Attempting To Eat 30 Burgers at IN N OUT..

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Nathan Mueller
Nathan Mueller - Timme sedan
Remember when peter griffin did that and he had a stroke...
Dios Feo
Dios Feo - Timme sedan
pushups hands on the floor and still kept eating witht the hands unwashed
Wheyster - 2 timmar sedan
Already love this channel hahah lmao
sharkh hussein
sharkh hussein - 3 timmar sedan
Keep up the good work! Love your Content 💞
Dingo Nuts
Dingo Nuts - 3 timmar sedan
I’m an of cos I known him from the nelk boys channel
pako joe
pako joe - 3 timmar sedan
i feel bad for vegans watching this
Grvndolf - 3 timmar sedan
I ate 15 whole burgers for $1000 when I was 13. So you are behind me buddy
irishchargers - 4 timmar sedan
Now you have to do 30 Krispy Kreme :)
Space Beef
Space Beef - 4 timmar sedan
Writes comment about eating a lot of burgers and not washing hands after pushups
Mr Cart
Mr Cart - 4 timmar sedan
You're going to have to go against @furiouspete
YT5P - 5 timmar sedan
This guy SHOULD take over youtube 😂🔥🔥
ANGEL FOODGASMIC - 6 timmar sedan
New mukbanger, watch me eat almost 5 pounds of YUMMY SEAFOOD ⤴️⤴️
Blake Gibbons
Blake Gibbons - 7 timmar sedan
Bro why didn't you eat the bread ?? lol
Blake Gibbons
Blake Gibbons - 7 timmar sedan
I felt him majorly when he said 15 is tiny hahah
gage maxfield
gage maxfield - 7 timmar sedan
Can you plz chug a sprite bro like fr a lot of people say it’s impossible but I have faith in you if anyone can do it you can
Randyeljefe69 Navarrete
Randyeljefe69 Navarrete - 7 timmar sedan
Subscribed because he earned it savage
Jack Beatty
Jack Beatty - 8 timmar sedan
no one:

literally no one:

