Game of Thrones S8E04 Explained

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THE ANGRY MARINE - 5 dagar sedan
"Daenerys needs to find a way to remove Cersie without killing innocent people"
*It's Always Sunny music*
_Daenerys kills innocent people at King's Lander_
Official iHeartLeila
Official iHeartLeila - 10 dagar sedan
thecahn - 10 dagar sedan
Wait, people were already predicting that Bran would be king and Jon would become a Night’s Watchman again... before season 8? I thought those were the most ridiculous things to come out of this season. But now I’m thinking maybe the writers didn’t screw up quite as much as I thought...
Nealikus - 16 dagar sedan
I just don't see why Jaime could've have just killed a dragon when he charged Dany in the last season. His character doesn't do anything afterwards, and we wouldn't have to have seen such a stupid reason to kill off another dragon.
King Loser
King Loser - 20 dagar sedan
21:08 Who are you.. Bran? :)
Ben Samuel
Ben Samuel - Månad sedan
In the books Drakarys means freedom
Daemi George
Daemi George - Månad sedan
Just like again tho varys flipping over tyrion stopped following, Jon killing like you have better powers than bran
Daemi George
Daemi George - Månad sedan
I just have to say all your predictions were spot on man like fr tho Jon returning to the north, bran being king , dany's death like fr tho
Alexey Baal
Alexey Baal - Månad sedan
john is still a stark, because lyana was a stark
Bendetoma - 17 dagar sedan
Not how it works. The family of the child is the male side, which is a Targaryen.
KickYouInTheThroat - Månad sedan
Jaime`s first time with anyone other than Cersei?!?!
OK it makes sense and I trust your word on it...But holy shit how did he manage to not at least accidentally fuck someone else given his status and looks.
Brooke Ryan
Brooke Ryan - Månad sedan
This fucking discount jack sparrow. Oh my god I’m dead
Dusty - Månad sedan
You called the ending pretty much on point!
Xavier St-Pierre-Trahan
Xavier St-Pierre-Trahan - Månad sedan
Is anyone going to mention the shortest Winter in history here?
2nd3rd1st - Månad sedan
19:42 Haha, actually very Good Lip Reading there xD
Larkin Hancock
Larkin Hancock - Månad sedan
The North has so many open lands now it makes no sense why the Wildlings would leave with all that open land and the debt the northern folk owe them.
Kobe Leonard
Kobe Leonard - Månad sedan
You were all too right about Bran
Neerupan Ganeshaan
Neerupan Ganeshaan - Månad sedan
Haha “360 no scopes” 😂😂😂
Jesus Staccato
Jesus Staccato - Månad sedan
"If the show wants to be really surprising they could end with Bran on the throne."

C'mon man, that's too ridiculous even for you.
Anna Dokudovskaya
Anna Dokudovskaya - Månad sedan
I loved loved your parallel with Lyanna and Arya... the episodes are shallow these days... but you are the keeper of meaning)
William Wainwright
William Wainwright - Månad sedan
Jaime lord commander of the Queens Guard, left his real love Breanne to go try and save his sister the queen of Westros knowing he'd likely be captured and killed or die in kingslanding. His might be the most tragic ending.
Lachie Nicholson
Lachie Nicholson - Månad sedan
The mad lad actually called it. King Bran the broken
Sayon - Månad sedan
Alt Shift X just Branned this episode! So many predictions became true!
Brian - Månad sedan
14:04 ah that old move. It's like my main thing. They know me at my local grocery store and have my pallet of butter waiting for me.
Huntracony - Månad sedan
Rant about Tyrion talking to Cersei: she's on the wall, he's not, yet he talks. TALKS. In fact, he almost whispers. Do you see how far they are apart? Can you imagine the wind on top of that wall? You'd need to shout if you want any chance at all of being heard, but no. He talked as if she was five feet away and in the same room. And when they cut to Cersei it is just as loud as it is two feet from Tyrion's face, but then with a magical echo, despite them not being in an enclosed space. That really bothered me.
Tiago Santos
Tiago Santos - Månad sedan
You predicted so many things in this video, or at least hinted at them, amazing work!
