Hot Cold Food Vs. Cold Hot Food Taste Test

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MuseFX - 15 minuter sedan
Cold hot foods are defo better, such as cold spaghetti bolognese or lasagna
Caden Hibbert
Caden Hibbert - Timme sedan
Frozen French toast sticks are the best, yourwelcome
SonySamtron - Timme sedan
6:25 humans accidently discovering one of the most importaint uses of heat to help speeding up evolution.
Livy The Unicorn
Livy The Unicorn - Timme sedan
I like the new intro but I like the old one
Julie Henry
Julie Henry - 2 timmar sedan
The comments are just people quoting the video IM SORRY BUT YES, I HEARD I ALSO WATCHED THE VIDEO
WyernGaming - 2 timmar sedan
İts better than you giving something to her
Rhett:its not broth
Darah Greenwald
Darah Greenwald - 2 timmar sedan
Sweet foods salty vs salty foods sweet
rubiks guy
rubiks guy - 3 timmar sedan
rubiks guy
rubiks guy - 3 timmar sedan
rubiks guy
rubiks guy - 3 timmar sedan
Can i have some slosoul
rubiks guy
rubiks guy - 3 timmar sedan
That is banana soup
LEMRAN THE LEMON - 3 timmar sedan
Do foods
Lil Shithead
Lil Shithead - 4 timmar sedan
In indonesia we have an actual dessert that's kinda similar to hot banana split. It's called kolak and it's a hot mixture of coconut milk and palm sugar with bananas/yams/sweet potatoes.
Nathaniel Chanimov
Nathaniel Chanimov - 4 timmar sedan
What if hot pocket farted
katie holmes
katie holmes - 5 timmar sedan
What age range was that bit intended for I feel like it was like watching dora
Ramunas Banys
Ramunas Banys - 5 timmar sedan
If a hot pocket is cold would it be a cold pocket???
UNnaturallyBlue - 7 timmar sedan
Cold but thawed pizza rolls ♡♡♡
Vincent Miles Baeriswyl
Vincent Miles Baeriswyl - 8 timmar sedan
Wtf does rhett think Switzerland is like?😂
Sarah Matkins
Sarah Matkins - 8 timmar sedan
I got so nauseous watching this 🤢😂 anyone else?
Carlitos R
Carlitos R - 8 timmar sedan
I'd be just about as useful as Rhett is in a taste test. My family doesn't trust my judgement on food because I just think everything is delicious lol.
Gacha Maia565
Gacha Maia565 - 8 timmar sedan
At 0:43 the song got stuck on my head
Jared Orangetang
Jared Orangetang - 8 timmar sedan
I ate a cold Taco Bell beefy 5 layer burrito the other day and was loving every moment of it
heather hynes
heather hynes - 9 timmar sedan
Just end the clip already 😂😂😂😂😂
Ydlomoldy - 9 timmar sedan
wassel is water in german. dont ask
Stewart Drinks Beer
Stewart Drinks Beer - 9 timmar sedan
Hold up? Who freezers big macs? Is that a thing?
Fidel Jr Nobillos
Fidel Jr Nobillos - 9 timmar sedan
Hey rhett and link! I'm from philippines if you like the hot banana split why not try binignit a dish that is commonly serve in the holy week here in my country.
hannah Morrison
hannah Morrison - 9 timmar sedan
Cold left over pizza, I cant be the only one
Maulana Musa
Maulana Musa - 10 timmar sedan
Hot banana split looks just like what we call "kolak" here in Indonesia 😂
Polar Crate
Polar Crate - 11 timmar sedan
Ima just say
Hello to the people that haven’t vite because diesent have a Twitter account
Ps:I also don’t have an account
Kenji Sugimoto
Kenji Sugimoto - 11 timmar sedan
3:32 when you try to look cool in front of people you’ve never known.
Kenji Sugimoto
Kenji Sugimoto - 11 timmar sedan
0:29 Wow Link, your teeth should be immune to ice cream then.
I am NOT being sarcastic.

*or am I?*
Caroline Balkon
Caroline Balkon - 11 timmar sedan
funny, I think I ate hot pocket but not necessary peperoni
Livthelooneylooser - 13 timmar sedan
I love how they haven’t changed over the years
Emma Dibble
Emma Dibble - 13 timmar sedan
Why the heck does Rhett keep mentioning the Swiss
Vincent Thibaudeau
Vincent Thibaudeau - 14 timmar sedan
Will it poutine ?🇨🇦
Annly P
Annly P - 14 timmar sedan
“Let’s just taste this. Shut ya mouth!” 😂😂😂
SirIsaacFalcone - 14 timmar sedan
What over shirt is Rhett wearing?
CatMastier - 15 timmar sedan
call hot sprite the swiss suprise
L’s - 15 timmar sedan
‘i dont think thats broth ‘( ° ͜ʖ °)
riley mccormick
riley mccormick - 15 timmar sedan
I predict that link will shake his arm
Moonglow Galaxy
Moonglow Galaxy - 16 timmar sedan
Link: That's a little hard
Me: *whispers* That's what she said
ReaperGaming [60hz]
ReaperGaming [60hz] - 17 timmar sedan
“So it’s cool, just cool, into the mouth... POP! Noice.”
