The Boys - Official Trailer | Prime Video

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Nikky Darling
Nikky Darling - 27 minuter sedan
I've been waiting for this for years! Lol Wish they would've put it on TV tho
bob gunter
bob gunter - 3 timmar sedan
This book is harsh but great
nmttt6 - 3 timmar sedan
The boys are back in town.
Polo Surf
Polo Surf - 3 timmar sedan
Finally. Tired of all this beta gay feminazi bullshit wave in movies and series. Men rule. That is a fact.
Marc Lewis
Marc Lewis - 4 timmar sedan
This looks so good! I just hope they cut out all the rape from the comics.
morgen dikmen
morgen dikmen - 6 timmar sedan
Looks good
Tyler Scott
Tyler Scott - 6 timmar sedan
I never thought in a million years tbh that The Boys comics would ever be adapted into TV (mainly because of the violence and sexual themes the comics have that make the world really gritty). On the other hand, I really should’ve seen this coming tho in the age of superhero movies and producers wanting to try something new and different. Can wait to see how far they’ll take it.
Deth - 10 timmar sedan
Anyone else hate the Snapchat ads for this?
revampted - 11 timmar sedan
Finally, something to watch after Dororo.
ƘƖƝƓ ƠƑ Ꮶɨռɢʐ 87
ƘƖƝƓ ƠƑ Ꮶɨռɢʐ 87 - 11 timmar sedan
This looks like its going to get old n boring real fast
Stjepan Nekić
Stjepan Nekić - 12 timmar sedan
Since his role in Lord of the Rings and Red, I never knew why Karl Urban didn't get much recognition. He really is talented actor. Him and Jake Gyllenhal are probably two most underrated actors in Hollywood today
smokinnplatez - 12 timmar sedan
Oh comics use to be cool now i barely go on Wednesdays. Its no longer a cool little nitch of a group now its every big movie every hip indie underground tv show. All along comic shops sales continue to plummet.
eltravos99 - 15 timmar sedan
A bro version of the Watchmen. No thanks.
Leon xD
Leon xD - 16 timmar sedan
I'm invisble mother#uckers!!! 😂❤
Bors Mistral
Bors Mistral - 16 timmar sedan
Karl Urban, hell yeah!
Batman Arkham Central
Batman Arkham Central - 16 timmar sedan
Who are you by Anderson .Paak in the beginning, love that song.
vic Oregano
vic Oregano - 17 timmar sedan
Wow this looks really good!!!!
Nicholas Hawley
Nicholas Hawley - 17 timmar sedan
Imagine if Hero Killer Stain was in this show. My God, he would have a field day here killing these so called "Heroes".
sully47 21
sully47 21 - 19 timmar sedan
In a nutshell, the boys are a bunch of punisher-like vigilantes hunting down curupt heros, count me in😊
Thomaz Mannuel Remedios
Thomaz Mannuel Remedios - 19 timmar sedan
From the shazam
mr420 - 23 timmar sedan
this reminds me of the show misfits
Fanboy ::
Fanboy :: - Dag sedan
Ok all things aside I didn't understand half the things he said in his accent but I'm gonna watch this show
amdadul islam
amdadul islam - Dag sedan
Ok...i m watching it.
Terry Bruce Bane
Terry Bruce Bane - Dag sedan
So it's like Suicide Squad in the setting of Watchdogs...?

Hell It's got Karl Urban, I'm gonna have to check it out
Eroick Anre
Eroick Anre - Dag sedan
Siiiiii al fin sacaron la serie
Bradley Gray
Bradley Gray - Dag sedan
Using a super-powered laser baby to decapitate someone might be my favourite scene in any media for 2019. Can’t wait!
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan - Dag sedan
Yeah motherfuckers
Karl urban a British wolverine ?
Ender Warlock
Ender Warlock - Dag sedan
This makes me want to get Amazon Prime
chiefmegadeth - Dag sedan
Looks good!
Ivona Mitic
Ivona Mitic - Dag sedan
I have no idea what I just watched but I kinda love it
Taz Boone
Taz Boone - Dag sedan
Butcher is like Nick Fury and Negan rolled into one. At least in the comics anyway, but I think Karl Urban's gonna kill it regardless.
speechy_keen - Dag sedan
What is Karl Urban's accent up to? Should have just let him go full mongrel kiwi lol
Cicis World
Cicis World - Dag sedan
Amazon > Netflix
Catherine - Dag sedan
This has me super excited to watch the show!
Josh Wilson
Josh Wilson - Dag sedan
Karl Urban? That's a yes from me.
The Empire of Valeria
The Empire of Valeria - Dag sedan
me and the boys fighting crime
Uncle Burky
Uncle Burky - Dag sedan
Just Me and the boys killin super heroes.
michael mitchell
michael mitchell - Dag sedan
This is going to suck harder than stranger things season 2 wrapped in dark Phoenix.
Andrew Max
Andrew Max - Dag sedan
So the Boys are the enemy???
Hiro Shao
Hiro Shao - Dag sedan
they are a black ops team created by the CIA, they are needed when the heroes go too much off the rails
Mohammed Tarin
Mohammed Tarin - Dag sedan
looks like skurge decided to join another universe.
Liz P
Liz P - 2 dagar sedan
Omg I need to watch this!
Crazy is Lifes middle name
Crazy is Lifes middle name - 2 dagar sedan
Only one more week left! 👍
Ressa Kinnear
Ressa Kinnear - 2 dagar sedan
This looks like fun on a bun!
Jonathan Thörn
Jonathan Thörn - 2 dagar sedan
This actually looks cool
Daniel Marley
Daniel Marley - 2 dagar sedan
What is the name of the two musics in the trailer ?
Jason Yang
Jason Yang - 2 dagar sedan
This is what the justice league movie shouldve been
pontiacGXPfan - 2 dagar sedan
What's Dredd doing here?
cole fitz
cole fitz - 2 dagar sedan
1:40 me going into Area 51
1:49 me leaving Area 51
ziljin - 2 dagar sedan
Looks good