By the way, Are You a Sociopath?

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DanPlan - 2 månader sedan
The sponsors wanted me to pin their link, so here you go~ | Dragon City: |
Sometime last week, I've made a mistake by uploading an incomplete version of this video. I just wanted to thank everyone who did see it keep quiet about it. Really means a lot to see how respectful you guys can be.
p.s. Jay is big dumb.
ladyabsol of the sims
ladyabsol of the sims - 7 dagar sedan
Sky Cat 0w0
Sky Cat 0w0 - 16 dagar sedan
iiicxristi studios Zidor
iiicxristi studios Zidor - Månad sedan
Yes yee
ur mom big gae
ur mom big gae - Månad sedan
500th comment
KAPOW PIG - 2 månader sedan
For once I’m down with Ad since I love dragon city
Fille B
Fille B - 47 minuter sedan
J is the next Stephen 😂
Dysfunctional Error
Dysfunctional Error - 2 timmar sedan
pff^^ im not a psychopath. im a really cool guy. thats it okey^^ btw there is a difference between psycho - & sociopath^^
Park Baekhyun
Park Baekhyun - 2 timmar sedan
the animation in this video!!!! ughhhh!!😍😍😍
S. Kristin
S. Kristin - 3 timmar sedan
Hosuh: How are you?
Jay: Oh- I can't really answer that in a happy tone. *proceeds to laugh in sadness*
Me: Same🤣😂😅😥😢😭
cannibal unicorn
cannibal unicorn - 5 timmar sedan
Me at 6:14 "AGREED"
GilZeAwesomePrussia TeddyLauren
Oh shi, I knew the answer to the last one before it was revealed.
CJ Animates
CJ Animates - 9 timmar sedan
Literally all girls knew the last question's answer lol
CJ Animates
CJ Animates - 10 timmar sedan
i relate to Jay to much
gucci belt
gucci belt - 10 timmar sedan
Why does the main guy talking sound like MrBeast HAHAHAH
Angie Viera
Angie Viera - 12 timmar sedan
Gonna stop at 9:03 to give my opinion. I would paint the floor black because you can't tell when blood spills on the floor.
ASFvsASAP 1 - 12 timmar sedan
Sociopaths aren’t as bad I’m guessing
Keita Reedy-Barr
Keita Reedy-Barr - 12 timmar sedan
I like that idea by the way can you survive jay and stephen
Pink Cheetah Creations
Pink Cheetah Creations - 12 timmar sedan
I wanna be Stephen and Jay’s Friend! 😁😅🤣
Weird fandom person Thing
Weird fandom person Thing - 13 timmar sedan
4 points
Yu Chan
Yu Chan - 13 timmar sedan
I need spanish sub 😧♥
y'know, kaly in there.
y'know, kaly in there. - 13 timmar sedan
"sociopath don't show they are sociopaths'' is kinda fake since socios are more impulsive than psycos
Arianna M.
Arianna M. - 14 timmar sedan
the real question is....what are the guy’s zodiac signs
Sleuthelle (Tasha Duncan)
Sleuthelle (Tasha Duncan) - 14 timmar sedan
The main difference between psychopath and sociopath is the ability to form meaningful relationships. Psychopaths are manipulative and display no remorse or empathy to others. Sociopaths can and do form relationships but to a lesser degree. :)
Cat Vlogs
Cat Vlogs - 15 timmar sedan
omg the drawing at 10:33 😍
KADEN BARONE - 15 timmar sedan
Came here from A-HA animations
Jm Kimayong
Jm Kimayong - 15 timmar sedan
Time to subscribe.
Sky worrier
Sky worrier - 16 timmar sedan
I got all of these questions right...
ferret fan
ferret fan - 18 timmar sedan
I thought it was gonna be a plot twist ending where Hosuh was gonna kill Dan.
Kirishima Kun
Kirishima Kun - 19 timmar sedan
Aaliyah Hall
Aaliyah Hall - 19 timmar sedan
This video is the reason I want a Jay and Stephen Mafia AU...
nikkinoivern - 20 timmar sedan
Jay and Stephen sounds like people I'd like to hang out with 😂
Snow Fox
Snow Fox - 20 timmar sedan
6:34 and 10:34 :3333
Eszter Kovács
Eszter Kovács - 21 timme sedan
So now I know
Stephen is a psychopath
Jay is a sociopath
Yay! :3
(I'm kind of o sociopath too 🔪)
Some useless peice of Shit who wants to be POPULAR
Stephen is a psychopath
Jay is a sociopath
and then theres Hosuh
Lil Tovar
Lil Tovar - 21 timme sedan
Stheve :I like Jay
Jay:I like you too
Me:oh sthejay
Lil Tovar
Lil Tovar - 21 timme sedan
I mean Stephen
CookiePowerr - 22 timmar sedan
really love the animation here
lamarr clannon
lamarr clannon - 23 timmar sedan
Black floors to hide bloodstains
The one jumpscarer
The one jumpscarer - 23 timmar sedan
I ship Jay and Stephen
Devika T. A
Devika T. A - Dag sedan
omg the animator you hired is amazing
Александра Рудник
Video: By the way are you a sociopath?
The one jumpscarer
The one jumpscarer - 23 timmar sedan
Gpro Alex
Gpro Alex - Dag sedan
For the ppl who rly wanna know the differences between a sociopath and a psychopath
Tobe - Dag sedan
Chandra Mouli
Chandra Mouli - Dag sedan
Nice animations goood video!
Ezion - Dag sedan
Damn I was 1 point behind Jay
ninja destoyer08
ninja destoyer08 - Dag sedan
DragonVale forever
Jacky Boiii
Jacky Boiii - Dag sedan
Is it weird that I got the last one within like 3 seconds of hearing it
Shamia Burns
Shamia Burns - Dag sedan
Me Sociopath 😶😃😀😁😃😑😶 o thank u for all the likes😁 I never got that many😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😶
XxDabMasterxX - Dag sedan
Part 3?
liang yu Wu
liang yu Wu - Dag sedan
I like jay and stephen, really smart, considerate and has the ability to put on someones shoes.
Lyra Centile
Lyra Centile - Dag sedan
Emmee Animooshons
Emmee Animooshons - Dag sedan
Lol Stephen the psychopath and Jay the sociopath, the ultimate duo
Lux0rd - Dag sedan
Why does the sociopath have my phone number?
biohazard832 - Dag sedan
Can someone please tell me the song that plays at 4:37 I've heard before and it really sounds familiar and it hurting my brain that I can't find it
Kiko Liko
Kiko Liko - Dag sedan
It's not black ops
Hyungaya Monsta
Hyungaya Monsta - Dag sedan
I only got the last one right 😅