By the way, Are You a Sociopath?

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The sponsors wanted me to pin their link, so here you go~ | Dragon City: |
Sometime last week, I've made a mistake by uploading an incomplete version of this video. I just wanted to thank everyone who did see it keep quiet about it. Really means a lot to see how respectful you guys can be.
p.s. Jay is big dumb.
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For once I’m down with Ad since I love dragon city
borderlands player 500
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The reason I think you would take the $5 knife is to kill trash with trash
AnonyafoxPhe YT
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We need to save Hosuh, he is too innocent and I think Stephen and Jay are plotting to corrupt his mind wuth evil! Protecc the chaild!! >:3
Arianna Edwards
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+Zav IceWolf plot twist, what if Jay...was Russian JK 😅😅
Zav IceWolf
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+Arianna Edwards the only thing that beat me is russa
Piper Baranowski
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As soon as it asked the question of why the killer painted the floor black I immediately thought, “it’s because if the floor was white, the bloodstains would show.”
I got most of the questions right.
I’m scared now.
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A sociopath is a psychopath that can feel guilty and show empathy
Mariah Danhoff
Mariah Danhoff - 4 minuter sedan
Omg. Conspiracy theory.

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5:39 why did I find that kinda cute lol
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By the way can you survive MAMA
UnïverseFalls :D
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Well I’m not a psychopath
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One thing that drives me nuts about this is that all of these answers are sociopathic but they're rarely the most efficient responce (barring the phone call one that was neat) but this test assumes 2 things, 1. that the sociopath is intelligent enough to plot out every detail, often the case but not always 2. That the sociopath will take the most satisfying route and it the most efficient route, say the kid at school for an example, the most efficient answer isn't to kill students so everyone comes with their parents and it's not to kill the bullies, it's to kill the loved ones of the bullies, in the absence of a bully a new one arises, but if the bully is too focused on the death of a loved one or scared by the threat of that, you cause the situation of parents bringing kids to school and eliminate the threat posed by the bully in one
ShadowMask God/dess of LGBT, Leader of ShadowRealm
Causally going back to the first video I watched of them, understanding them more...I feel accomplished...
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they r edgy af
Michele Attebery
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I got the last one right (:
Soultail McCloud
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about the bullies, who wouldn't?

My brother got bullied, and I went into a literal blind rage, and I'm not even sure if they made it out alive.
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Can you please make maifa
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Am I the only one who ships jay and that steav guy...p.s I can’t spell his name sorry 😐
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I only got the last one right lol
Paul Herrero
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By the way can you survive HELL
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Welp I got them all right.
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Lmaooo im crying wow this is great
shae whitaker
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I got every single one of these questions correct I am scared of myself need help
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the first the 3rd and the last i got correct
harem king
harem king - Timme sedan
Where do i find these questions
Skitashi Yodi
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is it scary that i got all of these correct
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Is the thumbnail a persona reference?
hey guys its me
hey guys its me - Timme sedan
Jessica Jentix
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Stephen: Bullying children get killed, and I agree with that justice!
Me: ...Bud, aren’t you a teacher? 😂
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these were my answers that no one asked for
Q1- So they can hear your phone ringing, find you and stab you (correct)
Q2- To seem less threatening and to trick the person to think your using it for something else (incorrect)
Q3- She didn't bother to help (incorrect)
Q4- to dispose the evidence or she was hungry (incorrect)
Q5- To stop the bulling (incorrect?)
Q6- To hide the stains since i should've got sentence to death so ill take the opportunity to kill
more people and the black will be a good way to hide the blood (correct)

Looks like im not a sociopath....
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I got most of them right -
B1209Y - Timme sedan
By the way, help
Team Burst
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Jay should be one of the main cast now
꽃99 - Timme sedan
Sociopath: when a person starts having psychopath-behaviour because of very traumatizing experiences caused by people (caused by messed up abusing: mentally & physically)
Psychopath: when a person is BORN with the issue.
That's the difference , is not that hard to do a research , you can look it up on books or reliable internet pages .
Marts - Timme sedan
Perhaps Jay is Stephen's long lost brother or cousin....cause they sure do think alike. Jay your true colors are showing XDDDDD
tirona yamada
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For the last question he wanted the blood to not show up once he painted over it
Xremalyth - Timme sedan
Who draws the pictures in your video?
Simply Erica
Simply Erica - Timme sedan
Jay and Stephen: *THE EPIC SOCIOPATH DUO!*
Ryoko - Timme sedan
sociopath: a disorder where the one suffering it feels very little if anything at all in the feelings department.
How tf did this end up being the reason of an other are you a murderer video
Dan are you running out of ideas?
SFoxe - Zeynep Sahra
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Me: *Umm... Duh! Because it's harder to see blood on black than white.

