GETTING A NEW TATTOO!! Tattoo Confessions!

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NikkieTutorials - 3 månader sedan
Alessia Di Marzo
Alessia Di Marzo - 20 dagar sedan
Yayyy love from Italy 🇮🇹 you are sooo inspiring
carly mendicino
carly mendicino - 2 månader sedan
Levenslang my dad passed away two years ago from als but I’ll love him for a. Lifetime He always encouraged me to do what makes me happy and knew my passion for makeup which I will love for a levenslang My instagram Handel is carlyraemendicino
Jessica Davis
Jessica Davis - 2 månader sedan
I will be watching your videos for a levenslang!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️😘
Carmen Van der Auwera
Carmen Van der Auwera - 2 månader sedan
Please advise Sephora that the validity of the gift card must not be levenslang, because I would spend it in a second! (No, just joking, give me 2hrs, because I always start doubting between so many brands!!). Love your tattoos, maybe I should get some french fries tattooed.. Bye! (Insta: wings.before.roots)
Bridget - 2 månader sedan
I will be watching Nikkie for levenslang!!!! Luv u! You cute little tattooed Clarice!
karinvandongen - Dag sedan
LOV Nikita! She gave me freackles🙌🏼💗🤗
SM L - 3 dagar sedan
5:44 hello we are in a car ,,,

Girl you mean Mercedes S550 AMG
coast more than my life
Ingee Infinity
Ingee Infinity - 4 dagar sedan
Nikkie, zag ik nou goed dat je een teeny tiny Deathly Hallows boven de uit verwerkt hebt? Zo ja; I love it. Zo nee; still love it!!
Colleen Casey
Colleen Casey - 4 dagar sedan
We love your artistry Levenslang!
Emily Walls
Emily Walls - 8 dagar sedan
I do have a tattoo levenslang, it’s a red bird that is tweeting “love, Nana” in my Nana’s handwriting since she passed away two years ago to cancer ❤️ my Instagram handle is @emilywalls_0305
Agata Lesiuk
Agata Lesiuk - 8 dagar sedan
Nikki it is possible that you were 2 years ago in June in England? :>
crazy unicornlady
crazy unicornlady - 8 dagar sedan
Nikki has sometimes the voice of Khloe kardashian
nails_n_nature - 11 dagar sedan
4:57 This is the same feeling I'm having right now in life..
BarBarella Darkrose
BarBarella Darkrose - 11 dagar sedan
amaaaazing ! .. I started with one .. the name of my son .. yep .. now i got four ! and nr 5 will be in September ! .. and i still got lots that i want .. oh hell .. i still got plenty of space hahaha they say "eentje is geentje !"
Cananini - 12 dagar sedan
U don’t need a tattoo. You Need to use lost weight. 🐷
perros joyas
perros joyas - 14 dagar sedan
Ice was fine.. And now I want a Levenslang with him.. 😭❤️
Carrie Lynn Mims
Carrie Lynn Mims - 17 dagar sedan
i have my first tattoo on my arm. it's hoof prints and my horses name who passed away, he didn't act like a horse he acted like he was a human and I raised him so I got it in memory of him, and here another tattoo I've been wanting that I drew myself its a horse head with a wolf coming out at the bottom (its tribal print) the horse head of course for Dreamer and the wolf because I'm deeply obsessed with wolves like seriously obsessed.Ii don't know if I'll get anymore as far as from my miscarriages and PCOS awareness I haven't decided on that yet but as of right now i only have my first one i got on my 18th birthday lol, oh and I'm going to put the horse/wolf one on my leg going up into my hip. by the way.... I LOVE ALL YOUR TATTOOS THEY'RE AMAZING!!!!
Mizu - 17 dagar sedan
Keep going girl I love you!!!
Gothic Wednesday
Gothic Wednesday - 17 dagar sedan
Listening to you talking and the only thing my brain can focus the sound of the beauty blender bouncing on your face as you apply foundation
ShanG - 19 dagar sedan
The mirrored tatto is so cool
Lobke VB
Lobke VB - 19 dagar sedan
Levenslang, mijn haat/liefde verhouding met make up🤣
Allison Yurchak
Allison Yurchak - 19 dagar sedan
i have no tattoos but i really want a couple in certain areas.
VaelteJuice - 19 dagar sedan
I also have 8 tattoos for "Levenslang", and I have one more in mind on the way :D
Instagram: ibenbeauty
Shenny L.E.
