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Anomaly & Papanomaly
Anomaly & Papanomaly - 11 dagar sedan
spicy X
spicy X - 4 dagar sedan
Actually chicken heart stew is not that bad idk why u just cooked it right that😐
larf3o - 7 dagar sedan
I think there is a demon inside papa xd
KTBxNightMar - 8 dagar sedan
should get steak sauce for the meats i cant eat meat without something lol
NautroMusic - 8 dagar sedan
Why you heart your own comment
Kishona Akuma
Kishona Akuma - 9 dagar sedan
Pay me 5 pieces of bread and I will eat it all
Xanaqin - 50 minuter sedan
Liver is one of my favorite ‘weird’ pieces of meat
zyrafa - Timme sedan
cow liver ain't weird in Polska, i'd eat it everyday if i could
Doom Marine No. 2145
Doom Marine No. 2145 - 4 timmar sedan
santa.exe has stopped working
DTb - 5 timmar sedan
i just watched an alcoholic old man gag for 10 minutes
Nain Mayoudavich
Nain Mayoudavich - 5 timmar sedan
Rinse the blood off the stuff with cold water first you animals! but funny vid xD
Dax3 Boi
Dax3 Boi - 6 timmar sedan
pussy swedes
Alificko Dienfi
Alificko Dienfi - 8 timmar sedan
Thats all is my fav meat btw.. healthier than normal meats
RyuIsKindaCool - 10 timmar sedan
Have you ever tried chicken rectum? I've once and it's usual in my country
Mercural Cookie Doge
Mercural Cookie Doge - 10 timmar sedan
The chickem hesrt and liver is good tho
Mercural Cookie Doge
Mercural Cookie Doge - 10 timmar sedan
I mean im asian so uh that explains it i guess
FinerClock - 12 timmar sedan
Bro... In Poland, We're Eating It Just Like Normal Food.
Zakka - 14 timmar sedan
Papanomaly work like Wimpanomaly, bruh chicken heart is amazing xD Especially if cooked right^^
Chronic_Breakdown - 19 timmar sedan
11:17 chicken lizzard 🤣
FouR_ Tv
FouR_ Tv - 21 timme sedan
do one with the best meats!!!
John Ray
John Ray - Dag sedan
Umm… You're supposed to clean the hearts before cooking ….
mathias spolen
mathias spolen - Dag sedan
You should buy a jetski or a motorboat
omegaxenox - Dag sedan
papa will look like a fucking yeti when his yeard is done
Gamatzu Senfbutter
Gamatzu Senfbutter - Dag sedan
Liver tastes amazing and so do chicken hearts and lungs
VAnusVEVO memo
VAnusVEVO memo - Dag sedan
volcanotaur - Dag sedan
Chicken heart and liver tastes good when seasoned properly
Manuel Carreira
Manuel Carreira - Dag sedan
in portugal we eat that shit with ez
volcanotaur - Dag sedan
( _finnish peasant meat lol im being too dark_ )
volcanotaur - Dag sedan
(_finnish peasant meat lol im being too dark_)
tik tok meme 123456780
3:57 has any one noticed the can of weed drink don't know what it is
TheFlame9988 - Dag sedan
Tripe is great in soupy things and when its prepared well
Bigger Chungus
Bigger Chungus - Dag sedan
Next Time Papanomaly Tests Weird Drugs
Bigger Chungus
Bigger Chungus - Dag sedan
Papanomaly why eat your corrupted kidney
Pubg Lol
Pubg Lol - Dag sedan
ThisCouldBeUs - Dag sedan
Anomaly: This was Papas idea!

Also Anomaly: Forcing him Not to Spit it out and saying" no you can do it!"
