Marmite Pizza Taste Test

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Shadeslayer 432
Shadeslayer 432 - 4 timmar sedan
It is pizza hut.
Foundeadd - 5 timmar sedan
Being a kiwi, I've never seen a marmite and Cheese pizza
Scooby got Waves
Scooby got Waves - 10 timmar sedan
Link only took like one bite of the pizza
wiley glass
wiley glass - 12 timmar sedan
Finally found this channel
slightlyawkward - 17 timmar sedan
Chase the Explorer is hot
ontheborderofbored - 23 timmar sedan
I loved their interaction in the beginning, their friendship is so cute! Haha, and then she’s like, “guys? we’re running a show here,” hahaha
fsoon yoog
fsoon yoog - Dag sedan
in my home town one of our old pizza hut locations is now a morgue....... because of the freezers.... not joking.
Barbara Danley
Barbara Danley - Dag sedan
Australia does Vegemite, not Marmite. Marmite is sweeter. I much prefer Vegemite.
Strikebang Zekrom
Strikebang Zekrom - Dag sedan
Technically every fast food pizza joint has a pizza conveyor belt.
Restaurants like ledo’s use wood fire ovens
yeni toy
yeni toy - Dag sedan
Not all watchers of GoodMythicalMorning watches GoodMythicalMore and that makes me sad. :(
deoo iopg
deoo iopg - Dag sedan
Good mythical more Talking 80% Doing what the title says 19% Joking 11%
FROZYO - Dag sedan
8:30 - I don't know why, but watching Link talk through the "pizza shop" has me laughing pretty hard
joeh tom
joeh tom - Dag sedan
link learns to throw darts 101
Bonnie Rose Sardi
Bonnie Rose Sardi - Dag sedan
Petition to change the phrase "judge of character" to "sense of human"
Flyingcar100 - Dag sedan
For the next darts game they should play a prank on Link and use made up foods
Audrey Barton
Audrey Barton - Dag sedan
Used to work for a pizza joint and the conveyor ovens are so much easier especially if you can pan a pizza fast enough the second one is ready to go in just before the other one finishes. Good flow if you can keep up
Kaleigh - Dag sedan
I enjoyed this episode of prolonged eye contact with Chase.
tatt oo sticker
tatt oo sticker - 2 dagar sedan
“And he invented crazy bread” 😂
Holly Cowan
Holly Cowan - 2 dagar sedan
When did the marmite pizza happen here in nz!?
Blatty26 - 2 dagar sedan
It’s Mike Ilitch, he was the owner of the Tigers and Red Wings
Be49n - 2 dagar sedan
You are both weak
skylockz - 2 dagar sedan
Not my fault
panggop jio
panggop jio - 2 dagar sedan
Dominos, little Ceasars, pizza hut, papa John's and most "fast food" pizza places use the conveyor belt ovens.
StacheMan - 2 dagar sedan
Don't forget NZ also has canned spaghetti and Hawaiian pizza
The Modestrian
The Modestrian - 2 dagar sedan
Swear the guy with the glasses makes the gayest faces ever. Needs a fatality done on him bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anna Harrell
Anna Harrell - 2 dagar sedan
Me trying to make small talk: You have a great sense of human
Ross Lee
Ross Lee - 2 dagar sedan
in my home town one of our old pizza hut locations is now a morgue....... because of the freezers.... not joking.
AJ Mullins
AJ Mullins - 2 dagar sedan
I worked with Pizza Hut for 6 years and now I’ve been manager for papa johns for almost 2 and both use conveyor belt ovens🖤
Loves Greatness
Loves Greatness - 2 dagar sedan
3 minutes into this video and I'm still waiting on these assholes to tell me what marmite is.
Koko Ya
Koko Ya - 2 dagar sedan
Not all watchers of GoodMythicalMorning watches GoodMythicalMore and that makes me sad. :(
ENG Hypez
ENG Hypez - 2 dagar sedan
Good mythical more
Talking 80%
Doing what the title says 19%
Joking 11%
Meme Reviewer
Meme Reviewer - Dag sedan
@ENG Hypez np
ENG Hypez
ENG Hypez - Dag sedan
Meme Reviewer thanks my man hope that’s not sarcasm
Meme Reviewer
Meme Reviewer - Dag sedan
Norman Rowe
Norman Rowe - 2 dagar sedan
I would never eat a pizza that went through a conveyor belt. Proper brick oven only for me. Thanks.
