Millionaires vs Minimum Wage: Did You Earn Your Money?

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ncdecay - 24 minuter sedan
I can understand why Tim is working min wage job now. His attitude ensures he will never make it in this world. Sad middle-aged man.
Justin Kenward
Justin Kenward - Timme sedan
To Graham the millionaire. Statistically not everyone can be rich, it's literally impossible.
Justin Kenward
Justin Kenward - Timme sedan
Okay. Before I even watch this, I'm just going to say that both work hard. Thy types of work is different.
It's like saying "Which more more fruit? Apples or oranges?
Brenden Melven
Brenden Melven - Timme sedan
The bald dude seemed very guilt trippy
Tommy - 2 timmar sedan
At 8:30 is someone crying?lol
Mark Brown
Mark Brown - 2 timmar sedan
The beautiful beautiful black woman 😍 with short hair 😍Tierra
Christopher Reyes
Christopher Reyes - 3 timmar sedan
You can’t blame someone’s parents for making money and then designating it to them once they die. It’s either give it to the deferral government or let your children continue your business.
caringrad - 3 timmar sedan
Tim is onto something. I used to also believe that "anyone can be successful if they work hard enough," but then I learned about the myth of meritocracy in a sociology course. Sure, anyone of any income bracket of any race of any gender can become rich. But statistically, the rich is much more likely to become richer than those who started poor. Graham and other self-made millionaires are part of this lucky statistic and I'm so proud of their accomplishments, but not just "anyone" can be where they are now.
What about the kids who don't have parents who speak English? Or grew up without a mom/dad? Or grew up abused? Or grew up with substance abuse in the home? Or lived in a van? Without access to proper hygiene that contributed to years of bullying and loneliness? Or what about the kids who grew up in the "slums"? Or the kids who grew up in a non-developed country, in a violent community?
Is it fair to to say that "anyone can be successful if they work hard enough"? It depends. To Graham, success is measured by the millions he has in the markets. To the bullied kids from the slums with deadbeat dads who struggle even knowing how to read, success is measured by being able to pay their bills and having a roof over their head.
Knowledge is power. Graham and other self-man millionaires have access to this knowledge, which is outstanding and I'm so happy they've found the tricks to their success.
But I wished they'd understand this myth of meritocracy: that not everyone has access to this knowledge or even have the priorities to use this knowledge of working both smart and hard. Sometimes, people are stuck in a seemingly-endless loop of poverty. Outside resources can help them leave this loop, but it's incredibly difficult and is high risk.
The statistics of the myth of meritocracy are fascinating. If you're interested in learning more and learning an insightful perspective, I recommend the scholarly book "The Meritocracy Myth" by Stephen McNamee and Robert Miller Jr. It's a sociology book, but I'm an engineer and still quite thoroughly enjoyed it.
DIM GAMING - 3 timmar sedan
Aye graham!
Jeimmy Barbosa
Jeimmy Barbosa - 5 timmar sedan
I'll die a D cup lol
Ahmad Osama
Ahmad Osama - 5 timmar sedan
My boy Graham Stephen!!! Love your videos man!
Anna Woodland
Anna Woodland - 6 timmar sedan
Tim is making valid points all yous in the comment section saying he's bitter n will 'always b poor w that mindset' haven't been in the same situations I can guarantee u. N it's true some ppl are set up to fail or set up to stay poor u can't deny it
Jordan Laguerre
Jordan Laguerre - 7 timmar sedan
I liked this video without even watching it literally because I saw graham in the thumbnail
Peter Molnar
Peter Molnar - 7 timmar sedan
this was brilliant
André Carvalho
André Carvalho - 7 timmar sedan
Tim wants to seize the means of production
Kipp Wolff
Kipp Wolff - 8 timmar sedan
The only way to earn your money is through $0.20 iced coffee and avocado toast.
Johnny Hohner
Johnny Hohner - 9 timmar sedan
Graham the goat 🐐
Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump - 10 timmar sedan
Dude Graham is here 😄👍
Sieroni - 10 timmar sedan
I think that what Graham doesn’t understand is that he had the luxury of time that a dad working a full time job wouldn’t have. He had the time to be able to go to open houses every weekend without having to worry about feeding a family. There are more intangible luxuries besides money and connections.
Jo - 10 timmar sedan
But how many cats' lives could have been saved and made better with that 4k?
Lil Piplup
Lil Piplup - 10 timmar sedan
I wanna see Graham and Tierra go out on a date. I ship them
Arsenal Arsenal
Arsenal Arsenal - 12 timmar sedan
Anyone can be rich, if you don’t think that thats is a lack of self belief, and you will remain where you are. Mark my words
JamesHLanier - 8 timmar sedan
But not everyone will be rich. In fact, most people won't even come close. That's a necessity of capitalism. Most people must be poor in order for it to work.
