Millionaires vs Minimum Wage: Did You Earn Your Money?

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Kiwi Potato
Kiwi Potato - 4 timmar sedan
*I’ll die a D cup*
Graffiti Girl
Graffiti Girl - 5 timmar sedan
This could’ve been so much better with different people besides tierra lol
TiMe_lightsout_ - 6 timmar sedan
So werid seeing Graham on here learned a lot from his videos worth checking out been investing sence a kid because my one overall dream in life was to be financially independent and that was my mindset then and is now wont ever change I want the change$
Ossi - 6 timmar sedan
They really should have asked them does money buy happiness.
kay - 7 timmar sedan
the milliare black girl looks like cardi b
laura flores
laura flores - 8 timmar sedan
Bald guy and Beatriz are just bitching
The bald guy wants a place where money isn’t needed uhhh dumbass that’s called communism
Ana Beatriz is like well you need connections to do it so you can’t become rich what about going to school part time while you work take some late night classes and some online classes it’s possible
Merci G Vlogs
Merci G Vlogs - 9 timmar sedan
Ole girl in the jacket was on Bad Girls Club?? Or am I tripping?
Grant hill
Grant hill - 11 timmar sedan
My boy graham is on here!!!
AS AS - 11 timmar sedan
Wow this channel
Is out of this world
Pallavi Bhardwaj
Pallavi Bhardwaj - 11 timmar sedan
Treasure Ransom
Treasure Ransom - 12 timmar sedan
I ship Tierra and Graham 🙈😂😂
Alec Whitehawk
Alec Whitehawk - 13 timmar sedan
I Hope they can help out each other
\\ Charm //
\\ Charm // - 14 timmar sedan
Minimum wage: haha they earn so little
Millionaires: They earn too much it isn’t fair!
What do you want, lmao?
Eric L
Eric L - 14 timmar sedan
If you need proof the bald dude is a complete moron, click his Instagram url in the description
Night Owl
Night Owl - 15 timmar sedan
I mostly want more money so that I can save the hungry people and so that classes are more even!
Ayak Wol
Ayak Wol - 15 timmar sedan
Wow Graham reminds me of my ex boyfriend 🤔
Craig Reeves
Craig Reeves - 16 timmar sedan
Jubilee is the most depressing Youtube channel in existence. FACTS.
Axelle Valentine
Axelle Valentine - 17 timmar sedan
This fool graham looks like Hancock from fallout 4
Castor Angelie
Castor Angelie - 17 timmar sedan
Can you guys to a video on pro and anti children as in people who wants kids and those who don't
Cora Holmes
Cora Holmes - 17 timmar sedan
By the way, whether you are rich or poor are somewhere in the middle. You should always feel obligated to give back to people less fortunate no matter the outcome.
Brandon Corby
Brandon Corby - 18 timmar sedan
Guarantee Brett and real estate boy lived with parent or paid little rent to save enough part time to start business. Fact is we don't live in a meritocracy we live in a strictly connect (family, friends money) world. I can't believe they did ask should the minimum wage be risen. Starting a business take massive amounts of personal time most people can't stop working to invest that time.
Cameron Wyllis
Cameron Wyllis - 18 timmar sedan
"if you walk into a 5 million dollar house not speaking english they probably won't give you the hook up" well yeah thats probably because they can't understand you
reema - 18 timmar sedan
I kinda felt like Tierra and Graham were sorta feeling each other
just yassu
just yassu - 20 timmar sedan
omg i want graham and tierra to have a date,, the looks each other gives
miss keisha
miss keisha - 20 timmar sedan
Bald guy is so smart and so articulate loveee
Kurt Stergar
Kurt Stergar - 20 timmar sedan
Brett and Christianna, how did they get their money or form their companies? Does anyone know?
earthgirl - 20 timmar sedan
i would rather have a target worker as a friend than a millonaire
cinthya mantilla
cinthya mantilla - 21 timme sedan
"I went and bought boobs"😂😂😂YASSSS QUEEN SLAYYYY
Kurt Stergar
Kurt Stergar - 21 timme sedan
GRAHAM is awesome, I know how he earns his money. Brett, wtf? Entrepreneur, if I go out collecting scrap for recycling that's make me an entrepreneur also, Right, RIGHT?
