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JIC - 28 minuter sedan
forbidden to people under 12 in france, i'm gonna see it with my little cousin of 12, hope it will be great he goes in sweden the next hollidays i want him to discover the culture :)
Ujang Ramdan
Ujang Ramdan - 2 timmar sedan
The film was canceled in Indonesia because it did not pass censorship, even though Midsommar was one of the films we were waiting for. So sad.
Mr. who?
Mr. who? - 3 timmar sedan
Adik Jahirah selamanya
Adik Jahirah selamanya - 3 timmar sedan
Ullumimati sucks film
Jennifer Evans
Jennifer Evans - 4 timmar sedan
I'm watching the movie right now, i'm almost halfway trough it nothing bad happened yet so i decided to watch the comments on this video to know what people think about it... And This comments... they are freaking me out, now i'm scared to keep watching it😂😂😂
Julian Tydus
Julian Tydus - 3 timmar sedan
Keep watching thier are some gory parts
Doom Guy
Doom Guy - 9 timmar sedan
keling Knight
keling Knight - 13 timmar sedan
Finnaly a dyslexia movie strikes again after pet sematary
Andreas Ferm
Andreas Ferm - 8 timmar sedan
What do you mean?
NFH Videos
NFH Videos - 16 timmar sedan
Where can i watch this movie online? I really want to see it :(
King Khye
King Khye - 20 timmar sedan
What's the song in the background?
MoonaticDestiny - 16 timmar sedan
Audiomachine - The Dance of Death
linda12021 - 23 timmar sedan
These comments are priceless...
Jessa Moratalla
Jessa Moratalla - Dag sedan
I just hope the guy from Maze Runner makes it out alive😔
Adhie Sathya Wicaksana
Joseph Seed from Far Cry would love to watch it with his beloved family and relatives.
devil ganteng
devil ganteng - Dag sedan
this is more than far cry 5, can't waitt
Mo - Dag sedan
Timothy M. Nolan
Timothy M. Nolan - Dag sedan
A24: The New Miramax and Dimension Films
J M - 2 dagar sedan
Oh look, another "white people are evil" movie. My god Hollywood you are relentless. If the US government goes eastern block rogue in the future and decides to throws half of you in jail for inciting violence, I will not be surprised one bit.
purapura baik
purapura baik - 2 dagar sedan
soft FARCRY5
willy nur widiana
willy nur widiana - 2 dagar sedan
I never think those peggies from Far Cry 5 would make some movie w/out father seed
Melayu Thailand
Melayu Thailand - 2 dagar sedan
I already watched it , it's not really scary but I feel a bit weird and psycho. And it left wondering , lack of support information about this thing. But the color is good pastel.
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - Dag sedan
Alykat - 2 dagar sedan
I want to watch this movie because Will Poulter is my actual son but tbh I’m kinda nervous
humpy1980 - 2 dagar sedan
Is this movie worth watching? It has a Wicker Man vibe to me.
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - Dag sedan
yeah love the wicker man
Mr. X
Mr. X - 2 dagar sedan
Nice trailer. 👍
Vo AcAbA c O LoL
Vo AcAbA c O LoL - 2 dagar sedan
This director is a genious but has a very pertubed mind.
Starry&Bohemian - 2 dagar sedan
Midsommer reminded me the britiish cult pagan "hippie" movie The Wicker Man (1973) which seems to have been a source of inspiration for Midsommer, movie i have seen twice more 'round a dozen years ago
I have seen Midsommer tonight it really impressed me much, i do not expect it to expand what was on The Wicker Man, but it's different enough to not be considered as just a modern chewing of the pagan hippie thema...
Midsommer is brilliant in so many ways, and it's not just because the night is hard to find, darkness is paradoxically in slots, interstices
It offers mystical roots, some could be confusely dazed by the peerpetual light
İmpuls22 - 2 dagar sedan
This is disgusting this movie stole my three hours
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - Dag sedan
I seen it 4 times. 10 hours
Alex Stevenson
Alex Stevenson - 3 dagar sedan
does ANYONE have a link to watch this film for free????? pls i'm rly desperate and it's an 18 in my country and i can't see it
Yalexa Alvarez
Yalexa Alvarez - Dag sedan
Alex Stevenson CotoMovies
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - 2 dagar sedan
have to wait for dvd
Zinguin Ziree
Zinguin Ziree - 3 dagar sedan
I really want to see this. I was too late to see it when it came out in theaters but I can’t wait to rent it.
