OnePlus 7 Pro Review - The Fastest Android I've Used!

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Dmitriy Chaikovskiy
Dmitriy Chaikovskiy - 15 timmar sedan
Ohhhh come on Linus, 1+7 pro camera sucks
Nikki Luca
Nikki Luca - Dag sedan
iirc, the 7 pro is basically waterproof, Dave2D has a good video on it, they just didn’t want to pay for the IP rating and did all testing in house
Stop Blocking The Truth
Just bought this phone, and it is incredibly awesome! Signed former Samsung user. Still love you Sammy
Craziestbanana - Dag sedan
just bought the oneplus 7 for £350, because its £10 more than a k20 pro and has double the storage and a ois on the rear camera; 8gb of ram, 256gb of storage for £350, they are still the budget kings in non pro regions.
Peter Harry
Peter Harry - Dag sedan
I have a phone called infinix zero 2, it's so trash
Souriddha chakraborty
Souriddha chakraborty - 2 dagar sedan
Some points you missed linus, first of all, for the "48 MP" photos, you need to go to pro mode and enable it.
Second of all, the 6T will still hold better battery life because it's a lower res 60 Hz. The 90 Hz combined with 1440p, reduces battery life, however you can reduce the refresh rate, but again, it defeats the point of having it.

And third, well it's obvious that one plus will beat any, ANY phone in app loading or booting time, thanks to the UFS 3.0.
My brother has the XS Max and I have the 7 pro, let me tell you, in terms of Camera, screen and "speed" Apple is inferior. No, I'm not being biased. But then apple's build quality is top notch. But personally, I'd rather save those extra bucks and still have more phone In my hand.
Jorge Gayer
Jorge Gayer - 3 dagar sedan
Why you mentioned you got all your notifications? I'm having problems with my S10 notifications and wondering If anyone Else gets the same problem. Do you have any video mentioning this?
Wonder Lamb
Wonder Lamb - 3 dagar sedan
I swear OnePlus and Xiaomi are the only good phone companies
Super Slovak
Super Slovak - 4 dagar sedan
Why is it such a bad thing to watch movies on a phone
NChync - 4 dagar sedan
Nah... Might as well have no animations system wide, no icons just words, or just go back to command lines
mark bulauan
mark bulauan - 5 dagar sedan
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mark bulauan
mark bulauan - 5 dagar sedan
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mark bulauan
mark bulauan - 5 dagar sedan
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mark bulauan - 5 dagar sedan
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mark bulauan
mark bulauan - 5 dagar sedan
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mark bulauan
mark bulauan - 5 dagar sedan
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Thiyagu Tenysen
Thiyagu Tenysen - 5 dagar sedan
I don't know why you gave a worst review about s10
Thiyagu Tenysen
Thiyagu Tenysen - 5 dagar sedan
S10+ is surely better than 7 pro
Omer mirza
Omer mirza - 5 dagar sedan
7:16 camera
Cody O'Brien
Cody O'Brien - 5 dagar sedan
Mine shows up on Friday and I can't f**king wait. I'm rocking a LG G5 so this is gonna me a huge upgrade.
Daniel Picazo
Daniel Picazo - 5 dagar sedan
Using it right now. Best phone out there, it's just fantastic
Kae - 5 dagar sedan
oh well guess you never looked at the Sony Xperia 1...
SoggZ - 5 dagar sedan
To large?
6,67 is it the modern cod piece to impress the ladies?
Baqer Alasadi
Baqer Alasadi - 5 dagar sedan
I did everything he did to his s10 on mine and mine is a ton faster than his
Arnav Sharma
Arnav Sharma - 6 dagar sedan
Well you haven't used the 2
2vaped4u - 7 dagar sedan
12GB Vs 8GB Red Magic
Jeton Cesaj
Jeton Cesaj - 7 dagar sedan
Wait,Wait,WAIT A MIN.FASTEST ANDROID PHONE IS THE REDMI K20 PRO,which has 388,803 antutu points.
Stop Blocking The Truth
We are talking about REAL WORLD USE. AKA ,90hz refresh rate
Infinity war
Linus i thought that you arent better than this
Hermes V
Hermes V - 8 dagar sedan
Watching this on a 7 pro 😉
Marcel Bruinsma
Marcel Bruinsma - 9 dagar sedan
6GB+128GB $669 and 8GB+258GB.
Apple eat your heart out!
As an Apple boy I'm quite tempted.
Alex M.
Alex M. - 9 dagar sedan
"F**k motorised parts. Long live the headphone jack."
Subscribe & Like
Subscribe & Like - 9 dagar sedan
Just try redmi k20 pro ... Dude
Goose bot
Goose bot - 9 dagar sedan
Easily my favorite and possibly best phone of the year, to address some of the complaints, my earbuds are already wireless, I don't care for the independent rating, and yea, it is pretty pricey
Ice Master
Ice Master - 10 dagar sedan
Hello there,

