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Dan Flores
Dan Flores - 26 dagar sedan
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Will you do LOTR Lore and analysis? Your voice and word usage is so good, you're such a great story teller!!!
pplr1 - Månad sedan
@Broadbull, Enabler of Uncounted Combos "She liberated the people of Slaver's bay, she liberated the people of Kings Landing" Yes Tyrion is trying to say she will keep on going but if his list is of bad things she did then why did he start it off mentioning a good thing or vice versa. If she was going to liberate places like she did Slaver's Bay then let her have at it. Of course this isn't madness on her part but rather a goal-possibly ridiculously hard to reach (at least without armies that don't respawn)-but not madness on her part. It isn't fascism either. So now there are three options for why Daenerys supposedly burned King's Landing but they don't really make sense. Now if she is bringing paradise then how were a bunch of peasants stopping her (and requiring her to burn the who city)? Maybe its me but I feel like the script had her do something ridiculously out of character and now is trying to find strings of words to excuse it. But at least Tyrion told him she would kill him yet it turns out she still wants him (thus not likely to murder Jon Snow) when Jon reaches the throne room. So if Tyrion is lying about that maybe he is lying in the rest of the nonsense. He talked about Varys being right yet if what Varys did is one of the things that sent Daenerys over the edge it is actually a self fulfilling prophesy-which means Varys was wrong because if he had left her alone both he and thousands of people in King's Landing would be alive.
Broadbull, Enabler of Uncounted Combos
@pplr1 you're misunderstanding tyrion there, he uses the word liberate to imply she's going to inflict the same kind of 'liberation' as she inflicted upon kings landing upon the rest of westeros, putting it in Jon's head that that implication exists when Dany later speaks of it. Freedom can and has been used as a metaphor for death, & Tyrion deliberately uses it there, that is manipulation & clever words, not madness.
pplr1 - Månad sedan
@Broadbull, Enabler of Uncounted Combos Show continuity died long before this. Though this may be one more nail in the coffin. Tyrion suffers madness as well though because they both use the word liberated for what happened in King's Landing. It is just extra confusing with Tyrion because he used it properly (freed) and improperly (turned to ashes) once right after the other.
Broadbull, Enabler of Uncounted Combos
@pplr1 due to the decisions of the episode director Dany fried the people of King's Landing, she didn't free them, she 'liberated' them by killing them. That was a decision by the director of that singular episode though, it chimes really badly with the following episode as a result feeling nonsensical & makes her as far as the show continuity is concerned utterly coocoo at that point.
Lil QP
Lil QP - 9 timmar sedan
game of thrones gone, alt shift gone
The Delusionist And His Demons
The Delusionist And His Demons - 14 timmar sedan
Bran has no pride or cruelty... He barely has a personality.
irishladdoyle - Dag sedan
Where is Stranger Things 😭😭
XRemARx - 2 dagar sedan
Your previous analysis of the books and show were better ideas than the actual outcome.
Also, your explanation of this was actually better than the final episode.
KeV B - 2 dagar sedan
Imagine trying to explain and justify season 8 at all, like you try to say Drogon had motive for burning the throne yet the very script itself says Drogon burned the throne for no reason it was just in his way lol
sneakymia1 - 2 dagar sedan
political jon, season 7 and 8, jon never loved dany, he played her like fiddle to get what he wanted, to protect the most important things to him, the north and his family, esp sansa, jonsa confirmed, game of thrones has a way of repeating itself, a Targaryen prince falling in love with stark princess, and now he is king beyond the wall, he is bael the bard and stark princess, and war of the roses, a tudor married a York, so a Targaryen marries a stark, but im still rooting in the books for sansa to end up with the hound, the only one of four suitors who ddint betray her
veritasreigns - 3 dagar sedan
You've tried to build this up as a good ending, but honestly this ending was dreadful and Dany's arc was complete character derailment.
