Top 10 Reasons Why Lois Griffin Should Divorce Peter

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Top 10 Reasons Why Lois Griffin Should Divorce Peter
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How is Lois Griffin STILL with Peter? For this list, we’ll be looking at the worst things Peter has done to Lois, their children, or just in general that would prompt any real-world woman to make a call to a divorce lawyer. Our list includes when Peter turned his family into drug dealers, when he brought plagues onto his family, when Peter forced Lois to gain so much weight that she had a heart attack, and more. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Reasons Why Lois Griffin Should Divorce Peter.
List Rank and Entries:
10. His Drinking Problem Has Made Her Codependent
9. He Turned His Family into Drug Dealers
8. He Compared Her Body to Aging, BrokenDown Equipment
7. He Accidentally Threw Hot Grease at Her Face
6. He Brought Plagues on His Family
5. He’s Constantly Committing Crimes
4. He Forced Her to Gain so Much Weight That She Had a Heart Attack
3, 2, 1: ???
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Michael Johnny Ringo
Michael Johnny Ringo - 3 timmar sedan
Maybe because Lois cheated on him like 3 times.
Estrella - 3 dagar sedan
They are both bad, they bring out the worst in eachother, they both abuse the kids especially meg, Meg isn’t even bad! The constantly say she’s ugly but I thinks she actually cute. It’s sad because meg believes that she’s ugly, they are both so abusive to her that the other kids start to abuse meg, even stewie who is a baby!!! Anyway I think if they separated they would both be better people, Louis isn’t happy having cheated on peter more then Once and went one of the new men interact with the kids everyone does better
Luke Rosales
Luke Rosales - 7 dagar sedan
Lois is probably regretting turning down her dad's money now 😂
MajorEasley - 9 dagar sedan
This is a terrible video.
ciela Phantomhive
ciela Phantomhive - 14 dagar sedan
I argue.
Alisha Thompson Steel
Alisha Thompson Steel - 14 dagar sedan
Susan Harbison
Susan Harbison - 28 dagar sedan
Lois and Peter deserve each other. They are both terrible, terrible people and the punishment is to be married to each other.
Bossdon83Drizzydre2733 Primetime7128
They deserve each other both have done wrong to each other
Daniel De Pina
Daniel De Pina - 28 dagar sedan
It's a cartoon why do people take this so seriously?
Ryan Cassidy
Ryan Cassidy - Månad sedan
How about time when Peter uses stewie as a tv stand in the Foxx in the house episode and when he uses him as a seat cushion in a cutaway
Seriously Lois should devours Peter after those things
What kind of farther uses his baby as furniture
Dakoda Barr
Dakoda Barr - Månad sedan
*God is pissed.*
I thought Brian was an Atheist...🤔
Devin Yamashiro
Devin Yamashiro - Månad sedan
I pretty sure that everybody including Megumi Bandicoot will agree that we hate that Big, Selfish, Moody, Abusive, Neglectful, Stupid and Alcolholic Monster that is Peter Griffin. Alongside with Glenn Quagmire and Brian Griffin. I wish that Peter and Quagmire stay in prison with Eric Cartman and others and I wish Brian Griffin should stay dead! Just like from the infamous season 12 episode, Life of Brian.
Fruityy hh
Fruityy hh - Månad sedan
Shouldn’t it actually be peter divorces Lois I mean she cheats on him constantly
XOGAMERGOXO OX - Månad sedan
Your just jealous
Kassie siren
Kassie siren - Månad sedan
Nah , well the whole family is crazy together soo.
Sofia Dominguez
Sofia Dominguez - Månad sedan
Top 10 reasons why Lincoln should dump Ronnie Anne
Top 10 reasons Why Clyde McBride should dump Lori Loud
italex - Månad sedan
My friend google image searched Peter Griffin and this video thumbnail showed up and we were laughing about the title so here I am now watching the beautiful video
R14 71
R14 71 - 2 månader sedan
Peter should divorce Lois, but their terrible marriage is funny for the show.
Caique Travassos
Caique Travassos - 2 månader sedan
I miss old Peter.
KingAlphaion 12
KingAlphaion 12 - 2 månader sedan
To me, Both of them are bad
ATOMIC SHARK - 2 månader sedan
top 10 why spougebob should die
Hells Bells
Hells Bells - 2 månader sedan
The joke in Family Guy is Lois is there bad wife Peter is the bad husband
Jason Lance
Jason Lance - 2 månader sedan
About Peter wasting their money, he might actually be using the money he's stealing from banks.
Hai Nhat Phung
Hai Nhat Phung - 2 månader sedan
The problem is that Lois is quite disfunctional herself. Even if poor girl can live up after her divorce, Quagmire or other asshats in town are best to stay away from her.
