Here's Why the 2020 Toyota Supra Could Be Better

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Peepmysneaks - 28 minuter sedan
Ryan Hawthorne
Ryan Hawthorne - 41 minut sedan
Best review to date! Mostly because it was honest. I took away! The car is s BMW. Toyota is looking to make aftermarket money off of it by using the Supra name. Toyota can build it better but is chosing not to do it as they know they can sell out a small number of these cars annually and they have done the math. Bottom line was all about Toyota's bottom line!
Gorilla Toyz
Gorilla Toyz - Timme sedan
$59k . Hmmm It’s cool looking but a Model 3 dual motor is $10k less for equal performance . I guess the value is the aftermarket projects one can do!
Anacreon Skull
Anacreon Skull - 2 timmar sedan
omg nice car pal
Noways - 2 timmar sedan
Toyota is basically saying ehh we’re to lazy to finish it soooooooo tuning companies take it from here
Steve Marroquin
Steve Marroquin - 2 timmar sedan
It’s like the PlayStation Classic Mini, the Japanese put out a product that’s issue ridden and that’s going be in every forum and magazine on earth... it’s strong publicity, your going to hate it because you can never touch it outside of Diecast/Video Game version...
David Smith
David Smith - 3 timmar sedan
Its BMW twin has like 50 more hp, Toyota turned it down on purpose.
Robert Turnbull
Robert Turnbull - 5 timmar sedan
Fake air intakes says it all.
ZX Spectrum
ZX Spectrum - 5 timmar sedan
I love the look I must say! I wouldnt mind one thats been modified by a passionate car nut off Ebay in 10 years time!
Jamie Marshall
Jamie Marshall - 5 timmar sedan
I've heard BMW is going to make a sedan that's based on a Toyota Avalon platform 😂😂
VideoArchiveGuy - 6 timmar sedan
A "Toyota" with BMW reliability, complexity and repair pricing.
Asked for by no customer, ever.
Doomsday_Report - 8 timmar sedan
Feels like there's a lot of wasted space on those rear lights, also aren't there regulation issues regarding the brake light/indicator combo? I always thought that was a US exclusive thing.
knight_Gamer YBN
knight_Gamer YBN - 8 timmar sedan
When they can't think of an perfect design for the Supra
Chris Blake
Chris Blake - 8 timmar sedan
Talk about the ultimate sell out.
Andy Smith
Andy Smith - 9 timmar sedan
Such a half arsed job from Toyota. They literally couldn’t be bothered to make a surpra so they didn’t. They put a shell on a z4. It will sell to no public who like the looks, but the people who love the supra will just be disappointed and won’t bother.
Jimmy's Tractor
Jimmy's Tractor - 9 timmar sedan
That is not a Supra any more than my truck would be if I stuck a "Supra" badge on the back.
That1ArabGuy - 10 timmar sedan
Hey Doug, could you clarify just a bit more, is this the new Supra?
Arash Dayani
Arash Dayani - 10 timmar sedan
I'm sorry to say this, but sadly this car was disappointing.
Rob K
Rob K - 11 timmar sedan
Great review as ever, thanks Doug. However the glaringly obvious omission (on Toyota's part) is...2 seats. I believe all previous Supras were 2+2's. I rode in the back of a 1990 Supra (beautiful car) for about an hour with no hardship. For a family man like me, having only 2 seats immediately rules it out. What a shame.
James Cilia
James Cilia - 11 timmar sedan
I know this vehicle won't be as reliable as a regular Toyota but do you think this will be more reliable than the average BMW?
Jake Ledbetter
Jake Ledbetter - 11 timmar sedan
Has anyone else ever just imagined a "batman demuro" who pops in and demands to see your quirks and features in a grovely cBale batman voice? Or,is that judt me......
2018 Honda Civic Si
2018 Honda Civic Si - 12 timmar sedan
It’s like buying a game and it has nothing, but the modding community can add everything
X-T MIGOS - 12 timmar sedan
I swear this was the least exciting review that doug did, you could see he was disappointed he was juss being respectful.
Hoof Harted
Hoof Harted - 12 timmar sedan
And they STILL can't see the recession coming lol...