First you got Bran on the throne, then Dany as a Mad Queen, Jon going behind the wall (and giving Ghost a pat!), Varys' execution and even hinted at Jon killing Dany. All theories of course until then, but they all came together
Ray Calderon
Ray Calderon - Månad sedan
Awesome! this video was Spot-On!
Shawn Boudreau
Shawn Boudreau - Månad sedan
Lol he really likes using the shot of Melisandre with flames in her eyes.
To be fair, I think that was one of the nicest looking shots in season 8.
muaaz raja
muaaz raja - Månad sedan
Bran could end up on the throne , one comment that aged well.
mds sdm
mds sdm - Månad sedan
Ur channel rockx sir
Mlabelle33 - Månad sedan
I was a little sad when I saw you link those Bran's Odds 2 weeks before the series final. Of course some people who alrdy knew the end were using the Odds to make some easy money. It kinda spoiled my "Bran reaveal". Still love your work AltShiftX. Specialy that BloodRaven and Prince that was promise Video.
Ruilai Xue
Ruilai Xue - Månad sedan
guess what
Joey X Smith
Joey X Smith - Månad sedan
3:40 Wow! You was right about Bran!
Abraham Munzar
Abraham Munzar - Månad sedan
I bet you can't explain that Starbucks Coffee that was next two Deanerys Targaren.
Jaz Helton
Jaz Helton - Månad sedan
Don’t get me wrong this whole season makes me want to yeet myself into traffic
Jaz Helton
Jaz Helton - Månad sedan
I thought the Sansa smile was more of a joke between her and Sandor because he used to be the Hound and she used hounds to get back at Ramsay?
Queen B
Queen B - Månad sedan
Smartest product placement ever. They are now forever linked with the most popular show ever.
Dragon’s Touch
Dragon’s Touch - Månad sedan
14:08 can someone please explain the butter part?
James Frances
James Frances - Månad sedan
The naval ambush scene fell so flat for me omg. I didn't even believe it was happening because it felt like it came literally out if nowhere and idk I feel like losing a freakin dragon should be at least a decently impactful scene but idk it felt like they just brushed it off like?m
Tommy De Sadi
Tommy De Sadi - Månad sedan
Well, technically, it wasn't necessarily Jon who betrayed Daenerys.
Bran told it to them
Erika Marquez
Erika Marquez - Månad sedan
Can u pls write ur own ver of S8, u have better analysis than the actual writers 😩 and there's been so much plot holes
Simon Eriksson
Simon Eriksson - Månad sedan
The first time I watched this episode Eurons ambush on Dannerys dragons and fleet ruined it for me but after seeing it again I realized there were a lot of things in this episode that I really liked so I made a video about those
岩の下駅 - Månad sedan
Can't believe you didn't mention that Pod drank when Tyrion guessed "You're a virgin", revealing that Pod's whole "magic cock" story (which he never confirmed, it was Bron's guessing that invented this myth) was another scheme by Littlefinger.
Casgan - Månad sedan
This fuckin episode felt like a filler episode, the same shit you see in anime...
Vedanshi Mishra
Vedanshi Mishra - Månad sedan
But why doesn't Sansa trust Dany? She only did everything she could, sacrificed a dragon and half her army to save the north.
JoseF - Månad sedan
you must know. womens, ego,manipulation, a womens know how womens use his talents for get what they want , for power love etc.
sung1g1rl - Månad sedan
Maybe Dany left half of her forces on Dragonstone
Tammy DreamWriter
Tammy DreamWriter - Månad sedan
I love the passive aggressive anger here- you go Alt Shift X!!!!
ibrahim djouada
ibrahim djouada - Månad sedan
Actors can always 100% win on the betting sites
Frank Beausire
Frank Beausire - Månad sedan
Sophia Wilson
Sophia Wilson - Månad sedan
In the episode 5 I believe that Bran warg into Dany and in the end Drogon. He the one who burn King Lannding for Revenge for the Death his father also to make Jon King.
Yumi Sakate
Yumi Sakate - Månad sedan
are you not gonna post about ep 05?? omg i've been accessing here everyday since.