Game of Thrones S8E06 Finale Explained

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J Johnson
J Johnson - 3 dagar sedan
HELL YES to DARK exploration. That show is *****SPOILERS***** one of the best closed loop time travel stories ever! Lets GO
Dale Hobson
Dale Hobson - 5 dagar sedan
Thank you!
SOUL PILOT - 6 dagar sedan
Bittersweet, Open and Controversial ending is intentional. Logic, sometimes, has more than one possibility. Knowledge and Forgiveness are finally dominating, with a clue to future democracy.
Kasper Markussen
Kasper Markussen - 6 dagar sedan
That form of succession is called Elective Monarchy and has several precedents in history. I think the small council scene was mostly meant to be a lighthearted goodbye to beloved characters. It's ironic that Sam presented the book in front of five people who could have told most of the TRUE story.
ryan blood
ryan blood - 6 dagar sedan
One of the most beautifully delivered, backhanded "explanation" videos ever! The sarcasm was THIIIIIICK! cheers 🍾🥂
Kit Shibley
Kit Shibley - 2 timmar sedan
I would say, if the next king was a selection of one of the people in this group, then Bran would be the best. Brandon is not emotional, he is not power hungry, his choices are and will be logical and not based on his needs - simply the needs of the people. This is not easy to find in the typical person. Samwell Tarly might be a good choice if it was strictly a choice to be made from the assembled group. But at the end of the day, Bran is clearly the best choice. Too bad they didn't understand Samwell's suggestion to give the choice to "the people" - "all of the people". I wish he had developed the voting process so he had a good example for the group to see what he meant by suggestion a more Democratic process.
Frederik Mortensen
Frederik Mortensen - 4 timmar sedan
Thank you for mentioning the God Emperor of Mankind!
Henry Tong
Henry Tong - 7 timmar sedan
I only started watching your videos when this season started but they've been amazing. Appreciate the dedication and work!
Tyler Asuncion
Tyler Asuncion - 9 timmar sedan
matt durgin
matt durgin - 12 timmar sedan
Im looking forward to the netflix show Dark theories.
April Jean
April Jean - 21 timme sedan
Thank you for confirming how horrible this season was!
Aliciaa - 22 timmar sedan
Thanks for doing this video, I needed it as a sort of"therapy" after this nonsense ending season. Now my watch has ended for good, love you're tone of cynicism. I used to love this series from season 1 to 6, now my feelings about the lasts seasons : I decided to quote Bran Stark " I'm living in the past, I'm something else now" 😂
John Daul
John Daul - Dag sedan
That’s the difference between “Disco Dan” and “Disco Stu”
ognilouD driB
ognilouD driB - Dag sedan
Bronn: Master of Coin
Davos: Master of Ships

Bran: Master of Puppets
Spence - Dag sedan
Sansa is a know it all bitch and a traitor.
Spence - Dag sedan
Brans gonna be a terrible king. He knew everything that would transpire and never once did a thing about it. Imagine that guy being in charge. Literally let dany burn a city down and never warned anyone. Fuck bran.
Deterion Kemp
Deterion Kemp - Dag sedan
Whats next for your channel?
D Conner
D Conner - Dag sedan
The quality of mercy is not strained.
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath. It is twice blessed:
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.
'Tis mightiest in the mightiest. It becomes
The thronèd monarch better than his crown.
His scepter shows the force of temporal power,
The attribute to awe and majesty
Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings,
But mercy is above this sceptered sway.
It is enthronèd in the hearts of kings.
It is an attribute to God himself.
And earthly power doth then show likest God’s
When mercy seasons justice.
Sean Jones
Sean Jones - Dag sedan
I hope you do more of The Expanse, that show is underrated
Krazykov - Dag sedan
Do Witcher on Netflix as well when it comes out, if its gonna be as good as the video game that is, might suck ass, who knows.
Ozgur Yildirim
Ozgur Yildirim - Dag sedan
like wasting time watching a movie with a stupid ending. but this one last 10 years.
KeenAesthetic1 - Dag sedan
The Iron Bank loaned the Lannister dynasty against the current crown.
Darduel - Dag sedan
30:00 there are new lord of the rings stuff coming out? is it a TV series or something?? never heard of it
shahbaz khan
shahbaz khan - Dag sedan
Worst ending ever.
Mary Jane
Mary Jane - Dag sedan
idk how u can take this episode seriously my dude
BurpAtTheMoonAtNoon - Dag sedan
Excuse me, but if Drogon broke the wheel, and Bran is sitting in a chair with wheels....doesn't that mean that nothing has changed?
