The Lion King Official Trailer

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Arti Sharma
Arti Sharma - 33 minuter sedan
Disney pr miraculous baps le aaeye😭😭
Tony's W Family
Tony's W Family - 49 minuter sedan
Film bagus
OldGerard - 2 timmar sedan
Saw this opening day in '94 as a 4 year old. Fully prepared to bawl my fuckin eyes out opening day as a 29 year old. I honestly don't think any animated movie ever completely and fully impacted a specific generation of kids like The Lion King did.
The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead - 3 timmar sedan
1:38 best part of the trailer
Fakhrul Islam
Fakhrul Islam - 3 timmar sedan
By watching the trailer I have goosebumps
hafizh N M
hafizh N M - 4 timmar sedan
I dodn't hear the TIGER KING ?
Muhammad Azhar
Muhammad Azhar - 4 timmar sedan
Main symbol Ko Chod Dunga Main Alliance
Saeed Mirza
Saeed Mirza - 5 timmar sedan
It will be the most beautiful gift for me in these summers.
Edu Ov
Edu Ov - 5 timmar sedan
Everyone knows that this is a plagiarism, right?
XKITTYX - 6 timmar sedan
Yabigboi - 8 timmar sedan
The CGI for these animals are incredible. So real that it's hard to see these lions talking and believe it
Morgan Priest
Morgan Priest - 8 timmar sedan
This right here is the BEST birthday gift I could ever ask for. My 3rd birthday was all Lion King themed and it's one of my earliest memories. Now, 25 years later, I'm going to be celebrating my 28th birthday the same way! Talk about a timeless classic. ❤ I couldn't be more excited! My 4 year old can't wait to see it with me and I am honored to share this experience with her the way my Mom shared it with me. It's the Circle of Life! 😄🤣
Marilia Serrano
Marilia Serrano - 9 timmar sedan
I can’t wait 😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️♥️😭😭😭🦁
Shini Ryuga
Shini Ryuga - 11 timmar sedan
I wish Jeremy Irons came back too...
IKA KUSUMA DEWI - 11 timmar sedan
Henry Mockingbird
Henry Mockingbird - 12 timmar sedan
I wonder how they got James earl jones to do this piece of shit
Valeria Hass
Valeria Hass - 13 timmar sedan
Airleas Bogdanovic
Airleas Bogdanovic - 13 timmar sedan
This is giving me Narnia vibes
Frog In the forest
Frog In the forest - 13 timmar sedan
Finally a movie I can watch with my mom, that’s not so chidish or a bit too grown up.
Nina Jiso
Nina Jiso - 14 timmar sedan
Am waiting 😭
Paulina De La Rocha Hermann
Paulina De La Rocha Hermann - 14 timmar sedan
This is warming my heart
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez - 14 timmar sedan
Awem baway awem baway : )
Digital Sports
Digital Sports - 15 timmar sedan
It's my birthday, please subscribe my page and make my day great
David Wiese
David Wiese - 15 timmar sedan
After the Jungle Book, I would trust none other than Jon Favreau with this classic and powerful story. Feeling lots of emotions right now. Can't wait until it hits theaters.
Angry Ginga Dude
Angry Ginga Dude - 15 timmar sedan
I be worried about this film after recent live action adaptations
Luke Long
Luke Long - 15 timmar sedan
I love the theme in this trailer. I hope it’s in the movie 🤞🏼.
jupiter is a bean
jupiter is a bean - 16 timmar sedan
I know what happens and I'm still gonna act shocked and cry
Jar - 16 timmar sedan
im 14 so i wasnt an oldy like u guys xd

but when it comes out and my mom takes me to the theater with my sister

my mom is going to keep singing the songs xd
Bhanu prakash
Bhanu prakash - 17 timmar sedan
1:39 timon & pumba singing crazy
The_Man From_The_Moon
The_Man From_The_Moon - 17 timmar sedan
Huge shout out to all the hard work put in by the animal trainers. It's pretty difficult to get lions to work with hyenas effectively
japplewhite1986 - 17 timmar sedan
Disney f*** this up. I like Ejiofor as an actor. But, the role should've been reprised by Jeremy Irons. Irons, has that sinister voice for Scar which made his character so much better in the cartoon series.