Cassidy Duni
Cassidy Duni - 2 månader sedan
Don't use Meg as a reason Lois should LEAVE!!!!! Lois is just as mean to their daughter as he is.
familyguy rules
familyguy rules - 2 månader sedan
Actually they are meant for each other lois can be as bad too
ATOMIC SHARK - 3 månader sedan
top 100000000000192938585838281 things why spouebob shund die
ShadowStar1997 - 3 månader sedan
These people are all awful, period.
Gabriel Tekle
Gabriel Tekle - 3 månader sedan
Where’s how he killed peter griffin jr, even as an honorable/dishonorable mention.
Fire Dust
Fire Dust - 3 månader sedan
Top 10 Reasons Meg should off her family.
William RANDOLPH jR - 3 månader sedan
Homer Simpson has the same probelm A DRINKING PROBELM he hangs out at MOE'S more than he's at work or at home
Tuba Toprak
Tuba Toprak - 3 månader sedan
familyguy rules
familyguy rules - 3 månader sedan
Top 10 reason why meg chris stewie and brian should all leave home
Fundemons - 3 månader sedan
Isn’t Brian an atheist
Fundemons - 3 månader sedan
Do a Cleveland show why Donna should divorce cleve
blue yoshi
blue yoshi - 3 månader sedan
5:57 Actually.. that guy who Peter killed was a local KKK leader who stole war medals, so really.. the guy wasn't innocent.
Rice Chan
Rice Chan - 3 månader sedan
Top 10 reasons why you shouldn’t take cartoons too seriously
Isla Bellerose
Isla Bellerose - 3 månader sedan
Both Peter and Lois have done some equally bad things, but it's funny how they're so abusive toward each other and have never spoke the word divorce in their relationship while Beth and Jerry haven't really been as abusive as Peter and Lois and they always consider divorce
Sans from Earthbound
Sans from Earthbound - 3 månader sedan
Best video
Im ur baggest fan!!!
Plz love me
i need it
if u dont respond to me i might take jurassic measures
Chrome Raichu
Chrome Raichu - 3 månader sedan
Y'know shits going down when an Atheist flat out says God is pissed.
KyDogg Batmanfan30
KyDogg Batmanfan30 - 3 månader sedan
Peter Griffin is absolute idiot and man-child and yet no wonder Lois should have Divorced him and his kids should have been sent to Foster Care
omglabel - 4 månader sedan
who was this stupid female who chose these moments
Malcolm Louis
Malcolm Louis - 4 månader sedan
Peter this is why you don’t fuck with god
ToonPro FanHero
ToonPro FanHero - 4 månader sedan
And I thought Stan Smith was Evil
The 90210 Officer
The 90210 Officer - 4 månader sedan
Brian, an atheist, saying God is pissed, HOW!?
Joann Kennedy
Joann Kennedy - 4 månader sedan
Lois and Peter deserves each other for whatever reasons that havent been established yet. And beside Peter turning his family into drug dealers is a stroke of penisness.
HamutaliSebo KingGOLOLA
HamutaliSebo KingGOLOLA - 4 månader sedan
Top 10 times Tom has had bad luck in Tom and Jerry
Robert Trepagnier
Robert Trepagnier - 4 månader sedan
She should shoot him not divorce him.
Abnormal p
Abnormal p - 4 månader sedan
I hope Lois sees this it's really sad
Han ji-sung Straykids
Han ji-sung Straykids - 4 månader sedan
Or we can just watch the show like a normal person,,,
familyguy rules
familyguy rules - 4 månader sedan
Actually they are meant for each other lois can be just as bad
J W - 4 månader sedan
8:38 that's a take off of Schindler's List.
The crazy CNA
The crazy CNA - 4 månader sedan
He broke her leg purposely because she had the attention of his favorite baseball team.
I FEEL NoThiNg! - 4 månader sedan
This channel is one sided.
TOUGH MAN RANDY SAVAGE - 4 månader sedan
Honestly Peter is bad but Lois is worse. She cheated on him, beat him up, talks down to him, she is just scum
Robert Bennett
Robert Bennett - 4 månader sedan
The hook hand was a KKK leader
Tenay Douglas
Tenay Douglas - 4 månader sedan
Honestly the fact that meg still loves peter is EXTREMELY shocking
The logician
The logician - 4 månader sedan
That war hero Peter killed was a KKK leader who stole his medals...
Gabriella Comito
Gabriella Comito - 4 månader sedan
Peter is the worst EVER!
Gabriella Comito
Gabriella Comito - 4 månader sedan
Peter Griffin is the most, worst, irresponsible man in the Griffin family! EVER!