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - 2 dagar sedan
yeah its great
W.M.K - 3 dagar sedan
It got canceled in my country
W.M.K - 2 dagar sedan
@Killuminati Nwo I don't know.. It might too disturbing to my country lol
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - 2 dagar sedan
no dvd?
doga kurklu
doga kurklu - 3 dagar sedan
Dont watch this movie ... it will damage your mental health .
We went to see this with my friend today both of us watch horror movies a lot but this was realy twisted, fucked up
It is *very graphic* just dont watch this movie u will thank me later
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - 2 dagar sedan
this is what horror movies are suppose to be
jose mi pera
jose mi pera - 3 dagar sedan
This is just so tripping, can’t wait
Relatable Things
Relatable Things - 3 dagar sedan
yo this what Kanyes sunday service is like
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 3 dagar sedan
Me when I go for math exam
Wrakkamol Seemapol
Wrakkamol Seemapol - 3 dagar sedan
kirka nightcore
kirka nightcore - 3 dagar sedan
This movie fucked me up for a month lol
Tristan Hartung
Tristan Hartung - 3 dagar sedan
the sound design is nuts
GgarpetT - 3 dagar sedan
So this is where PewDiePie is from
Max Maximus Z
Max Maximus Z - 3 dagar sedan
Dont go to cinema don't watch that shit!!! Never seen something like this
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - 2 dagar sedan
i seen it 4 times
Max Maximus Z
Max Maximus Z - 3 dagar sedan
@jake scott good luck . You will lough for 3 minutes and regret for 2,5 hour lol
jake scott
jake scott - 3 dagar sedan
Well...with you telling me I shouldn't see it...now I definitely have to go see it
Stella - 3 dagar sedan
I saw this movie in a sneak preview and I found it really disturbing.
Yo Yo
Yo Yo - 3 dagar sedan
People In Sweden: is our tradition a joke
People: nah it’s just interesting
Saba Shavgulidze
Saba Shavgulidze - 3 dagar sedan
I was like hmmm ok this trailer looks interesting but my virgin brain was not prepared for this movie.. DONT TRUST THIS TRAILER :D :D
mywish5727 - 3 dagar sedan
I saw this movie high and it was honestly so good
TheNada73 - 4 dagar sedan
The Wicker Man 1973
Ridho Safa
Ridho Safa - 4 dagar sedan
And this movie was cancelled in Indonesia, damn :(
YᴇᴇᴍᴏTʀᴀsʜ - 4 dagar sedan
The amount of angry elders that left the theater while watching this was CRAZY
Muhammad Shofiyulloh
Muhammad Shofiyulloh - 4 dagar sedan
I don't know,why this film boycott from my country? Indonesia
Muhammad Shofiyulloh
Muhammad Shofiyulloh - 4 dagar sedan
Oalah begitu ya,jadi makin penasaran isi dari film tsb,knp sampai kena sensor Makasih infonya ya sist hehe
Frigia Corinthians
Frigia Corinthians - 4 dagar sedan
Muhammad Shofiyulloh gak lulus sensorr mas nyaa haha.
Gamerzflame - 4 dagar sedan
This movie was awful
Emily Dickson
Emily Dickson - 4 dagar sedan
Did anyone else get reminded of the the farm from Riverdale
marko 2001
marko 2001 - 4 dagar sedan
Promotional image is cliche.
jungkook’s old wifeu
jungkook’s old wifeu - 4 dagar sedan
I watched this and I’m 11... I don’t recommend it
sohfi hamid
sohfi hamid - 4 dagar sedan
Those girls drank ghb 1:43 , that's why the sacrifices took place!
NinaLatte - 4 dagar sedan
Is this movie about illuminati cult?? 😆😆
Jaime Avalos
Jaime Avalos - 4 dagar sedan
Ahora si hizo algo bueno?
Aji Ridwan
Aji Ridwan - 4 dagar sedan
so.. this is get out + hereditary.
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - 2 dagar sedan
Bitplex - 4 dagar sedan
There were a couple of little scenes in that trailer that weren't in the movie. Hmm. Now I'm hanging out for a director's extended version. This movie was phenomenonal.
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - 2 dagar sedan
yeah directors cut is 30 mins longer
MG Siwat
MG Siwat - 4 dagar sedan
I don't see the scene 1:58 in the movie. Where is it?