Chronic_Breakdown - 3 dagar sedan
The actors did a great job as usual, it's just that this season was poorly written.
Jam baar
Jam baar - 3 dagar sedan
In the books the Night King will be introduced and Jon will kill Dany and the Night King by stabbing both in the heart not bloody Arya
Conrad of Montferrat
Conrad of Montferrat - 4 dagar sedan
How much do I have to donate for a 'Stannis was poorly adapted' or 'Nightlamp Theory' video?
Fuzzy Dunlop
Fuzzy Dunlop - 5 dagar sedan
What's the fucking deal with HBO shows and circular symbology? Is the fixation with wheels and loops and flat circles supposed to signify that no matter how strong an HBO show starts, it'll inevitably turn to shit at some point before the finale? Because that seems to be the pattern.
Dee Nick
Dee Nick - 6 dagar sedan
As usual a wonderful analysis we for the most can but agree with... Great work! keep it up 👍
hashim bokhamseen
hashim bokhamseen - 7 dagar sedan
fuck this session
Gendarrion - 8 dagar sedan
2 months later and this is still so painful to watch
mason foster
mason foster - 4 dagar sedan
Gendarrion dude it’s actually gotten worse. I thought maybe time would would make me be more optimistic about the ending but its done the opposite
Jabu Ronny
Jabu Ronny - 8 dagar sedan
The way the show concluded, it seems as if Bran and Sansa are evil. i mean it seems as if Sansa wanted to be queen of the seven kingdoms her self if not so why did she tell her uncle to sit down why did she even get involved when they were selecting the new king or queen. Bran on the other hand it seems as if he can manipulate future events, so i gas it has been him using his magic to end up being king
Diego Parra
Diego Parra - 10 dagar sedan
I'm so excited you're going to do videos on Dark, best show out there right now!
no name
no name - 11 dagar sedan
I am someone from brasil that apparently knows more than you about this show. Now that i got your attention, here`s some pieces of truth that also apparently seems dismissed from everyone makin some analysis videos, i won`t try to explain everything, I DON`T WANT IT, but is the truth
The north is bigger than the seven kingdoms, influence grows like a 420.
Grey worm said it`s not enough, that should be enough to take his words seriously, as bran knows the small council will improve, he just didn`t said how.
Cersei and Jamie swap bodies at the end of season 7.
i could say so much more but it feels unfair at this point. The night is dark and full of terrors
Sumaita Saffoon
Sumaita Saffoon - 11 dagar sedan
"He barely has a personality" 😂
Chelle Ortiz
Chelle Ortiz - 12 dagar sedan
what software do you use to create storytelling videos?
MeDicenWera - 13 dagar sedan
Now they revealed the script and it turns out Drogon wasn't even aiming at the throne. What a dumb show this became lol
MrBlodhund - 14 dagar sedan
This season seems good when you analyze it
Ostin Kortan
Ostin Kortan - 15 dagar sedan
Please read the witcher books so you can make these amazing breakdowns once netflix s witcher series is released. PLEASE.
TheTruthIsGonnaHurt - 15 dagar sedan
This was perfectly explained, and give some credit back to the story writers. Ultimately, fans are upset for a lot of unjustified reasons. Some just wanted Dany on the Throne, or Jon, and to them that makes a good story, and anything that isn't what they want is shit. Which just isn't fair. The story of Game of Thrones is larger then any one King or Queen, its about Democracy vs Dictatorship.
Anjelica Snorcket
Anjelica Snorcket - 8 dagar sedan
TheTruthIsGonnaHurt Not even close.
Kieron Beard
Kieron Beard - 16 dagar sedan
Pod the rod is a legend ... wasted on the kings guard the whores of kingslanding are heartbroken
Sean Kiely
Sean Kiely - 16 dagar sedan
Are you alright?
