Emma Chamberlain for the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2020 Show

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Ruthiel Roño
Ruthiel Roño - 2 timmar sedan
FreeSpirit123 - 15 timmar sedan
Where is her LATTE?
JUST PANASHE - 18 timmar sedan
Emma looked bored
😂Even thou I know she wasint
EklipsedDarkness - 21 timme sedan
I dont see anything special about this girl, raspy voice, lazy eye, and stumbles on her speech.
Gamze Duran
Gamze Duran - Dag sedan
youtube excellence
youtube excellence - Dag sedan
u know just casually sitting next to Madeline
A_Socialist_Channel - 2 dagar sedan
Ary - 2 dagar sedan
*Lowkey look like heroine of film Brooklyn...?!!
Miguel Gaonananananana
Miguel Gaonananananana - 3 dagar sedan
Licenciado Valeriano
J E ss E Y
J E ss E Y - 5 dagar sedan
I wonder if she showered?
Book Worm
Book Worm - 5 dagar sedan
ARE WE GOING TO IGNORE THE FACT THAT SHE IS SITTING NEXT TO CHERYL BLOSSOM!! I mean I know that not her name cuz she bae but whatever
dicantik. - 5 dagar sedan
7:17 oh hi ryujin
Sabrina Jogezai
Sabrina Jogezai - 6 dagar sedan
Oml Emma just sitting beside Madelaine is everything
Sabrina Jogezai
Sabrina Jogezai - 6 dagar sedan
We love a kween
Gacha Teddy
Gacha Teddy - 6 dagar sedan
Steven Escamilla
Steven Escamilla - 7 dagar sedan
My mom follow you on Instam😜
Berra Yanmaz
Berra Yanmaz - 8 dagar sedan
I just realized that Madelaine Petsch was sitting next to Emma🤗🤗
I’m sorry i just love her😍❤️
Poupette Eugene
Poupette Eugene - 8 dagar sedan
Ya know when she said cycling and coffee that reminded me of the Dolan twins 😏
missSDW - 8 dagar sedan
I love that they kept her silliness in the edit.
Eiliyah Kausmaly
Eiliyah Kausmaly - 9 dagar sedan
Emma Chamberlain is soo original😂👏
Jonathan Flores
Jonathan Flores - 9 dagar sedan
Sitting in the front, see
Dalicia Puente
Dalicia Puente - 10 dagar sedan
Lol I herd this without looking at the screen and I literally thought it was Tanna
Cheif Called
Cheif Called - 10 dagar sedan
I LOVE THAT SHE IS ALWAYS HERSELF ...even with LV 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️
Myaliyah Myers
Myaliyah Myers - 12 dagar sedan
Charlotte yeah
Charlotte yeah - 12 dagar sedan
This is so sad
Endless Galaxy
Endless Galaxy - 12 dagar sedan
6:37 Louis Vuitton knows what questions to ask!😂💜
Suzie Wong
Suzie Wong - 13 dagar sedan
Love the way she is just casually sitting beside Madelaine Petsch and I’m just fan Girling over here like AGGGHHHHHH
Lucia Aguirre
Lucia Aguirre - 13 dagar sedan
MusicBoxFanatic Mushrooms
MusicBoxFanatic Mushrooms - 14 dagar sedan
Olivia Swensrud ('24)
Olivia Swensrud ('24) - 14 dagar sedan
7:11 cheryl.
Emilee Ohman
Emilee Ohman - 15 dagar sedan
7:43 I noticed that the girl who plays cheryl blossom in riverdale is next to emma💀💀
Jennifer Marks
Jennifer Marks - 15 dagar sedan
Are we not going to talk about how Emma was sitting next to Madelaine petsch 😍😍
Lolo Jo
Lolo Jo - 15 dagar sedan
Get Johnny Orlando
Ismail Benjamin
Ismail Benjamin - 16 dagar sedan
Love how she is just casually sitting next to madelain petch
Both celebs
But have no idea who each other are
•PweaseGimmieFood• - 16 dagar sedan
Oh my gosh, you know what i just realized..

