I can’t believe Jaden is 21?!?!

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Frankie Shan.
Frankie Shan. - 2 timmar sedan
Jaden is Very special
BossMode121 - 2 timmar sedan
Can somebody tell me the song at 2:07
E K - 35 sekunder sedan
BossMode121 again
Oni Jay
Oni Jay - 4 timmar sedan
I love this family! Jayden and Willow are amazing!
Jason Holman
Jason Holman - 4 timmar sedan
im sorry
Lebarron McWhorter
Lebarron McWhorter - 5 timmar sedan
4:35 Why does dude look EXACTLY like X
life is good
life is good - 6 timmar sedan
Yow Jaden, you want more adventure? go here in Philippines.
Earl Shannon
Earl Shannon - 7 timmar sedan
What he did for Flint I retract what I said that's amazing
Earl Shannon
Earl Shannon - 7 timmar sedan
Strange kid!!! What a screwed up bunch of Idiots! Typical Hollyweird bullshit!
Dashawn Brownie
Dashawn Brownie - 7 timmar sedan
Jaden is brilliant! 💞
Mmiselo Ndondo
Mmiselo Ndondo - 7 timmar sedan
1998 shoutout!!!!
Miningzeus - 9 timmar sedan
I watched the fresh prince and its so awkward that the actors are as old as my parents now. Im glad that Will hasnt changed, hes like a reminder of those times. Legend
scott dugmore
scott dugmore - 10 timmar sedan
Will you are a legend all ways an i hope you make another i am legend class film, Jaden is your super star and ours that's whats ace is your son and you can still work together that's a bond that cant be broken x
Angel Daigrepont
Angel Daigrepont - 11 timmar sedan
Jaden may have been born into money but he doesn’t let it go to his head and he doesn’t think he’s better than anyone else. That’s a true testament to will and jadas parenting. And the fact that he uses some of his resources and intelligence to do something good for people and the environment, that’s amazing in itself. He and willow r amazing children and will and jada r amazing parents. I luv this family so much. So humble and down to earth. God bless the smith family. Y’all r great influences to people all around the world, young and old. God bless
Sørrøwż - 11 timmar sedan
icaomistw my back hone after me crying fexauze of he vein homes suck and o was just being
JUST4EVERYONE - 11 timmar sedan
Support Jaden Smith and the Environment by purchasing JUST water at https://amzn.to/2xXYjKU
mtvjay - 12 timmar sedan
Anyone else get emotional 😭
Fresh Towels
Fresh Towels - 13 timmar sedan
I wish he was more like his dad. Jaden is trying so hard to be something (I don't know what) it alienates normal people from relating to him and being his fan. He comes off as weird to me. Will Smith comes as a really cool normal guy and I still jam to his Will's album on long drives or whenever I am with a bunch of friends. I still watch Fresh Prince and I still tune into a Will Smith interview and follow him through his channel. I can relate to Will. I think if I knew Will personally we would get along great and I could talk to him. Jaden though...no comment.
Ian hands
Ian hands - 13 timmar sedan
. Father son relationship is awesome.....Jaden one crazy dude...sweeeeeet
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos - 14 timmar sedan
*Will, catch me to be your kid too, please*
Ms Tia
Ms Tia - 16 timmar sedan
Miserable, bitter folks in the comments. Haters!
Shani Hyatt
Shani Hyatt - 16 timmar sedan
Nurita Nishioka
Nurita Nishioka - 17 timmar sedan
hbday jaden you already 21 love you the family
Marina Abroad
Marina Abroad - 17 timmar sedan
Narissa Estrad
Narissa Estrad - 18 timmar sedan
I really do love that song icon
zx ra
zx ra - 18 timmar sedan
This is completely wrong!!
I agreed that u have to support your son in everything but in some point u have to stopped him. This is how to be his father!!
Leon Felps
Leon Felps - 18 timmar sedan
Sad that this boy is gay ....Will is the reason for it
Ranger Dog
Ranger Dog - 19 timmar sedan
Owh that kid from Karate Kid?
Khissy Salas
Khissy Salas - 21 timme sedan
jada and will smith raised such a incredible kids, they’re my inspiration.
Nitto life tv
Nitto life tv - 21 timme sedan
The Reaper
The Reaper - 22 timmar sedan
You know jaden the only thing i like about u is helping out to have a good environment
Da Silva
Da Silva - 22 timmar sedan
Saman Abdulrahman
Saman Abdulrahman - 23 timmar sedan
With out his father & money he’s nothing
mja music switzerland
mja music switzerland - 23 timmar sedan
Already 👍🇨🇭🎧🎶
Yuan Tendilla
Yuan Tendilla - Dag sedan
I love that thing that everything he wants and do you support him 😁😁😁❤️❤️❤️
JubJub - Dag sedan
You realize how old you are when jaden Smith is already 21!
Mechanical engineer MPlan
Your movie is aswsom
Kaleb Johnson
Kaleb Johnson - Dag sedan
Oh yeah just like sal’s leg tattoo
Sahil Khan
Sahil Khan - Dag sedan
We want karate kid 2 with jaden smith like if u agree too
Jessica Leslie-Byrn
Jessica Leslie-Byrn - Dag sedan
He be looking 11
Andrea Otero Valdivia
Andrea Otero Valdivia - Dag sedan
This video is sooo sweet. Love u Will
Steve Rzucidlo
Steve Rzucidlo - Dag sedan
Are you being robbed? What's happening here?
Steve Rzucidlo
Steve Rzucidlo - Dag sedan
You put your image into Independence Day 2? That movie had some really turd actors but you were in the original movie? You were indeed the star of the original Independence Day.
Joe  Jones
Joe Jones - Dag sedan
Hey, You rich, And I'm not. But yet I watch you and your young kid. Have to ask myself why?....You all are not all that good.
Sarah Haris
Sarah Haris - Dag sedan
Trashy Americans
Trashy Americans - Dag sedan
I hope to raise my kids as well as these two have
Trashy Americans
Trashy Americans - Dag sedan
Today is my son's bday
Seeking Maturity
Seeking Maturity - Dag sedan
Teach Him who God is...the door closes soon. Rev 10:7
arcade1010 - Dag sedan
I watched paranormal activity way to fuckin much man. First min got me anxious ash
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Jumpy_squirrel 07
Jumpy_squirrel 07 - Dag sedan
bruh he looks 16