The Stranger Things Cast Teaches Jimmy the "Chicken Noodle Soup" Song

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Daevion Jones
Daevion Jones - 18 minuter sedan
That song was lokey 🔥
Keashzan Centineo
Keashzan Centineo - 26 minuter sedan
Everyone: singing chicken noodle soup
Noah: wrapping his arm around Millie's shoulder
me: *oh smoOth*
HaloQueen - 47 minuter sedan
6:39 what😂😂😂
Stephanie López
Stephanie López - Timme sedan
I actually got really sad when Billy died bc he wanted to save El :')
Irving Khoo
Irving Khoo - Timme sedan
Jimmy looks like their Jim hopper here
Caitlyn Hogston
Caitlyn Hogston - Timme sedan
Caleb had an amazing singing voice oml ❤️❤️
LilRandomPotato - 2 timmar sedan
Should i stay or should eggo
Morgann Liz
Morgann Liz - 2 timmar sedan
Kid in the green keeps looking and gazing at sadie i love it
Affan Ahmad
Affan Ahmad - 2 timmar sedan
Stranger things in a nutshell:
Where there is Will there is a way
Liss Loss
Liss Loss - 3 timmar sedan
who else is binge watching strangerthings interview🤔😂
crtitical thinking
crtitical thinking - 3 timmar sedan
Strangers thing season 8.. These kids will have beard lose virginity have babies.. And we wud still be thinking them as a kid..
Crazy_ Potato
Crazy_ Potato - 3 timmar sedan
1: Will
2: Max
3: Dustin
6: Mike
7: Joyce
9: Johnathan
0: Steve
like to see who you are!☺️
Piyush Sumera
Piyush Sumera - 4 timmar sedan
Dustin is happiness personified 😃
La Mataga
La Mataga - 4 timmar sedan
goddamn noice
Flyin Danger
Flyin Danger - 4 timmar sedan
Will and max kept starirng at each other
Flash PL
Flash PL - 4 timmar sedan
Adrian Malakas
Adrian Malakas - 5 timmar sedan
Dustin is like the only one who hasn't been through puberty.
Btw I love Maxine but what's her name irl?
Keashzan Centineo
Keashzan Centineo - 31 minut sedan
Yea he pretty much have the same face. Btw, it's Sadie Sink.
Anete Perkone
Anete Perkone - 7 timmar sedan
omg the way how noah put his arm arm around millies back (so cute) during the song
Ahmed Seelawi
Ahmed Seelawi - 7 timmar sedan
How I love dustin ! He is super and cool
Josh M
Josh M - 7 timmar sedan
"no a real working mall"
Tanja M
Tanja M - 7 timmar sedan
When Noah hugged Millie during the song my heart melted 💓💓💓
Aitamagari - 7 timmar sedan
4:55 OMG noah’s arm arround
k p
k p - 7 timmar sedan
They should have put the last two behind the first four. Terrible set design!!
Puppy LoverXOXO
Puppy LoverXOXO - 8 timmar sedan
if I ever actually meet Sadie,finn,millie,joe, or noah id literally have a panic attack :,)
Vezox Artex
Vezox Artex - 8 timmar sedan
Sadie sink is very beautiful ❤️❤️😍
CreativeJam - 8 timmar sedan
Are we not going to talk about Noah's shoe-socks-trousers-catastrophe situation?
chuchainess - 8 timmar sedan
Sad. You got me
laster_2 - 8 timmar sedan
Finn WolfHard's sock.
Sarah Karimi
Sarah Karimi - 9 timmar sedan
Gaten looks like Dustin but Caleb looks like he is not Lucas but Lucas’s father! 😂
Bloody Bubbles
Bloody Bubbles - 9 timmar sedan
I feel bad Millie is more quiet now after people were being mean to her I mean there a more than a couple reasons she should be able to talk a lot and be happy and not get called names and stuff she used to be happy and excited to be there
Jordan Ward
Jordan Ward - 9 timmar sedan
The looks they give each other lol
Heisenberg - 10 timmar sedan
The black guy is so dark, I couldn't see him.
L Bniaaan
L Bniaaan - 10 timmar sedan
I cried so much at season 3, the end is so sad omgosh
Trace Alyea
Trace Alyea - 11 timmar sedan
Classic because of back to the future?
J V - 11 timmar sedan
Mike n Will are gonna break some hearts in a few years, dammnnn
Brilliant Albatross
Brilliant Albatross - 11 timmar sedan
Sadie looked like an alien in stranger things
Cudas - 11 timmar sedan
The Dislikes Are People In The Upside Down Hitting The Like
Molly O'Leary
Molly O'Leary - 11 timmar sedan
7:11 Gaten: Bigger!

Noah: BiGgEr 😂😂😂
linn lala
linn lala - 12 timmar sedan
I fucking love you will 😭❤️❤️
Yubraj Karki
Yubraj Karki - 12 timmar sedan
oh my god...
look at the will 😍😍😍😍😍
Enzo Soriano
Enzo Soriano - 12 timmar sedan
millie has a lot mature woman tics!! consume cocaine??? sad!!!
Smooth Red
Smooth Red - 12 timmar sedan
Damn how they know 11 was gonna turn out to be so pretty 👀 she was made for that role
hille422 - 12 timmar sedan
Yeah, where's the babysitter.
MW Prod.
MW Prod. - 13 timmar sedan
just a little conspiracy, but these kids are already growing up so much, is it possible that luke’s sister and her freinds ( the little black girl that helped out in season three) could be the next kids to “save the world”. i mean these kids already look so different, and by the time season 4 rolls around these kids are gonna want nothing to do with being the role of geeks and monster slayers. kind of saddening. but i mean cmon there not gonna be able to keep this show ongoing with the same kids. which is gonna lose fans interest, at least mine personally, due to me loving the show so much particularly because of the kids and there characters. (as well as the story of course). give your thoughts :)
Mister GG
Mister GG - 13 timmar sedan
Noah with white socks over trousers... Yep... It confirms...sorry ladies.
Vishal Das
Vishal Das - 13 timmar sedan
I think will likes El 😂, just saying
Jan moleno
Jan moleno - 13 timmar sedan
Gaten really looks like adam devine
chickenXbacon - 13 timmar sedan
I now have cancer and am blind.
Jonathan Cabrera
Jonathan Cabrera - 13 timmar sedan
Will shooting his shot on eleven on national tv
delrey - 13 timmar sedan
sadie and finn at 4:56 🥰