Game of Thrones S8E04 Explained

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Tommy De Sadi
Tommy De Sadi - 34 minuter sedan
Well, technically, it wasn't necessarily Jon who betrayed Daenerys.
Bran told it to them
Erika Marquez
Erika Marquez - 3 timmar sedan
Can u pls write ur own ver of S8, u have better analysis than the actual writers 😩 and there's been so much plot holes
Simon Eriksson
Simon Eriksson - 3 timmar sedan
The first time I watched this episode Eurons ambush on Dannerys dragons and fleet ruined it for me but after seeing it again I realized there were a lot of things in this episode that I really liked so I made a video about those
岩の下駅 - 6 timmar sedan
Can't believe you didn't mention that Pod drank when Tyrion guessed "You're a virgin", revealing that Pod's whole "magic cock" story (which he never confirmed, it was Bron's guessing that invented this myth) was another scheme by Littlefinger.
Casgan - 10 timmar sedan
This fuckin episode felt like a filler episode, the same shit you see in anime...
Vedanshi Mishra
Vedanshi Mishra - 12 timmar sedan
But why doesn't Sansa trust Dany? She only did everything she could, sacrificed a dragon and half her army to save the north.
sung1g1rl - 14 timmar sedan
Maybe Dany left half of her forces on Dragonstone
Tammy DreamWriter
Tammy DreamWriter - 17 timmar sedan
I love the passive aggressive anger here- you go Alt Shift X!!!!
ibrahim djouada
ibrahim djouada - 19 timmar sedan
Actors can always 100% win on the betting sites
Frank Beausire
Frank Beausire - 19 timmar sedan
Sophia Wilson
Sophia Wilson - 20 timmar sedan
In the episode 5 I believe that Bran warg into Dany and in the end Drogon. He the one who burn King Lannding for Revenge for the Death his father also to make Jon King.
Yumi Sakate
Yumi Sakate - 21 timme sedan
are you not gonna post about ep 05?? omg i've been accessing here everyday since.
Bolshoi Booze
Bolshoi Booze - 21 timme sedan
GRRM be like, _"Thank God I didn't finished the book just yet. So now I get to change whatever details that the people are upset and disappoint about, in my books."_
Maruten L
Maruten L - 22 timmar sedan
Game of thrones is cool guy, he kill night king and doesn't afraid of anything.
R Nickerson
R Nickerson - Dag sedan
No episode 5 video before the finale?
Shame🔔 Shame🔔 Shame🔔
Blueberry Yoghurt
Blueberry Yoghurt - Dag sedan
4:40 I’m betting on that coffee cup ending up on the iron throne in the end
Maria grimley
Maria grimley - Dag sedan
Dear Alt Shift X - will you be posting your S8E05 commentary soon to the public sphere? I'm guessing you feel pretty let down - but have so enjoyed your commentary so far....I don't want it to stop now.....
ZQNN - Dag sedan
Sir Jorah of the friendzone
Rioz Newbie
Rioz Newbie - Dag sedan
"trickery, sex and butter"... what? XD
Maru - Dag sedan
Is Alt Shift X okay? You're in our prayers dude.
Mehul Koshti
Mehul Koshti - Dag sedan
@17:07 wHy wOuLd sHe HuRt InNoCeNt pEoPle?
Shadow Lands beyond Asshai
Shadow Lands beyond Asshai - 21 timme sedan
Mehul Koshti they weren’t innocent dumbass they were sons of the harpy
Stormborn 8
Stormborn 8 - Dag sedan
Where is episode 5!!
Creative Media Consultants
‪ D&D forced to go with ALTERNATE Ending Tomorrow UPDATED!!!!‬
‪See NOW‬
Yousef AL-Amir
Yousef AL-Amir - Dag sedan
I don't why some people are still waiting for Azor Ahai with his flaming sword riding his dragon to save the day, we already sow what the Witch King of Angmar had done in the Lord of the Rings
The AuthoR
The AuthoR - Dag sedan
Waiting for alt shift x episodes as nerve-racking as waiting for GoT episodes
Turkey Maze
Turkey Maze - Dag sedan
I enjoy watching the part at 10:35 after having watched S8E5.
