Black Mirror: Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix

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Three new stories about the future we should have seen coming. Black Mirror returns June 5th.
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Black Mirror: Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix
This sci-fi anthology series explores a twisted, high-tech near-future where humanity's greatest innovations and darkest instincts collide.
Varaktighet: 1:48


I feel pity for Daniel 😔
Ahmad Butt
Ahmad Butt - 2 dagar sedan
After watch black mirror I just hate future I mean technology
Always8323 - 4 dagar sedan
This trailer is better made than the entire season. Please, we need a more thought provoking season 6.
Rock Stone
Rock Stone - 6 dagar sedan
Americans, Netflix ruined this British serie.
CrazyLemon58 - 7 dagar sedan
Fire asf
CreepperReaper - 7 dagar sedan
crusty bobusty
crusty bobusty - 7 dagar sedan
Guess I know which episodes I'll be skipping. The ones with big budgets and Hollywood stars cos they're always bloody crap.
I miss when every episode was good but then Charlie Brooker passed the torch to a bunch of Hollywood execs and that's what happens.
Looks like Americans are eating it up so no problem there eh...
Carlo Badiola
Carlo Badiola - 7 dagar sedan
What is James Moriarty doin here?
Papyrusけんたろう - 7 dagar sedan
Jim G
Jim G - 8 dagar sedan
Worst season yet
Yusuf Kurniawan
Yusuf Kurniawan - 9 dagar sedan
Somebody pls tell me what ost this trailer?
Real Tech
Real Tech - 9 dagar sedan
I wished this past season was better. It came and went.
Pedro Antonio
Pedro Antonio - 9 dagar sedan
Bad season
Sigurd2020 - 11 dagar sedan
1:02 the shot of the 3 girls moving their hips in sync with one another is such a powerful shot. Right after the title page " the future ".
Ricky M
Ricky M - 12 dagar sedan
Worst season ever. I still have faith in season 6 though, if it even happens... 😔
Dont even try to subscribe
Dont even try to subscribe - 15 dagar sedan
Can anyone telle what is this whole drama Every season starts with new story what about season 1,2 story or they were only upto there
Linda Smith
Linda Smith - 17 dagar sedan
Bird Up
Bird Up - 17 dagar sedan
The trailer was better than the entire season.
20.000 Subs with no videos
20.000 Subs with no videos - 17 dagar sedan
Season 5.
1. 6.5
2. 7.1
3. 5.5
Ömer Talha Aslan
Ömer Talha Aslan - 21 dag sedan
Best season ever
Potato head
Potato head - 22 dagar sedan
This trailer looks better than all black mirror season 5 episodes combined
ToM92MoT - 26 dagar sedan
Great trailer, bad season.
Tadas Eigerdas
Tadas Eigerdas - 28 dagar sedan
Yeah, this season not that good.
Diviy Idnani
Diviy Idnani - Månad sedan
Ep 1 was just no homo
Ep 2 was really good imo
Ep 3 ended opposite to how a black mirror ep should end
Trevor Hall
Trevor Hall - Månad sedan
I swear they make 3 episodes and it takes 3 years
gurpreet - Månad sedan
randomly thought about how great this trailer was, sucks how the season turned out tho..
can ulusoy
can ulusoy - Månad sedan
Are you sherlock
Ligent - Månad sedan
Anyone knows the message sound 0:00?
Rajiv Mathew
Rajiv Mathew - Månad sedan
One of the best series ever!
Lyubomira Lyubenova
Lyubomira Lyubenova - Månad sedan
New episodes pleaaaase
CorruptedUser - Månad sedan
This was by far the worst season of the whole series. I hope the sixth season will be much better!
Sagar Patel
Sagar Patel - Månad sedan
We want season 6
ne atceros
ne atceros - Månad sedan
First 3 season were good but then it just was very topical and cheap Netflix rubbish, I shouldn't continue to watch after 3rd
Danny F
Danny F - Månad sedan
Willz __
Willz __ - Månad sedan
Are they EVER going to finish season 5 or leave it with the three SHITTY episodes, or did they just give up after that horrid Miley Cyrus episode because I wouldn't blame them (if that's all they can so BM episodes about), not if that's what Black Mirror is going to be like... Worst season ever but it's Black Mirror.. Come on, be good again, be Black Mirror!!!
Dan Bam
Dan Bam - 2 månader sedan
worst season ever!!!!! did not even see the last one
Marco Barrera
Marco Barrera - 2 månader sedan
Dan Bam you’re kidding right
Meheboob Doula
Meheboob Doula - 2 månader sedan
The mantis we want
uNiCkLAS - 2 månader sedan
worst season of black mirror
The Seven Angels
The Seven Angels - 2 månader sedan
Its a shame, Black mirror this season has reduced down to the trailer being better than the season. Ye its 5 seasons, but its not impossible to keep the standards up after 4 seasons
Jazmin Martinez
Jazmin Martinez - 2 månader sedan
I really want to like the second episode but I cant...the actors and plot were amazing but I just cant seem to like it. The idea behind it was original but somehow missed the mark a bit, does anyone understand ?
Jazmin Martinez
Jazmin Martinez - 6 dagar sedan
@crusty bobusty I didn't know Americans took over the show, if that's true it makes sense since this season was no where near Hated in the Nation or White Christmas or The National Anthem
crusty bobusty
crusty bobusty - 7 dagar sedan
Yeah it was boring as shit. I couldn't get into any of these episodes. No dark, twisted, edge to the stories and characters. Lack of incredibly clever writing or storytelling, the standards have lowered massively since the American Hollywood types took over the series lol.
Bonnie Maynard
Bonnie Maynard - 2 månader sedan
remember this one too
cos’ why not? -_-
cos’ why not? -_- - 2 månader sedan
*okay, so how do I go about watching/playing these episodes? how does it work? and where should I start? if somebody could help me right away, that would be great 👍🏻*
Kafss - 2 månader sedan
The episodes I recommend are: USS Callister, White Bear, Nosedive, White Christmas, Shut up and Dance, Hang the DJ...they were just my favorites lol. It's an anthology so you can watch any :)!! But those are some good ones
Sauce Hero
Sauce Hero - 2 månader sedan
Netflix: Makes a show about bad thing about technology, the very thing that keeps them alive.
Jamie Logan
Jamie Logan - 2 månader sedan
I was so disappointed in this season. I’m sorry- it just feels like the show lost it’s edge and the Miley one was my least favorite episode of the entire series. That episode was like an edgy made for TV Disney movie.

