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9 331
Not a person Ok
Not a person Ok - 43 minuter sedan
I was just thinking...
how high will it go when you shoot it into the air
The 4th gun man
The 4th gun man - Timme sedan
How to make a bowl 101
A Lund-eatock
A Lund-eatock - 4 timmar sedan
Meat proccesing plant use water jets to trim steaks pretty neatly. Not sure what pressure they use.
Keigen Gam3s
Keigen Gam3s - 6 timmar sedan
Not even kidding you I just pressure washed my foot
Deoxyribonucleic - 6 timmar sedan
Time to get this instead knife.
kid cool
kid cool - 8 timmar sedan
pressure washers hurt trust me
Fusion - 8 timmar sedan
Sniper rifles of summer
Austin Girouard
Austin Girouard - 9 timmar sedan
We have a 4000 psi pressure washer and a 4200 psi, both of which will inject large amounts of water into your skin. Do not try to pressure wash your skin. An injection wound will occur and you will need to go to the hospital.
Hemispherion - 11 timmar sedan
Thats definatly some water-melon!
NormieOfTheEast TV
NormieOfTheEast TV - 13 timmar sedan
WOW 2000 PSI that is so much!! Yahhh thats a lot

*me trying to act like I know what PSI means
Daniel Olsen
Daniel Olsen - 13 timmar sedan
i feel like this is something Jake Paul would do
Jared Laflamme
Jared Laflamme - 15 timmar sedan
I worked at a shipyard for many years and used 5000 psi power washers daily and one day we had a new guy come in who wasn’t too smart and tried to “ rinse his hands “ with the power washer .... it tore all his skin off his hand and wrist
Denzel Hines
Denzel Hines - 15 timmar sedan
7:44 me and ur mom
ButtNaked - 16 timmar sedan
Pressure washed my finger with a 6000psi pw. Only had a blister.
jakub barszcz
jakub barszcz - 16 timmar sedan
Id rather download fruit ninja
Gaming Wardrobe
Gaming Wardrobe - 17 timmar sedan
Friend..... I have the best water gun
Me.....hold my honeycombs
libby parr
libby parr - 18 timmar sedan
anyone else wondering how far the water would go ?
Rafe Tartal
Rafe Tartal - 18 timmar sedan
Roses are red violets are blue and I agree with you
Chlois Monster
Chlois Monster - 19 timmar sedan
One of my friends touched a pressure washer and cut her hand open. So thats what happens to human skin.
Salma Ashraf
Salma Ashraf - 19 timmar sedan
anyone sees a woman's face on the watermelon at 6:48 😂
VRV - 19 timmar sedan
*a perfect way to humuliat kids at water fight*
Dr_1776 - 19 timmar sedan
I cut myself pretty bad with a 2200 one
Uchiha - 20 timmar sedan
Can tell you from experience, they remove skin
Rod Guevarra
Rod Guevarra - 21 timme sedan
Justin rowley
Justin rowley - 21 timme sedan
I have a reverse check-mark shaped scar on my left hand from a pressure washer..only took just going over my skin with the red tip and filleted my skin right off
RedSector 7
RedSector 7 - 21 timme sedan
Yup totally not a meat
Its definetly a 'skin'
Sketchy 1
Sketchy 1 - 23 timmar sedan
Hollowed out watermelon=
iejon cadiz
iejon cadiz - Dag sedan
do they have tv show?
