Black Mirror: Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix

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hacuna matata
hacuna matata - Dag sedan
watching Black Mirror made me think that England must be half black people, but when i looked it up it turned out that as of 2019 England is only 3.5% black.
The show is just a vehicle for PC propaganda.
V V - 11 timmar sedan
The second episode is in sao paulo, brasil
fly - Dag sedan
Kiki The Chiwah Divah
Kiki The Chiwah Divah - 2 dagar sedan
Someone didn't tell them that The Purge was happening that day!
Jardelz Gamer
Jardelz Gamer - 2 dagar sedan
Tem Algum Brasileiro aqui?
rmay 2
rmay 2 - 3 dagar sedan
This season is horse shit
Film Focus
Film Focus - 3 dagar sedan
Season 5 of Black Mirror felt like the creators shot the scripts that they rejected from the previous seasons.
Saulo Santos
Saulo Santos - 3 dagar sedan
Oxonian - 4 dagar sedan
this was by far the worst series.... love most of the others; did not like any of season 5.
Venom - 4 dagar sedan
The most overhyped show ever. Boring af stories
enaz2 - 3 dagar sedan
Maybe, maybe not. But there is no way you disliked EVERY episode considering how different the stories are from each other... Or maybe your just not into scifi much? IMHO Walking Dead / Fear Walking Dead are the most overrated shows out there, Glorified soap opera that is painfully slow paced and good action moments are fleeting. The Zombies are just a backdrop for the characters to constantly bicker with each other. I mean it's not the worst show out there and the costumes and locations are fine.... but Overhyped AF.
J M - 4 dagar sedan
Episode 2 ❤️
CookieeMonstarr666 - 5 dagar sedan
Way to enjoy the horrible society and life we are in... watching a movie about it.
Emel Ly
Emel Ly - 5 dagar sedan
Go watch ”STRANGER THINGS” 👌🏻this show is garbage 🗑
enaz2 - 2 dagar sedan
@Emel Ly Good point. Especially considering there is only about 2 episodes that have happy endings. I like Stranger Things too though!
Emel Ly
Emel Ly - 3 dagar sedan
Maybe for u it’s a good show but for me no it gave me honestly anxiety
enaz2 - 3 dagar sedan
That's alittle harsh. Also you can't compare the shows directly: one is an anthology series and the other is a single, long-running story. Each story is different I am sure you would find at least one episode you like.
Rice Chigga
Rice Chigga - 5 dagar sedan
I know that black mirror isnt a horror , but damn im always get scared 😁
strafer - 6 dagar sedan
The first 2 episodes are plain.
Magen Ervin
Magen Ervin - 6 dagar sedan
We live in a society.
Gemini Jake
Gemini Jake - 7 dagar sedan
Damn the new season sucks major balls
Lol Lol
Lol Lol - 8 dagar sedan
Let’s be honest...
First 3 seasons were the best
Ian-David Chantelois
Ian-David Chantelois - 8 dagar sedan
Ugh this season was bad :(
Jeffrey D
Jeffrey D - 9 dagar sedan
Crap trailer, let's me know nothing what the series is about. Guess I'll be skipping it
enaz2 - 3 dagar sedan
Twilight Zone but instead of fantasy it uses Sci-Fi to makes it's points. Worth watching, especially season 3.
Dougie Quick
Dougie Quick - 9 dagar sedan
Idea for an episode...future retail deliveries via drones hijacked by terrorists to deliver death KNOW that is coming for reals! That and just prank downing of the things via firearms and drone to drone take outs is going to cowboy time for a while ....might as well clue everyone in now via fiction
enaz2 - 3 dagar sedan
Yeah most people I know who own property say if a drone is flying over they will immediately attempt to shoot it down. Also you don't need to hack a drone to cause damage, they are dirt cheap now someone could just buy one.
Paul H. Kircher III
Paul H. Kircher III - 9 dagar sedan
I think it's Dope like when P. Ditty ran his finger around that IPod to get things hyped up towards the next generation.
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas - 9 dagar sedan
What if ya mum ran on batteries.
Bubby - 10 dagar sedan
Weakest season IMO
Rayne Enyar
Rayne Enyar - 10 dagar sedan
Not the best black mirror episodes, but they were still great.
Isaac Reyes M.
Isaac Reyes M. - 11 dagar sedan
Worst season ever 🤢 step up your game black mirror
Zig Zag
Zig Zag - 11 dagar sedan
Dont watch it, its perverse af!