System_bug 330
System_bug 330 - 17 dagar sedan
You should do a video about dunk and egg
veteran0121 - 17 dagar sedan
"Maybe everyone's just too tired and confused to argue right now." That line made me chuckle. That snark is what made this the best Game of Thrones channel hands down...
Shamouz - 19 dagar sedan
Coooooooooooome back _(
Cato Sicarius
Cato Sicarius - 20 dagar sedan
The entire planet should just be nuked from orbit its the only way to be sure.
geo mundi
geo mundi - 20 dagar sedan
The lesson is... Give a woman power and she will go Stark raving mad. I think we all knew it was coming all along; with this "look at me I'm a powerful woman". Well after every woman says that, what do they do? They go f'n crazy as a biatzh. Every time, plain and simple.
RawReviews - 21 dag sedan
No explanation needed. The writers and the producers of the show surely had enough and just wanted to end it, no matter how much it would disappoint the loyal followers of the show and readers of the books. It became apparent by the end of season 7. I still admire the series via seasons 1-5 and the books as well. However, the ending was just a lazy excuse to end the show so D&D could continue on their way to collect bigger paychecks. It becomes apparent when the individual plots, character development, and dialogue are reduced to that of which the smallfolk can follow and appreciate.
GoTDancer - 21 dag sedan
How Jon defended Dany for even a millisecond was utterly absurd. Lost, actually, in a sea of absurdities.
Rykia Harada
Rykia Harada - 22 dagar sedan
And westeros went from a corrupted Absolute Monarchy leaded by an incompetent King and a council of Corrupted Warmongers..:... to an Absolute Monarchy leaded by an Inhuman Orwellian Tree Boy and a council of Corrupted, Drunken Whoremongers. Now Westeros will be a 1984 like nightmare, leaded by an Inhuman God emperor and is cohort of corrupted lords who’s only interest is fucking Whores and Drinking till death. Besides Davos and Sam, of course.
array s
array s - 16 dagar sedan
GoT is a masterpiece they say! 😂😂 Seriously FUCK D&D AND GRRM!
Ojáwashkwá Fivekiller
Ojáwashkwá Fivekiller - 22 dagar sedan
I just noticed at 12:46 the iron throne is much larger now like in the book
Ojáwashkwá Fivekiller
Ojáwashkwá Fivekiller - 22 dagar sedan
I just realized The Targaryen House that came from the East with Aegon is symbolic of the foreign Invaders who came from the East to "civilize" The Americas. GRR did say he wrote his story inspired by history
peshmerge44 - 23 dagar sedan
Do Dark on Netflix please we need you 😅
Noel Barrido
Noel Barrido - 23 dagar sedan
Hi! Im a big fan of your videos and id love to see your take on the witcher netflix series if you had read the books that it was based on.
Noemi Reines
Noemi Reines - 24 dagar sedan
Cersei paid back the bank in full, i dont remember exactly when but i remember that meeting with cersei and that man from the iron bank
Kidgib5 - 24 dagar sedan
Dang dude please keep making these videos. Soothing voice, good thoughts and opinions, just nice to watch and listen. Your thoughts on why the ending of the show was underwhelming is right on how I feel.
HYPER x Camby
HYPER x Camby - 24 dagar sedan
Tyrion:”who has a better story than bran the broken”
The audience:literally any other f*ckin person ?!
Activision & EA, Twin Pairs of Destruction
Elections for leaders would not work on the large scale cuz majority of the common folk are uneducated.
They can be easily swayed or forced, one way or another, to vote for particularly people.
To have a well led democracy, they need a “Bill of Rights” which will not happen any time soon in this universe.
Elections work for smaller scale communities and/or ones that need a leader that is not dependent on blood or family to have status to rule.
S C - 24 dagar sedan
Altshiftxxx 🤔🤫
NPC - 25 dagar sedan
Did Bronn ever get “the bad pussy”?
SolidSnakeOil - 25 dagar sedan
It's really stupid to select a king who's dick doesn't work.
