Solving a $10,000 Puzzle Box - Level 10 (One of a kind)

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Chris Ramsay
Chris Ramsay - 2 månader sedan
Beyond excited to be able to share this with the community! Such a great Puzzle!! Hope you guys enjoy the video!!
Firey_boy - Dag sedan
201 REPLIES WHOOP WHOOP! Btw I am the 201 reply. Please congratulate me X3
cat master
cat master - 5 dagar sedan
Find U again
Seamo One
Seamo One - 9 dagar sedan
Coopy My man ? He’s Canadian I think... no Australian accent... I’m confused bro
Seamo One
Seamo One - 9 dagar sedan
Johnny James - you’d probably have much better luck showcasing your craftsmanship & selling him on a dope piece, if you weren’t downing his friend’s hard work, & HIS purchasing it...
Seamo One
Seamo One - 9 dagar sedan
Sleightly Perfection - are you talking about the Kaws companion? Towards the end? If so, Kaws is rad! I remember when he was doing graffiti in the 90’s, then he started making vinyl toys, & became an insanely popular Artist & designer. X X So, if you’re not familiar, check out Kaws aka Brian Connelly. Definitely look at his older graffiti & bus stop ads, he’d take them out, paint his characters on them, & put them back with his own locks 🔒. I saw one that he did with fellow Artist & Graffiti writer in SF: Twist aka Barry McGee.
Ryan Murray
Ryan Murray - 20 minuter sedan
Wow! Mind blown!
CUM2america - 2 timmar sedan
Interesting but not worth $10000
Lourine Beverly
Lourine Beverly - 2 timmar sedan
Who's he going to get to put this thing back together...
J Boogie
J Boogie - 3 timmar sedan
How long did it actually take you to solve it
Juan Lucas Rezende Schneider
Juan Lucas Rezende Schneider - 5 timmar sedan
Didn't see the whole video yet, but that black box is really a sign of something! What i came up with by the half of the video is that probably u will have to put everything back again but without that magnet in the black box! If this is it ill really freak! Lol😆
pkbattosai - 5 timmar sedan
I would of took a sludge hammer to it and bam!!!! Puzzle solved where my 10k!
Kristijan Petrovic
Kristijan Petrovic - 7 timmar sedan
Wow a $10,000 for a box the room 1,2 and 3 come out on the android market all 3 for around $20aus many levels
Brendan Boi
Brendan Boi - 8 timmar sedan
My life will complete once Excalibur is complete
andriodgamesandstuff - 8 timmar sedan
He look like tom hardy the actor
Michael Grant
Michael Grant - 10 timmar sedan
Paid $10,000 for 20mins of problem solving... great investment...
Sophie - 10 timmar sedan
Really secure jewellery box!
- A13X -
- A13X - - 10 timmar sedan
the wood wenge is actually pronounced when-gay
Vin 014
Vin 014 - 10 timmar sedan
Just as blown away as you! Lol, this is so interesting and brings back my love of puzzles :)
Louie Garcia
Louie Garcia - 10 timmar sedan
The sound of the wood hitting each other is soothing
Jon Cart
Jon Cart - 13 timmar sedan
I could pay my college tuition with 10k
Synergized Energy
Synergized Energy - 13 timmar sedan
Reminds me of Resident Evil Remake, with those boxes. Really cool puzzle.
Jason Macleod
Jason Macleod - 13 timmar sedan
Great puzzle Box
Reminds me of the movie Hell - Raiser ...just be careful
I just Wonder after pay 10,000 dollars...we're will this Box End up in 50+years.
Family Treasure, or yard sale .?
Rabid Monk
Rabid Monk - 14 timmar sedan
Cool stash box
ICEY-_-PaNcAkE - 14 timmar sedan
Swaggy G
Swaggy G - 14 timmar sedan
Were you wearing offwhite sneakers? That’s pretty cool man
JayElCee - 15 timmar sedan
The real puzzle is putting it back together
Dale MacKinnon
Dale MacKinnon - 15 timmar sedan
Drizzy - 15 timmar sedan
Use it to hide drugs lol
fallen-hearted96 - 16 timmar sedan
Beautiful craftsmanship and puzzle. Thank you for showing it to us, my dude.
fallen-hearted96 - 16 timmar sedan
At some point... idk if you love to read, but I do and so does my wife and we love puzzles. I wanna gave a whole library built in a room for us, but have like a whole series of puzzle movements and keys that we have to get that eventually open up a whole hiding space filled with our favorite books. Like a hidden room, but make the library the puzzle to get into it. I think it'd be amazing. (No, I do not wanna know how to do the puzzle) it can be something my wife and I do together and everything is a surprise.
MELLEX33 - 16 timmar sedan
Gil Bert
Gil Bert - 17 timmar sedan
In 70+ years that thing could be worth $1m... as long as its in prestine condition.
Jerocua - 18 timmar sedan
Ill sell you my 2000 HD Dyna for 10k and you would be at a loss for words. Its more fun then a puzzle box.
thedtcke - 18 timmar sedan
Well made but doesn’t seem that difficult
Matt Armstrong
Matt Armstrong - 18 timmar sedan
"Completes box then lights start to flicker as the sounds of chains begins to become audible."
We have such sights to show you.
KJustK FAZE - 18 timmar sedan
Gets frustrated breaks $10k box
networkjoe - 19 timmar sedan
Chris to Craig: thanks for the awesome box! Loved every minute of it, worth every penny. Beautiful. I found the keycard, then the deck of cards, then the coins...just amazing. Then I had a great time putting it back together. Thanks again bro
Craig: you’re not done
Chris: wha....?
Craig: not done
Chris: but I...
Craig: nope
Chris: and the...
Craig: nyet
Nathaniel P
Nathaniel P - 19 timmar sedan
Amazing job!! The box is so cool🇨🇦
Daragh Reilly
Daragh Reilly - 19 timmar sedan
How to solve a 10000$ mystery box,SLEDGEHAMMER!
Zetty112 - 20 timmar sedan
Does anybody play "The Room"? I felt like being in the game :D
Paula H
Paula H - 20 timmar sedan
Who tf wants to watch 2 minutes and 25 seconds of you talking just do the damn puzzle and shutup
Milan Stolz
Milan Stolz - 21 timme sedan
I think you should look into the card deck if there is something going on with the king of spades because of the keycard you got
Dean Murphy
Dean Murphy - 21 timme sedan
Watching Craig just dismantle it in the end was so satisfying.
Ice Box World Missions
Ice Box World Missions - 22 timmar sedan
$10,000 puzzle - pay to play
Me: Nah
LazyLiam - 22 timmar sedan
As fun and intricate as it seems, it's not even close to being worth 10k
Ryutube - 23 timmar sedan
Ryan Embry
Ryan Embry - 23 timmar sedan
When you love puzzles so much you geek out at watching other people solve them... Awesome vids dude.
touch base
touch base - 23 timmar sedan
The money I’m seeing these days on YouTube being used on crazy stuff smh lol your money have fun.
Mod Mark
Mod Mark - Dag sedan
Ok I wouldn't have played 10k for this shitty puzzle lmao
1 11
1 11 - Dag sedan
ЗлатомиР АлександроВ
10k puzzle box? Man there better be 2 asians lesbian strippers inside!
Akash Francis
Akash Francis - Dag sedan
Play at 1.25x... Thank me later 😊
Shay Vidas
Shay Vidas - Dag sedan
wonder what type of switch he used to hold this boxes inside that the magnet activated...
does anyone know ?