I love Pizza
I love Pizza - 22 timmar sedan
Ok we get it freaking REAL ESTATE
somebody: its all of using hard work
Graham: so yes about Real Estate
Nonde M
Nonde M - 22 timmar sedan
Beatriz was so sweet! Also don't understand why they didn't show Christanna when they were introducing themselves in the beginning 🙃. I loved this episode of middle ground.
I love Pizza
I love Pizza - 22 timmar sedan
I want to see insta models vs industry models
Hania Abdelhafez
Hania Abdelhafez - 23 timmar sedan
The thing is that money makes money. Having the opportunity to invest in yourself allows you to grow but not all people have the luxury of expanding their skill set etc bcz they don’t have that money to begin with, like sure the people here came from similar backgrounds but the majority of millionaires out there had a lot of help
Rog Codner
Rog Codner - Dag sedan
blackwitness aaa
blackwitness aaa - Dag sedan
Im just a simple fan, i saw graham i just click it without realize
Short Stuff
Short Stuff - Dag sedan
8:23 had a strange sound in the background
bibiQ - Dag sedan
mindsets. observe the mindsets of these people. you'll know why half of them are millionaires and half are minimum wage earners.
Gingham V.
Gingham V. - Dag sedan
tim is low-key woke
like yall hating on him but he has such a nice view on reality.
sweet pea
sweet pea - Dag sedan
The bald headed guy is annoying and bitter as hell
Just a tip: you’ll never get anywhere by complaining all the time.
yellooh - Dag sedan
Money is less an issue. Opportunities & what money buys & affords before we can "stockpile" it. Some start from the bottom & others say they did. Nobody starts from nothing. Take a newborn & send them to an inhabited island then talk about starting from nothing. Even the most resourceful being cant do it alone. We all start at different levels yes & we all get in already paved paths some better than others. Coming from Africa in areas where the mindset & beliefs are different prepared me traveling & living in different locations & lifestyles.
What drives us differ. The people we encounter in oir path may raise us up, pull us down or even take our lives. Survival, good health, family, community, wellbeing. ... all to say, the rat race is not for all. Experiences from traveling in my case beats materialism any day. There could be money for all to live well but that is not what the selfish at the top "want". Someone has to be better than others have more than others to feel better about themselves. They reason how could there be good without the bad to measure it? Rich without poor? Money is never enough. As long as many fall for the lie money is the issue & not selfishness, then the selfish can enjoy life guilty free.
Compte Prive
Compte Prive - Dag sedan
I'm black. Raised by a single (abusive) parent. Ran away from home a 16, dropped out of high school (never completed my education). I started working minimum wage jobs (when it was $5.50/hr).
Now I'm 30. I have a 6 figure office job at one of the world's biggest technology companies. I'm not a millionaire but I could definitely reach that goal using skills that I learned from just sheer self-improvement at home and at my desk. Unless you have a disablity, I don't feel sorry for anyone who isn't where they want to be in their lives.
Jay B.
Jay B. - Dag sedan
I have a feeling the bald dude is secretly a communist😱
Alexia Bliese
Alexia Bliese - Dag sedan
Tim speaking on the systemic issues that surround class and economics is what I’m living for in this video. *She claps*
Maxwell's Deamon
Maxwell's Deamon - Dag sedan
Too be honest, I don't think that the millionairs are appreciating how lucky they got.
I mean sure, they worked, but you allways need luck. Pretty much every famous person you see is freaking lucky, because they had the right idea at the right time and were in the right place.
Behind every single one, there are a lot of people who didn't make it, who worked just as hard, but didn't have the luck.
Larissa Wiratno
Larissa Wiratno - Dag sedan
Graham and Tierra subtly flirting
Charles Ramiro
Charles Ramiro - Dag sedan
To that girl with the Dad who has tried starting a landscaping company. My Dad started his company with $675. I was 14 at the time and I helped him build up his company and now we have earned $100,000+ for the past 3 years. During the first two years he held a full time job and I was in high school working as a delivery driver later on. It’s possible to break out of your income bracket but it takes sacrifice and financial discipline.