Emma probably showered for this!
D. Roze
D. Roze - 16 dagar sedan
ItsYaGirl_LiviOmg 😮 😂
WFCD CUBBY - 17 dagar sedan
Em you are point!!!!....Slammin sista!!!!
Snatched Weave
Snatched Weave - 17 dagar sedan
Everyone but her Louis . Please
samantha mejia
samantha mejia - 17 dagar sedan
did any body realized that she is sitting next to madelaine petsch!!!
s o f t a e s t h e t i c s
s o f t a e s t h e t i c s - 17 dagar sedan
7:12 omg madelaine petch
melissa simpson
melissa simpson - 17 dagar sedan
when u see madie in the back ground atlike 7:12 #riverdale
Melissa Ceja- delenaa.mp4
Melissa Ceja- delenaa.mp4 - 17 dagar sedan
7:11 peep these iconic goddesses
Tilly Feltham
Tilly Feltham - 17 dagar sedan
anybody notice Madelaine Petcsh sitting next to Emma
Cristine Jane Yguinto
Cristine Jane Yguinto - 17 dagar sedan
Emma is so gorgeous on the thumbnail...💗
Chanrin Park
Chanrin Park - 18 dagar sedan
U know what’s funny
I was in New York the 17th and it didn’t even cross my mind that she might be there
Unique Marre
Unique Marre - 18 dagar sedan
Emma was so pretty during this video🖍📍
sara sierra
sara sierra - 18 dagar sedan
Love Emma. So genuine, always
savannah ward
savannah ward - 18 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who noticed one of the riverdale cast sitting bye Emma 7:45 😂
Celia Malene
Celia Malene - 18 dagar sedan
she really inspired me as a Youtuber :) It shows how far you can get by being authentically you!
Maryam Rizwan
Maryam Rizwan - 18 dagar sedan
She’s all grown up 😭😭
Tamara Gray
Tamara Gray - 18 dagar sedan
Am I the only one that realized Cheryl blossom from Riverdale was sitting right next to Emma 7:50🤩
Leslie Espadas
Leslie Espadas - 18 dagar sedan
Did anyone else notice or just me that madelame was there.
niknoky - 18 dagar sedan
freyaeleanorr - 19 dagar sedan
literally sitting next to madeleine petsch. emma i’m so proud of you 😍
designatedsurvivorfangirl - 19 dagar sedan
Me: *casually sitting next to my dog*
Emma: *casually sitting next to *madelaine petsch*
Lily-May Jones-Williams
Lily-May Jones-Williams - 19 dagar sedan
Emma deserves this so much
Justin Lively
Justin Lively - 19 dagar sedan
Can we just talk about how there was NO effort put into this video whatsoever? Like anyone with a basic understanding of editing could have put this together. Expected so much more from Louis Vuitton...
Melina Gijon
Melina Gijon - 19 dagar sedan
I love that she was just herself this whole video and didn't have to act a different way just to give a good impression👌🏼😤💗
rüya - 19 dagar sedan
should’ve taken Johnny Orlando
Lily Bean
Lily Bean - 19 dagar sedan
She's so inspiring I love her
Nun ya Business
Nun ya Business - 19 dagar sedan
The one time she takes a shower
Delaney Davis
Delaney Davis - 19 dagar sedan
Emma struggling to say bad words for 7 mins
Katie DeBello
Katie DeBello - 20 dagar sedan
Oh my god Mads was RIGHT next to Emma!!! Ahhhh
Katie DeBello
Katie DeBello - 20 dagar sedan
I was just looking for Mads the whole time.