Pheonix Media
Pheonix Media - 2 dagar sedan
link learns to throw darts 101
Exploring with Stewarts
Exploring with Stewarts - 2 dagar sedan
Australia does Vegiemite
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman - 2 dagar sedan
#49 on trending street
Jason Muniz Sanchez
Jason Muniz Sanchez - 2 dagar sedan
YouTubers in their Thumbnails:
(Mr Krabs shocked face)
Ashton LeBleu
Ashton LeBleu - 2 dagar sedan
This is what I want from Good Mythical More. Randomness and arguing
Dazz Dostal
Dazz Dostal - 2 dagar sedan
Can confirm. Pizza Hut uses conveyor belt oven.
Dragon Rose
Dragon Rose - 2 dagar sedan
iiBeastFire - 2 dagar sedan
Pizza inn was the first to get a pizza oven like that
Pidda King
Pidda King - 3 dagar sedan
Should i not told you that? 🤣🤣🤣
Ivy Rose
Ivy Rose - 3 dagar sedan
ill-itch is how you say that guys name btw, he owned the Detroit red wings and was part of building the new little Cesar’s arena before he passed
Jodi Lynn
Jodi Lynn - 3 dagar sedan
Also fun fact Mike Illitch owened the Detroit Red Wings and The Tigers. His family still owns them and own Little Ceasers arena. I went to the memorial Red Wings game for him when he passed.
Jodi Lynn
Jodi Lynn - 3 dagar sedan
I've worked at Pizza Hut ang they do in fact use a conveyor belt oven.
jenjoymc - 3 dagar sedan
This does not exist in New Zealand?????
Taylor - 3 dagar sedan
It looked like there was tomato sauce on that pizza! It’s only suppose to be Marmite and cheese and it’s yum! Haha.
Mike Cornell
Mike Cornell - 3 dagar sedan
Lil Caesars has the conveyor belt
Hayley Colgan
Hayley Colgan - 3 dagar sedan
I’ve never seen a marmite pizza in my years being a kiwi, but now I want it. I think I might make one myself this weekend!
thundercaya - 3 dagar sedan
Link did everything he could to not actually eat that pizza.
The Dressage Rider
The Dressage Rider - 3 dagar sedan
In Australia we have vegemite and cheese toasties. And there soooo good!! We also eat Vegemite with avacado. Vegemite is like marmite but the Australian version
Eboni McCain
Eboni McCain - 3 dagar sedan
Bennett Babies is in my city and it used to be my favorite Pizza Hut. That was not a warehouse it's an apartment complex with businesses on the bottom floor which makes it very expensive.
MrCringe582 3
MrCringe582 3 - 3 dagar sedan
Man this channel changed a lot... They seem so on edge now
Ashley Thomas
Ashley Thomas - 3 dagar sedan
They really need a vacay away from each other.
superlightningohno - 3 dagar sedan
Why is this trending?
yourGorl Snapped
yourGorl Snapped - 3 dagar sedan
leave my fav pizza alone !!!!!!!!
Spencer Chase
Spencer Chase - 3 dagar sedan
Link really standing up for himself in this one..
Dani Tackney
Dani Tackney - 3 dagar sedan
I live in New Zealand and I’ve never seen this pizza in my life.
Jessica Tolland
Jessica Tolland - Dag sedan
Dani Tackney Right!! Kiwi also.. I know we’ve have cheese and marmite stuffed crust but the whole pizza.. isn’t a thing lol
Mikayla McCay
Mikayla McCay - 3 dagar sedan
Oh my gosh that pizza looks so good! I regularly have grilled Vegemite and cheese. Yum!
디아나 - 3 dagar sedan
The pizza hut in my city in NZ has shut down too XD I guess this was their end.
디아나 - 3 dagar sedan
Also, I'm literally about to make a marmite and chip sandwich XD
Nyxie007 - 3 dagar sedan
Eyelitch? Eyelitch?! Mike Ilitch was a veteran, a professional baseball player, creator of Little Caesars, owner of the Detroit Tigers and the Detroit Red Wings, a Hockey Hall of Fame member, and founder of the new School of Business at Wayne State University and you're going to disrespect him like this?
Two-Face - 3 dagar sedan
There is a Ramen place that was clearly used to be a Pizza Hut by us
PizzaHawk - 3 dagar sedan
Gotta give Mr. Illitch more credit than that guys. He owned the Detroit Tigers and the Red Wings, as well as like all of Detroit. The family just opened a hockey arena named The Little Caesars Arena. They coined the 5$ pizza.
Ashar WASIM - 3 dagar sedan
At Penn State GA we have “Friend Steve”.