Me: *Oh wait...*

*Am I a psychopath??*
Narwhalia Gaming
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Steven the serial murderer
Jay the reasonable murderer
And then there’s *HOSUH.*
Maddie Peach
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9:14 he painted the floor black so there would be no bloodstains
Em Custard
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I love how they just slowed down Carol of the Bells for ~creepy~ music
Yoyle 0340
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Me: you don’t have that much money so you buy the 5 dollar knife the knife isn’t that sharp so you need to stab the boss like butcher to kill them causing a lot of pain and you’re going to destroy the evidence and the knife is cheap so it won’t be a waste of money
FBI: uum
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Jayyyyy, You wanna schedule an appointment?
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heres an answer
eXe Serudo
eXe Serudo - 2 timmar sedan
Dragon City is still alive? after like 10+ years
Stefan Radic
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Do more videos with Jay
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When are you gonna go to Disneyland??
Euri Multifandom
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By the way, can you survive *Duolingo?*
Moon Turtle
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Part three xd
Juan Russell
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Jay is a dark version of Stephen
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But woudent she shit out of her sister?
a person with no life
a person with no life - 2 timmar sedan
If I were to kill someone I would eat them to get rid of the body not to keep them as a part of myself wtf
Lycanroc Gacha
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Hosuh is becoming the new Stephen because Hosuh got 1 point more than Stephen because Stephen has no points :(
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3:51 ~ out of pure spite I would burn someone ~
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First time watching this channel and I love the content instant follow
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I thought this was Psych2Go
Christian Vivit
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Jay's answer on the second question was actually logical
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Just gotta say, Rei did an amazing job with the animation. A joy to listen to and to watch.
Broken Girl
Broken Girl - 3 timmar sedan
Can u guys do more video's like this...? And play with Jay??
Ovidiu Vilcea
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Someone improved their art ;) AGAIN
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11:22 That evil laugh tho
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Video idea:
*By the way, can you survive the hunger games?*
(Please please please please please please please please pleasepleasepleaseplease I beg you please make it real pleaseeee )
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Surprising lack of edgy teens in comment section
Trebor Mic
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Actually sociopaths are different from psychopaths because psychopaths don’t feel guilt and cannot feel empathy nor sympathy but sociopaths use their social skills to get under your skin and mimic sympathy and empathy to manipulate and exploite people but they do feel guilt and are exceptionally intelligent and are not serial killers and their among us and they know what they are and what their doing and other people describe them as sexy sympathetic and charming and they do have feelings and can be attached to people and animals but they can be felons like robbers “hackers” etc things that involve exploiting people and some say that they are not mentally disabled but the next step in evolution
Trebor Mic
Trebor Mic - 3 timmar sedan
And by the way I’m a sociopath
ha-ze - 3 timmar sedan
what other danplan vidoes has jay in it? I kinda want to watch more of him!!
Chloe Ridenhour
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Stephen: Good.
Dan: Why.
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please make more videos with Jay
Milanator Gamercat
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Hey Stephen and jay thing the same so jay doesn’t think alone
LycheeFloat - 3 timmar sedan
I dont know who yall are this is the first time i watch ur vid and i already love yall specially hosuh
Craner - 3 timmar sedan
3:37 she was not in the kitchen :v
Mini Honor
Mini Honor - 3 timmar sedan
What happens if his ringer is off
XxPBJxX - 3 timmar sedan
You guys should try to Solve riddles
JuLiEtT - 3 timmar sedan
Big scorpio energy from Stephen I'm crying
Gaming Vlogs
Gaming Vlogs - 3 timmar sedan
By the way, we played a board game.
UNKNOWN DUO - 3 timmar sedan
i like Jay.....
Snugbeatle A.
Snugbeatle A. - 3 timmar sedan
Hey, can u do a: By the way, can you survive birdbox? Part 2, please!
Stephanie Amalia Gutierrez
Stephanie Amalia Gutierrez - 4 timmar sedan
Would love to be on part three
On Sync
On Sync - 4 timmar sedan
I like jay too
DJGames - 4 timmar sedan
great video!! but jay's mic is not as good as the rest of the crew but i liked the video!
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My man
My boi
My child
My potato
WhEn aRe We gOinG tO DisNEy WoRlD?!?!?
Tyler Otway
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And playing can you please do can you survive Minecraft at night and please do a gameplay video with everyone even animators tell Steven to Cohoes again who's funny then then you can Jose you can hang and pretty friend who just got
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When does steven get to go to disney land
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Only got the last one because it's best to wear black when you're on your period lmao
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•Dani’sSofty• :3
•Dani’sSofty• :3 - 4 timmar sedan
New sub :D
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Hey, Housa, Dan, and Steven, what is your opinion on Americans?
Tinkerbell - 4 timmar sedan
9:56 Hosa is the true sociopath.
Saman Mahmoudi
Saman Mahmoudi - 4 timmar sedan
Why wont you put all of these kind of videos in a podcast
Ticci Toby Is mine so back off
Skitty - 4 timmar sedan
Every aspect of this video is glorious but holy crap, the animation!!!
The Grim Gamer
The Grim Gamer - 4 timmar sedan
You guys should do by the way can you survive a quiet place
Galaxy Ztar
Galaxy Ztar - 4 timmar sedan
Is just me or does he sound like Mr beast ( which is the so called host, I'm new here don't judge me. )
NikoDono - 4 timmar sedan
That last part can apply to females too. When we have our periods, wearing black pants is safer so the overflowing blood won't show.
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B Lizery - 4 timmar sedan
Jay is Kinda attractive ... No ?
Kamxra msp
Kamxra msp - 5 timmar sedan
I don't know am I?
Fabi Zzz
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Jay needs to be here more often
PastelROSE! - 5 timmar sedan
Stefan's a catastrophic psychopath,
Jay's a witty sociopath,
Dan's a bystander...
... and then we all have Hosuh... '=w=
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Dan: uhh hey buddy 😅
Jay :oh hey Dan! I know where you lived 😁
Damon Kellert
Damon Kellert - 5 timmar sedan
4:39 my mind immediately went to “because she’s a vegetable”
RYB Rachel ;3
RYB Rachel ;3 - 5 timmar sedan
I am in LOVE with Jay and Stephen 💙💙 😍
(I need help =^=)
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Do cereal killers kill cereal?
Daniela Segovia
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Hi , I just wanted to say that I love Jay, ok, thanks for reading, have a good day