ivannaattention - 17 timmar sedan
********************************** *
ivannaattention - 17 timmar sedan
Taylor’s Show
Taylor’s Show - 17 timmar sedan
I don’t associate with this
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat - 18 timmar sedan
They are really toeing the line with the innuendos
Jayseboy 03
Jayseboy 03 - 18 timmar sedan
I am from Scotland and have only had guacamole 2 or 3 times and it has always been hot i had never even considered cold guacamole is that just a Scottish thing or does that happen anywhere else 😅
TheBoltMaster - 19 timmar sedan
I think the reason why hot cold foods are better is because, everyone has eaten some hot foods cold before, like cold pizza or cold fries. But hot ice cream? I don’t think many people eat hot ice cream, and you can make NEW DISHES by making cold foods hot
Jenny Miller
Jenny Miller - 19 timmar sedan
New business. Spasil & Waffle Haus
TheBoltMaster - 19 timmar sedan
Pizza is the one food that i refuse to eat cold(aside from some types of pasta, and also french fries)
Layla Valenzuela
Layla Valenzuela - 19 timmar sedan
Enchanter87 Gaming
Enchanter87 Gaming - 20 timmar sedan
Cold hot food 100% 👌🏼
beppe `
beppe ` - 20 timmar sedan
I havent watched yet i hope you do hot dogs cold
ButterKing -28
ButterKing -28 - 20 timmar sedan
I love the inspiration ヽ༼ ツ ༽ノ
Karen Huggins
Karen Huggins - 22 timmar sedan
Filthy martinis taste like ocean water 🤢
Oxyclean Get the tough stains out!
Cold *hot* pockets, it defies the name, rebellious, I like it.
BoyoBoy - 23 timmar sedan
Do more these Fan vs Hosts I like this.
Conor Totzke
Conor Totzke - 23 timmar sedan
Anyone from Switzerland that can confirm these new hot foods?
George Webb
George Webb - Dag sedan
“And now we’re going to inspire you like a person who is good at inspiring”
Link 2019
George Webb
George Webb - Dag sedan
When he recites a cards against humanity card
SleepingDragons - Dag sedan
That parody was the best intro into a game I've ever seen.
Dr. Edward Richtofen
Dr. Edward Richtofen - Dag sedan
CH33Z3D1P - Dag sedan
I miss the old GMM
The Big Cherry boi Taylor
Hot Dr. Pepper is really good. It kind of tastes like a mint tea.
Raven - Dag sedan
How are you guys so creative with your videos?
Zacary Mires
Zacary Mires - Dag sedan
For some reason I imagined Rhett with a ponytail this entire video.
Vanilla Boba
Vanilla Boba - Dag sedan
Okay but Belgium waffles and blueberries are way better frozen
Kaitlin - Dag sedan
Truly I love cold leftover chicken tenders or steak. Oh man cold steak! It's so good.
DCS Mustang
DCS Mustang - Dag sedan
I'm swiss and i can confirm!
Vitotaylor36 - Dag sedan
That song was freaking PERFECT
Batman2567 - Dag sedan
That Coleslaw doesn't look appetizing
Lisa S
Lisa S - Dag sedan
wish u could come to Germany :(
Rene Deleon
Rene Deleon - Dag sedan
2 million ppl watched a guy eat a cold hotpocket wtf is the world coming to
Micah James
Micah James - Dag sedan
Link was quick with that “shut your mouth”😂😂
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith - Dag sedan
The positive talking reminds me of John Cenas positive talking
STLND_Thomas_ - Dag sedan
Dry grapes vs wet rasins
Cantaloupersonal Ly
Cantaloupersonal Ly - Dag sedan
The hot banana split looks like our famous binignit in the Philippines.
PopukoLemon *
PopukoLemon * - Dag sedan
Ever try fried ice cream before? It's good!
luthfi abdoelkadir
luthfi abdoelkadir - Dag sedan
Sok2an hot banana split, itumah kolek
That one Snake
That one Snake - Dag sedan
I shall dub thee hotsprite
roppoqi - Dag sedan
hot foods are noice
Reside Coastal
Reside Coastal - Dag sedan
“Shutcha mouth” 😂😂😂😂😂
Luna and ruby gachaverse
Cold pizza is the best!🍕
beat hämmerlin
beat hämmerlin - Dag sedan
I am Swiss 🙈🇨🇭
In switzerland we don’t really have Banane Split 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hannah Shields
Hannah Shields - Dag sedan
That outro made me feel like I was on mushrooms omg I’m laughing so hard
Drew Fields
Drew Fields - Dag sedan
Hot Sprite....Sprot
Lilly Curran
Lilly Curran - Dag sedan
I can NEVER, EVER, EVER go to YouTuber tours because i'm in south Victoria, Australia.
William Smith
William Smith - Dag sedan
The swiss are going to be like "WTF"
Shadow - Dag sedan
What do you call a hot coleslaw
A Hoteslaw
69 or 420
69 or 420 - Dag sedan
You guys have the best intros on YouTube
Pack Of Wolves
Pack Of Wolves - Dag sedan
I had a cold hot pocket before and it's gross
Personality quizzes
Personality quizzes - Dag sedan
I can't believe they still haven't done a try not to eat challenge after all the games they have played with food.
TheEnchantedFrog - Dag sedan
Is It Still A Hot Pocket If It’s Cold?
Lectro Viking
Lectro Viking - Dag sedan
Dat intro
Carlos Olivo
Carlos Olivo - Dag sedan
Sees cold hot pocket
Me: wait thats illegal
Ashley Turner
Ashley Turner - Dag sedan
Hot Gatorade is pretty bomb
Kelsey Matthews
Kelsey Matthews - Dag sedan
When you put guac on a hot burrito, the guac gets hot after a while, and it's still good. :D
Aricela S
Aricela S - Dag sedan
I was hoping for cold pizza and or cold hot chocolate (cocoa) to show up😅😫
Wolfboy 41
Wolfboy 41 - Dag sedan
Like new intro, but CHANGE THE SONG BACK!
Andrew Ash
Andrew Ash - Dag sedan
I got my bardic inspiration, now to slay a dragon.