Cak Tosi
Cak Tosi - 18 timmar sedan
Liliana Blas Flores
Liliana Blas Flores - 19 timmar sedan
en verdad hubiera disfrutado la pelicula si mufasa no hubiera muerto.
Vanesa S
Vanesa S - 20 timmar sedan
What is the song at 1:39 minute ? Please
Adrian Marin
Adrian Marin - 9 timmar sedan
The Lion Sleeps Tonight - Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen
ConZee Milanna
ConZee Milanna - 20 timmar sedan
1:38 What a music?
Candy Rushinsky
Candy Rushinsky - 20 timmar sedan
Disney will ALWAYS have a place in my heart ❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🍾🥂
Mario Chandra
Mario Chandra - 21 timme sedan
I wish beyonce will sing "can you feel the love thonight"
Artur Garncarz
Artur Garncarz - 22 timmar sedan
Do you want to know how i got those scars?
Donxgraphics - 23 timmar sedan
This is gona be the biggest 30 year old
festival ever
Mafr0 - 23 timmar sedan
Some of the absolute greatest CG ever created, I'd go see it just to appreciate quality, but there's absolutely nothing about this that makes me want to take children to see it. Without the cute anthropomorphism, there's nothing for kids to engage with. This will just be a David Attenborough Doco to them, except with James Earl Jones.
ballboi777 - Dag sedan
a cat
Phil Rubi
Phil Rubi - Dag sedan
Not one single animal among the voice actors... cultural appropriation!!!
demise3601 - Dag sedan
Watched this movie a billion times when I was a kid, now I have to watch this a billion time as adult.
Gian Arligue
Gian Arligue - Dag sedan
The music at 1:14 gives me chills!!
shawn hart
shawn hart - Dag sedan
Challenge crying when mufasa dead
WakandaForeva - Dag sedan
35M kids have watched this video. Disney gon be RICH (but they are rich though xd)
Fursthetic - Dag sedan
They better add in the Blooper outtakes
Victor UnGuise'
Victor UnGuise' - Dag sedan
I feel the same excitement as when I was a kid watching the very first lion king.
Can't wait for the movie to come out.
Martha Torres
Martha Torres - Dag sedan
Qué bonito!!!!! Si me gustó!!😘
LLesDragonXX - Dag sedan
Ok so far we've had The Jungle Book and now The Lion King that have mainly animals in them if they ever do a Bambi, Brother Bear, or The Fox and The Hound live action i can die happily even though i don't wanna die.
Rebecca Jay
Rebecca Jay - Dag sedan
cant wait to cry again
Patry Atry
Patry Atry - Dag sedan
Scar sounds weak Jafar in Aladdin remake. Millennial men have no testosterone 🤣...sound like a 12 year old trying to sound manly
RintinDestiny - Dag sedan
Unpopular opinion: this is literally a reanimating of an already amazing animated film just so that a multi million dollar company can take even more money with half of the creative process. Beautiful looking and well acted yes, but a cash grab/maintenance of copyright all the same.
4kAutonomous - Dag sedan
My childhood is growing
izdan rahman
izdan rahman - Dag sedan
Anyone see this trailer when watching toy story 4?
Olufolarin Oduntan
Olufolarin Oduntan - Dag sedan
All of the Disney remakes, including this, look like shit.
jfloresdrums - Dag sedan
All we need now is a Pinocchio remake and my life will be complete 😭
Celeste d u l c e
Celeste d u l c e - Dag sedan
Mis emociones
kondziu124 - Dag sedan
Is there a link already for a full version of this refreshed version of King of Pride Rock song?
Muthu Muniyandi K
Muthu Muniyandi K - Dag sedan
Hakunna mattata timon and pumba
Muthu Muniyandi K
Muthu Muniyandi K - Dag sedan
Hans zimmer all time favorite
xr_repost_stunnahshane Bad vibes
Tristen Weaver
Tristen Weaver - Dag sedan
“Life’s now fair, is it my little friend? While some are born to feast, others sent their lives in the dark, begging for scraps” best scar line ever
Nimish Tyagi
Nimish Tyagi - Dag sedan please think about it
Emily Ayers
Emily Ayers - Dag sedan
after this we will need a lion king 2 with kiara
Dianty Meuthia Utami
Dianty Meuthia Utami - Dag sedan
Omg this beyonce can you feel the love tonight give me goosebumps. Feels like being there with simba and others friend 😋
Ziaul Khan
Ziaul Khan - Dag sedan
srk will rock in this
Salo Romano
Salo Romano - Dag sedan
The best part of this movie is that you didn’t have to get it spoiled for you.... yet still cry like a bitch when Mufasa dies. #TheLionKing