Shenny L.E. - 19 dagar sedan
She's so tall!
Yasamyn Brown
Yasamyn Brown - 21 dag sedan
why does she go off camera and do her brows ??
Trishia Mae
Trishia Mae - 25 dagar sedan
Can anyone give me some first tattoo tips? I’m planning on getting inked on my 18th 🙃
Tayler Montgomery
Tayler Montgomery - 25 dagar sedan
Please make videos for Levenslang @taylermontgomery
Angela Burgener
Angela Burgener - 25 dagar sedan
me every time she mentions her lill brother : 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Bernie Poynton
Bernie Poynton - 27 dagar sedan
I know this might upside you talking about but i am new so if you dont mined telling the story about your brother
Ho Athanatos
Ho Athanatos - 28 dagar sedan
In my dialect of German it is läwenslank/ Almost the same word. Bott however means until and knoaken is bone, so super different.
Grace U.
Grace U. - 28 dagar sedan
I asked siri to say Levenslang! lolol
IG: AsiaBambaataaa
Liliana Tovar villegas
Liliana Tovar villegas - 28 dagar sedan
Do you want to get more tattoos
j e s s i
j e s s i - Månad sedan
Nikkie!!! OMG. I'm getting some serious Batman vibes from this eye look.😍
Nina Logger
Nina Logger - Månad sedan
Doe het volgende woord vlammen want je had het over die tatoo❤️
Isobel :p
Isobel :p - Månad sedan
“Don’t touch the ice, the ice is fine..... goodbye! “ - Nikkietutorials2019
Lorena Angel
Lorena Angel - Månad sedan
Leveslang!!!! ❤️❤️❤️🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 love your stories !! 😉
Cassie Rhodes
Cassie Rhodes - Månad sedan
I know I'm late watching this, new subscriber, but my FAVE is the penguin and how precious the story behind it is :-)
emilia - Månad sedan
Levenslang 😙 that's such a hard word to say... is it just me?? 😂😂
Insta: sistergoals.05 🤩
Carmen - Månad sedan
Het gaat voor mij levenslang duren om eindelijk te besluiten wat ik nou als tattoo wil lmao
Lee-Anne K
Lee-Anne K - Månad sedan
Tattoo reminds me of Silence of the Lambs.
ImagesonthePage - Månad sedan
I will also have my tattoos levenslang!! My Instagram and Twitter handles are @Imagesonthepage. I just subscribed after watching your burger palette video and find it so fascinating that you are Dutch cause my grandma is from Holland!
FashionistasRus !
FashionistasRus ! - Månad sedan
How many tattoos do u have? In Total
Norah M
Norah M - Månad sedan
Wishing you a LEVENSLANG of beautiful memories. ig: nora_slubbock
Andrena Fraser
Andrena Fraser - Månad sedan
Black glitter lips would have been amazing 💋
Albino Opera Ghost
Albino Opera Ghost - Månad sedan
I neeeeeeeed more over the top looks like this! Loooooove💜💜💜
Lyla Wolfe
Lyla Wolfe - Månad sedan
Omg Nikki’s how tall are you?
Ben Osrowitz
Ben Osrowitz - Månad sedan
I wish you used more cool tone browns , I absolutely love all your eye looks but I think a cooler brown would look soooo good on your light eyes !
Giulietta Ciambotti
Giulietta Ciambotti - Månad sedan
This looooooook, the new ink... living!
Bless you and your little brother 💙💙💙💙💙
I have 3 tattoos, so far. Happy to have them for a levenslang 🔥
ig: giaciambotti
Miranda Miller
Miranda Miller - Månad sedan
“Thats the point Mary.”
Kimberlie Simones
Kimberlie Simones - Månad sedan
I’ve watched you for a levenslang!
Twitter- @kimberlie2k17 ( my name is kimberlie Simones 🌱 on my twitter profile
Nikix Ethan
Nikix Ethan - Månad sedan
Nikix Ethan
Nikix Ethan - Månad sedan
I would get a tattoo if I lived in my own place
Lucia Isabel Roos
Lucia Isabel Roos - Månad sedan
Wauw! Cool spijkerjasje. 🙂
Melody Petry-johnson
Melody Petry-johnson - Månad sedan
My tattoos are bees and an elephant and they won't be around Levenslang! Let's change that. Do better
Rational NAIL Only
Rational NAIL Only - Månad sedan
I'm gonna stay with you lifelong 😍❤❤❤
Boris Undorf
Boris Undorf - Månad sedan
I was at the grocery store and saw a man really tall and thought to myself is Nikkie that tall? 😂
RoseVampireGirl4 - Månad sedan
I have 3 tattoos, a matching his and hers with my husband, a back of the neck tattoo, and my first tattoo was on my hip( in memory of my grandma passing away and my brother that didn’t make it). From newest to oldest . Im planning on getting covered .