123domigi - 2 dagar sedan
Some salt and pepper would make it 100x better
Denis Schlegel
Denis Schlegel - 2 dagar sedan
Part 2 please
huntingman2002 - 2 dagar sedan
Papa trying weed......
kostyabek - 2 dagar sedan
Beautiful acting (chicken hearts taste like actual chicken meat (almost) lol)
Luis di porko
Luis di porko - 2 dagar sedan
Papa seems to not ahave a shit of endurance, but rathers rotten fish than chiken liver
ElRed - 2 dagar sedan
If you know how to cook all of those, they are very good! IF YOU KNOW, but you dont:))
Exonick - 2 dagar sedan
Lmao we eat chicken guts in my country. 10/10
Don Corleone
Don Corleone - 2 dagar sedan
In Romania we eat these things everyday.
justin mathias
justin mathias - 2 dagar sedan
I like the chicken gizzard
hardXninja - 2 dagar sedan
Papa needs money for rehab
ludde cs
ludde cs - 2 dagar sedan
Aguante la panitaa
Gisela_Blume - 2 dagar sedan
A vegans dream
Anthony M
Anthony M - 2 dagar sedan
liver is so good tho lol
JOLAND TheLate - 3 dagar sedan
Papa tries my meat *NOT CLICKBAIT* *POLICE CALLED*🙊💩💩🙊👉👌🏿💪
Sebastian - 3 dagar sedan
Its actually not that bad
Louis - 3 dagar sedan
It looks like steak😂
Thomas Munro
Thomas Munro - 3 dagar sedan
5:01 papanomaly rage activated
iLuminous Beats
iLuminous Beats - 3 dagar sedan
Tbh if you prepare that food as you should its actually OK you just did it without any taste or spices ofc its gonna be bad lol
Post Apocalyptic Game
Post Apocalyptic Game - 3 dagar sedan
Not gonna lie but the liver looks good in my opinion.
King Casilla
King Casilla - 3 dagar sedan
You are cooking it wrong lol. gizzard and heart is very delicious in adobo here in the philippines. proud fan from the ph! ❤
SkY BoostS
SkY BoostS - 3 dagar sedan
From 12:16 to 12:23 , Papanomaly does some very nice sounds XD
Startre Start
Startre Start - 3 dagar sedan
at least try to season them, only one i have tasted and liked out of this shit is weirdly the heart
Lior Michaelov
Lior Michaelov - 3 dagar sedan
Chicken hearts are quite good!
Blood Wolf Gaming
Blood Wolf Gaming - 3 dagar sedan
Well this was a strange gay porn
Dima OG
Dima OG - 3 dagar sedan
For real chickenhearts arent that bad tho
Alpha Tubitron
Alpha Tubitron - 3 dagar sedan
*_KiG pIdNeY_*
Fatakaf - 3 dagar sedan
what the fuck, liver is good if you prepare it right, not fucking burn the shit out of it on a frying pan with hella oil
Just Your Average Gamer
Just Your Average Gamer - 3 dagar sedan
this actually makes me so sad, chicken gizzards are my favorite, y'all must not be good at cooking smh sad reacts
Yung Wheezer
Yung Wheezer - 2 dagar sedan
How were they supposed to know how to cook it?