Aya Nachmani
Aya Nachmani - 20 dagar sedan
was she not gonna acknowledge the fact that she was sitting right next to madelaine petch
t4bby cat
t4bby cat - 20 dagar sedan
how many times does she say “like” in this LOL way too many to count
taso uwu
taso uwu - 20 dagar sedan
*did she brush her teeth this time?*
BiSh nO
BiSh nO - 20 dagar sedan
I can seriously becoming a super model lol.
mel k
mel k - 20 dagar sedan
*she gets so much just handed to her... she’s just a basic youtuber😂*
Anonymousss - 20 dagar sedan
James who?
Maryam Alhadi
Maryam Alhadi - 20 dagar sedan
Who remembers when she diy Gucci shirt
Be gone
Be gone - 21 dag sedan
Ok the modeling tho. Major futuristic retro vibes, the music, the scenery, the outfits. They all fit rly well S L A Y Y💅🏼💗😌
Savannah Grace
Savannah Grace - 21 dag sedan
I love how she’s still has her coffee and stuff behind her and she’s still acting quirky behind the lv camera I stannn
Kata - 21 dag sedan
Emma’s hair in this video😍😍😍😍
ssierra mariaa
ssierra mariaa - 21 dag sedan
MissEz1176 _
MissEz1176 _ - 21 dag sedan
7:12 is that.. That looks like.. On the left.. 😳
Special Agent Dana Scully
Special Agent Dana Scully - 21 dag sedan
6:57 OMG Andy Warhol was there!!
Abigail Lopez
Abigail Lopez - 21 dag sedan
She finally took a shower 🤤🤤🙈
Kenza H
Kenza H - 21 dag sedan
Love her
Captain Bogus
Captain Bogus - 21 dag sedan
You can tell she’s growing up! I love that for her
Sophia Begins
Sophia Begins - 21 dag sedan
I don't want this content.
miss marvelous martha
miss marvelous martha - 21 dag sedan
When one Dote closes another Vuitton opens
Anisha Brant
Anisha Brant - 21 dag sedan
Honestly.. I don’t see it
Amy McCall
Amy McCall - 21 dag sedan
I love these😂😂😂😂
alexus brown
alexus brown - 21 dag sedan
James Charles - getting cancelled, cancelling his canceller
Emma Chamberlain - Gets nails done in Louis Vuitton interview/video
Jessica Cleaves
Jessica Cleaves - 21 dag sedan
i love how emma’s just being herself still even though she’s with a high fashion company
Pickle Snickelfritz
Pickle Snickelfritz - 21 dag sedan
5:27 Emma’s hair looks like she cut it. (I know she didn’t) but I honestly really like her hair like that. It’s way prettier. Also Emma looked stunning in this whole video.
hen ko
hen ko - 21 dag sedan
Omg i love 💕 you Emma
Anna Soccer
Anna Soccer - 21 dag sedan
Can we talk about how madelain petch aka cheryl blossom was sitting right next to her
Olivia Hartmann Nikolajsen
looooove the dress on her
Fatima A
Fatima A - 22 dagar sedan
the actual love of my life
Alexa B
Alexa B - 22 dagar sedan
7:11 madelaine yessss
WhyLambs - 22 dagar sedan
wait its 2020 ?
tatt oo sticker
tatt oo sticker - 22 dagar sedan
Why did she look like that in the beggining? hahaha I love her!
tom - 22 dagar sedan
Walking in that show would mean the world to me, I’m crying.

@geisterstadt on ig
Salty - 22 dagar sedan
Lol she’s like right next to Madelaine Petsch....
Rosa Elefanten
Rosa Elefanten - 22 dagar sedan
Emma not cursing for 9 minutes
Annoying Barbie
Annoying Barbie - 22 dagar sedan
Much love to positivity I’m proud!!💛💛💛
IvysTea - 22 dagar sedan
Who’s gonna tell her Brooklyn IS New York City??
imaboronbitch - 22 dagar sedan
did she shower for this one
Bethany Wood
Bethany Wood - 22 dagar sedan
It amazes me how poised and chill she is. It's like not matter how big she gets, she is still so true to herself and humble. Sure, she will change with age, but shes still so real.