Ben Askren looks back at KO loss vs. Jorge Masvidal | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show

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Ben Askren joins Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show to look back at his knockout loss to Jorge Masvidal at UFC 239 in Las Vegas. Askren says he doesn’t have memory of the knockout, but has watched it. Askren believes he would’ve earned a title shot with a win, but doesn’t think that Masvidal will get one vs. Kamaru Usman despite the flying knee knockout.
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Ivan Dovranić
Ivan Dovranić - 4 dagar sedan
It takes a Bad Mother Fucker to achieve success by way of winning. It takes a Good Mother Fucker to achieve it by way of losing.
Doesn't make much sense, I know, but what about this situation does? Crazy stuff %)
Just Ballistica
Just Ballistica - 6 dagar sedan
Smh my head
Oprah sides chair
Oprah sides chair - 6 dagar sedan
5:20 change the way u fight for different fighters lol that’s what makes u great
Cesar Barrantes
Cesar Barrantes - 7 dagar sedan
He still is so arrogant and he is rank 12.... And i bet if he fights again his rank will drop. Asskren is in the 20s ranks
777mikmik - 10 dagar sedan
He talked a big game them he talks a big now... artificial cool aid to me all talk no show
councillor31 - 10 dagar sedan
He thinks he's the one who set the record like bro Jorge set the record you were the victim
Chad O'sullivan
Chad O'sullivan - 2 dagar sedan
councillor31 its a called a joke
etuboldon boldon
etuboldon boldon - 11 dagar sedan
" i could tell it was really fast because i wasnt sweaty or sore or anything
SMILEYISMYDOG James - 11 dagar sedan
He has the type of face I would like to hit !!!🤛🤜👊👊🤜🤛💀💀💀😴😴🤕😵
Carlos Aguirre
Carlos Aguirre - 11 dagar sedan
He is afraid of a rematch.
Cenk Celik
Cenk Celik - 11 dagar sedan
His a cool guy... so unfortunate.
PolarRazorZ - 12 dagar sedan
It’s bc he talked so much sh*t
PolarRazorZ - 12 dagar sedan
Not ready for knees, Ben you leaned right into it.
Let’s build fam
Let’s build fam - 13 dagar sedan
Homeboy didn’t even get the full 3 piece combo and soda
Matthew  Garrett
Matthew Garrett - 13 dagar sedan
I've never heard anyone say "confirmation bias" so many times. Come to think of it, I've never heard anyone say it one time.
EzMoney95 - 13 dagar sedan
He knows better than to saying anything about masvidal
Diego Sanabria
Diego Sanabria - 14 dagar sedan
He sounds better after this concusion!
i'am immordecai 7
i'am immordecai 7 - 14 dagar sedan
your very own mouth signed you up for that club. Your jaw paid the consequences. A mouthful of humble pie
New Ish
New Ish - 15 dagar sedan
All that chit chats gunna get cha hurt - The Joker
Ronald samuel
Ronald samuel - 16 dagar sedan
He’s not a fighter he clearly doesn’t take it serious and doesn’t care about winning he’s not competitive doesn’t have that dawg in him
Dis O'Bey
Dis O'Bey - 17 dagar sedan
Dude said "Apparently I set a record."
Like if it wasn't for me he wouldn't have had this fastest knockout record.😂🤣😅🤣😂😅
Dis O'Bey
Dis O'Bey - 11 dagar sedan
Idk but if I was gonna brag it wouldn't be about being on the wrong end of the fastest knockout in history. . .
Prophet Google
Prophet Google - 17 dagar sedan
He got a nice dent on his head
Wicked Fry
Wicked Fry - 17 dagar sedan
When you come back to school after you lost tge fight n try to play it of
Mark Conrad
Mark Conrad - 18 dagar sedan
Lol time to retire
youtube troll 916
youtube troll 916 - 18 dagar sedan
You lost that’s the end of it. Good sportsman ship is needed
Alonzo Cuevas Jr
Alonzo Cuevas Jr - 18 dagar sedan
Rematch though
Cj Norris
Cj Norris - 21 dag sedan
He's embarrassed 🤣 and artificially flavored 🤣
joao monteiro
joao monteiro - 21 dag sedan
Im masvidal fan ...but i respect ben words🙏 his brain got fixed
Djconn - 21 dag sedan
Amanda Laschola
Amanda Laschola - 22 dagar sedan
Ben's opinions mean nothing because he can't seem to backup anything he says ever!
Ellee Castillo
Ellee Castillo - 23 dagar sedan
Askren executed excellent technique in positioning his head into the on-coming Flying Knee. Excellent Technique.
