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In this video we're testing out the strength of a household pressure washer, and seeing if it's actually strong enough to puncture skin.
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Piano guy
Piano guy - 2 dagar sedan
11:07 This is a new weapon they should use in the army
Your daily Youtube
Your daily Youtube - 6 dagar sedan
James Kim
James Kim - 7 dagar sedan
8:50 I feel like if you caught all of the juice it would like be a legit smoothie
rigman031977 - 14 dagar sedan
Pressure washer + skin = burn & blistera
Rowlet - 17 dagar sedan
Cake : 1 like + comment
Pancake : 1 like + comment
agent 1
agent 1 - 20 dagar sedan
*WhO WaNTs FrUiT JuiCe!?!?????*
Nebula•Sensei - 21 dag sedan
If you really want to see pressure washer against human skin, watch Houston Jones video
knight 306
knight 306 - 22 dagar sedan
Can you power wash different liquids
Johnnie Barrett
Johnnie Barrett - 22 dagar sedan
Tomas Il
Tomas Il - 24 dagar sedan
Sorry that was my stuepid friend
Tomas Il
Tomas Il - 24 dagar sedan
The worst ever you suk
Marcel Mayer
Marcel Mayer - 25 dagar sedan
You juiced the apple
Greg Dillon
Greg Dillon - 25 dagar sedan
Mates just groping the pork belly
Jackson Cooperisthegreatest
Jackson Cooperisthegreatest - 26 dagar sedan
I have actually touch myself with a pressure washer before it hurt
Lionlimper M
Lionlimper M - 26 dagar sedan
You don’t want to mess around with that water hose
Lee Cosentino
Lee Cosentino - 26 dagar sedan
Oddly Satisfying Sand
Oddly Satisfying Sand - 26 dagar sedan
10:39 now that’s a lot of damage!
Oddly Satisfying Sand
Oddly Satisfying Sand - 26 dagar sedan
8:50 But now it’s a literal watermelon
Madden bros nFX
Madden bros nFX - 28 dagar sedan
Never bring a gun to a pressure washer fight😂
Honey Tato
Honey Tato - 28 dagar sedan
Hah a that won guy ded lololol
Nuke Boy
Nuke Boy - 29 dagar sedan
i would sacrifice my hand/arm to be in a video with u guys
Jayden L
Jayden L - 29 dagar sedan
i've shot a pressure washer on my foot before, it hurt a lot but just made my very sore and red
N1kHouT85 - Månad sedan
I thought you’re gonna put it under your skin
Smashing Vacuums
Smashing Vacuums - Månad sedan
Who else is watching after his death?
Smashing Vacuums
Smashing Vacuums - 24 dagar sedan
Onna Lanay
Onna Lanay - 24 dagar sedan
Smashing Vacuums how did he pass ?
yeperdoodles12 - Månad sedan
When you friend says he wants to have a water gun fight 11:49
jayden a
jayden a - Månad sedan
You will never be forgotten RIP king of random
Rand0m - Månad sedan
It made a tiny tiny hole in my fingertip
Chase Maki
Chase Maki - Månad sedan
I have a pressure washer and it took of the skin on my finger
Obliviou S
Obliviou S - Månad sedan
I got stung by a pressure washer while it was on the floor and I was stuck their for a minute and my whole leg was bruised and red.
Adiba Saif Creations
Adiba Saif Creations - Månad sedan
RIP watermelon 8:40
Ralf Riebe
Ralf Riebe - Månad sedan
Mit Essen spielt man nicht! :(
Fig Bat
Fig Bat - Månad sedan
Pressure washer vs chode
Gloria Panda
Gloria Panda - Månad sedan
Rose are red
Violet are blue *even tho they are called violet*
I was tricked
U where too.
Dylan Garcia
Dylan Garcia - Månad sedan
The VenomousGT
The VenomousGT - Månad sedan
Once my brother hit my foot with a pressure washer... you can guess what happened next...
Roblox Ragee
Roblox Ragee - Månad sedan
I've got that mat!
smokikee - Månad sedan
I did accidentally hit my hand with a 0 tip for no more than a second and I had a deep cut that required 7 stitches to close. My pressure washer is 2400PSI.
I also used a watermelon to test the damage and also cut open a cantaloupe. It is definitely not for children to mess with.
Jonathan  Solmarin
Jonathan Solmarin - Månad sedan
How to make watermelon
First step get a water
Second step buy a melon
Third step open the melon
Last step put water in your open melon
Now its a watermelon
david nichols
david nichols - Månad sedan
Stupidity sells.
Asheri Vandertuig
Asheri Vandertuig - Månad sedan
Roses are red
violets are blue
yay I got a like
wait why is it blue
Francisco Ayala
Francisco Ayala - Månad sedan
Gas powered pressure washer only 2000 psi lmaoo my electric ryobi is 2400 psi and its electric hahaha
otto van oosterhout
otto van oosterhout - Månad sedan
You should shoot the water straight up to see how high it goes
boles137 - Månad sedan
I have a pressure washer and i slid it across my foot and it left a red mark youll be fine
Greg_n_Christy - Månad sedan
Try this on a pumpkin. Carve a jack o lantern.
LottleTurtle - Månad sedan
What would happen if you did that to a coconut?
Josue Landaverde
Josue Landaverde - Månad sedan
It will cut your skin trust I have a big scar to prove it
Jessica is the funny bone doctor
Watermelon or splattermelon? Is watermelon a tropical fruit??
Jessica is the funny bone doctor
Congratulations for making yard cleaning look neat. :-D
SuperCooper - Månad sedan
Wait... if a pressure washer can shoot very far when it’s on high power... what if they attached a little flame on the tip and shot out gasoline or lighter fluid... who agrees that they should do that
DeathQueue9 - Månad sedan
8:37 melon shake anyone?
slurpex editz
slurpex editz - Månad sedan
rip bro
Blueberries - Månad sedan
Who’s here after the accident?🥺
Justin Townsend
Justin Townsend - Månad sedan
Centralz - Månad sedan
have one of these but it was a 2500 psi with a flat tip nozzle and when I was younger I wasn't thinking about it being pressurized so I went to rinse off my hand right in front of the nozzle and had a nice big cut in my finger for a couple weeks
Dena Yansaneh
Dena Yansaneh - Månad sedan
Jordan Flores
Jordan Flores - Månad sedan
Lol Roast recent video
Channel Deleted
Channel Deleted - Månad sedan
10:15 uncles be like
forbidden pollo
forbidden pollo - Månad sedan
You liked your own comment
Maui Randall
Maui Randall - Månad sedan
Who knew a pressure washer wouldn't cut through solid aluminum
Trickynic 386
Trickynic 386 - Månad sedan
Mines 6,000 psi and it hurts on skin😂
Diamond Like to Activate
Diamond Like to Activate - Månad sedan
Rest in peace, i watched your yt vids since i was like 8...
agastya jaiswal
agastya jaiswal - Månad sedan
@Maayan B- CREATIVE yes this is true he passed away in a paramotoring accident on 29july 2019 in the night
Fry Boy
Fry Boy - Månad sedan