Yeaaahh.. none of that happens.
eXcommunicate1979 - Dag sedan
I loved how scorpion bolts are as powerful as cannon shot now... lol
Tony McCowen
Tony McCowen - Dag sedan
This whole season has been a flat tire, not the car crash we were expecting. I suppose they "subverted our expectations" once again. Season 7 -8 is retreating into Tolkienesque tropes, only Tolkien invented them. GoT < LotR
Christopher Perez
Christopher Perez - Dag sedan
what if Jon kills Daenerys after her actions in KL and takes up the black again to rebuild the wall offering the kingdom to gendry
john nguyen
john nguyen - Dag sedan
Bran is actually trying to save everyone, he went into the crows to kill d&d
Ella A
Ella A - Dag sedan
Am I the only one who wants to see alt shift x´face after season 8 episode 6?
Al Berto
Al Berto - Dag sedan
Ella A yessss!!
solar pony
solar pony - 2 dagar sedan
I don't need it explained. I need it and the rest of season 8 rewritten
Wavanova - 2 dagar sedan
"Daenerys is in a strong position, she just needs to find a way to remove Cersei without killing innocent people"
hahahahahaha looking forward to your episode 5 commentary
itoad077 - 2 dagar sedan
OMG "This Fucking Discount Sparrow (Jack)" LMAO
iotatl - 2 dagar sedan
I'm pretty sure you are going to be very critical of episode 5...
Sakretsu - 2 dagar sedan
you are way to humane for that crappy Episode :D
The Nerdy One
The Nerdy One - 2 dagar sedan
What if the reason the show has "gone off the rails" is because this is not GRRM's ending, this is D&D's ending. What if they have changed the way the story ends so readers have a reason to buy the books.
Peter Bonoff
Peter Bonoff - 2 dagar sedan
where's episode 5 review?
Peter Bonoff
Peter Bonoff - 2 dagar sedan
keep em' comin, you're good
andrew cummins
andrew cummins - 2 dagar sedan
Hasn’t uploaded recap for episode 5 yet because he still shook
andrew cummins
andrew cummins - 2 dagar sedan
Shook by the poor job the writers have continued to do is what I was implying. I think the ‘dany twist’ could be done in a tasteful, meaningful way.
ragdaj - 2 dagar sedan
well, I don`t think so. Twist with Daenerys is most probably going to happen in the books, and would be logical, if not poor storytelling.
Crim - 2 dagar sedan
All depends on the last episode....

Not really the books must be different.. please :(
246trinitrotoluene - 2 dagar sedan
Given that Bran can see the past, why not have him "spy" on the enemy? Like... look into their past, as in, the past couple of days... "Hey guys, Euron's fleet has ballistas, and they'll be at X,Y coordinates"
Or put him on the boat, and have him look 10 minutes into the past. "Hey guys, sail over that other way, Euron's fleet is going to mess your day up if you go that way". Omniscient wheelchair encylopedias could be easily fixed to any deck of any well guarded ship -- then again, it wouldnt need to be guarded since he could in theory predict the impending danger.
How were Dany's dragons in range of ballista bolts, but not in range to spot the ships.
Why did they sail into waters that they themselves admitted were going to be dominated by Euron's ornately rebuilt navy.
Why... I'll just stop. Hey, did you know these guys are going to work with Rian Johnson on the next Star Wars?
Samarth Ojha
Samarth Ojha - 2 dagar sedan
He can only see the past when he touches a weirwood tree so the boat idea wouldnt work but I agree with everything else
Owen Rickitt
Owen Rickitt - 2 dagar sedan
“Will she find a peaceful solution, or will she burn them all, like her father before her?”
Well... let’s just say she’s a bit of a daddy’s girl...
Victoria Lykova
Victoria Lykova - 2 dagar sedan
your chanel is just the best. pity the last season is kind of... plain. there is not enough room for discussion.
Dav GG
Dav GG - 2 dagar sedan
11:05 man somebody start a gofound me for an Alt shift x Fan version of the "Kingslanding Siege"
Dav GG
Dav GG - 2 dagar sedan
Pod the Rod 👌👌
Dead Man Walking
Dead Man Walking - 2 dagar sedan
is there a video detailing how all the great houses got started? he mentions lann the clever and it made me want to see more about how all the houses started. if anyone knows a link or something i can use to find more information that would be very helpful.
superheroson117 - 3 dagar sedan
Clearly Alt Shift X has more intelligence in his toenail than Dumb & Dumber have combined. I petition we get Alt to write his own version of S8, it would be 1000x better and actually be a satisfying resolution to every character and storyline.