Adam Gillespie
Adam Gillespie - 13 timmar sedan
"I'll die a D-cup" is one of the best lines I've heard
Brian Jefferson
Brian Jefferson - 13 timmar sedan
"I worked for everything I earned" is not the best phrasing for what I believe they meant. Everyone everywhere has worked for everything they've earned; it's presupposed in the sentence that whatever it is they've gained was something earned by the individual in question. Each participant involved should be walking forward for that statement.

 I also believe earning 'everything' one has gained is also a statement which is not likely to be true for anyone. Anyone who lives in America is deriving a societal benefit by existing within a first world culture. The opportunities to earn enough money for it to equal some benchmark of wealth is predicated on many conditional factors that extend beyond the scope of personal effort, substantial though that effort may be. Making many sacrifices to position oneself for millionaire status is sure to be the case for any millionaire but that idea isn't the one being postulated.

Tim, the community organizer, much respect to you for your ability to see the context surrounding the questions being asked and having very wise responses.
Sarah Ortiz
Sarah Ortiz - 18 timmar sedan
Most people aren't in the predicament to take risks. Taking a risk could set you back more then before. If you're a teen living under your parents roof and they can support you while you take those risks then yeah your outcome would be better
J.P. Silva
J.P. Silva - 21 timme sedan
Graham sounds like a cult recruiter.
Caden Price
Caden Price - 22 timmar sedan
Haha, there's ole Graham
Zaky Athallah
Zaky Athallah - 22 timmar sedan
21 and millionaire?? Damn Im 22 and literaly have $10 in my bank account
Ethan Gayle
Ethan Gayle - Dag sedan
“To him that has more will be given.”
RoweHowe - Dag sedan
RoweHowe - Dag sedan
How liberals tend to love group-think
Robert Rudolf
Robert Rudolf - Dag sedan
Hi guys, message hacker Jeff and worry less about wages. Have madw up to $5,000 through him.
No. +12486338457
Tiffani Farrington
Tiffani Farrington - Dag sedan
Christianna is a special kind of airhead
Gun Nut
Gun Nut - Dag sedan
I think becoming rich isn't just based off of how smart or how hard you work. I believe there is a certain level or luck to it. ESPECIALLY is entertainment type careers.
Lee Francis
Lee Francis - Dag sedan
Tim doesn't contribute anything to society. Hes a leach using his victim card to to explain why hes a financial loser in life. I bet hes never had a real job. He came across as a self righteous prick.
Laura Sepulveda
Laura Sepulveda - Dag sedan
Graham should teach them how to make .20 cent iced coffee.
Veggies by Eos
Veggies by Eos - Dag sedan
I love Graham
Straw dogg
Straw dogg - Dag sedan
Am I the only one who is a fan of grpahm here
twin cherry
twin cherry - Dag sedan
I'll die a D cup?🙃
DRN Sells
DRN Sells - Dag sedan
Anyone can become rich but it will forever come down to budget, how much you save, what you invest in and mindset.
Kristen Ness
Kristen Ness - Dag sedan
I love Tierra! She seems so down to earth and fun.
Madden McLean
Madden McLean - Dag sedan
It’s all about how you spend it.
Aly D
Aly D - 2 dagar sedan
Graham at the end: oh yeah I’ll tell you all about credit card churning. 😂
I’m dead lmfaoooo I love it tho haha
holographic_boy - 2 dagar sedan
See these millionaires though, if they had failed, they had parents they could fall back on, even to just move back in with them....some people don’t have that. Not everyone has the basic resources to become a millionaire.
Nightshade Kata
Nightshade Kata - 2 dagar sedan
Tim is a wise man.
J Tenn
J Tenn - 2 dagar sedan
"Anyone can become rich if they work hard enough" not if you don't have the know-how, tools, or mindset. Just the fact that poverty still exists kinda proves that.
Also I think it depends on your circumstances in addition.
J Tenn
J Tenn - 2 dagar sedan
4:40 made me mad AF "put him on/build him up" that's not her underage child!
Kago M
Kago M - 2 dagar sedan
The afro lady and the guy in the mustard jacket could really make a great couple.. I just had to put it out there lol
First Last
First Last - 2 dagar sedan
so, im not sure if i'm the only one who observed this, but if you really pay attention to the bald gentleman with the beard, he actually contradicted himself about 3-4 times on how he answered and identified with the questions. Major props for everyone for being honest and sharing their personal story. The mind is a powerful thing, use it to better yourself and your surroundings.