Lil Ugli Dood
Lil Ugli Dood - Dag sedan
Water melons are 99 percent water when you bite into them.
guy in internet
guy in internet - Dag sedan
Top 10 reasons why we are wasting water
Ayden Ponce
Ayden Ponce - Dag sedan
Those arm veins popping out grossed me out
ghost Ryder
ghost Ryder - Dag sedan
Kids starving in Africa
XxClairDollxX - Dag sedan
My dad got a very hard pressure washed and my brother put it up close to my foot and it took four layer off my skin or more and it hurt bad, it happened 5 years ago and I still have a scar from it
April Powell
April Powell - Dag sedan
How come the thumnail is different
Mr Claj
Mr Claj - Dag sedan
Why did you do that it is not usefull:-|:-*:-[
Your Man Jaxx
Your Man Jaxx - Dag sedan
We have deck at our house and my dad is repainting it and he had a pressure washer out and my dog was gonna bite it and it cut her tongue
Sorra Jade
Sorra Jade - Dag sedan
Pressure washer Vs Power Washer
Emo Boi Harris
Emo Boi Harris - Dag sedan
What happens if you hardboile an egg that has been socked in vinegar
Crave Ivanheart Cañon
8:50 it broke my heart💔😭
Gr33n L1ghtn1ng6
Gr33n L1ghtn1ng6 - Dag sedan
8:40 that's one way to make smoothies
StarKillerPlayz - Dag sedan
Look at him rub that skin 👌👌👌
Shokquan Thompson
Shokquan Thompson - Dag sedan
The poor fruits😂😂
Maximilian Mus,
Maximilian Mus, - Dag sedan
The king of random: gun vs human head
Nef 215
Nef 215 - Dag sedan
I was getting worried that you was actually going to use your actual skin but you didn't I was just pick skin thank goodness
bandobsession bre
bandobsession bre - Dag sedan
Has anyone else got sprayed with one of these? (From a distance ofc)
Bruh Bruh
Bruh Bruh - Dag sedan
And I thought Johnny Test would be the end of Porkbelly...
Yuanti2 - Dag sedan
Watermelon? You mean HeLmeT RiGhT?
Rasell Baltazar
Rasell Baltazar - Dag sedan
Drop item on the water
Lundry - Dag sedan
But how far will it go???
M Dio
M Dio - Dag sedan
That's a weak pressure washer, normal ones are usually double the psi like 4500 some even more.
Heaven Heaven
Heaven Heaven - Dag sedan
Why is this video so dark (1:30)
Stian Fisk
Stian Fisk - Dag sedan
i hear that you can get air bubbles in your blood by using air pressure
Gaming Modder
Gaming Modder - Dag sedan
My mom pressure washed me on accident and my skin came off like a lil bit it hurt
azeem barkat
azeem barkat - Dag sedan
Yeah its satisfying!!
Vohqzii - Dag sedan
3:15 that's the hair my brother always used to use for his drawings in like 2005
Park Chaeyoung
Park Chaeyoung - Dag sedan
At 8:40 I was like "That's how you wanna make a watermelon juice."
BrokenRecordings 1507
BrokenRecordings 1507 - Dag sedan
9:52 Where he tests it with skin
PubLic 69
PubLic 69 - Dag sedan
If y'all think this is crazy y'all should go watch Houston Jones
Gamez Fliper
Gamez Fliper - 2 dagar sedan
Yay now i will not gonna need lazer cutter
AJ Astrowolf
AJ Astrowolf - 2 dagar sedan
Imagine dying for a dude to spray your gut with a pressure washer lmao
Larry French
Larry French - 2 dagar sedan
Russell Brown
Russell Brown - 2 dagar sedan
Bro can I do this as a job
Dęnįšė ßàçhîćhå
Dęnįšė ßàçhîćhå - 2 dagar sedan
It kinda happened to me once it stings
Entrepreneurship Basics
Entrepreneurship Basics - 2 dagar sedan
play fruit ninja w/ a pressure washer
Spider - 2 dagar sedan
Vegans and peta won’t like this video
Gg Dog lover
Gg Dog lover - 2 dagar sedan
I wonder what would happen if you put liquid nitrogen in a presser washer
Sweet Cthulhu
Sweet Cthulhu - 2 dagar sedan
That's a poopy pressure washer
Moxom 21st
Moxom 21st - 2 dagar sedan
*cuts through food using pressure washer

starving children in africa : 😦
Adam _Plays
Adam _Plays - 2 dagar sedan
Slowly starts petting pig skin and flesh
tyler labine
tyler labine - 2 dagar sedan
i have cleaned my legs off with 2500 psi many times. i wouldnt recommend it to someone that doesnt know what they are doing with a pressure washer. the trick is that it loses a lot of pressure when the water travels. i have also used a 4500 psi pressure washer before. i broke concrete with it when i got to close
rsurmonte - 2 dagar sedan
Why did the picture show it used on a arm? Liar liar 👖 on 🔥
Mark Cross
Mark Cross - 2 dagar sedan
It will cut your skin. I actually cut the end of my finger off. Just the tip of my finger but none the less.