Thomas - 2 dagar sedan
Didn't Cersei buy the Golden Company with the gold they took from High Garden?
James Brawn
James Brawn - Dag sedan
No, she repaid the Iron Bank the outstanding debts, and as her debts were repaid, the Iron bank was happy to loan her more money. Quite common with banks, if you demonstrate that you can pay money back (with interest), you are more likely to get credit. Even though it would've been easier for Cersei to just not pay the iron bank back, and spend that money on the Golden company, the Iron bank has a history of funding the enemies of those who owe them debts. Ironically the Iron company could well have hired the Golden company to overthrow Cersei. Hence makes more sense for her to pay it off, and get a loan from the Iron bank. Everyone is now happy.
Lorabelle Ann Cervantes
Lorabelle Ann Cervantes - 2 dagar sedan
I don't like Sam in season 8. He doesn't deserve to be a grand maester.
Lorabelle Ann Cervantes
Lorabelle Ann Cervantes - 2 dagar sedan
I laughed so hard at the fact that the unsullied were to create a noble family, when all of them are cockless. xD
Influx27 - 2 dagar sedan
I only just started the video, but I already have to tell you you're wrong.
Feudalism is nothing like slavery. Whether it be king to lord, lord to mayor, mayor to reeve, or reeve to serf - everything in a feudal society existed through a social contract. It being a social contract meant that people did have rights, and, if those rights were violated, they could seek redress by suing, protesting, or moving up in the social ladder. Sometimes redress would even take the shape of revolution as happened to various kings, lords, etc. throughout history (King John and the magna carta, the peasant's revolt, Henry #4 deposing Richard #2 because the various baron's didn't like bending the knee and Henry was power hungry), but, by hook or by crook, people did have rights in medieval society (if you want to learn more, watch Terry Jones's "Medieval Lives" series).
This contrasts to slavery where the enslaved have no rights. None. They can't sue, they can't protest, and, while there are a few exception in which a slave might buy their freedom, such only proves the rule that they couldn't.
So yeah, put more thought into your openings. You don't want to step in it just as you're setting out.
Bill Brasky
Bill Brasky - 2 dagar sedan
I keep clicking that blue x in the corner to try and close something
Clases de Piano/Música Chuffi
At 11:something... Let me say I don't think it's cinical regarding the possibility of human good defeating human evil. On the contrary. I think it is represented in Jon. The claim that if you are good enough not even dead can stop you is part of religion dogma and that's why it gives the person a divine quality at the very least. And Bran, as a three eye raven, represents an old god. The ancient god of the north. A god you can't bullshit because he knows everything everytime. Encarnated in someone you would have never expected (a cripple). I think it's got some biblical sparkles here and there. The violence and human cruelty shown in GOT could explain certain nihilism and void in humans hearts searching for power as a mere egotistic game, and how that moves them further and further away from good and prosperity.
I may not have it 100% clear, but there's something to be said about the coincidences of Bran being kind as an old god that knows everything, everywere, everytime and may even alter reality from time to time (like calling Ned as he climbed the stairs to the tower), and the fact that John sacrificed himself by trying to do good, was resurrected and kept doing good up to another sacrifice defeating power, violence and really breaking the wheel.
Clases de Piano/Música Chuffi
One more... I don't think we could consider Bran an "Evil tree" just because he does have a great power for evil. It's possible he can be good inspite of having that power. And after all, isn't that the case everytime? Good and powerless is no good at all. Being good is voluntarily being good and if you are powerful, then you can be better at being good. And power is power. It could go both ways. The fact that one has power doesn't mean necessarily that he or she would put that power to work at evil. Al the very least, an old god who has done no bad deeds yet (that we know of) might have a better chance of resisting evil while having all the power. And maybe the claim is that THAT is too much of a very very difficult thing for a normal human to do. Not even Jon.
Clases de Piano/Música Chuffi
By the way! Great videos!! Congrats!!
Ellis Saczak
Ellis Saczak - 2 dagar sedan
I've really enjoyed watching your videos all these years :)
KBB - 2 dagar sedan
In the first episode of the series, men of the night's watch go north of the wall and they see white walkers but later ned stark found the deserter south of the wall? How can that be ? How did the deserter get south of the wall without anyone noticing ?
ImForester - 2 dagar sedan
How in any way is this related to Videogamedunky???? Fix your shit YouTube iDGAF about Lame of incest
glorioussoapbox - 2 dagar sedan
Congratulations, Shifty! It must feel great to close the book on the series, if not the franchise. Have really enjoyed your videos, these last few years - really enhanced my experience of the franchise. Your coming break is well-deserved - looking forward to your future work!