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - 2 dagar sedan
directors cut
Nikki Perdiz
Nikki Perdiz - 4 dagar sedan
I'm actually obsessed with this trailer, can't wait to see it😬
Josh Jones
Josh Jones - 5 dagar sedan
lemme save u the money,, its crap
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - 2 dagar sedan
i seen it 4 times
Deep Sharma
Deep Sharma - 5 dagar sedan
This film challenges entire horror genre... it was uncomfortable to watch....
Killuminati Nwo
Killuminati Nwo - 2 dagar sedan
this is what horror movies are suppose to be
syahdam albisyarif
syahdam albisyarif - 5 dagar sedan
RagingUtai - 5 dagar sedan
seth rogen did was great in this movie
Mark Ruffus
Mark Ruffus - 5 dagar sedan
Is this a new era of Klu klux klan???
มนตรี โรจนบุญธรรม
At 1.32 m.   Who know what the theme song's name please???
indo leak
indo leak - 5 dagar sedan
Very very very bad movie !!! Dont wach it !!!
Peter Jacob
Peter Jacob - 5 dagar sedan
Medicine Friend 92
Medicine Friend 92 - 5 dagar sedan
Fantastiv. A moving trashing paganidm, meanwhile... Satanism.
Anna Bee
Anna Bee - 5 dagar sedan
1'15: "The sky is blue". No, it's white. Predictive programming once more.
Theveronika1 - 5 dagar sedan
I'm sorry, but I absolutely hated this movie
Theveronika1 - 4 dagar sedan
I went to movie theater
Kalina Solomanova
Kalina Solomanova - 5 dagar sedan
How can i watch the full movie? in netflix or..
Lisa Public
Lisa Public - 5 dagar sedan
After seeing Riverdale my interest in cults has grown
Linn Daum
Linn Daum - 5 dagar sedan
Welp as a swede I can now confirm that the government will have a problem with reduced tourism, especially around Midsommar.
pewpie99 - 6 dagar sedan
i'll only watch it if everybody dies horribly.
loli - 6 dagar sedan
halvdan9 - 6 dagar sedan
This is obviously not filmed in Sweden. I mean look at all the white People!
Reza Maulana
Reza Maulana - 6 dagar sedan
sedih banget ga jadi tayang di Indonesia😭😭
tommy d
tommy d - 6 dagar sedan
Leon Arcane
Leon Arcane - 6 dagar sedan
This looks so boring. No monsters or anything
Izenkixiron - 2 dagar sedan
Hell is other people. - Sartre
bl00dychan - 5 dagar sedan
"""nO mOnStErs Or JuMpScArEs WAAAHHHH!!!!!!1!1!!1!!"""
amytyville - 6 dagar sedan
you can never go wrong with A24 horror
MickdeExploits - 6 dagar sedan
Me: horrormovies are only scary at night
Midsommar: hold my daylight
ivan savary
ivan savary - 2 dagar sedan
@Nerd Incorporated The Shining too
Nerd Incorporated
Nerd Incorporated - 2 dagar sedan
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Am I a joke to you?
Quakadu - 3 dagar sedan
@neoneoneofu The ending is actuelly happy in a way
Patrick Anniskette
Patrick Anniskette - 4 dagar sedan
But..they...need the daylight?
Mir - 5 dagar sedan
The Following had lot of scenes in the morning and it was scary.
Sama Star
Sama Star - 6 dagar sedan
The worst film ever🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
bl00dychan - 5 dagar sedan
you must not watch alot of movies.
Angel Ambrister
Angel Ambrister - 6 dagar sedan
Where can I watch this online??
Nathalie Ohlsson
Nathalie Ohlsson - 6 dagar sedan
when i watched the trailer i could totally tell that it wasnt filmed in sweden.. i looked at the filming locations on imdb and turns out my intuition was right..so how good can this movie actually be?. when i see the nature scenes...it doesnt remind me of home at all.. and it killed this movie for me, hopefully ill like it when i see it anyways(ill give it a shot). i just watched the trailer for ''the house that jack built'' (which is partly filmed in sweden) and it created a whole other vibe for me. i feel slightly offended cus im swedish i love midsommar and its not even filmed in sweden.
Edit: im not slightly offended because they made a horror movie out of our midsommar tradition.. i just wish they could at least film it in sweden