SolidSnakeOil - 25 dagar sedan
I don't I've ever watched so much straight faced sarcasm. I hope it's sarcasm.
Dan Flores
Dan Flores - 26 dagar sedan
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Will you do LOTR Lore and analysis? You're voice and word usage is so good, you're such a great story teller!!! I can imagine having a couple of beers with you and discussing anything! haha
franhound - 26 dagar sedan
Can I have a link to the Targaryen family tree used in 8:49? Thanks.
Stan Kpop lol
Stan Kpop lol - 26 dagar sedan
search it on google exactly as you said
J Joplin
J Joplin - 26 dagar sedan
Thank you for your amazing analyses of GOT!
Jared Johnson
Jared Johnson - 27 dagar sedan
Why wouldn’t Bronn just be Master of War? If he has to be on the Council
Angie Four
Angie Four - 27 dagar sedan
'Season 8 episode 6 explained', did you mean: 'pointing out all the plot holes in the last episode of Game of Thrones'?
Pablo Bellocchio
Pablo Bellocchio - 28 dagar sedan
Its not that its hard to understand. Its just rushed nonsensical shit.
TheMysteriousMan - 28 dagar sedan
I think everyone is misinterpreting Brans comment on “why do you think I came all this way?” The question he was asked was “will you be our king? Will you guide the 7 kingdoms to the best of your ability?” Brans whole story was to become the three eyed raven to help guide people. I bet he expected to just be helping and guiding the new ruler. Instead they made him the ruler so he could guide the world. That was his point anyway which is why he says “Why do you think I came all this way?”
array s
array s - 16 dagar sedan
@TheMysteriousMan FUCK BRAN! it's obvious he could see the future. He gave Arya the Valyrian blade, thats a very obvious sign.
TheMysteriousMan - 27 dagar sedan
Dingo 154 also well its kinda shown that bran can’t see the future but probably knew he wanted to return to Cersei which would probably result in his death
TheMysteriousMan - 27 dagar sedan
Dingo 154 I don’t blame him 🤣L
Dingo 154
Dingo 154 - 28 dagar sedan
Bran to Jaime “what makes you think there is an afterwards.” He knew Jaime would die. He did nothing to stop it.
Viktor - 28 dagar sedan
What a shit show
Glad I jumped ship during season 5
The Lone Wanderer
The Lone Wanderer - 10 dagar sedan
Viktor weird flex, but okay
Dominique Odom
Dominique Odom - 29 dagar sedan
The fact Sansa declares herself Queen of the north shouldve led to more fighting and death.
Every other high lord would proclaim themselves king or queen .
Its almost borderline evil that she spits on the chance to unite the kingdoms under peace with all the other high lords because she wants a sense of power for herself
It's kinda insulting
Cocomunster - Månad sedan
Dude, explain dark. That series is confusing to all hell and your probably the only person that can explain it. You can make tons of videos on it and still not be able to fully explain everything,
CK - Månad sedan
I realised that I like your video because you don't complain about the things wrong with S8 (of which there are plenty). You simply describe what happened in E6 and point out all the contradictory and nonsensical 'conclusions' given to the narrative.
Naum Rusomarov
Naum Rusomarov - Månad sedan
They failed spectacularly to combine the blood magic in GoT with the more human aspects of the plot. Literally, half of the show doesn't make any sense because the Night King and the Bloodraven plots were a muddled mess. They don't fit at all in the show.
Vontos' Magic Murder Bag
Vontos' Magic Murder Bag - Månad sedan
Why did Brienne abandon her oath to protect the Stark girls? Why is Davos the only member of the small council that makes any sense?
array s
array s - 16 dagar sedan
@Vontos' Magic Murder Bag bcause she knew the North is fucked with Sansa in charge? 😂
Vontos' Magic Murder Bag
Vontos' Magic Murder Bag - Månad sedan
@tempodude She's repeatedly refused to break her oath to Catelyn that she would protect Sansa and Arya. How can she be loyal to the queen of one kingdom and the king of another kingdom at the same time?
tempodude - Månad sedan
Brienne as commander of the kingsguard makes sense, she's a great and loyal knight who deserves to get rewarded.
