The Buick Grand National Is the Ultimate 1980s Muscle Car

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Bill B.
Bill B. - 7 timmar sedan
GM interiors from the 80's............beyond gross.
Random Stuff In Oregon
Random Stuff In Oregon - 18 timmar sedan
I flipping love these cars man!
Random Stuff In Oregon
Random Stuff In Oregon - 18 timmar sedan
Look at that donked El Camino there.
Fire It Up Garage
Fire It Up Garage - Dag sedan
Time capsule. I'd love to add that to the Fire It Up Garage.
Jordan Strozier
Jordan Strozier - Dag sedan
he said you can only fit a $1.55 total in the coin slots but theres $1.69 with room for extra pennies lol
Unpopular Popular Opinion
Unpopular Popular Opinion - 2 dagar sedan
Unsubbed... Seriously. Dude, you can't rank older cars by modern standards.
Unpopular Popular Opinion
Unpopular Popular Opinion - 2 dagar sedan
I'm making this comment before I even watch the video. If Doug ranks cool factor lower than 8, speed lower than 7,style lower than 9, value lower than 10, and functionality lower than 8,I'm unsubbing. I'm so serious. If this gets an overall score less than 70, I'm telling YouTube not to suggest this channel. Not kidding. This is a classic exotic supercar.
Jon Ansley
Jon Ansley - 2 dagar sedan
I miss those visor mirrors. My Rav4 has one light on the ceiling above the mirror that doesn't illuminate that well
LoyalMemer - 2 dagar sedan
101.1 the wrif 14:59
eb110americana - 2 dagar sedan
The "intake" at the bottom is cooling to the intercooler and radiator. The air filter is visible on the driver's side of the engine bay, behind the headlight. Also, that listing of national radio stations might be the most hilarious quirk that Doug has ever unearthed.
Ryan Elliott
Ryan Elliott - 2 dagar sedan
If I remember right the radio in an 80s gm had more presets if you hold down more than one button at once.
Jeff Bell
Jeff Bell - 3 dagar sedan
Numbers don't compute - Cool Factor on this one goes to 11!
Ralph RRGT3RS - 3 dagar sedan
Doug Score= 48
13Vash13 - 3 dagar sedan
Это очень красивая машина.
Nikola Dietmar Krapp
Nikola Dietmar Krapp - 3 dagar sedan
the name of this car always makes me chuckle a bit, because "Regal" means "shelf" in german. the buick shelf grand national xD
Jeffrey Doerfler
Jeffrey Doerfler - 3 dagar sedan
Great review Doug. Thanks!
Nikola Dietmar Krapp
Nikola Dietmar Krapp - 3 dagar sedan
"just to save 7cents on the individual seatbelt buckles"
yeah, save those 7cents times 4 for all the seats in the car. then save those 24 cents on 10 million cars you make, with all those brands in the company and you have saved the annual bonus for a chairman back in the 80s.
Gregory Larkman 5646
Gregory Larkman 5646 - 4 dagar sedan
Litre is spelt litre because that's the correct way of spelling it. English English is the only correct English idgaf XD
Luca Wagner
Luca Wagner - 5 dagar sedan
Dream car
kanavy khith
kanavy khith - 5 dagar sedan
My house is near the highway and saw this car
David Hicks
David Hicks - 5 dagar sedan
Please do a review on the 2012 Chrysler 300C AWD
Timothy Scott
Timothy Scott - 5 dagar sedan
The cop in the Michael Mann movie 'L.A. Takedown' drives a Grand National. Pretty cool.
Timothy Scott
Timothy Scott - 5 dagar sedan
Cincinnati WKRP in the listening booklet?
Vegasclaw - 6 dagar sedan
Wait that car was that advance that 3000 miles wasnt an alternative instead of todays 7500 😮
Habeev07 - 6 dagar sedan
The 80's baby...20:01 Showing the new millennium whats up XD.
NERFRig - 6 dagar sedan
doug the type of guy to buy a bottle of water just so he can throw it back in the ocean
Null - 6 dagar sedan
The Buick Grand National. For the guy who is socially responsible but also wants to daily a muscle car
Vicente Acosta
Vicente Acosta - 7 dagar sedan
This is one of my favorite shows on You Tube....However, I rarely agree with the Doug Score on anything older than 10 years old.....And on this, that 0-60 time is way off....But 75% of the time he on point. The Grand National was faster than the Vette but due to Marketing and GMs "Whatever" The numbers were incorrect...Real Gear Heads know what I am talking about.
Frank Haubrich
Frank Haubrich - 7 dagar sedan
I found one for $25K - do you know anyone who might want one? 69,854 miles and almost perfect condition with maintenance records since purchase.