Denny Lee
Denny Lee - 12 dagar sedan
Ellee Castillo hes a wrestler, when you catch a wrestler by surprise the first thing they do is shoot.
Andy - 23 dagar sedan
Maia : did you Know,,,? I Only practiced three days before match, just to warm up.....
askren : what was going on?
Maverick024 - 26 dagar sedan
😂😂😂😂 sleepy time
RS RS - 26 dagar sedan
10:52 Ben is having flashbacks to the flying knee
Sébastien Nudo
Sébastien Nudo - 26 dagar sedan
POS goes to an interview eating. No etiquette what so ever. What a stupid fool... No class.
farmerbob96 - 26 dagar sedan
You tapped!!! You tapped!!! You tapped!!!! You tapped!!!!
Rick Ricardo
Rick Ricardo - 26 dagar sedan
No way rematch would be different outcome that could happen to anyone lucky shot u know it doesn't happen all the time.
Steady Rock
Steady Rock - 26 dagar sedan
I just hope that he learned not to talk smack to real mother fuckers ! These dudes are warriors man and this shits real it’s not Hollywood.
1maddd2mackxxck 1maddd2mackxxck
Best of luck if you ever fight him again
Do it to him next time
Wavetraxx416 - 28 dagar sedan
Helwani telling Askren to keep his chin up 😂😂😂😂, He will definitely be keeping his chin down from now on.
Jose Loco
Jose Loco - 29 dagar sedan
The fight clock is brought to you by ModellOOOOOOO
Paul M. Hurley Sr.
Paul M. Hurley Sr. - Månad sedan
Humbled... New found respect for Ben Askren!!!
Alejandro Rosas
Alejandro Rosas - Månad sedan
The one and only o get ko in 5 seconds
mikeyb byekim
mikeyb byekim - Månad sedan
we didnt even get to see any actual fight between the 2 of them. I'd like to see a rematch with an actual fight in there; and with that concluding in a KO, I will def give Masvidal props as would be deserved, but not like this kind of lucky KO. Sorry, just cant do it errr give it, not like that.
fastest KO in ufc history, sure, but it was luck and coincidence together. ya ok he meant to start with a flying knee, but the fact that Askren was going for the legs and take down is what made it so gnarly and vicious. I fukin laothe when guys act like that was what they intended to do bc its not. I cant believe everyone shitting their pants over a lucky fluke KO, and now this total champ of a chump gets to have legendary status in the record books bc Askren coincidently went for legs at same time this douche did a flying knee. ughh makes me lightheaded. I bet he doesnt want to give Askren a rematch bc he knows it will not go down the same way.
Eli B
Eli B - Månad sedan
He reminds me of Chael so much.
Hannah Leigh
Hannah Leigh - Månad sedan
Wow this dude is pretty cool! So many fighters are ungrateful, and won't admit to certain things but he's pretty cool!
Eddie Bobby
Eddie Bobby - Månad sedan
These comments are fuckin epic
S-T Connection
S-T Connection - Månad sedan
Most humble defeated fighter EVER!!
IamSomebodyWithHim - Månad sedan
"Landing a knee like him takes a lot of skill...i would'nt be able to do it."
Ben Askren
eazi cash
eazi cash - Månad sedan
Lol these comments about class.. no he got humbled
Viper - Månad sedan
He like eh I lost but I got a bunch of money for it
Sami Alfred Tuncer
Sami Alfred Tuncer - Månad sedan
Did you suffer concussion? LOL
alp cengiz
alp cengiz - Månad sedan
He will have brain damage
Grimescene City
Grimescene City - Månad sedan
Floyd Mayweather got screwed over at the 1996 Olympics losing, getting a bronze medal. He turned pro that same year and retired in 2015 undefeated.
Lee Baker
Lee Baker - Månad sedan
Ha he says he was ready for knees,🥊🥊🥊🤯💤🤕💯
Daniel Embry
Daniel Embry - Månad sedan
Dudes still a total douche bag, he's just trying to save face.
Andre Wong
Andre Wong - Månad sedan
Shane Ellis
Shane Ellis - Månad sedan
Congratulations on the record Ben. You deserve it
ojicreewarcry - Månad sedan
Askren got his mouth shut real nice....I slept great since but not a good a askren was sleeping on the UFC mat. Humble pie for your big mouth. Sure he has nightmares now. That goof deserves it, love to see it happen again soon.
Cris Elba
Cris Elba - Månad sedan
Edifice NJ
Edifice NJ - Månad sedan
He keeps popping aspirin, thats not a breath mint