Irina Delgado
Irina Delgado - 2 dagar sedan
Wow! Como dicen "todo depende del cristal con que se mire". Muy interesante ambos puntos de vista, sus contextos son completamente distintos y es genial escuchar ambas opiniones, sobre todo cuando uno trata de ir de un contexto al otro. :D
Alphfia - 2 dagar sedan
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez - 2 dagar sedan
I love how respectful this episode was
jose hernandez
jose hernandez - 2 dagar sedan
Graham is really a hardworking guy he made all his money right and keeps doing it
Brandon Osborne
Brandon Osborne - 3 dagar sedan
I just love that no matter what YouTube channel Graham is on, credit card churning will always pop up somewhere in the conversation
Icram Mohamed Chaban
Icram Mohamed Chaban - 3 dagar sedan
Jubilee: I am not afraid to spoil myself.
Graham: *Looks into the distance*
Mega War
Mega War - 3 dagar sedan
Beatriz has no idea what's going on
me - 3 dagar sedan
I'm living for the black neon girl
Curtis Derbyshire
Curtis Derbyshire - 3 dagar sedan
Also depends on the house morgues, some morgues in the UK give you a 1k income per month
Ratatǫskr - 3 dagar sedan
I think Graham and Tierra have some crushing going on
Disciple808 - 3 dagar sedan
Seeing this side of Graham was very eye opening, I appreciate this and all the others being open to this.
neilbradley - 3 dagar sedan
"I feel it becomes more like a self fulfilling prophecy, as in 'what if I go into it and what if I fail' and that becomes my main focus?"
Morgan Kaplan
Morgan Kaplan - 3 dagar sedan
omg graham stephan
Loyalty-Sentry - 3 dagar sedan
Some of these people really need to look at life with another perspective.
Life is not fair. Hardwork doesn't always equal money, there's a ton of luck involved. Someone who lives in a third world country born into a poor family can have as much "hope" and "believe in themselves" and "never give up" but in the end, life is not fair and white millionaires telling their stories about hardwork doesn't mean it can be like that for everyone.
mark tackett
mark tackett - 3 dagar sedan
Obligated to be charitable, no one should be obligated, in fact I think people are more willing to give when their isn’t someone saying they have to or it’s their responsibility simply because they have a big bank acct.
Hadri Zharif
Hadri Zharif - 3 dagar sedan
Stephen, I predicted your selections and they were all correct ! Haha guess ive watched your videos too much
bullsquid42 - 3 dagar sedan
Just because you were poor and managed to make a lot of money, doesn't mean ANYONE could have done that. How this isn't obvious to these smart seeming millionaires baffles me. You still have to be born with the required intelligence, and a thousand other things that are out of your control.
PMoose Traven
PMoose Traven - 3 dagar sedan
For capitalism to function there will always have to be someone at the bottom.
So no, working harder doesn’t translate to wealth. If everyone worked harder and smarter they all can’t be rich, because then everyone would be the same and that would be socialism.
Chloë - 3 dagar sedan
not everybody is fearless businessman so yeah at least 80% of the people will always stay at the bottom, i'm quite fine with that.
ivanpro123 - 4 dagar sedan
Tim will always be poor with that mindset. It's blatant.
Seddd Zennn
Seddd Zennn - 4 dagar sedan
Tim first speech were awesome
Joel Delaney
Joel Delaney - 4 dagar sedan
12:05 Graham buy that girl a car!
MrGetsome21 - 4 dagar sedan
Graham looking like a ferret in the thumbnail
Faraz Hedayat
Faraz Hedayat - 4 dagar sedan
Tim is a learned dude!
aziz adventures
aziz adventures - 4 dagar sedan
Terra is gonna be a millionaire.
Naray Cross
Naray Cross - 4 dagar sedan
I think we should rephrase the phrase "Work Hard". Should be "Work Strong, work smart" or "work hard, spend smart". Something on the lines of a hard work ethic but invest your money wisely.
Avery Jones
Avery Jones - 4 dagar sedan
I fw Tim
JIMMYSTUDIES - 4 dagar sedan
Only clicked for Graham 🙏🏽
LOLHenryLOL - 5 dagar sedan
"Money doesn't matter"
Me: Is that communism?
LOLHenryLOL - 5 dagar sedan
"Money doesn't matter"
Me: Is that communism?
Krys Burke
Krys Burke - 5 dagar sedan
It’s funny how being wealthy is a taboo to the regressive left. If you watch Graham’s videos, he most likely lives a much more disciplined (financially) lifestyle than the people that make much less than him.
Not in Gb
Not in Gb - 5 dagar sedan
The bald guy has such a loser mentality. He sounds to me like he is rationalizing why he has to be miserable no matter what. No dude, instead of thinking of reasons why its impossible, think of how it could be possible.