IndieEuphoria - 3 dagar sedan
*watches as I eat a Pizza Hut pizza*
Boatloadofface 1
Boatloadofface 1 - 3 dagar sedan
F for respect ✊🏻
Woodshadow - 3 dagar sedan
My least favorite part of the show is always the wheel of mythicality.
MEALSONWHEELS - 3 dagar sedan
Mike Ilitch was the founder of Little Cesars pizza and Owner of the Detroit Red Wings *the more you knowwwww*
MikeWazowski ForPresident
MikeWazowski ForPresident - 3 dagar sedan
Cool kids: I have an immense fortune what do u have
Me: I have pure gold on my recommended
John Fear
John Fear - 3 dagar sedan
It's called an impinger oven. :-)
samtheking25 - 3 dagar sedan
You should just let R&L do what they want in GMMore
Code Bow
Code Bow - 3 dagar sedan
All fast food pizza does that with the conveyer. Worked at several of them years ago and they all work the same.
Think. Why and how else would they do it for fast food? 🤔
Chad Breton
Chad Breton - 3 dagar sedan
Almost every place that sells pizza has that oven
Alyssa Baldridge
Alyssa Baldridge - 3 dagar sedan
Mike Ilitch, often just called Mr. I, the founder of Little Caesars created the conveyor belt oven. He Owned the Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers, Olympia Entertainment, including the beautifully restored Fox Theater. He was a hero in Detroit and to most of us in Michigan.
catdogpigduck - 3 dagar sedan
trash content
Christopher - 3 dagar sedan
link only took a bite
Brudny Nurek
Brudny Nurek - 3 dagar sedan
Guys, Mike Illitch owned little Cesar’s, the Red Wings and the Tigers among others throughout Detroit. He is a Detroit Icon and Legend.
PhatBoi Fetti
PhatBoi Fetti - 3 dagar sedan
I worked at domino's and we had the conveyor belt oven
Jone’s World
Jone’s World - 3 dagar sedan
So What is Josh’s fault LOL
mr Daniel
mr Daniel - 3 dagar sedan
Eat iranian's food . They are really delicious
Ryan Murtagh
Ryan Murtagh - 3 dagar sedan
Yes I worked for Cicis pizza for 4 years. Most places have a conveyor belt oven. Ours would reach around 495F. I’ve seen them in Pizza Hut, papa johns and Marcos here in VA.
A Rellum
A Rellum - 3 dagar sedan
I promise there is a Pizza Hut building near my moms house that they turned into a “Liquor Hut”
Katarina Zuder
Katarina Zuder - 3 dagar sedan
- Link, 2019
bigraviolees - 3 dagar sedan
is a mar mite like a dust mite?
Jordan Ezell
Jordan Ezell - 3 dagar sedan
Also, Will it Mask. Get various types of liquid rubbers and see which one is best for making a scary monster to wear over your face.
Andres Marquez
Andres Marquez - 3 dagar sedan
Little caesars does it i used to work there lol
Patrick - 3 dagar sedan
You both look like the city Seattle if it were transformed into human form.
ASMR Beard
ASMR Beard - 3 dagar sedan
Will your mother like this?
My marmite?
Wizard Autumn
Wizard Autumn - 3 dagar sedan
0:25 cringiest time of my life
SMILING BEAST [SB] - 4 dagar sedan
Pizza is super 👍🔥🔥👶🌇😊😊🌵☘️🌷🌊🐀🍂
Rhyno186 - 4 dagar sedan
Buying bread from a man in Brussels
He was six-foot-four and full of muscles
I said, "do you speak-a my language?"
He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich
Tot tota
Tot tota - 4 dagar sedan
Kia ora
magicoA - 4 dagar sedan
Well,link can now play darts better. This segment needs a new gimmick haha
Simon Peter
Simon Peter - 4 dagar sedan
6:23 Jeez bro, why you so mad at me because _you_ don’t even remember what Pizza Hut looked like..
Drew - 4 dagar sedan
That pizza actually looks nice, i want some
batt3ryac1d - 4 dagar sedan
Theres way too much marmite on that pizza lol.
Randy Carlisle
Randy Carlisle - 4 dagar sedan
That looks absolutely DISGUSTING!!!
Luke Chandler
Luke Chandler - 4 dagar sedan
That is not how you eat Marmite! Small thin amounts!
Pizza Hut NZ also did Marmite with the cheese in the crust (and it was v good)
Li am
Li am - 4 dagar sedan
England papa johns has a marmite cheese roll up
peanutbuttermotherchucker - 4 dagar sedan
Link, as you said feding your tarantula, I was actually feeding my tarantulas wtf
Boston Prince
Boston Prince - 4 dagar sedan
Can we have Chase sit in the background of every GMM episode?