Jethro Jacinto
Jethro Jacinto - Månad sedan
Love this analyses from ALTSHIFTX but man it just reminds me all over again how fucking terrible Season 8 was
Jessica Gruebner
Jessica Gruebner - Månad sedan
I may have already commented on this, but the show runners clearly have no idea how feudalism works. Or.. it could be a bit of Fridge Brilliance in that Grey Worm doesn’t understand how feudalism works. “You’re not a slave, therefore you serve Cersei willingly”
Michael Smith
Michael Smith - Månad sedan
An idea for some more alt shift x videos could be book recaps in sections, maybe 5-10 chapters at a time, quickly summarizing the books. another youtuber called alt schwift x (you probably havent heard of him) does chapter recaps but they are all pretty much an hour long per chapter. If we could get main plot points with minimum tangents on this channel that would be fantastic
Berlin - Månad sedan
You would think that after spending so much time with Margaery, some of her charisma would rub off on Sansa. I guess not.
array s
array s - 16 dagar sedan
Sansa openly challenged Dany, she was that DUMB.
Laverne Blaszczyk
Laverne Blaszczyk - Månad sedan
They trashed the whole Night King plot- WHYWHYWHY??!! What was the whole fricken point then??! D&D should be drawn and quartered...or at least be made to return all the money they made under false pretenses- they vandalized a work of art ffs
P G - Månad sedan
Nothing to explain it was a trash season.
Aval - Månad sedan
I am still angry about it, fuck the writers
smithysmithy1 - Månad sedan
Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas - Månad sedan
That's why this season sucked and it made the whole show suck
BVBrocks927 - Månad sedan
The starks became the worst fucking family in the show
Peregrination - Månad sedan
World taken over by an evil tree...interesting.
genbernier - Månad sedan
Hey, I’m curious to know your take on Twin Peaks or anything Lynch. Have you consider analyzing his work?
HuntingViolets - Månad sedan
If Tyrion hadn't freed Jaime, that might have been better . . .
Anjelica Snorcket
Anjelica Snorcket - 26 dagar sedan
HuntingViolets Jaime should have died in E03 - his arc was complete.
DANKEST CABIN - Månad sedan
dune explained please
HuntingViolets - Månad sedan
The Unsullied could adopt.
theLonelyCultureShow - Månad sedan
THOR odinson.
THOR odinson. - Månad sedan
Explain this to D&D
Mahmoud Anas
Mahmoud Anas - Månad sedan
We understand that you need a time off this amount of bullshitness was hard for me too
JonDeBerg - Månad sedan
Jon did not finish his life at the Wall. John abandoned the wall to live with the Wildlings. It was clear that Tyrion regretted his decision in nominating Bran as ruler once Sansa declared the North would stay independent and Bran agreed. Tyrion saw that the Starks were in a position to rule all of Westeros and maintain legitimacy to the throne for generations to come. The entire series is about history repeating itself. I bet in 1000 years time, Jon will be the Lord Commander that fell in love with a mysterious white woman, leave his watch (in one way or another) to be with the mysterious white woman, call himself King of the North (probably through convoluted 'records') "beyond the Wall," they will have a period in which they rule until the Lords south of the wall rise to fight and Jon loses her in a great battle full of magic and wild stories of great mythical beasts... and when she dies, Jon (or the Stark who called himself King of the Wildlings will disappear and be lost to tales of a Night's Watch former Lord Commander, left his watch in sorrow and despair to wander the North forever searching for his white queen.
David Ekstrom
David Ekstrom - Månad sedan
Ofc no one mention Jon's claim grey worm wouldn't allow him as king
Rex Longfellow
Rex Longfellow - Månad sedan