I've been using my S7 for almost 2 years now and was thinking of an upgrade.
But, I can't really make up my mind, if I should go with the Oneplus 7(Regular not Pro) or Galaxy S10.

What would you recommend?
HBBKS - 9 dagar sedan
Dude, for 400$, you can get a Xiaomi Mi 9 that is faster than any of the samsung phones. It has SD 855, 6/8/12GB of RAM and 6'39 display. Go for it. Also the Triple Camera, and 48MP one.
Ice Master
Ice Master - 9 dagar sedan
@Wasir Hello, Thanks for the reply. I was considering getting a lower priced device that also happens to have great specs. I also factor in that the last 4 smartphones that I owned were all Samsung phones. I was thinking about a change of brands and Oneplus seems appealing.
Wasir - 10 dagar sedan
Ice Master If money isn’t a problem, of course, go for the S10. The headphone jack, ip rating, wireless charging, memory card expandability will only become more useful as time goes on. You will get good value for your money.
Byron - 10 dagar sedan
Is this your new daily?
Scheurer - 10 dagar sedan
No it is not all about the software. I work as a industrial mechanic in a foundry. How it is built is important to me so it wont die on the first day of work. Everything this phone has in terms of build quality makes me wanna die. A freaking pop up camera. The more complicated you make something the easier it is gonna break. I will probably have to settle for a CAT simply because they at least look like they are built to last.
GungHo - 10 dagar sedan
If only it had a headphone jack
Sander Alphen
Sander Alphen - 10 dagar sedan
Clear up your notifications. Omg so many.
vivi xD
vivi xD - 11 dagar sedan
You know what's faster than op7 pro.