253332 - 2 dagar sedan
... And now your watch has ended.
Lady Vengeance
Lady Vengeance - 2 dagar sedan
If you think Dany's story ended in a "sudden twist" you have lost all credibility as an analyst or commentator of Game of Thrones. Your inability to pay attention or think critically about Dany as a character for the previous seven seasons is a failure on your part, not of the show. The same holds true for Jaime's end. The choice he made to return to Cersei and try to protect her from imminent death is the most logically consistent decision—both for his character as well as for human nature in general. I'm so sorry though that we didn't get a very black-and-white Disney ending where Jaime went from Bad Guy TM to Good Guy TM with a neat little bow wrapped around him. You got too precious with your favorite characters and you're throwing a tantrum that your personal favorite fantasy endings for them didn't pan out. That's on you. Grow up.
Preyasya P
Preyasya P - 2 dagar sedan
Interested to see the new content you will put out
8NY 8
8NY 8 - 2 dagar sedan
My world...was destroyed by D&D.. I really want to claim damages...
Ordonity - 3 dagar sedan
In all fairness I don't think anyone would question Bronn especially considering how much of a badass he is, and being master of coin I get to feeling that he is technically the first loan shark preferring to settle disputes with killing and violence rather than talking in numbers
Chris Reid
Chris Reid - 3 dagar sedan
With this last GOT show video I feel like an Era of my life has ended... a couple of years of waiting for the new GOT episode and after the Alt Shift X review of the same... I will never have that intrigued feeling again. My watch has ended.
cogitoergo - 3 dagar sedan
Thank you alt shift x
a1b3do - 3 dagar sedan
one of the best channels on youtube. cheers!
Emanuel Petcu
Emanuel Petcu - 3 dagar sedan
Question: how bran can have powers in the south if there are not any special trees in the south
Louis Matthews
Louis Matthews - 3 dagar sedan
Shri Pashupatinaath
Shri Pashupatinaath - 3 dagar sedan
It is such a PERFECT conclusion to GoT. D&D have done a brilliant job.
The conclusion laid a foundation to the the end of an era of royals & royalty & beginning of another era democracy & the rule of law.
And who best to usher this in - Bran - the philosopher king & a broken one, who has neither the desire nor the capability to further his royal ambition through biological perpetuation.
And so begins the new world order.
My compliments to the writers.
Sharon - 3 dagar sedan
Thank you for all your hard work. It's been amazing following your work for all these years. Such a pressure watching your videos.
Very excited to see your work on up coming series.
FlowerTrollSan - 2 dagar sedan
You mean pleasure, not pressure? 😁
Jeff Greene
Jeff Greene - 3 dagar sedan
“The king is possibly an evil tree” 🙌
Excellent analysis and breakdown, thank you.
earth ocean
earth ocean - 3 dagar sedan
NOTE: The Night's King ALSO wore the ravens head symbol with the broken tower inside it!! #HiveMindWins
Stepnie - 3 dagar sedan
Dumb and Dumber: Next stop, Star Wars: R2-D2 The Ultimate Jedi
discopumps - 3 dagar sedan
17:24 did she though?! I thought that was all just a ploy to out little finger
JYPark14 - 3 dagar sedan
Reaching deep into your ass to the end, the r/freefolk who will never kneel to ANY part of this shitshow
Revan Fernando
Revan Fernando - 3 dagar sedan
Isn't the dornish prince Trystane?
Benjamin Harsch
Benjamin Harsch - 3 dagar sedan
I don't think I could've been more disappointed by this ending. At first I was happy with where they went not Just how they got there. A little rushed I felt. Well I let it all sink in and watched it over a few times to catch what I missed. Nothing. I missed nothing. A bunch of great special effects they always wanted to use but with little to know emotional payoff. What a waste of time. I campaigned for so many people to watch this show based on the depth and foreshadowing which was all reduced to just red herrings, really. I truly hope George finally finishes the books and had been holding out because he didn't want to give them everything. Aaaaarrrgghhhh!!!!
lchpdmq - 3 dagar sedan
Uh, it wasn’t nearly as deep as you paint, it was bad writers sitting around trying to get quickly from point a to point b. They didn’t consider a single thing you took from it. It’s like analyzing an episode of the Maury povich show, this is ridiculous
The No Life Gamer
The No Life Gamer - 3 dagar sedan
At 26:36 you show a part of season 8 but it’s labeled as season 1
acalmerkarma - 3 dagar sedan
Thanks for expanding and elevatingmy GoT experience for the last few years. I hope something else comes along that is worthy of your insight.
biplob prasai
biplob prasai - 3 dagar sedan
2:11:00 bookmark
StoneAgeStark - 3 dagar sedan
Hey Alt Shift, ever think of doing some Fire & Blood videos? Even if you're just recapping sections of the book
W M - 3 dagar sedan
What a shame. It could have been so great.
