Goku - 6 månader sedan
2.2 million views
hitman____1 •
hitman____1 • - 6 månader sedan
How has this got 2.2M views and only 61 likes?
P Allen
P Allen - 6 månader sedan
Honestly doesn't look that good. Maybe it's a bad trailer but it just feels I have seen this kind of movie like three times.
Lidija Cullen
Lidija Cullen - Månad sedan
It feels like we have seen this type of bad acting too many times. DQ excluded obviously.
JLongbone - 6 månader sedan
Sony buying views again...
Kibbler - 6 månader sedan
Seems more likely that Sony paid youtube to be put on recommended videos.
Aléf - 6 månader sedan
Does it count as a view if its an ad?
factsDon't CareAboutYourFeelings
@Jorge Maldonado you must have 2 braincells if you can't do the simple math and logistics..
Jorge Maldonado
Jorge Maldonado - 6 månader sedan
JLongbone how do you know that?
factsDon't CareAboutYourFeelings
2.2 million views in 2 hours and has only 139 likes
Armand Ngongo
Armand Ngongo - 6 månader sedan
how does this have 2 million views
Natalie Rath
Natalie Rath - 6 månader sedan
Dang i thought this was going to be a comedy
Natalie Rath
Natalie Rath - 6 månader sedan
Dang i thought this was going to be a comedy