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Anomaly & Papanomaly
Anomaly & Papanomaly - 3 månader sedan
SAT PUFLY - 14 dagar sedan
@x x cazin
x x
x x - 15 dagar sedan
@SAT PUFLY what part in bosnia are you mate
Tiago Bennetts
Tiago Bennetts - 22 dagar sedan
Anomaly & Papanomaly chicken liver is so fucking good i was raised on dat shit
Xxxtentacos - 29 dagar sedan
yes i knoh
caloriferul 2
caloriferul 2 - Månad sedan
Vikings power
MocnyMisiek - 3 timmar sedan
R.I.P Papanomaly
The Lost Ghost
The Lost Ghost - 18 timmar sedan
In Bulgaria cow stomach calls Shkembe.And we dont eat it clear.We make a shkembe soup.Try it its a very delicious !
The Lost Ghost
The Lost Ghost - 18 timmar sedan
P.S See recipe for perfect result !
Czech Gopnik
Czech Gopnik - 18 timmar sedan
Here in czech republic we literally make soup out of cow stomach and a lot of people love it
J0nasBern - Dag sedan
I'm from Portugal and here some people like those types of meat (I personally don't). Here there are common dishes that use some of those types of meat, you have for example "Tripas à moda do Porto" which uses cow tripe (which the part of the cow stomach that Papa ate if i'm not mistaken)
:3 Lyte
:3 Lyte - Dag sedan
Im from Hungary and my family and i usually make like meat soup ( húsleves in Hungarian ) and we use to put chicken heart and turkey heart in it. It is tasty though
LuckyEye - Dag sedan
Pig Kid Liver
Hugo Ermel
Hugo Ermel - Dag sedan
5:02 gave me nightmare
Gediminas M
Gediminas M - Dag sedan
5:02 :DD
Viktor Lindblad
Viktor Lindblad - Dag sedan
Du borde nog laga maten innan kan inte borde på engelska så det fick bli svenska
Ben Green
Ben Green - Dag sedan
Good thing that papa dont try Pig brain xD
pencils pianos
pencils pianos - Dag sedan
The video title should be:
Papanomaly Chokes on Different Meat *warning* *BIG* *GEY*
TakeDave6556 - 2 dagar sedan
I love chicken heart😂😂
Arkonik !
Arkonik ! - 2 dagar sedan
"Pid-kid-pidney" XDDDDD
Mr.Killer Spy
Mr.Killer Spy - 2 dagar sedan
You only boiled it so it's going to taste like ass of course
DΣΛD ΑΠGΣL - 3 dagar sedan
Once when i was in malta (2 years ago) i had that chicken liver and also chicken hart, it was quiet a good , but the liver you need to eat with some bread and some sauce, because then it's discusting )
João Eduardo Mossini
João Eduardo Mossini - 4 dagar sedan
All of those meats are actually really good and I eat every week, Brazil is a fantastic place
Ludde - 4 dagar sedan
Watt chicken heart is fucking summa ._.
CallMeXy - 4 dagar sedan
All meats look gross before cooked or grilled.
acahd3 - 5 dagar sedan
9:44 am i the only one who can not do tht hand like what the fuck
Adicho - 5 dagar sedan
Best Kiwi
Best Kiwi - 5 dagar sedan
Papa should tried your meat Ludde

I forgot its small XD
_HaxDestroyer_ - 5 dagar sedan
3:00 smels like car crash haha
TheShift115 - 6 dagar sedan
Papanomaly ''eats'' weird things like a beast and some people (mostly kids) almost throw up to eat vegetables.
Papyrus PL
Papyrus PL - 7 dagar sedan
I eating it... It call Flaczki or idk its good
Vlada Capone
Vlada Capone - 7 dagar sedan
HostName: [BE] Balkan Extreme Roleplay |
Players: 139 / 350
Ping: 9999
Mode: BE:RP v1.0.0 by Juga
Language: Yugoslavian
General Heer
General Heer - 7 dagar sedan
Am I witnessing how Jews cook in Auschwitz in 1943 Colorized?
Using horrible ingredients provided and likewise given by a SS Officer?
Witnessing them doing some fucking weird in the kitchen?
And then letting a Jew tester test the food?
((I think thus.))
Ozan Akbıyık
Ozan Akbıyık - 7 dagar sedan
Yu diddınt cok tha liver enouf
Unknown Siege
Unknown Siege - 8 dagar sedan
the only way to make papanomaly eat something is to mix it with beer like 1%of the food and 999999999999%beer and alko. XD
ognjen boja
ognjen boja - 8 dagar sedan
Liver is prity tasty with fried onion try it
Mattoso - 8 dagar sedan
I actually love chicken heart churrasco, is really nice.
KokosPlay YT
KokosPlay YT - 9 dagar sedan
I don't recomend you to watch this video while eating 😩
Roby221 - 11 dagar sedan
yo in my country we eat all of this and is good wtf
bugatti vision gt
bugatti vision gt - 11 dagar sedan
papa: kidno
anomaly (birgin nigga): pig kidpeenini
expelishe - 12 dagar sedan
Сердечки и печень заебись же!
Itzik Peretz
Itzik Peretz - 12 dagar sedan
we want more, papa trying weird meats 2
Sada Twinkletoes
Sada Twinkletoes - 12 dagar sedan
Wait you guys don't eat liver?? My whole family loves it and its very common in Finland
Vincent Yukawa
Vincent Yukawa - 13 dagar sedan
Fy fan va fidrigt
AquaZack - 13 dagar sedan
chicken heart make my head ache :(
KINGSERGIU - 14 dagar sedan
In Moldova people eat the liver and the heart of the chicken. And not only that. But I don't like their textures.
Az Harbinger
Az Harbinger - 14 dagar sedan
here in malaysia we sell properly fried of those stuffs except pig's kidney at the streets... they actually taste really good
sim062 - 14 dagar sedan
Anamoly the liver is pretty good if u use a good recipe
Davi Costa Farias
Davi Costa Farias - 14 dagar sedan
BlitzAbleiterExE - 15 dagar sedan
papa is about 2 beat his meat yes? D;
X-Half Dick
X-Half Dick - 15 dagar sedan
It is not hygienic , that motherfucker butcher didn't wear gloves , and I bet he did not wash his hands .
Plus it's agains the rules to not wear gloves , gloves are required by every butcher.
Florian - 16 dagar sedan
Pls cook the chicken heart you fat fig fag
HD games
HD games - 17 dagar sedan
It's so good
HD games
HD games - 17 dagar sedan
In Georgia we eat chicken Harts
Jiří Sojka
Jiří Sojka - 17 dagar sedan
Papa: *Smells Sustroming* This Ain’t Shit
Also Papa: *Smells Multiple Meats Mixed Together* Almost Pukes
Chrism8ts - 18 dagar sedan
Is my pepe included?