Crust33f - 4 dagar sedan
Uuuuuh, Videos on Dark would be Dope! Can't wait for what you guys and gals have in store! Greetings from Germany!
Why not Dean
Why not Dean - 4 dagar sedan
There Youtube, I watched it.
Now please let me just repress the memory of this train wreck season and forget this ever happened.
iba001 - 4 dagar sedan
Thank you alt shift X. My GF and I looked forward to your videos almost more than the episodes towards the end. Looking forward to your series on the OA.
James Gravil
James Gravil - 4 dagar sedan
22:58 *"What does [Bronn] know about responsible fiscal management?"* - About as much as Donald J. Trump, I imagine. (Maybe even more - he hasn't bankrupted any casinos, as far as I know.)
Aaaaaand…. let the flame war begin.
Spiral Il Draco
Spiral Il Draco - 4 dagar sedan
in light of valar morgulis they did in their mind liberate the people of kings landing
freed them from life xD
Uriah ho zhen hao
Uriah ho zhen hao - 4 dagar sedan
U cant blame the throne for joffrey being a complete jerk
peppermint23 - 4 dagar sedan
I AM YELLING so excited for Black Mirror analysis videos! Thank you so much for all you do!
Hjwah hh
Hjwah hh - 4 dagar sedan
All hail Pod the Rod
Karnatik Kitta
Karnatik Kitta - 4 dagar sedan
Kind sir have you considered the parallels between GoT and the hero of the Indian epic Ramayana? The hero Rama chooses his duty or dharma over his wife in that story too. Make a video about about that. Keep up the good work buddy. What will you do after this show?!?!?
Ranko Vašek
Ranko Vašek - 4 dagar sedan
14:45 Hopefully, this ALSO is a thing in the show
phoenixiwaki - 4 dagar sedan
Thank you for all the videos! Great stuff 👍
C V - 4 dagar sedan
Did jon track down grayworm afterwards, "hey grayworm, I just killed the queen. There is no body or witnesses but just believe me." Grayworm was just minutes before was killing soldiers like a crazy, irrational person. Why would jon do this?
Corey McGuire
Corey McGuire - 4 dagar sedan
Bran doesent see the future, he exists in the future and at all times. From his vantage in the future, from his knowledge of previous events, he works backwards in time to produce the now that he is in. He didn't climb up little fingers ladder, he climbed down it...
Watcher on the Wall
Watcher on the Wall - 4 dagar sedan
You nailed it Alt 💯
djrou334 - 4 dagar sedan
Love this channel
ser6Ijvolk - 4 dagar sedan
30 minutes? The writers are a bunch of hacks — there, I explained it in 3 seconds.
Glen Glen
Glen Glen - 4 dagar sedan
Its simple really. Drag out the white walker story for 2 more episodes. Jon defeats the Night King but in his final moments the Night King stabs Jon. Danny who believed she would never be pregnant again due to a curse is now pregnant. King's landing is about to fall to Danny's armies and her dragons. Cersei has placed wildfire all over the city and is ready to kill all. Having been called kingslayer all his life Jaime also becomes a kinslayer as he kills Cersei. Now either kill Jaime with dragons or send him to the wall or preferrbly he dies in combat. Cleganebowl is fought in the throne hall and not some staircase.
Danny gives birth to a daughter but dies during childbirth. Varys and Tyrion rule in King's landing until Danny's daughter comes of age. The unsullied becomes the guards of King's landing.
citrus;b0x - 4 dagar sedan
wait so basically, the Night's Watch became the British-ruled Australia of Westeros?
