A Plane Disappeared And Landed 37 Years Later

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BRIGHT SIDE - 24 dagar sedan
Hey there, BrightSiders! Would you like to take a 37-years long trip?
Llama Drama
Llama Drama - 18 timmar sedan
After a single day, I’d watch the “how to survive a plane fall” video and jump out
It's - Nyko Sef - Chan
It's - Nyko Sef - Chan - 7 dagar sedan
Wolfie Playz
Wolfie Playz - 13 dagar sedan
Umm no
Eman the best Flores
Eman the best Flores - 23 dagar sedan
Bobber Foote
Bobber Foote - 23 dagar sedan
BRIGHT SIDE no I would not be able to eat for that long
Orla Bond
Orla Bond - 19 minuter sedan
Wait but it seemed like seconds for the pilot and people on
Ikonik Sonic
Ikonik Sonic - 20 minuter sedan
I think it’s real.
Roxyrockstar 221
Roxyrockstar 221 - Timme sedan
This is creepy 😂
Paige Beach
Paige Beach - Timme sedan
Mind BLOWN! Like if it has aswell hehe :)
Talen Benjamin
Talen Benjamin - Timme sedan
Did it go a little off course through the Bermuda triangle?
renaco jamieson
renaco jamieson - 2 timmar sedan
Because of this myth we got the series “Manifest”
Neal Kyler Flores
Neal Kyler Flores - 2 timmar sedan
WOW!Traveling 37 Years,what if people in the plane get bored,people running out of food and sitting on the chair so many months,might get people's back hurting,plus,when the plane landed people stand now then their slow on walking,because of people's back is hurting.
Fahad Majeed
Fahad Majeed - 2 timmar sedan
are the dead ?ahhhh 😱😱😱😱😣😣😣
T L - 2 timmar sedan
one of the passenger in the plane is Indian cricket captain Virat kohli !
Ruby Rules
Ruby Rules - 3 timmar sedan
Fake vid
idontevenwantaname - 3 timmar sedan
KingKittyRules - 3 timmar sedan
Isn’t that an airbus in the start =>= or Boeing =>=
Charlie Studley
Charlie Studley - 3 timmar sedan
Fake story
Jay Bee
Jay Bee - 4 timmar sedan
So this is where "The Manifest" come from
Joanne Cocchiaro
Joanne Cocchiaro - 4 timmar sedan
if you can think it, then it is possible.after all that is how God created everything. it all began first with a thought
WhiteWolfex - 4 timmar sedan
Oh god, no!

They just Thanos’d away, don’t worry, they’ll be back.
gnewt75 - 5 timmar sedan
This is a Twilight Zone to episode, isn't it?!
Dre Tokbi
Dre Tokbi - 5 timmar sedan
2:13 is that virat kohli
Mr. Festive
Mr. Festive - 5 timmar sedan
Maybe it’s a time machine
Who went to comment section before watching the video.
Justin Goetz
Justin Goetz - 6 timmar sedan
Only thing I can say is the plane went above the atmosphere into space (which is almost impossible in 1955) and time goes faster in space and landed wherever they saw land
poke3war - 7 timmar sedan
it easy thanos snaped and bam it disappeared until endgame stark snaps bam its back
Emmet Ong
Emmet Ong - 7 timmar sedan
37 years after it was spooked in caraucs

Pilot: where are we
Tower: Brazil
Pilot: this is pan am 914
Tower: umm pan am stopped flying a very long time ago
Pilot: it’s 1955
kitten_ Laura
kitten_ Laura - 7 timmar sedan
If it takes another 37 years it will be about 2029 :P
Stark 87
Stark 87 - 7 timmar sedan
Sounds like the tv show manifest
Solution Revolution
Solution Revolution - 9 timmar sedan
Plane hasn't landed as of yet, story is a hoax.
kiki gacha
kiki gacha - 9 timmar sedan
Joe Anger
Joe Anger - 9 timmar sedan
I like your videos keep it up
Vaca Rule
Vaca Rule - 11 timmar sedan
But the fuel
WILLARD CHISIPO - 11 timmar sedan
What about food & fuel? Would budget food and fuel for 37years?
vilhelm schmit
vilhelm schmit - 12 timmar sedan
Bright Side is the new National Enquirer.
Karan Thakur
Karan Thakur - 12 timmar sedan
Legend says that , the plan is still flying.😂
dewaniuk - 12 timmar sedan
It’s fake
Nate Mars
Nate Mars - 13 timmar sedan
Could’ve happened
DEAR DEVIL - 13 timmar sedan
Fuel ⛽ didn't finished by flying upto 37 years
Elise Yoder
Elise Yoder - 14 timmar sedan
The plane might appear again in 2029 cause if you add 37 again to 1992 then you get 2029 probably not tho heh heh
David Dorn
David Dorn - 14 timmar sedan
Vineetha OMG
Vineetha OMG - 14 timmar sedan
0:55 did anyone saw virat kohili
Pr0 GengOo
Pr0 GengOo - 14 timmar sedan
lemme just play around with this - it's a hoax but let's try razinalize it
If the plane entered warp tunnel - bending space-time continuum then for the passangers it wasn't 37 years but merely few hours - so they don't age and don't ''run out of snacks''
There was also the case of a EU flight to USA where the plane appeared not where it should've at the time it should - it appeared and hour earlier and with MORE fuel than they had to be having
IN this case the plane also dissapeared from the radars but this time everything went OK
Maybe the're myr´ths or missunderstandings BUT - Isn't life e little bit more interesting with some colors inside
Brucifer Mephistopheles
Brucifer Mephistopheles - 14 timmar sedan
Juxxd - 15 timmar sedan
Then it will appear in 2029
deidara akatsuki
deidara akatsuki - 15 timmar sedan
I know this is fake but I'm still bothered that those security who arrived didn't shoot the plane's wheels as it was taxiing
jose rangel
jose rangel - 15 timmar sedan
Sukhpal Singh
Sukhpal Singh - 16 timmar sedan
Is that Virat Kohli on last seat??
kamal deep
kamal deep - 16 timmar sedan
is that virat kohli on left side last seat
Yasin Patel
Yasin Patel - 16 timmar sedan
There is increasing evidence that the Earth is hollow and the possibility of a world literally in the Earth is possible.
My theory is that this flight somehow ended up in the inner Earth, where time and space could possibly be different and then they managed to get out of the inner Earth but ended up decades later due to a difference in space and time. It could be in this inner Earth, other beings may have assisted in keeping the plane flying. Where they managed to get food and provisions to keep themselves alive remains a question though. Maybe the food and drink these inner beings have could suffice one for a very long time ?
Again, this is just my theory.
aneesh krishnan
aneesh krishnan - 16 timmar sedan
If you noticed virat kohli was boarded😁
Komet #2
Komet #2 - 17 timmar sedan
MLG STUFF - 17 timmar sedan
3:06 that is completely false there was no radar signal the air traffic controller saw the plane