Ol - Dag sedan
Tim, i understood half of what u said.
ZE D - Dag sedan
tierra lucky ??? or something but the most amazing or beautiful name i ever heard
TM Dean
TM Dean - Dag sedan
The thing is, when these millionaires said they didn't have anyone, that's not exactly true. If you grew up having a father and a mother, you're immediately ahead of the game compared to others who didn't have that privilege, as well as your living environment and the people who influence you. You can't just tell a less disadvantage person they're not working hard enough because it's a lot more than that, people have lives, commitments, and past that can't simply be washed off. Yes, there are organisations out there to help the disadvantaged but as a millionaire, you also have the capability to get these organisations to reach out to those who need it. That's the difference between giving away your money blindly and genuinely wanting to help those who're less privilege than you.
Jerome.J - Dag sedan
who clicked because they saw Graham Stephen in the thumbnail?
shedrack kombe
shedrack kombe - Dag sedan
Does the bald guy understand what money symbolize? It's not just a piece of paper or simply a number you see in your bank account
shedrack kombe
shedrack kombe - Dag sedan
What's environmental justice?
The Eduardo show
The Eduardo show - 2 dagar sedan
Is that cardi B
I like chocolate :v
I like chocolate :v - 2 dagar sedan
Don’t work hard
Work smart
Joe Schmoe
Joe Schmoe - 2 dagar sedan
real-estate guy reminds me of jay gatsby
Calculated Disaster
Calculated Disaster - 2 dagar sedan
Tierra is so beautiful
Cactus boii
Cactus boii - 2 dagar sedan
when i was a kid i watched the movie richie rich, i said to myself i wana be rich, end of story. Im 33 sitting on millions of dollars of shares and real estate. I dont understand why its so hard for people to understand..... making excuses are for losers period.
JM Distor
JM Distor - 2 dagar sedan
The real estate guy has the mindset of a millionaire which is one of the reason why he is one.
JM Distor
JM Distor - 2 dagar sedan
Tim will die with a minimum wage
Nikolai Champaco
Nikolai Champaco - 2 dagar sedan
Bruh look how big Brett is compared to that tiny stool😂
Tayet4Buri - 2 dagar sedan
Christianna really impressed me. And I think she would be a great friend. She doesn't seem to be the kinda phoney friend who tells you that you look good in a dress if you really don't.
Alex Feinman
Alex Feinman - 2 dagar sedan
I think Tim is a socialist
Jimmy Huerta
Jimmy Huerta - 2 dagar sedan
This was both interesting and frustrating lol.
Nicole Bernaldez
Nicole Bernaldez - 2 dagar sedan
Is it me or that girl in a yellow jacket looks like Cardi B
BlackGlitter - 2 dagar sedan
Go Graham! :)
Zombie Chicken
Zombie Chicken - 2 dagar sedan
Is that Cardi B
Adair Lifestyle
Adair Lifestyle - 2 dagar sedan
I agree with the bald guy for the most part.
Daniela Sat
Daniela Sat - 2 dagar sedan
this people really dont know the world they are shitting on.
Xersys - 2 dagar sedan
That bald dude is a prick.
Sebastian Rojo del Rio
Sebastian Rojo del Rio - 2 dagar sedan
That bold guy is 2 blunts away from being a communist
Jack Gallivan
Jack Gallivan - 2 dagar sedan
please point to the website where I can buy GMO cats. thank you.
sombruh colomar
sombruh colomar - 2 dagar sedan
christianna seems like a scumbag lol. what did she do to get rich
عفيف موقع الاحمد
how about self hating racists vs their own race, seems good
you can do one for whites, asians, and blacks.
TomWallischh - 2 dagar sedan
This is awesome. Such a civil and nice debate, more stuff like this!!
L.B. Keen
L.B. Keen - 2 dagar sedan
Literally need grahm and my green shirt sister to date. They are too cute.
S n
S n - 2 dagar sedan
take a guess on who is the Stripper
— nina .