Jaime Broussard
Jaime Broussard - Månad sedan
Me levenslang you long time Nikkie! ❤🍔 @jaimesgottagun
Melissa Ramos
Melissa Ramos - Månad sedan
I love that you put classical music behind your tutorials! So calming!
Carol B 1412
Carol B 1412 - Månad sedan
Have you seen the doll that Poppen Atelier has done of you? It's amazing! She's even done your tattoos! Check her video out. Xx
Mia Voltri
Mia Voltri - Månad sedan
i love your accent !!!
Billy Headford
Billy Headford - Månad sedan
olivia lovick
olivia lovick - Månad sedan
I have 17 tattoos , currently working on my thigh and it’s a killer also I’m known as the girl with the palm tattoo😂
Laurel MacLeod
Laurel MacLeod - Månad sedan
I actually have 31 tattoos (I also started at 17, but I'm 41, so I've got the jump on you). Just like you, my tattoos will also be with me levenslang, but since I'm older, it will be a shorter levenslang than for you, lol :D

I also get a lot of those 'But what will they look like when you're 80?' questions. To which I reply, 'Listen, if I'm still kicking at 80, chances are I've got bigger problems'. :P
Instagram: huntressintheforest
aslbyweller - Månad sedan
I’m so sorry for your loss. ❤️ hugs.
Dreams💭 - Månad sedan
Always the same lips. Should have done a glitterly black lip :/
Undercover. girl
Undercover. girl - Månad sedan
I am LIVING for that background music
controlled chaos
controlled chaos - Månad sedan
Sorry for your loss of my brother!
Elizabeth Sletten
Elizabeth Sletten - 2 månader sedan
The worth ( leveslang ) is it on danish. Because if it is, you can also say ( forevigt ) btw love your videos❤️❤️
Lara Leitao
Lara Leitao - 2 månader sedan
INSIGNIFICANT PERSON: It's going to take a levenslang for that Nikkie Tutorials notices you...
ME: She already did bitches!
My instagram: @maybe.laraa
Vanessa Keller
Vanessa Keller - 2 månader sedan
Love you levenslong
Lizzy Club
Lizzy Club - 2 månader sedan
Levenslang paardrijden
Ioane SL
Ioane SL - 2 månader sedan
Once my mom let me put makeup on her to be exact a “Smokey eye look”. So put eyeshadow on her thinking I was a pro. Then she look in to the mirror and she said -I look like a bitten up , we both broke down in tears. That is my best memory! She loves makeup ! She’d love too own this palett. Instagram : ioane_sl
Angela Vogel
Angela Vogel - 2 månader sedan
It's fun how Dutch and German is sometimes almost the same:
Levenslang is in German Lebenslang 💁‍♀️
Insta: @angela_v44
Bryn dags
Bryn dags - 2 månader sedan
That’s my favorite movie
LaliGirl - 2 månader sedan
I have a passion for tattoos and I will proudly wear them in my levenslang! ❤️ catch me on instagram @Lali_girl :)
Kat Burgert
Kat Burgert - 2 månader sedan
I will love tattoos for a levenslang! ig: @katisnotacat25
Bianca Amaya Hernandez
Bianca Amaya Hernandez - 2 månader sedan
Sorry im new here but what happenend to youe little brother? Much love💛💙
Mirthe Van der Heide
Mirthe Van der Heide - 2 månader sedan
Dit zijn alle woorden die mij doen denken aan een levenslang leven
Diana Barragan
Diana Barragan - 2 månader sedan
amazing tattoo !!
Jessica Harrell
Jessica Harrell - 2 månader sedan
I will eat mac n cheese for levenslang!!!!
buffat - 2 månader sedan
Really enjoying the soft classical music in the background
Jim Hill
Jim Hill - 2 månader sedan
I wish to be happy for a levenslang.
Shannon Suess
Shannon Suess - 2 månader sedan
It's going to take me a levenslang to pay off my student loans hahahaha