Paul Giulekas
Paul Giulekas - 7 dagar sedan
a 2 for acceleration come on doug
Paul Giulekas
Paul Giulekas - 7 dagar sedan
these were nice cars hats off to Buick
rapid13 - 8 dagar sedan
GNX > Grand National
80's Boombox Collector
80's Boombox Collector - 8 dagar sedan
Sleeper? LOL, every single guy in their teens, 20s and 30s knew what this car was back then.
Bloody Psycho
Bloody Psycho - 8 dagar sedan
Dougs the kind of guy whos surprised when a car that beat a lambo in a drag is fast
Mike D
Mike D - 8 dagar sedan
Remote adjustment for the passenger side mirror used to be.. a passenger. "hey bud, mind tapping that mirror in a little?" Or else awkwardly leaning over at a red light
Steelride Productions
Steelride Productions - 8 dagar sedan
Doug... The type of guy to see a minivan and say "I've always wanted to drive one of those"
Adin Tijerina
Adin Tijerina - 8 dagar sedan
Car: does 0 to 60 in 0.01 seconds
Doug: acceleration 4/10
SuperDrummerJay - 10 dagar sedan
A sleeper? A Grand National? Lmao. In 1984-87 maybe, but the hurtin those all black cars put on everyone soon made it the icon it is. You want a sleeper? You could get the same engine/transmission/3.42 geared rear (with G80 posi option) in ANY Regal in 1987. From The WE4 Turbo-T factory lightweight, to a Turbo Limited with bench seat/column shift and vinyl half roof....and in ANY color. I have my grandfather's 1987 Turbo, in silver metallic, bench seat, column shift, no power options (=lightweight). And no, it is not original. But you wouldn't know how big the turbo is, how much boost it is tuned to, and you won't see the huge amount of suspension mods underneath what looks like an old man's Sunday churchmobile. If you're ever in MA, look up Cotton's Performance. But honestly, I don't know why I'm wasting time trying to educate someone who laughs and giggles when he spools the turbo, yet rates the acceleration at 2.
Masters & Champions
Masters & Champions - 11 dagar sedan
body by fisher - means "Fisher Body Plant", GM plant located in Flint Michigan back in the day. Camaro's and Firebirds were built there too
Gergely Géczi
Gergely Géczi - 11 dagar sedan
How the hell is the right mirror connected to that joystick on the dashboard?
Brandon Freres
Brandon Freres - 11 dagar sedan
No speedo in the 80's read over 85 because the tires back then were only rated for a top speed of 85.
Dutch Van Helsing
Dutch Van Helsing - 12 dagar sedan
Shake n Bake
Saqr - 13 dagar sedan
DO TB - 14 dagar sedan
Boy I wanna get my hands on this
DeusEx Machina
DeusEx Machina - 14 dagar sedan
Oh Lord.... 80s American cars were butt fugly.
d svr6
d svr6 - 14 dagar sedan
The car is piece of boxy shit
Seth Riggle
Seth Riggle - 14 dagar sedan
This is no Buick Regal it’s a something or rather!
Tom B
Tom B - 14 dagar sedan
How can you leave out the spring loaded grill
Dave Watts
Dave Watts - 15 dagar sedan
Doug is a fucking idiot, his high pitch girl voice, his lack of knowledge about anything more than 5 years old, and his total ignorance about cars make Doug, an idiot...stop showing me these....
roodboy606 - 15 dagar sedan
Even the speedometer is square 😂
roodboy606 - 15 dagar sedan
The Doug drinking game, only 1 rule. Every time he say “quirk” drink.
MrTooco - 15 dagar sedan
rectangular is awesome!!!!!!!!!! it s good design))))
mosipd - 15 dagar sedan
The GN was famous for the $100 300hp upgrade.
Kilo Byte
Kilo Byte - 16 dagar sedan
The ultimate 80s car, period.
Eric Hahn
Eric Hahn - 16 dagar sedan
Holy shit this car is amazing
*A vehicle's coin holder was originally designed for Tolls, not phones.*
namit pandey
namit pandey - 18 dagar sedan
Chick Hicks !
nanceeleana - 18 dagar sedan
A "2" on acceleration? This car is still considered one of the fastest production cars ever and it gets a 2 out of 10 for acceleration. If Doug had the GNX version, it might have gotten a 3 out of 10.

What a joke....
Scottrick LaRoque
Scottrick LaRoque - 15 dagar sedan
Yea, I've noticed several times his ratings were outright ridiculous and really inaccurate so I ignore that part of the video.
Karl Ruehs
Karl Ruehs - 18 dagar sedan
Tito drove us to Rutt’s Hut to get hotdogs for the whole shop in his dad’s Grand National. He drove it like a maniac and it was the fastest car/driver combo I’ve ever been in. He was changing lanes, in traffic, like threading a needle! God Speed, Tito. GodSpeed!
bmh67wa - 18 dagar sedan
Acceleration only a 2?
Mike Neuburger
Mike Neuburger - 18 dagar sedan
Doug the type of guy who’s favorite feature on a Grand National is the coin storage.