“Smithereens” was the best of the 3. “Striking Vipers” didn’t feel original and felt like it’s message was a bit contrived and forced.
Belle Art
Belle Art - 2 månader sedan
I am a huge fan of British shows but this is really bad..some episodes worse than others, no story line or meaning just ridiculous chase stories..I am not going to waste my time to find a better episode, despite fabulous British actors and accents
Krishan Mann
Krishan Mann - 2 månader sedan
Should i watch this series or not? I'm confused
Krishan Mann
Krishan Mann - 2 månader sedan
@Kafss do you have twitter account? Can we talk? I badly need some one to talk if you don't mind, and I'll definitely recommend you awesome series 😊
Kafss - 2 månader sedan
@Krishan Mann ugh same!!! To be honest I don't watch many TV shows 😂 i only watch reality TV show like The Mole (a mystery whodunnit), Solitary (a psychological show),but yeah maybe google will help :)
Krishan Mann
Krishan Mann - 2 månader sedan
@Kafss I'm worried because i don't know what I'm gonna watch after black mirror, do you have any suggestions?
Kafss - 2 månader sedan
@Krishan Mann Oh that's good! I meant that Season 5 was not the best season to START with, but it's still very entertaining :)!!!
Krishan Mann
Krishan Mann - 2 månader sedan
@Kafss season four last episode is lit, please don't say that! I was so exited I'm gonna watch season five tomorrow
Supvic - 2 månader sedan
Worst season sorry
WiltonDan Game
WiltonDan Game - 3 månader sedan
So cool!!!
Hallu Cinogen
Hallu Cinogen - 3 månader sedan
Lol saw Andrew Scott first as a kidnapper here before I watched him as the hot priest on Fleabag then as an English teacher on Handsome Devil
0xC0LD - 3 månader sedan
ok boomer
colton b
colton b - 3 månader sedan
okay this is an AMAZING trailer
LiangHuBBB - 3 månader sedan
gonna check it out
sammy H
sammy H - 3 månader sedan
If black mirror came out in the 80's, it would make an episod about how crazy our life is today.
David Roddis
David Roddis - 3 månader sedan
Anybody know what robe Billy wore in this episode or can point me towards something similar? Any info much appreciated.
Eilon Ruso
Eilon Ruso - 3 månader sedan
Music ?
Vishal Kumar
Vishal Kumar - 4 månader sedan
The first episode of this season is the worst Netflix series I ever watched it is not interesting i think black mirror is for those which are out of mind there is many Netflix series which are interesting like stranger things and the umbrella academy
XPRO SHIT - 4 månader sedan

Turan Cumhuriyeti
Turan Cumhuriyeti - 4 månader sedan
2 bölüm izledim bi bık anlamadım
Zewande Bk. Bhengu
Zewande Bk. Bhengu - 4 månader sedan
Love Supreme - Lonely Feelings.
(Thank me now, not later)
Zewande Bk. Bhengu
Zewande Bk. Bhengu - 4 månader sedan
Love Supreme - Lonely Feelings.
(Thank me now, not later)