123idontcareok - 11 dagar sedan
Something about Miley Cyrus being part of this knocks it down a bit.
Nicolas Gonzalez
Nicolas Gonzalez - 8 dagar sedan
That episode was kind of written for her though. That character was a reflection of Hanna Montana and what she went through .
Vanilla Gorilla Animations
Vanilla Gorilla Animations - 11 dagar sedan
This last season was highly disappointing.
Bree Lovexoxo
Bree Lovexoxo - 11 dagar sedan
I love this fucking series
Nabron Drummer
Nabron Drummer - 13 dagar sedan
Clicked on the avatar expecting Ray William Johnson. Say, disappointed
African Girl
African Girl - 13 dagar sedan
Netflix your horror movies some of them sucks! lol 😁😁😁 + Why don't Netflix ask us the viewers what we want to watch on here since we are paying for it....
Marx - 10 dagar sedan
African Girl true, lmao
African Girl
African Girl - 10 dagar sedan
@Marx Most of Netflix movies sucks n shows. just so Netflix's
Marx - 11 dagar sedan
African Girl because of rights. They can’t just put whatever horror movie they want on the server they want or the viewer want unless it’s Netflix produced.
African Girl
African Girl - 13 dagar sedan
is this show or movie good ¿¿
African Girl
African Girl - 10 dagar sedan
@Paul Lannister Asking because most the movies n shows on Netflix's sucks. don't want 2 waste my time 2 watch. but thanks
Paul Lannister
Paul Lannister - 10 dagar sedan
First season's are good especially season one and two when black mirror was produced by channel four (british tv). A couple newer episodes are good from season three and four. Try white bear, white, christmas, nosedive or shut up and dance.
daniel zuver
daniel zuver - 13 dagar sedan
Is this were falcon is when hes not in the avengers
sinancothebest - 13 dagar sedan
This is the only season where episode names were always the technology they featured: Striking Vipers the V.R. Video Game, Smitherine the Social Media app and Ashley Too the digital playmate
Punto Eaccapo
Punto Eaccapo - 14 dagar sedan
Song name?
Chase Genot
Chase Genot - 14 dagar sedan
Bitch, why only 3 episodes
Paul Lannister
Paul Lannister - 10 dagar sedan
Bandersnatch took up time and resources.
Chantel P.w
Chantel P.w - 14 dagar sedan
so far ive kinda hated the miley cyrus and this new american episode
ecuanis89 - 14 dagar sedan
This will be the future for all curious gays and people who want to have an other gender.
phillip kalaveras
phillip kalaveras - 14 dagar sedan
Well, I had to throw in the towel at 37:21 in Season 5. I should have stopped it sooner but wanted to give it every chance I could and if that makes me non-PC compliant, O well, so far Season 5 is a real stinkaroo. (no pun intended)
naman chandrakar
naman chandrakar - 15 dagar sedan
you got us engaged. again
Porates - 16 dagar sedan
worst season ever!
sanaa Craig
sanaa Craig - 16 dagar sedan
It was shit
Richard Han
Richard Han - 16 dagar sedan
Does anyone know the name of the background music?
MR Johnson
MR Johnson - 16 dagar sedan
this season SUUUUUUCKED major ballsacks
DeDe8 Gray
DeDe8 Gray - 16 dagar sedan
Worst season
Fuzzy Muzzle
Fuzzy Muzzle - 17 dagar sedan
Amazing season. They should really do an episode where because of years of staring at phones the human eye mutated to only be able to see 10 feet in front of you. Farther than that you have to look through your phones camera
Paul Lannister
Paul Lannister - 10 dagar sedan
Tweet it to Brooker. You never know he may see your idea and like it.
Fuzzy Muzzle
Fuzzy Muzzle - 15 dagar sedan
@300blackdisaster thanks
300blackdisaster - 15 dagar sedan
That's actually a cool idea.
0MegaBeast - 17 dagar sedan
Worst season by far; not only did we get a measly three episodes, but those episodes were extremely subpar compared to what’s been produced before...
Black Mirror is losing its touch
tiezilagel666 - 17 dagar sedan
Season 5 is boring
Lars van Zutphen
Lars van Zutphen - 17 dagar sedan
The miley cyrus episode reminds me of Avicii...
Junko subliminals
Junko subliminals - 14 dagar sedan
dragonfirelee - 17 dagar sedan
Striking vipers spoilers.

Falcon fucks black manta. Marvel fucks DC right in the box office. Coincedence? I think not.