WHU Forever
WHU Forever - 4 dagar sedan
Even though the recent GoT has been disappointing, the show on average has been very good. I'd give the entire, nearly decade-long run a 7.5/10 (with the first 6 seasons easily averaging a 9/10).
jarl Sigurd Storvann
jarl Sigurd Storvann - 4 dagar sedan
just about evrything was shit with this season. the 7 previuos seasons was all for nothing in this shitty season.. game of thrones was the moste populars show of all time. and for good reason. this final season of it all just deleted it. it had the worst possible ending it could possibly get. since the beginning of time they give hints to the existence and how dangerous the white walkers are. and then they die before cersei. i didn think that made sense, i think they should have been the final battle to maintain the excitement through the entire season.. because the white walkers being killed.. was a huuuuugde turn off. also, it didn make sense how Arya killed the night king. it would havve been alot cooler for Jon Snow to get a 1v1 vs the night king. and then have him survive but heavely damaged or something. idk.. the final s8 felt vvery rushed through like they had nothing left to offer. nothing made sense right here to the very end. and thats a shame because it kinda kills this high intrest you have for it where you dont realy find any intrest for watching it again.
John McLellan
John McLellan - 4 dagar sedan
Wheel of Time show?
fucking N U T
Sherne' Daames
Sherne' Daames - 4 dagar sedan
Jon might have not known anything, but Bran knew everything and did nothing
red shoes
red shoes - 4 dagar sedan
Two months later, we see Tormund Giantsbane and Ghost frolicking about in a meadow pissed as newts on ale and having the time of their lives. But where is the oath-breaking, king-slaying perpetually clueless know-nothing Jon Snow? Oh dear. There he lies dead with a gormless look on what remains of his face (hungry crows), having tragically fallen from a big-ass iceberg. See how easy that was HBO?
Thank you for doing so much work and for being snarky and charming. Cheers.
goranfrka - 4 dagar sedan
the fact that it NEEDS explanation says enough .. total BS
Mike Stewart
Mike Stewart - 4 dagar sedan
I've followed your series since the beginning and I'm sad that it ended this way. The show left so much to be desired, but thank you for committing to deliver a quality analysis of the show even in its latter stages. It was awesome taking this journey with everyone.
blugeagua - 4 dagar sedan
Wow this episode sucked. Jon was SO out of character! He would NEVER defend someone as malicious and corrupt as Daenerys! Just so many storylines in this episode made no sense. The only thing that ended well and made sense was Sansa becoming Queen which was the best! But sad that she was alone when all she ever wanted was her family back together at Winterfell. And all she ever wanted was for Jon to be King with her.
Mr. Valtiel
Mr. Valtiel - 4 dagar sedan
le literally anything bad ever happens its literally nazis.
I mean it's not like any other dictator in the history of mankind ever had a speech at a rally with accent on heavy symbolism goy, what are you, an anti semite?
Dee Rush
Dee Rush - 4 dagar sedan
This finale reminds me of the last season of "Boardwalk Empire". What a waste.
dftfujd dsrjdh
dftfujd dsrjdh - 4 dagar sedan
Jon is such a faggot now. He used to be so cool!!!!@!!@@2112
Random999S - 4 dagar sedan
Thank you for you videos through the seasons! I really enjoyed it!
Chronicles of Amerath
Chronicles of Amerath - 4 dagar sedan
Brienne of Tarth may have been left with her dignity unbesmirched, but the same cannot be said for HBO's Game of Thrones...a pity.
Dark Star
Dark Star - 4 dagar sedan
Do more of The Expanse please!
Jon Snow
Jon Snow - 4 dagar sedan
It's sad that I needed it explained....I'm Jon fookin' Snow.
Average Alien
Average Alien - 4 dagar sedan
Glad you tried to make sense of this mess. It's like writing a 3000 word essay on the letter A
hatul adom
hatul adom - 4 dagar sedan
what if the night king is the good guy 🤔
Kenny Wayne & Darlinda Remington III
“King Bran represents a different ‘of ruler. And king Bran is not proud or cruel or lust for power, he has no pride or cruelty. He, Barely has a personality.” Lol LOL YOU ARE so FUNNY
Monkfish - 5 dagar sedan
Game of Thrones IS FUCKING DEAD TO ME.
Monkfish - 5 dagar sedan
Game of Thrones IS FUCKING DEAD TO ME.
Monkfish - 5 dagar sedan
Game of Thrones IS FUCKING DEAD TO ME.
Monkfish - 5 dagar sedan
Game of Thrones IS FUCKING DEAD TO ME.
Monkfish - 5 dagar sedan
Game of Thrones IS FUCKING DEAD TO ME.
Monkfish - 5 dagar sedan
Game of Thrones IS FUCKING DEAD TO ME.
Kenny Wayne & Darlinda Remington III
John did not stab Daenerys in her heart he stabbed her in the lower left side of her chest directly in her right lung. Her right, Our left.