PTNLemay - 3 dagar sedan
The big about half their armies being gone is so annoying. We clearly saw the entirety of the dothraki armies get swallowed up and killed.

But if you point out glaring inconsistencies like that, casual viewers accuse us of over-analyzing it. It's not over-analysis if it's so blatantly contradicting what happened in the very last episode.
Yumi Sakate
Yumi Sakate - 3 dagar sedan
plizzzz ep 5 analysis!!
Pat Mullarkey
Pat Mullarkey - 3 dagar sedan
Some of the show watchers I know, including me, believe the biggest betrayal by the writers are having
Brienne weep. No, Brienne doesn't weep especially because of all she went through to be a knight. She's tough. Can't forgive the writers for that....
LynAnn Mastaj
LynAnn Mastaj - 3 dagar sedan
What is Drogon's fate?
Earth Offline
Earth Offline - 3 dagar sedan
not sure what I'm looking forward to the most...S8E05 Explained or the actual final episode 😐
INRI.Tube - 3 dagar sedan
they ffff..finally consumated their love - i heard it :D
puppeteer - 3 dagar sedan
It is funny and sad that they had Henry the horny pirate kill a dargon making him a dargon slayer
DonaldObeRice w
DonaldObeRice w - 3 dagar sedan
Bran will actually win the throne.
Rich F
Rich F - 3 dagar sedan
Who else is here just waiting for Alt Shift X "reaction" on S8E5 lol?
Maria Montiel
Maria Montiel - 3 dagar sedan
Sam waking up and having this all be a bad dream doesn't seem as bad anymore
Adam Owczarek
Adam Owczarek - 3 dagar sedan
Where is your episode 5 video!!!
RenewAgain - 3 dagar sedan
I am sorry you need to subject yourself to making a video for Episode 5.
Christian Cruz
Christian Cruz - 3 dagar sedan
*Euron has 360 No scoped Rhaegal (135m)*
Enemy Crab
Enemy Crab - 3 dagar sedan
I'm anxious to see the video for episode 5.
Moraco Mole
Moraco Mole - 3 dagar sedan
Jon giving pats to Ghost is the best ending this shitshow season could get
LiverInter25 - 3 dagar sedan
Love the video as always and saying how Euron 360 No Scopes Rhaegal was pretty funny. Can't wait for your video on episode 5.
Mitchell Sommer
Mitchell Sommer - 3 dagar sedan
3:56 "...and doesn't afraid of anything."

I appreciate that.
sebastianwillows - 3 dagar sedan
"I've never been a Stark"
In the wake of everything else, this is a whole other level of Character assassination...
Ryan Corbin
Ryan Corbin - 3 dagar sedan
Euron is more like discount ZOD
Ryan Corbin
Ryan Corbin - 3 dagar sedan
Euron is more like discount ZOD
Casey Hardman
Casey Hardman - 3 dagar sedan
Honestly this video is hilarious after watching episode 5.
Katana - 3 dagar sedan
Can Bran have children? If not, probably not a good choice for King.
Katana - 3 dagar sedan
+the cult of nic cage Why? Cus she had a miscarriage once? Regardless, who the fuck wants her anyway? She's been a nutcase from s1ep1. If you are right, which I don't think you are, then its even more reason not to have the bellend as queen.
the cult of nic cage
the cult of nic cage - 3 dagar sedan
Daenerys can't have kids either.
joel Rodriguez
joel Rodriguez - 3 dagar sedan
It makes no sense what baris did. they fucking ruin the show.
-Leaf- - 4 dagar sedan
Just like Game of Thrones, Alt Shift X becomes a stale channel and unless he doesn't do something different soon, the channel will cease
voyage54 - 4 dagar sedan
16:14 Well seen.
Thomas Alègre de la Soujeole
Even with hindsight ; it would have made better sense if Dany had snapped right after missandei’s execution to hop on Drogon and burning kings landing trying to get Cersei as she’d be returning from the gates to the red keep...
Sean Park
Sean Park - 4 dagar sedan
This season SUCKS!!!