— nina . - 2 dagar sedan
my mom was extremely poor growing up. she didn’t finish school, and didn’t get her high school diploma. she moved to america for a better life and to earn money for her family. she works as a waitress and when she started out, it was rough for her. but she put in a lot of work and because of her and my dad, our family is doing okay. we’re pretty middle class. not poor, but not rich either.
Zart - 2 dagar sedan
8:00 dudes living off taxpayers and still like this
Idk Welp
Idk Welp - 2 dagar sedan
It’s free real-estate
Patrick Obert Nkala
Patrick Obert Nkala - 2 dagar sedan
i'm 14 don't know what to do with my life i am so depressed watching this I need help
Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid - 2 dagar sedan
Plot-twist: Tierra will become the richest of them all
Jake - 2 dagar sedan
Millionaires vs Millennial Age Workers
Pisces Keys
Pisces Keys - 2 dagar sedan
All the suggestions you guys are making for future vids are amazing. I really hope Jubilee makes them
The Dotson's plus 1
The Dotson's plus 1 - 3 dagar sedan
Graham: I dont spend money
YouTube recommedations: I spend 4,500 on cars a month by Graham
Vandicoup - 13 timmar sedan
The Dotson's plus 1 The classic excuse for headline chasers - never fails! Keep it up. See where constant misinformation and misunderstanding other people gets you in life! 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♀️👍🏼🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♂️
The Dotson's plus 1
The Dotson's plus 1 - 14 timmar sedan
@Vandicoup ooo boo it's never that deep. I wasnt even serious 😂😭
Vandicoup - 15 timmar sedan
@The Dotson's plus 1 -- Maybe watch the video before you chase after headlines? It's a quote that someone said in which Graham was commenting on.
xHarm The Blink
xHarm The Blink - Dag sedan
It’s a quote that someone in the video he was reacting to said
ConquerJS - Dag sedan
That video is him criticizing someone who spends that much on cars. He watches the CNBC millenial money series and picks a apart the spending of the millenials that they feature.
MoneyBags - 3 dagar sedan
12:55 Graham "Oh yea no I'll tell you all about credit card churning."
eve anderson
eve anderson - 3 dagar sedan
“i’ll die a d cup” SENT ME
MrKharos - 3 dagar sedan
*claps in unemployed*
Muhammad Siddiqui
Muhammad Siddiqui - 3 dagar sedan
Graham: It's free real estate.
Dragon Fiend
Dragon Fiend - 3 dagar sedan
That millionaire girl looks like cardi b
marvinsabaws - 3 dagar sedan
2.0 GPA then a millionaire? ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!
DroneHD - 3 dagar sedan
Contrary to popular belief, a lot of millionaires truly do earn their money. You don’t just wake up one day and make that kind of money, you have to work for it, some harder than others. Anyone could become a millionaire with the right mindset, commitment, knowledge, etc. but it’s not easy otherwise everyone would be doing it.
Peach Papaya
Peach Papaya - 3 dagar sedan
I like how Tim talks about risk and how the millionaires took that risk. Which is why they are millionaires are millionaires to begin with. Because if they fail they won't have the chance to find another job.
Super Potato Gaming!
Super Potato Gaming! - 3 dagar sedan
Graham actually has 1.8 million dollars in debt
Derrick Ng
Derrick Ng - 3 dagar sedan
Comment section = stats regarding opinions about credit.
relief - 3 dagar sedan
We believe in you Tierra!
Derrick Ng
Derrick Ng - 3 dagar sedan
Almost did a spit take when Graham mentioned credit card churning...
23torrew - 3 dagar sedan
Dum nigar
yusra Zaeem
yusra Zaeem - 3 dagar sedan
10:52 so true
maedingmusic - 3 dagar sedan
yes Tim!!!!! Thank god he was there
Andrew Le
Andrew Le - 3 dagar sedan
Anyone who says they've worked alone for everything they've earned is lying or delusional. Everyone has received help along the way and would not be where they are without other people. I will never trust anyone who says they got rich all by themselves.
J Squad Vlogs
J Squad Vlogs - 2 dagar sedan
Andrew Le lottery winners