The Vade
The Vade - 3 dagar sedan
if you washed the blood and cooked all the meat the right way you two might like it
Demmanses - 3 dagar sedan
Chicken gizzards are good lol
Greendy - 3 dagar sedan
These r my favourite foods
Nathan - 3 dagar sedan
papanomaly is honestly why im subbed
Kaiio - 3 dagar sedan
everyone likes chicken heart here in brazil
Zero 0
Zero 0 - 3 dagar sedan
And in Romania people eat this kind of shit daily very nice
Rain BoyTD
Rain BoyTD - 3 dagar sedan
Literally in my country, heart liver is most favourite of chicken part
Mathias Åkerberg
Mathias Åkerberg - 4 dagar sedan
R.i.p. papanomaly
killer_benfica 13
killer_benfica 13 - 4 dagar sedan
Oh by the way you guys suck cooking meat

You DO NOT cook diferent meats in the same pan at least withou changing butter or cleaning it up
killer_benfica 13
killer_benfica 13 - 4 dagar sedan
To be honest the grizzard thing or wtf its called its really good if not it can make you throw up... lije in portuguese its called moelas and if you find a place with a good fucking chef you will fucking cum while eating that
For example i love that grizzard thing but i hate kidney hearts livers and that shit , the cow liver my grandma makes smells really good but i hate the flavor of liver its just ugghhhh *vomits*
xxX_generik_Xxx - 4 dagar sedan
This video sounds like an exorcism
Le O
Le O - 4 dagar sedan
he is not pappa anomaly he is pappa viking XD
Batuhan Akyazı
Batuhan Akyazı - 4 dagar sedan
İşkembe ve ciğer güzel
MeowMyDick - 4 dagar sedan
That king diamond shirt mmm baby
SPOOL - 4 dagar sedan
Papa close to die
Meme Boy
Meme Boy - 4 dagar sedan
I dont know why papanomaly hates it when it actually tastes good
Lino - 4 dagar sedan
Papanomaly eating meat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
Sleep Man
Sleep Man - 4 dagar sedan
Your papa is fucking vegan
Robin Noturno
Robin Noturno - 4 dagar sedan
Actually we use chicken heart in the Brazilian BBC and the stomach to eat with soup
JehtLaggz - 4 dagar sedan
Anthony Bui
Anthony Bui - 4 dagar sedan
I’ve eaten these and their not bad j like them
KyobonaDRIFT - 4 dagar sedan
chicken liver is very cool with rice though try it next time
Kimpa plays
Kimpa plays - 4 dagar sedan
It’s only a matter of time until we see papanomaly vomit
Maximilian Karczewski
Maximilian Karczewski - 4 dagar sedan
10:08 why is there weed in the corner hello?
Euro TruckSimulator2
Euro TruckSimulator2 - 4 dagar sedan
The chicken liver and heart are pretty good actually if made correctly and seasoned well.
Shaded_LP - 2 dagar sedan
Euro TruckSimulator2 Chicken hearts are my favorite!
Antineo Productions
Antineo Productions - 4 dagar sedan
in my country there is typical dish, bread and cows spleen, It Is fucking delicious
HolzstockG - 4 dagar sedan
But these are not meats.
yvng_chopy - 4 dagar sedan
basi indqncite bate ;d
zilabob oof
zilabob oof - 4 dagar sedan
Put some ketchup on that bitch
Thiago - 4 dagar sedan
Chicken heart is very good and we eat a lot in Brasil
Luis G.G.
Luis G.G. - 4 dagar sedan
I love chicken heart if they are made good it actually is verry dilicious
One Video
One Video - 4 dagar sedan
Cow stocmace isn't that bad if u make it right Like a soup
caliber - 4 dagar sedan
I can't stop laughing at this XD
munamaatti - 4 dagar sedan
i have blood phobia and i passed out many times watching this because when i passed out first time and woke up i passed out again and it kept going
Hayl Hiedla
Hayl Hiedla - 4 dagar sedan
Is he playin
Der Gham
Der Gham - 5 dagar sedan
duuude I love those stuff what wrong with ur dad 😂😂😂
Per Brodin
Per Brodin - 5 dagar sedan
I honestly think some of those meats would've been pretty good with some seasoning
PYKNIX - 5 dagar sedan
It didn’t helping cooking gross meat in gross meat juices on the same pan lol
DUNKC1TY - 5 dagar sedan
Chicken gizzards actually fucking slap
Nathan vella
Nathan vella - 5 dagar sedan
Pama supermarket

If u Maltese u know this meme
Oskarro - 5 dagar sedan
Kid kidney
Jafar Abdullah
Jafar Abdullah - 5 dagar sedan
anomaly and papa should do like a "omeagle trolling video" or something
Barbod SAFARI - 5 dagar sedan
The title sounds.....MEATY