OnePlus 7 Pro Review - The Fastest Android I've Used!

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The OnePlus 7 Pro is one of my favorite Android flagships of the year, with the notch-less screen, pop-up selfie camera, and SUPER fast in-screen fingerprint reader!
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Zulqarnain Bar
Zulqarnain Bar - Dag sedan
Just make sure make Review of this Upcoming 8 Pro God Damn it
Challenge pro P
Challenge pro P - Dag sedan
There is a sensitivity setting which drastically increases fingerprint speed
akatsuki billy
akatsuki billy - 2 dagar sedan
Galaxy note is better
Kai Neff
Kai Neff - 6 dagar sedan
For the night mode there is a separate setting for longer exposure shots because normal night mode take 3 second shots the other setting will go up to thirty seconds and give you great results but you have to keep the camera really steady
ZJ Y - 8 dagar sedan
though iPhone still defines what mobile phones should be like, you have to admit that their OS is just unbeatable
ShrekGoSickoMode - 2 dagar sedan
HiTechKing - 8 dagar sedan
Upgraded to this from the 11 Pro Max 😎
Jacob Sibert
Jacob Sibert - 11 dagar sedan
That Klipsch home theater setup 👍👍
Pat Davis 2403
Pat Davis 2403 - 14 dagar sedan
Why doesn’t Linus ever smile during the selfie camera test
Dranoc - 14 dagar sedan
dude, razer has 120 hertz.
TECHSOME - 15 dagar sedan
Great video and overall awesome phone. I also just released my OnePlus 7 Pro unboxing and review. Have a look 😊
Shiny Playz
Shiny Playz - 15 dagar sedan
comment section would be a war against oneplus and apple lol
UnBox Guide
UnBox Guide - 17 dagar sedan
Please watch this video
Ancient Humanoid
Ancient Humanoid - 20 dagar sedan
i love the idea of pop up camera
Khaleesi - 22 dagar sedan
I wish someday I could afford this phone
Ata - 22 dagar sedan
1:13 what headset is that ?
FirstTenor76 - 26 dagar sedan
5:29 - OMFG, who the hell films with nasty ass fingers like that. Have some pride in yourself... if cleanliness is Godliness, this guy is Satan himself. GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
james ortiz
james ortiz - 27 dagar sedan
Hey Linus. Can you please review the oneplus 7T pro 5G McLaren!?!?
Abinash Pathak
Abinash Pathak - Månad sedan
8:12 every grandparents fb profile picture 😂
Bogdan Denisyuk
Bogdan Denisyuk - Månad sedan
Razer phone 2 : * fastest phone I've used *
King Meed Spin
King Meed Spin - Månad sedan
do what you love linus. if you need a break, go ahead
justarandomscotsman - Månad sedan
If the Flash was a phone he'd be the OnePlus 7 Pro / my daily driver xD
Emil Anderlund
Emil Anderlund - Månad sedan
Got the Mclaren edition of it, works so darn good.
Also got a Usb-c converter for my RHA headphones (yes they work even if they are for Apple Products)
FinaleRoyale - Månad sedan
"wide ASpect ratio"
-Linus Sebastian, May 14, 2019
Meh - Månad sedan
5:31 clean your nails wtf Linus!
Planet Puffle
Planet Puffle - Månad sedan
Hi Linus you are sexy.
don Chilo
don Chilo - Månad sedan
This was a big advertising video. The phone is slower than my 2010 Galaxy also doesn't connect to the last 5 headphones I tryed
carter.n - Månad sedan
Bullshit. Absolute bullshit.
don Chilo
don Chilo - Månad sedan
The only good about this phone is that charger fast and charge last long. But is slow and disconects every time I'm using it
NazoFruciak - Månad sedan
Finally RGB with a mouse function !
SUB13 customs - electric vehicles & green energy
thanks man, was thinking getting this one, but now i am definitely looking for something else.
Bork Kills One Leg Man
Bork Kills One Leg Man - Månad sedan
Steven Capp
Steven Capp - Månad sedan
Umm 7pro does have an always of display
Blaznazn5 - Månad sedan
Has anybody had the echoing problem during voice calls? I have the 8gb ram model of the OnePlus 7 Pro. Aside from this echoing problem, I love this phone. THE PROBLEM: when I am on a voice call, whether incoming or outgoing, the other person on the call hears their voice echoing back at them. On my end I don't hear the echoing, but I have confirmed this echoing problem for myself. I have contacted OnePlus several times over the last couple of months.
Things I have tried:
1. Updated to the latest Oxygen OS version (10.3)
2. Cleared the cache by pressing volume down + power buttons and going through the menu options
3. Rebooting the phone...
4. Removing my phone case
5. Changing out the SIM card. My wife has AT&T and I have T-Mobile. The echo problem still persisted echoing on the other device. This tells me that it is not a problem with the physical SIM cards, nor is it a problem with carrier.
6. Using 3rd party dialers. Interestingly Facebook messenger worked for a bit but Drupe does not work. I don't want to use messenger to make my phone calls, it's just not a good compromise.
Short of factory resetting... I don't know what to do.
I have found a thread in the OnePlus community forums with people citing this problem as far back as 8 months ago. Aso this problem doesn't seem to be limited to the one plus 7pro. I called OnePlus and they finally had me download some zip files and promised that their level 2 tech support would call me to get this resolved. That was a week ago, no call yet. The files seem to be for their guacamole legacy files.
From what I can tell about the problem, the microphone is picking up the voice of the person on the other end and echoing back at them. Seems like this problem can be fixed with a software update to boost noise cancellation.
Does anybody have any thoughts on this? Linus?
