A Plane Disappeared And Landed 37 Years Later

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What would you do if you went on a vacation to another city and suddenly found yourself in another country altogether? Most of us would be confused. Even the most reckless of adventurers would at least raise an eyebrow if told they’d flown for close to half a century.
On July 2, 1955, Pan American Flight 914 made its way from New York to Miami, Florida. It was a fine sunny day, and 57 passengers on board the plane were looking forward to seeing the warm beaches and palm trees of Florida. The plane took off without trouble, but 3 hours later, when it should’ve already landed at the destination airport, it was nowhere to be seen. When air traffic control contacted the New York tower, they got a perplexing reply: Flight 914 just disappeared from the radars in mid-air.
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Was it crash? 0:44
37 years later... 2:35
What's that old plane?! 3:02
“Where are we?” 4:02
The plane vanishes again 5:21
Is it just an urban legend? 7:05
The only artifact of that weird encounter 8:31
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- On July 2, 1955, Pan American Flight 914 made its way from New York to Miami, Florida. It was a fine sunny day, and 57 passengers on board the plane were looking forward to seeing the warm beaches and palm trees of Florida.
- Everything indicated that the plane was lost: apart from having vanished from the radars, air traffic control couldn’t get through to the pilots with the radio.
- Eventually, although the case was never really solved, there was an official statement that the plane crashed, taking the lives of everyone on board.
- Change of scenery. It’s now September 9, 1992, and we’re in Caracas, Venezuela. It’s a perfectly normal day for Juan de la Corte, air traffic controller at the Caracas airport.
- Seemingly out of nowhere, a new dot appeared on the radar. It was as if an aircraft had just popped up from nothingness, or as if it had been hiding from the radar and now decided to show up.
- In less than 10 minutes, the culprit showed up in the field of vision. At first it looked to the air traffic control like an ordinary airplane, but as it got closer, they could see that it was, in fact, very oldю
- The real confusion began when the pilot of the mysterious aircraft contacted the tower and asked in English, “Where are we?”
- The pilot said his flight was scheduled to land at the Miami airport at 9.55 am on July 2, 1955. Now it was time for the tower to fall into silence.
- Ground units were immediately called to assist the plane and the passengers, and it landed without trouble. Having relaxed a little bit, Juan finally decided to ask something that bothered him. “Do you know today is May 21, 1992?”
- Juan heard the flight captain’s panicky voice saying, “No! Stay away! We’re leaving now!” And indeed, he started the engines again and, without waiting for take-off clearance, taxied the plane to the runway.
- There’s much dispute about the credibility of this event. Back in 1985, a tabloid called Weekly World News was the first to cover this story.
- However, the legend still lives, and many sources retell it in their own way. Some even go as far as to say that the passengers of the plane eventually returned to their homes.
- One thing that keeps popping up on the Internet and piquing the interest of paranormal enthusiasts is a small pocket calendar that somehow was left on the Caracas airport runway when the notorious plane took off.
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Hey there, BrightSiders! Would you like to take a 37-years long trip?
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BRIGHT SIDE I love flying but no
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Hey i found youtube channels name sisi terang. Its Indonesian fot bright side. Is that ur official channels on Indonesia ?
Conrad D'Cruz
Conrad D'Cruz - 3 timmar sedan
I hope all those passengers got PanAm mileage credit for non-stop flying for 37 years .
Alexander Sanchez
Alexander Sanchez - 4 timmar sedan
They got thanos snapped
jeremie Galdamez
jeremie Galdamez - 5 timmar sedan
Maybe it land on an island and was ther years and take off. BEFOR that happen hackers hakc the Rader maybe that happen.
Brayden Goroshko
Brayden Goroshko - 5 timmar sedan
I wonder how many times people got up and went to the bathroom
Wayne Moore
Wayne Moore - 6 timmar sedan
On calendar how would it be there unless someone got out of the alleged aircraft? Someone would have to drop it.
Henry Gacha
Henry Gacha - 8 timmar sedan
So the plane is coming back in 2039? and will fly till 2076 and fly again!
B-but what about fuel?
Ramiro Martinez
Ramiro Martinez - 11 timmar sedan
Cool story
#callmeblockerbro #blocker
#callmeblockerbro #blocker - 12 timmar sedan
It’s fake because they would run out of water and food
Poopy Doge 001
Poopy Doge 001 - 12 timmar sedan
Imagine this what if the plane went to a different timeline
Simangaliso Sibanda
Simangaliso Sibanda - 16 timmar sedan
I dont believe that 😵😵🤯🕵️‍♂️
Harry Fun
Harry Fun - 17 timmar sedan
Mahendra Gagrai
Mahendra Gagrai - 18 timmar sedan
Fake video.