C. C.
C. C. - Dag sedan
Ya know... there's kind of a reason this movie got best animation. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
Atanas Arshinkov
Atanas Arshinkov - 2 dagar sedan
Oh My Goooooodness! I just can't wait... So hyped for this movie! Epic trailer!
RicaElla Tamayo
RicaElla Tamayo - 2 dagar sedan
Aslan is that you?
김수광 - 2 dagar sedan
Simba - Aaron Davis
Scar - Solomon Northup
Rafiki - King T'Chaka
Pumbaa - Master Mantis
Kamari - Ducky
Asha Ell
Asha Ell - 2 dagar sedan
If you love the Lion King and cried even though u watched it multiple times, I suggest u research on Kimba. The truth shook me.
Cim Cim YT/PJ
Cim Cim YT/PJ - 2 dagar sedan
Me: **Watches the trailers**
Also me: “Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry...”
Khampower - 2 dagar sedan
Aphropic ChiefBlacFreq
Aphropic ChiefBlacFreq - 2 dagar sedan
I get that we're in the future and all but I need Disney to release a statement saying there were no animals harmed in the filming and I'll be free to enjoy this movie.
Alexander - 2 dagar sedan
The soundtrack that reminds me that this is lion king
Kathy C
Kathy C - 2 dagar sedan
Do I hear the tune of Endless Night from the Broadway musical?
Chase Weatherby
Chase Weatherby - 2 dagar sedan
Not my Mufasa
Antoinette Frank
Antoinette Frank - 2 dagar sedan
Imma be in there saying & singing every word🤣 and no I'm not bringing my kids #imabigkidnow #loinking #2019
lalala land
lalala land - 2 dagar sedan
My all time favorite
Kartik Khandelwal
Kartik Khandelwal - 2 dagar sedan
No one can make man and animal humble like Lion does...
Blueberry Pitbull
Blueberry Pitbull - 2 dagar sedan
The Lion King is a rip off of Kimba the white lion.
Akash Saini
Akash Saini - 2 dagar sedan
This is gonna be epic!
Mr.Crabbz - 2 dagar sedan
Already my favorite movie
Mario Bross
Mario Bross - 2 dagar sedan
The music its amazing really dramatis
CK San Juan
CK San Juan - 2 dagar sedan
Cant wait for this! My childhood fav movie 😍
spooder doodle
spooder doodle - 2 dagar sedan
Haryo Bintoro
Haryo Bintoro - 2 dagar sedan
Rob Nieves
Rob Nieves - 2 dagar sedan
Can you feel, the love tonight?
Michael Hallett
Michael Hallett - 2 dagar sedan
Haven't been cinema for a long time... but this is a must 😂👌
Justin Fencsak
Justin Fencsak - 2 dagar sedan
Looks like tickets are selling slowly
Slithery Plays
Slithery Plays - 2 dagar sedan
Will there be nazi hyenas singing tho?
Justin Fencsak
Justin Fencsak - 2 dagar sedan
T Shel
T Shel - 2 dagar sedan
I am to EXCITED about this movie....I believe it is going to be more adults than kids in there :)
Rajib Ahmed
Rajib Ahmed - 2 dagar sedan
Can't waij
Ashwin Selka P
Ashwin Selka P - 2 dagar sedan
Background music is heart touching, love it
Anvar Sadique
Anvar Sadique - 2 dagar sedan
I am thrilled
Man of Culture
Man of Culture - 2 dagar sedan
I'm not ready to see Mufasa die in HD
Justin Fencsak
Justin Fencsak - 2 dagar sedan
4k to be exact
SamRocks - 2 dagar sedan
The stampede scene is gonna wreck us all I guarantee
Justin Fencsak
Justin Fencsak - 2 dagar sedan
I'll probably go to the bathroom during the songs