It's cheaper sibling op7
Duckernator - 10 dagar sedan
sounds like someone trying to make themselves feel better for not getting the op7 pro
tankdog03 - 11 dagar sedan
Note 9 is still the perfect all in one has everything phone.. and all features
Food Republic
Food Republic - 11 dagar sedan
Except the ugly back camera layout and fingerprint
tankdog03 - 11 dagar sedan
I find wireless charging is only useful in my car using a wireless charging car mount, any other time I just plug it in, usually at night I'm watching videos plugged in..
Jaime Ornelas Arciga
Jaime Ornelas Arciga - 12 dagar sedan
I have this phone Its A Great phone
Costa Gravaris
Costa Gravaris - 13 dagar sedan
Wireless charging is so overrated, not worried about that at all.
Martin Kiel
Martin Kiel - Timme sedan
@Comkio Because in the last 4 years you'll have plugged your phone over 1400 times and I only had to plug the pads once? Anywhere I work in my home, I set my phone down and it's topping up, and whenever I leave the house, it's around 80% at any given time
Comkio - 2 timmar sedan
@Martin Kiel Let me just put my phone on a pad that's already wired. That's semi-wireless charging. Why not take the cable that the pad was plugged in with and just charge your phone with it lmao
Comkio - 2 timmar sedan
@Martin Kiel Yeah man I have a galaxy s9 and it has wireless charging but i wont buy a charging pad any time soon. It's such a stupid concept
Martin Kiel
Martin Kiel - 2 timmar sedan
@unOriginal Gaming You've gotta admit wireless charging is pretty cool though, like the Porsche Mission E that starts charging automatically when you park it in your garage
unOriginal Gaming
unOriginal Gaming - 8 timmar sedan
Same. Never liked the idea of wireless charging. I mean, it’s cool and all I’m sure cable charge up way faster than wireless. Maybe it’d be good if you hang it in your car which has wireless charger but to me it doesn’t matter cause I don’t use it. Just like my XS Max. What’s the use of paying more for wireless charge capability if I still use cable all the time?
azrul nizam
azrul nizam - 13 dagar sedan
Believe me one day Oneplus is going to be a status symbol.
Alex Mobii
Alex Mobii - 13 dagar sedan
I still think the best task switching is in MIUI 10. Its really does take advantage of bigger screens these days.
Darius Moglia
Darius Moglia - 14 dagar sedan
Well... Another 2 sponso video...
Grey Goose
Grey Goose - 14 dagar sedan
No wireless charging is an instant deal breaker for me for the price. I guess I'll wait and see what the one plus 8 offers
Mushroomstamp - 13 dagar sedan
Grey Goose rofl wireless charging ? Stop it I’ve never found a need to leave my phone charging for 4 hours ... plug it in .
Flow Chart Ken
Flow Chart Ken - 14 dagar sedan
Ordered my case with skin from dbrand on the day of this video release and now it's going to ship to me at the end of this month of July.
Never ordering form them again
darkultra - 15 dagar sedan
Ooohhh 90hz smooth! Too bad it doesn't divide eith 24 or 60, that mrans stuttering. Waiting for a 120hz phone. Even smoother and divides cleanly with 24, 30 and 60fps.
Mushroomstamp - 13 dagar sedan
darkultra stuttering ? Try again like really actually use the dang thing I don’t even have a 7 Pro i have an Xs max and I can see from a mile away your comment is bullshit based on what ? Random math 🤔
tntboom77 - 15 dagar sedan
It has always on screen !!!
Jimmy Gangster
Jimmy Gangster - 15 dagar sedan
I honestly didn't find the price to be that bad, even for the top model. I mean this thing is damn near borderline even with the S10+ in every aspect and costs $400 less. I do have to admit that the glare on the edges looks like it could be annoying, but I also know that I rarely, if ever, use my phone with a light directly over me like youtubers do while making videos and the only light that would really be directly over me during use would be the sun if I'm outside and even then I'm not trying to watch a movie or videos in general at that time. I am a little nervous about the front camera because of the whole mechanical aspect of it and it being an opening in the phone for dust to build up. I do hate the headphone jack not being there but when shopping for a phone I took a good long thought into consideration and realized that I RARELY even use my headphones with my phone, 90% of the time I have it connected to my car or a wireless speaker via bluetooth and the only time I use the headphone jack is when I mow the lawn while listening to spotify, and that's only a couple of hours at a time. I also have an mp3 player I use at work that I can just listen to instead, no big deal for me. Wireless charging I honestly couldn't care less about, I understand the convenience but it's something I don't mind not having, I can manage to plug my phone in, I'm not that lazy. Water resistance I have lived without and have done just fine, I just use common sense and don't use my phone where there's a chance of it getting dropped in water, I'm in the pool with it, I'm not in the shower with it, I'm not laying my phone right beside a sink that's full of water, I'm conscious about that and put my phone out of harms way.
kiran bondre
kiran bondre - 15 dagar sedan
While apple just introducing dark mode
Emmanuel Diseko
Emmanuel Diseko - 16 dagar sedan
Aren't you by any chance selling that phone?
TheKeyMast3r - 16 dagar sedan
I have this phone :)
JDM CJM - 16 dagar sedan
I'm taking my one plus 7 pro back today. The camera is dreadful. The "3x optical zoom" lens is just a blurry mess. I wish I didn't sell my mate 20 pro. The camera was so much better,. I may just get a samsung.
Chris Schuler
Chris Schuler - 17 dagar sedan
I charge my p10 to 80 percent, get home with 40 percent, on a really inefficient 16nm SoC