steve: i am going to eat thirty burger patties for fun
Cyrus - 8 timmar sedan
3:25 “you fatty Americans!”
Roe Sims
Roe Sims - 8 timmar sedan
He is cute.
Nicholas Fedorchak
Nicholas Fedorchak - 8 timmar sedan
I have a suggestion for u, do a poll and see if ur audience likes a monday-friday schedule because theyre not used to Tuesday-Thursday
Alex - 9 timmar sedan
HondaMaster2653 - 9 timmar sedan
2:42 dude said “🤨”
Zinqk - 9 timmar sedan
Can I say I'm a og
Alex Diaz
Alex Diaz - 9 timmar sedan
Don’t get cancer bro seriously.. that shit will do it if you keep eating like this but then again fuck it
Jar Sosa
Jar Sosa - 9 timmar sedan
“Attempting to eat”? He ate thirty bro. Clickbait I swear
Jack Wat
Jack Wat - 9 timmar sedan
i feel bad for vegans watching this
Anthony Tocci
Anthony Tocci - 9 timmar sedan
This shit is fucking wack mad respect love the idea of this channel
MKU 630
MKU 630 - 9 timmar sedan
Nelk 📺
MrAngeeeeeeel - 10 timmar sedan
“EatNInG 3o BurGErs At In n OUt”
Those are patties 🤦🏽‍♂️
Isaiah Martinez
Isaiah Martinez - 10 timmar sedan
This dudes insides are gonna be done in a couple years no matter how much this dude works out
RealLandoTurner5 - 10 timmar sedan
ANIMAL!! FUCK INSTAGRAM! Much love dude! Keep going!!
gianluca romano
gianluca romano - 10 timmar sedan
His voice just doesn't match his face
Kaipeternicolas - 10 timmar sedan
American scum. - Says the African that struggles to get enough nutrition to survive.
The One Above All
The One Above All - 11 timmar sedan
Wow, over 1/2 million subs in less than 1 week! Cool! In less than 2 weeks you'll have more subs than Shoenice ever had in over 10 years! LOL
xadriangame 1234
xadriangame 1234 - 11 timmar sedan
That's food in the trash
xadriangame 1234
xadriangame 1234 - 11 timmar sedan
Ur fucking gay
Penguiino - 11 timmar sedan
Geez he eats a fuckload yet he's jacked as fuck.. Now that's some good genes right there.
yeni toy
yeni toy - 11 timmar sedan
Call Steve a fat fucker again he would beat yo ass in sec
harley joe
harley joe - 11 timmar sedan
Drink a gallon of milk then do sit-ups
TSM Nava
TSM Nava - 12 timmar sedan
2.5 mil but Only has 525K views damm UNDERRATED
206robert206 - 12 timmar sedan
500k ya bish... Lub you Steve come to Seattle
foilhat71 - 12 timmar sedan
Drink a dog shite milkshake while riding a rollercoaster.
Chris Dwyer
Chris Dwyer - 12 timmar sedan
You should smoke 30 ounces of crack next
Haxord 2
Haxord 2 - 12 timmar sedan
Bruh you were at my local in-out damn😭
Phantom Gaming
Phantom Gaming - 12 timmar sedan
Channel just started, and this is my favorite channel. I'm a OG Sub
Benjamin Walczak
Benjamin Walczak - 12 timmar sedan
just fucking slam 20 carolina reapers in a public place. See how much attention you get
Travis Humber
Travis Humber - 12 timmar sedan
You can't be over 60 and wear a robert graham shirt my dude. Please walk
Shouryuken - 12 timmar sedan
frankemilio0619 - 12 timmar sedan
RyGuyy - 12 timmar sedan
Steve Be Out Here Providing Never Before Seen Content!!
Marco L
Marco L - 12 timmar sedan
Damn Steve’s body goes through a lot of drinking and bad eating and still looks buff . Im over here working out 5 times a day and still look out of shape
GridLock4k - 13 timmar sedan
You look like the default skin
أكوام Entertainment
أكوام Entertainment - 13 timmar sedan
You could've lost your life. This is insane. Thumps UP if you agree with me>
Luis Salazar
Luis Salazar - 13 timmar sedan
50 slices of pizza
Fortnite Scrim Highlights
Fortnite Scrim Highlights - 13 timmar sedan
2:32 Faze Hoodie (EDIT - Didn't know it was Nine0
Trap Star
Trap Star - 14 timmar sedan
This man just ate a whole cow
Tony Ballesteros
Tony Ballesteros - 14 timmar sedan
Do a super crazy spicy challenge, or maybe eat a cactus. Lmao
Riley Stull
Riley Stull - 14 timmar sedan
Call Steve a fat fucker again he would beat yo ass in sec
Deidara IsMadara
Deidara IsMadara - 14 timmar sedan
Nigga I want you to keep drinking loads of alcohol 🍺... booze ur liver up
Randy Lahey
Randy Lahey - 14 timmar sedan
Baby randy all grown up
Will Sawtell
Will Sawtell - 14 timmar sedan
Pretty gross bro..
critter13th - 14 timmar sedan
5.99 all you can eat at krystals! Go kill it
Drew Brickley
Drew Brickley - 14 timmar sedan
The Buzz Sermon Jams
The Buzz Sermon Jams - 14 timmar sedan
That was crazy
Interstellar - 14 timmar sedan
Steve: I know you see these one handed push ups 😜
Timothy Zygutis
Timothy Zygutis - 14 timmar sedan
Hey Daddy!
LanzEarthling - 14 timmar sedan
Nice pecs man. Those man boobs are rockin'...
Bro Shaver
Bro Shaver - 14 timmar sedan
Steve you are great
Emilio Delgado
Emilio Delgado - 15 timmar sedan
FULL SEND ! Supreme patty ain’t got shit on the champ Steve lol
TheBonerJamz03 - 15 timmar sedan
I would say this in n out looks like my in n out in eagle rock CA but I realize a lot of in n outs look identical
S-K-I - 15 timmar sedan
Lol this dude is jacked
TheSnickerTester - 15 timmar sedan
Like For FaZe Adapt 🥺
AC12 - 15 timmar sedan
Steve really out here making the best content lmao
DW DW - 15 timmar sedan
This guy has four videos and 500k subscribers wtf
deoo iopg
deoo iopg - 15 timmar sedan
SteveWillDoIt vs LA Beast
Jacob McNally
Jacob McNally - 16 timmar sedan
Steve you might just have to face an ounce backwood 😏
CJ WILLARD 88 - 16 timmar sedan
How many blunts did it take ??? 😂😂
jonny N
jonny N - 16 timmar sedan
Do more pranks fucking around with people
rodrigo pineda
rodrigo pineda - 16 timmar sedan
Take a hit of the bong then go 5 1 hand push ups and take a dab
Victor Rosales
Victor Rosales - 16 timmar sedan
You vs stonne matte
josh connolly
josh connolly - 16 timmar sedan
Man; is he breaking a record
Me; yes, youngest person to die from a heart attack
ties B
ties B - 16 timmar sedan
Fucking legend
Joey Ervin
Joey Ervin - 16 timmar sedan
Ur the 🐐
jc - 16 timmar sedan
playing fortnite for 48 hours straight
KIRK DUKE - 16 timmar sedan is GIVING AWAY 100 FREE BRACELETS! Go get yours before it’s too late! 🥵
Christopher Always hungry
Christopher Always hungry - 16 timmar sedan
New sub. Here
Wayfaring Stranger
Wayfaring Stranger - 17 timmar sedan
The Next video will be called how to clog a toilet
Drew Flagg
Drew Flagg - 17 timmar sedan
U r a fucking legend
Corey Gardner
Corey Gardner - 17 timmar sedan
weakkkkk you didnt do animal style
Cole Miller
Cole Miller - 17 timmar sedan
Walker Seal
Walker Seal - 17 timmar sedan
Was that Faze Adapt at the end?
Cute Eggs from the Easter Bunny
Matt stonie would Finnish that in 3 minutes
Omrika Manilall
Omrika Manilall - 17 timmar sedan
30 patties !!man i salute u
Nicolas Buhtoiarov
Nicolas Buhtoiarov - 17 timmar sedan
Vegan gains has entered the chat*
J Colin
J Colin - 18 timmar sedan
SteveWillDoIt vs LA Beast
J Colin
J Colin - 18 timmar sedan
1:14 whats happening in the background there? lol
Paisun Harris
Paisun Harris - 18 timmar sedan
Use a timer !
Unlaced - 18 timmar sedan
If you wanna know how to make money reserving sneakers show my recent some love
Issa _rafa
Issa _rafa - 18 timmar sedan
I could do that shit no problem I’d actually even eat the bread
Niike ShotS
Niike ShotS - 18 timmar sedan
Dawg that is crazy! love the vid!! ps, just subbed!