Shane Sudia
Shane Sudia - 2 dagar sedan
Can I circumcise people with that?
Taunt Mocha
Taunt Mocha - 2 dagar sedan
Shane Sudia spotlight uh moonlight uh
Lindsay Nicole
Lindsay Nicole - 2 dagar sedan
My sister accidentally sprayed her foot with a pressure washer. If it hadn't been right between her toes, it would've needed stitches, but they might not've been able to do it--her toe looked like ground beef...moral of the story: keep away from your skin.
Melissa Jantzi
Melissa Jantzi - 2 dagar sedan
Der Benny Man
Der Benny Man - 2 dagar sedan
There’s a guy I know who was wearing flip flops while using a pressure washer and it cut off the tip of his toe
liquid trash
liquid trash - 2 dagar sedan
Fun Fact!

Pressure washers with a high psi are able to cut metal.
FoxGamingOfficial - 2 dagar sedan
Water melon smoothie anyone?
USMC_Classified - 2 dagar sedan
That’s a 2000 at work we have a 4200 psi pressure washer would like to see what that does to people
Winddow 987654321
Winddow 987654321 - 2 dagar sedan
I’ve actually accidentally hit a power washer on my foot. It acted like a knife so it does hurt a lot.
Axel Croat
Axel Croat - 2 dagar sedan
8:35, some tell me that is soooo satisfying! 😮
Yeah, I have used a pressure washer before and accidently shot my toe with it and I was bare foot and it easily just cut my skin quick, those pressure washers and powerful!!
Cross Smith
Cross Smith - 2 dagar sedan
Whose hungry for some nice soggy pork belly? Anyone?
Dot Ain’t no thot
Dot Ain’t no thot - 2 dagar sedan
And food too preasus bro dont wast food
Tertenea - 2 dagar sedan
You should attatch the nozzle from the sand blaster you built 6 months ago and then it can cut alot more things
The Champion, Red
The Champion, Red - 2 dagar sedan
Watermelon smoothie? Anyone?
CarnivaliMari - 2 dagar sedan
Who else wants to see him just shoot it straight up in the sky?
Beau - 2 dagar sedan
First rpg’s, then flamethrowers, nailguns used as a weapon and now a water gun... man humanity 😐
Void Exile
Void Exile - 2 dagar sedan
8:36 how i clean my watermellons
ItsYaBoiCalebRoot - 2 dagar sedan
5:00 here we see this man try to do a DemolitionRanch style video
Aeon B1
Aeon B1 - 2 dagar sedan
11:05 the time which you have been wanting
deathstroke 455
deathstroke 455 - 2 dagar sedan
I've done it in accident it burns a bit but it feels like a razor blade and it does cut akin
Ectos - 2 dagar sedan
From the king of random to the king of clockbait
Igneel The Dragon
Igneel The Dragon - 3 dagar sedan
Who got a water pressure advertisement?
Briana Hunt
Briana Hunt - 3 dagar sedan
A new way to make watermelon flavored water
ConfuzzledYT - 3 dagar sedan
SassyPotato - 3 dagar sedan
8:36 you monster
lauren s
lauren s - 3 dagar sedan

*when you forget to pull out*
Button Badger
Button Badger - 3 dagar sedan
you know africans probably coulda used that water melon :/ just saying
JO POPE - 3 dagar sedan
*rubs slab of meat*