Mantis daddy
Mantis daddy - 19 timmar sedan
Just like the blib disappeared and reappeared is this where marvel got the idea
Chakri M
Chakri M - 20 timmar sedan
In the beginning part, in passengers of airplane, one of them was *Virat Kohli* 😂😂😂, if that's true then how did he learn Cricket after spending 37 years of his life in the Aircraft?? 😂😂

If you did find Virat Kohli in the video,
👇Make it blue
Sriram Srinivasan
Sriram Srinivasan - 20 timmar sedan
0:06 Virat Kohli
Lea PassGo
Lea PassGo - 22 timmar sedan
I find it odd that they took back off. But maybe that's just what the governments are saying to keep sensationalism quiet. I mean, a few years ago, there was that Malaysian flight that vanished. They searched for months for wreckage. As a matter of fact, from what I recall, multiple countries put out search parties, and after months, said they found minimal wreckage. But I remember thinking at the time that sounds like something that we were just told to stop the public from asking questions and demanding answers. If worm holes exist in outer space, then why can't they exist on earth too? And theoretically, time travel is possible by using them to create a gateway to another time and place, or to an alternate dimension. If that were what both of these flights traveled through, then it wouldn't be so unbelievable that everyone on board wouldn't have aged, or even known that 37 years had passed, because to them the flight would have been of normal time, and they wouldn't have run out of food or fuel etc. There's another case of an airplane, a small 2 engine plane, flying out of Miami, heading somewhere in the US. Except this flight arrived extremely early, by about 4 hours, and no one has ever explained how. The interview of the pilot I saw, said that they didn't believe that the pilot was telling the truth. And authorities said that the flight log out of the departing airport must have been inaccurate. And no one bothered to realistically explain why they arrived hours before they should have. Weird. I'm hearing the twilight zone theme. 😜
Harinath Srinivas
Harinath Srinivas - 22 timmar sedan
Who else is expecting it to land 1100 miles away from Caracas on 2029? :P
ash M
ash M - 7 timmar sedan
Audrey Nicole Harrington
Time lapse
MythMew best
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Queen Of Cards
Queen Of Cards - Dag sedan
I love this kind of stuff but really dont know what to think of this one x
scartyqn - Dag sedan
nah they was just going to Hawaii.Also I think he just wanted to fly more.
?????? Loner
?????? Loner - Dag sedan
Quantum physics confirmed.
Deaveon Cobb
Deaveon Cobb - Dag sedan
this is honestly really scary
Space Salander
Space Salander - Dag sedan
According to my calculations in 2029 the plane should reappear again in either Miami or New York.. i just hope the pilot doesn’t freak out again and take off to disappear for another 37 years 😂
Bodhi Tones
Bodhi Tones - Dag sedan
this don't seem possible id need to see proof. but good video.
Crystal Starlet
Crystal Starlet - Dag sedan
Maybe they went through some portal and ended up 37 years into the future
The Awesomer Things
The Awesomer Things - Dag sedan
There is no WAY this is even possible, i mean if you were on a plane for 37 YEARS , the plane would run out at fuel, food, and water! You would also age 37 years
Brayden Skinner
Brayden Skinner - Dag sedan
No, I wouldn't. It would be scary to be on the plane. I do love mysteries though, and this video was interesting
It must have disappeared in Bermuda Traingle....it's near Miami..
Nchaukeni Zulu
Nchaukeni Zulu - Dag sedan
Where is the video of the plane landing on the runway?
Rylan S.
Rylan S. - Dag sedan
I believe they went through alternative dimensions
Shannrhonan Oliva
Shannrhonan Oliva - Dag sedan
If they got lost or out of vision on the radar it only means that they are so high at the sky and then froze them 37 year i dont know about this science thing but i have to look deeper
DP X Gaming
DP X Gaming - Dag sedan
@sisi terang channel
DP X Gaming
DP X Gaming - Dag sedan
MINIPRO27 - Dag sedan
The pilot probably flew above the atmosphere so real time would be faster compared to theirs :/ just a theory
Sunny Nikam
Sunny Nikam - Dag sedan
2:13 Virat Kohli..
R B - Dag sedan
Is it virat Kohli at 2.12😂
Kev_TFF - Dag sedan
This is not true it is impossible to 'vanish' and if it did it probably teleported somewhere els
Jack 26
Jack 26 - Dag sedan
2:10 Virat Kohli 🤣🤣
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lyrics of life
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Rip 914
zombie king179
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Rio 914
M2 M
M2 M - 2 dagar sedan
Pilot did not want to go home...just circling the block
Anton Exerman
Anton Exerman - 2 dagar sedan
Anyone else notice the fact that he said the airplane left 1995 but arrived and they said it was 1992, for the airplane to have been gone for 37 years that plane would have had to leave 1965
MG Shenanigans
MG Shenanigans - 2 dagar sedan
who else thinks that flight 914 time traveled
Eld Flamman
Eld Flamman - 2 dagar sedan
Edward Ong
Edward Ong - 2 dagar sedan
could be a 'space plane', the only way to explain this situation. it jump into speed of light
Shore Shore
Shore Shore - 2 dagar sedan
The comment section knocked me back to reality
Alwin freak studio
Alwin freak studio - 2 dagar sedan
I think he got stucked in clouds and he will be younger for ever
mrblackrhr 55b
mrblackrhr 55b - 2 dagar sedan
Maybe it will reappear in 2029 🤔
mtakum aier
mtakum aier - 2 dagar sedan
Narrating the story seriously like it's real makes it sound funnier. 🤣🤣🤣
Adam Menz
Adam Menz - 2 dagar sedan
sabrin mohamed
sabrin mohamed - 2 dagar sedan
I am the pilot and some of the passengers arrived well in Miami and i took off that day because I thought the cops wanted to arrest me and 20 passengers died in the plane . We took of 1994 . I am saying this because I am at hospital and within two hours i am about to go for operation of my leg if I survive i will come on tv to tell you about every thing
Kapil Singh [AIO] channel
Kapil Singh [AIO] channel - 2 dagar sedan
The stroy is a hoax as why would someone fly away in such situation
Peter Kyurkchiev
Peter Kyurkchiev - 2 dagar sedan
W dudund shot THE gowst plane dawn and Mark THE spot tat it crasht and scoba bievrs wude send mesegis and sintest wode x pirament on THE arecraft
Akram Productions
Akram Productions - 2 dagar sedan
Maybe the plane went in the Bermuda Triangle