Mike Neuburger
Mike Neuburger - 18 dagar sedan
The small touches like not really properly explaining the concept of Fisher Body are what make these videos silly, and not particularly in a charming way. Nice review, Jerry.
Ej Jackson
Ej Jackson - 18 dagar sedan
Fisher was a coach builder or some renown = a sign of quality. Among many "1st" they built GM's 1st unibody - the Corvair.
Illyrian Gamer
Illyrian Gamer - 18 dagar sedan
Doug the type of guy to wash his hands after peeing
Joshua Builds
Joshua Builds - 19 dagar sedan
The lighting in this video is all over the place.
GIJohn - 19 dagar sedan
this might be the only Buick that's actually interesting.
jdl 96
jdl 96 - 12 dagar sedan
60s and 50s buicks are badass
Vintage Ben
Vintage Ben - 19 dagar sedan
HOLY CRAP! An old school wood paneled station wagon!
Catholic Defender
Catholic Defender - 19 dagar sedan
The Crotch Cooler is easily the most advanced lost technology on that car. If there were just one general purpose mod mechanic that installed that in every vehicle, they would be rich. Absolutely necessary
eug ciabatt
eug ciabatt - 20 dagar sedan
Doug the type of guy to speak grand of the national
John Malandrino
John Malandrino - 20 dagar sedan
I bought one brand new in 87. It definitely went a hell of a lot faster than 6.7 to 60. More like very low 5s on average. When I put a stage 2 kit on my car there was no stopping my car. I saw a lot of much more expensive cars in my rear view mirror. I think Doug may be inhaling something other than exhaust.
Damir Blazevic
Damir Blazevic - 20 dagar sedan
Is this guy trying to be obnoxious or is that his normal personality? The annoyance level this man is able to produce in a single 25-minute video is remarkable. I actually congratulated myself for enduring the entire lenght of the footage. It's a pity, realy. The content is quite interesting and could be very informative, if only he had done his homework. But he is so unlikable, and so unprepared, he's just churning out missinformations one after antoher. And he's trying SO hard to come up with "witty" comments about the 80s or about the manufacturer, but unfortunalty for him, he would not be able to recognize a witticism if it hit him in his stupid face. And what's with the outfit? Did he deliberatly dress like a douchebag or it's another one of his unsuccesfull "jokes"?
Mobile games inJustice
Mobile games inJustice - 20 dagar sedan
Drove it already in midnight club la remix
Zane Hanson
Zane Hanson - 20 dagar sedan
If you get to drive a dodge omni glhs turbo it would be a great comparison.
Bru Schmidt
Bru Schmidt - 21 dag sedan
I am not impressed how this man dresses. The same, whether he's reviewing a scooter or a Rolls Royce Phantom 😖
LuckyDT - 18 dagar sedan
Right? What sort of grown man let’s them selves look like this consistently.
Miller - 21 dag sedan
G-Body or NO Body
Miller - 21 dag sedan
My first car was a 86 Regal with the 307. I bought it when I was 14 for 900 bucks and with my paper rout money. 86k on thr clock and she wad in great shape. I seen that car for sale for 6 months watching out the school bus window wishing I had that car. It was Blue with the Buick rally wheels. Finally I yalked my parents into letting me buy it a few years before I was 16. They eventually gave in to my constant whining and that Bad Ass G Body was mine. It was the closest thing I could get to a GN and I was Happy. All through the late 80s early 90s I wanted A GN. So I settled for thr next best thing. I did put a GN deck lid hood center consol seats onto mine as well. Eventually I swapped a Buick 350 from a 70 Skylark and wanted to do a Manual trans swap. I almost bought a T-28 type but it didnt have the turbo 3.8 someone swapped a SBC into it and it needed alot of tlc. Since my First G Body I've owned 6. Three Regals One Cutlass One Gand Prix One Monte Carlo. Some Dang Day I will own my Elusive GN. Its G-Body or No Body!!!!!
paul hoffman
paul hoffman - 21 dag sedan
Just a friendly note FISHER BODY WAS part of GM in DETROIT.🙄
paul hoffman
paul hoffman - 21 dag sedan
@James Slick agree 100%, when he saw FISHER BODY, and acted confused I thought come on man, its GM , Fisher body.
James Slick
James Slick - 21 dag sedan
This guy seems to know ZERO about American cars or their history - He could't even bother to use "Google" or "Bing" to find out this VERY BASIC part of GM history.
La'Renzo Miles
La'Renzo Miles - 21 dag sedan
Ppl wanna know what the car sound like
La'Renzo Miles
La'Renzo Miles - 21 dag sedan
He needs to show the start up of the car 🤦🏽‍♂️
Phil Builds
Phil Builds - 22 dagar sedan
Rated at 250hp 🙄. 2 hours of tinkering later, 325hp, 4 hours later, 400+hp of 200-4R transmission destroying power.