Melody - Månad sedan
how do you dealt with the 200g problem ?
max keaton
max keaton - Månad sedan
Just wanted to ask this....does the non variant primal one plus 7 pro can support 5G in future??
Joshua Mrugalski
Joshua Mrugalski - Månad sedan
Fastest android device... Chucks it across the room Jeez that’s fast
ethan - Månad sedan
This phone is 499 right now
David Tudor/Wehr
David Tudor/Wehr - Månad sedan
My hands are 20cm in length, is the OnePlus 7 Pro too big for my hands?
Christoph Blüm
Christoph Blüm - Månad sedan
You can even wrap your Tesla Cybertruck nowadays with dbrand ;)
Fluffy Waffles
Fluffy Waffles - Månad sedan
Honestly, lack of wireless charging is a total dealbreaker for me. I have multiple pads set up in my home and the convenience of being able to just set my phone down while I'm playing a game or something cannot be overstated.
Tumezu - Månad sedan
Iphone 11 pro 1100€
4gb ram
Oneplus 7 pro 700€
12gb ram
Mind418 - Månad sedan
Dont compare android with ios. Ios is more optimized than android. 2gb ram ios can run Pubg on max graphics and 60fps when 4gb ram android can't
Nilos Khansic
Nilos Khansic - Månad sedan
8:15 a legend was born
concern citizen
concern citizen - Månad sedan
Why I'm always slide down when i look the comments...
God damnit latest version of YouTube😄
guy anello
guy anello - Månad sedan
After about 5 months with this phone I can say that every aspect of the camera has improved tremendously. I think it's competitive with or better than iPhones and Samsung's with photos, but still somewhat inferior to iPhone with video
guy anello
guy anello - Månad sedan
@carter.n also, I seriously do get incredible photos with the phone, both light and dark. I work at a zoo in Costa Rica, so I do lots of animal photography and I always get compliments on the camera. Good lighting and dark lighting both work very well, but the in between is spotty.
guy anello
guy anello - Månad sedan
@carter.n I have, I saw no real improvement, so I never redownloaded it after updating to Android 10. Maybe I'll see if the pixel 4 port will work better, especially video. Plus, having just one camera compared to three was pretty limiting, but maybe the pixel 4 port will let me use two.
carter.n - Månad sedan
Have you tried the Google camera apk?
Sam Weber
Sam Weber - Månad sedan
Removable batteries haven’t been a thing for years in flagships Linus. Get over it lol 1:37
RuiYi - Månad sedan
I though my p30Pro was underpowered to the 855 and even struggles in certain situations with 845. Just took a look over some benchmark and with this video, the Galaxy flagship is way underpowered to snapdragon and lose against the kirin.
DonBarnos 69
DonBarnos 69 - Månad sedan
i got linuses honey ad on linuses video
thanks obama
xFreakArmyX - Månad sedan
Got the OnePlus 7 Pro about 2-3weeks ago, best phone i've ever owned so far hands down, and i've owned iphones and samsungs
A.R.B.A - Månad sedan
Do u think it's much superior for selfie video compared to 7t
Birk SS
Birk SS - Månad sedan
im gonna buy a op 7t pro
Quantum_Chezburger 227
Quantum_Chezburger 227 - Månad sedan
Watching this on my 7 pro
TheAussieGamer - Månad sedan
"Oneplus phones hold their value so much"
Me: buys oneplus 3t for $56 USD
Quadrin - Månad sedan
@Overlord maybe he was ok with it because he probably didn't need that much of a phone
TheAussieGamer - Månad sedan
@Overlord yes ive used all my spending money on upgrading my pc as i use it alot more
Overlord - Månad sedan
@TheAussieGamer dude Wth, you been using an iPhone 4s till 2019?💀
TheAussieGamer - Månad sedan
TOPSPOT its still shipping however I believe it will work perfectly as i am upgrading from an iPhone 4s
TOPSPOT - Månad sedan
How's it working for you? I have the 7 Pro and expect to get 3-4 years outta it, so wondering how OnePlus holds up.
Dante Inouye
Dante Inouye - Månad sedan
Who noticed the mistake at 8:23.

The caption up top shows "the Real solution to the Notch - Vivo Nex Dual Display" while the phone pictured is a Xiaomi Mi Mix 3.
Overlord - Månad sedan
Dayum, your attention to details is impressive.
Leroy Glass
Leroy Glass - Månad sedan
It is incredible for the money. And you can get it for around 350 to 400 dollars. Compared to the iPhone 11 pro max which is around 1000 bucks.
Leroy Glass
Leroy Glass - Månad sedan
OnePlus claim that the OnePlus 7 pro is water resistant.
J Vincent
J Vincent - Månad sedan
Please don't blur out your phone, it's quite unprofessional. Just disable them for the review
Richard McClure
Richard McClure - Månad sedan
Best phone of 2019. But I don't own one
Your Best Friend Spinel
Your Best Friend Spinel - 2 månader sedan
As long as Linus likes it then I buy it
Randy - 2 månader sedan
Thats a dirty fucking thumb
Louder86 - 2 månader sedan
Does someone know where to buy this case? I can't find it...
M0dder_ARCHIVE - Månad sedan
It's a skin from dbrand
Gabriel Heart
Gabriel Heart - 2 månader sedan
Don Schroeder
Don Schroeder - 2 månader sedan
Any difference if I bought the OnePlus 7 pro 6 gig / 128 gig virgin vs. 8GB 256gb? Like from a performance standpoint I would think that would both perform the same
carter.n - 2 månader sedan
They both do but the 8GB/256GB has more ram than the other, meaning it'll be better at multitasking.