Dylan Arthur
Dylan Arthur - 4 dagar sedan
I'm gonna have a field day watching the episode 5 analysis video.
NoSoldat4u - 3 dagar sedan
I finally fucking subscribed because I'm so anxiously curious to watch the analysis on this shit pile.
The Last Shady Walking Marvel
TBK - 4 dagar sedan
Sam Vimes
Sam Vimes - 4 dagar sedan
GRRM has said that he's trying for an ending to ASOIAF that is similar in *TONE* to the ending of LotR. Similar tone =/= identical plot details.
iVixxen - 4 dagar sedan
Discount Jack Sparrow.
Bonnie Cull
Bonnie Cull - 4 dagar sedan
man0z - Dag sedan
Your profile pic is how I feel lol
LA - 4 dagar sedan
damn. you were right about danny aha
JD R - 4 dagar sedan
Lol this mans video called it for E5
12733s - 4 dagar sedan
you may as well just say you've read the ep 5 and 6 spoilers alt shift x, its painfully obvious.
Bradley Knight
Bradley Knight - 4 dagar sedan
That stunning image by Ertac Altinöz at 18:59 looks like a painted still from episode 5. Remarkable. How could the artist have known? Fantastic.
Nanika ST
Nanika ST - 4 dagar sedan
Still waiting to understand why cersei didn’t kill dany right here
Legend B
Legend B - 4 dagar sedan
kudos for trying to "explain" boring, slow and dumb writing. Where was Bran with his bird view scouting abilities to let everyone know where the fleet/troops are at? I didn't watch your video, but I noticed the headline and had to chime in lol....worst train wreck ending to a good series in history...and we thought Sorpanos was bad...
Daniel Monroe
Daniel Monroe - 4 dagar sedan
Where is episode 5 review? Not in a hurry huh, come on beat the dead horse
Brandon King
Brandon King - 4 dagar sedan
Omg now I can't wait for you S8:E5 video😂😂😂
Long Bottom Leaf
Long Bottom Leaf - 4 dagar sedan
Watching this after the 5th episode... I think it actually made the episode worse
AinokeA365 - 4 dagar sedan
Please make a series finale rant for GoT like you did for Westworld
Dogfartface - 4 dagar sedan
Watching this post-Episode 5 is funny because he got so much right on the mark. Gotta hand it to ya, earned my sub!
S - 4 dagar sedan
gonna be such a boring last episode. Yawn. Will end with john snow sitting on the throne camera panning into his face with the stupid worried expression he has at all times. Terrible actor. Terrible show.
Brandon Bell
Brandon Bell - 4 dagar sedan
worse. Bran ends up on the throne.
LikeUnto Buddha
LikeUnto Buddha - 4 dagar sedan
I have never seen a discussion on how the Dragon's Fire somehow is also a force ray. Fire, even under pressure will not destroy Castle Walls.
Ginger Bread
Ginger Bread - 4 dagar sedan
Jon will stab Dany in the back literally killing her.. Jon will join the Nights watch. Bran WILL take the throne with a council of Tyrion, Sam, Davos. Thus, the 'bittersweet' ending, they were harping on.
Antonio de Angelis
Antonio de Angelis - 4 dagar sedan
I think of S3 of Twin Peaks, which is a proper way to end up a show that wrote a piece of history, and then I think of this...
Vlad Z.
Vlad Z. - 4 dagar sedan
"no scopes a dragon" "discount Jack Sparrow" lol
Amar - 4 dagar sedan
Varys tried to poison Daenerys, that was how he tried to put Jon to the Iron throne. Remember beginning of the episode 5 when the little girl from the kitchen comes to Varys?
"She won't eat"
"We'll try again at supper"
"The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward"
Boy In The Cave
Boy In The Cave - 4 dagar sedan
This story is just too big for Dumb and Dumber!
Suk Mike Hok
Suk Mike Hok - 4 dagar sedan
18:57 insane how the art was made before episode 5 came out, and it's almost the same exact scene, amazing
Cato Sicarius
Cato Sicarius - 4 dagar sedan
Oh boy i can't wait to for the next video after that last episode.
Thom De Munter
Thom De Munter - 4 dagar sedan
can't analyse a pile of shit man. well you can but why would ya