Hot Cold Food Vs. Cold Hot Food Taste Test

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Happy Squid
Happy Squid - 9 timmar sedan
All swiss people like me are like: What do you think we do in Switzerland? Just skiinh and banking?😂
Cosette Khoury
Cosette Khoury - 13 timmar sedan
What's with Rhett and Switzerland....
Cosette Khoury
Cosette Khoury - 13 timmar sedan
0:46 please stop this madness
AshesToDust - Dag sedan
Dip the pocket!
Roberts Hockey
Roberts Hockey - 3 dagar sedan
I love cold woppers im weird ik
Chapstick Hyena
Chapstick Hyena - 3 dagar sedan
a todorki themed episode, nice.
Skylar Howes
Skylar Howes - 3 dagar sedan
I think you guys might be the best channel on YouTube, so much great content! Keep it up guys I absolutely love your videos 😁
Tricia Dela Torre
Tricia Dela Torre - 4 dagar sedan
The hot banana split somehow resembles a Filipino desert called "Bilu-bilo" or "Bilo-bilo", that is in my opinion.
Angela Smf
Angela Smf - 4 dagar sedan
What is it with rhett and Switzerland?😂😂😂
Jacob Wagers
Jacob Wagers - 4 dagar sedan
I didnt even vote and I still won
Owen Broeckel
Owen Broeckel - 5 dagar sedan
5:06 best moment of vid
Crystal Bui
Crystal Bui - 5 dagar sedan
They're so corny...but in a good way haha
Josiah Jones
Josiah Jones - 5 dagar sedan
Dude. Deep fried banana split is the best
Sasha Nehoda
Sasha Nehoda - 5 dagar sedan
I felt so motivated at the end😌 “you’ve already made it let’s get real here” 😂
Lydia Wesolowski
Lydia Wesolowski - 5 dagar sedan
The cosalaw looks like the dinner in coralline
Meow3431 - 5 dagar sedan
Wait what’s with the Swiss, eating everything hot?
Ken Raihan Gardia
Ken Raihan Gardia - 6 dagar sedan
Bruh dem vocals 👌👌👌
Lil’ ol’ me
Lil’ ol’ me - 6 dagar sedan
Heats some food up*
Rhett and Link: We have revolutionized the food market!
C B - 7 dagar sedan
Bruh.... Spossle is the new brew
Bailey Gross
Bailey Gross - 7 dagar sedan
Hot cole slaw is served at restaurants... it already is a real thing
stev6963 - 8 dagar sedan
Lmao @ Rhett talking about the Swiss for every hot food.
Kevin Nguyen
Kevin Nguyen - 8 dagar sedan
3:41 it looks like water and it says it’s sprite
Casey Gregori
Casey Gregori - 8 dagar sedan
Cold pizza. Checkmate
Soba Shot
Soba Shot - 8 dagar sedan
12:48 its called no lifes to 13:30
Scatman John
Scatman John - 8 dagar sedan
You’re reading this comment and thinking about toenails
Decipher - 9 dagar sedan
The hot banana split could be called "banana cream soup" you're welcome Rhett and link
King Star
King Star - 9 dagar sedan
Pizza and chicken are always good cold
Tesh 13
Tesh 13 - 9 dagar sedan
Part 2 part 2 part 2!!!
Isaiah Singer
Isaiah Singer - 9 dagar sedan
I would like spassle
Gecko Gamer
Gecko Gamer - 9 dagar sedan
Cold milk or hot milk
Julia McGowan
Julia McGowan - 9 dagar sedan
The names of the games get better every time😂
Silver Soldier
Silver Soldier - 9 dagar sedan
Water’s flavor is temperature
Jackson Beal
Jackson Beal - 9 dagar sedan
I feel like I’d be the one person on the Mythical Crew to snort/laugh at 90% of what Rhett and Link say/do and every other Mythical Crew member would be like “dude wtf chill”
Wisey day off
Wisey day off - 10 dagar sedan
Hot kool aid
Richard Xd Jams
Richard Xd Jams - 10 dagar sedan
6:46 New OCD
buckbumble - 10 dagar sedan
Most that Link has ever made me laugh. That was hysterical.
The Dark Kitten
The Dark Kitten - 10 dagar sedan
Is a cold hot pocket just a pocket?
Valery Nicolle Lemus Sandoval
One thing better cold than hot; pop tarts
Anonymous Girl
Anonymous Girl - 11 dagar sedan
I'm British but I banana split was always served to me hot, just a banana and chocolate and whipped cream on top.. am I the only one??
Bảo Quy Lam
Bảo Quy Lam - 12 dagar sedan
I know what you did there hot & cold
Micah - 12 dagar sedan
Do part 2 PLEASE
Nac0 Snackman
Nac0 Snackman - 12 dagar sedan
It wouldn't be cold hot pocket it would be a cold pocket
Emuzthewized - 12 dagar sedan
Bro why wouldn’t you like the hot pocket it’s like eating cold pizza
TheGoldenZilla - 13 dagar sedan
70,000th to like
hannahg - 13 dagar sedan
"You know why it's not bad? Cause its not"
Link 2019
Mahmoud Al-Ansari
Mahmoud Al-Ansari - 13 dagar sedan
We actually serve melted ice cream in Denmark 😋😋😋😋😋😋😂😂😂
Rainbow Banana
Rainbow Banana - 13 dagar sedan
9:50 bottom of the screen you can see a cursor
Cedric Wade
Cedric Wade - 13 dagar sedan
What is up with the Swiss
Tiffany Widseth
Tiffany Widseth - 13 dagar sedan
Isn’t hot coleslaw an actual German dish?
Joshua ten doornkaat
Joshua ten doornkaat - 14 dagar sedan
I think the problem is that everybody already knows what hot foods taste like when they get cold, because they automatically get cold. Cold foods don’t automatically get hot, you have to make them hot, that’s why it seems like there’s a new strange dish in front of you.