Ben O
Ben O - 13 timmar sedan
I’m sad that I will never be able to afford one of these. But maybe all you haters will tank the resale. I really like it.
logan smith
logan smith - 13 timmar sedan
logan smith
logan smith - 13 timmar sedan
They Should called it the Bmw Supra
DD556 762
DD556 762 - 13 timmar sedan
Make it mid engine and affordable.
2018 Honda Civic Si
2018 Honda Civic Si - 11 timmar sedan
Well then it would be like the mr2
BU3 D - 13 timmar sedan
I think it was an article in car and driver that I first read that this was going to be a BMW Supra and lost my interest.
Benjamin Ochart
Benjamin Ochart - 13 timmar sedan
It looks good, however the cost for parts replacement provide maybe by BMW will be higher than Toyota, saying that I prefer the Nissan Gt-R by far, more powerful, have also a nice look, and is made by Japanese technology.
Gabe Hotho
Gabe Hotho - 13 timmar sedan
The badge isn't the same, but it IS an updated version.
Maaku - 14 timmar sedan
They needed to make it affordable, not everyone wants a "tuner" car
Nikola Tasev
Nikola Tasev - 14 timmar sedan
So, this is an underpowered and unfinished BMW... but they kept the old font and replaced the name of the car in the infotainment...
Samuel Blackburn
Samuel Blackburn - 14 timmar sedan
The body lines are horrible on this car
Samuel Blackburn
Samuel Blackburn - 14 timmar sedan
Toyota has always partnered with automotive companies in Research, development, like the Tundra the firt generation tundra was based off Silverado platform
IrishFists - 14 timmar sedan
I don't dig the white which I don't say often.
Matthew Gaines
Matthew Gaines - 15 timmar sedan
Doug seems so tone deaf sometimes. It's like he doesn't have much exposure to cars or car culture...or he believes his audience doesn't.
cannnotfindone - 15 timmar sedan
Doug, i fear the mismatching door panels may be a design feature. If you look at the center console/tunnel area, you can clearly see there’s a red accent line only on the driver side...
It’s almost as if someone wanted the passenger seat to be black...
Alex 09
Alex 09 - 15 timmar sedan
Im just not a fan of this Supra... they ruined it..
*lion_is_ balanced*
*lion_is_ balanced* - 15 timmar sedan
A like on this comment says that this will be Diego Siato’s next D1GP car
Meanwhile African peoples still lives in hut and are starving.
Maaku - 14 timmar sedan
African people are always in huts ,starving. That's what they do
Adin Icic
Adin Icic - 16 timmar sedan
So basically in summary it is 2020 BMW Supra M5?
Vinsmoke Sanji
Vinsmoke Sanji - 16 timmar sedan
And Doug hold this L for that title
ferrari lover f40
ferrari lover f40 - 17 timmar sedan
What a joke Toyota should be ashamed .
fourocker - 17 timmar sedan
This Supra is going to drive old Supra prices through the roof when people realize it's not a Supra actually and they decide they want a real one because it has re generated interest in the badge.
R R - 18 timmar sedan
Pass on this BMW Supra. Sucks they made it an automatic. No fun in that.
L amba
L amba - 18 timmar sedan
how much?
Phenomenal Ande
Phenomenal Ande - 18 timmar sedan
Its no Supra
Juan Torres
Juan Torres - 19 timmar sedan
Doug just underrated the Supra. How cool is the supra well Doug "it's a supra" !! He should at least gave it a 9 on cool factor. The m2 should not be above the supra on his list. The matter of fact you can say you bought a brand new supra in 2020 should really make you the coolest kid in town.
Dubiel - 19 timmar sedan
Maybe if it was released as a Celica it would be more impressive because you are right - when compared to the hype and the re-releases of the nsx, gtr, etc this car may have missed a huge opportunity.
racketman2u - 19 timmar sedan
OK, call me odd, but I'd rather have a Toymw (bmota?) with a straight six in it than a !GENUINE! Toyota with a fucking boring four banger in it, like the GT86.
Generals. Gaming
Generals. Gaming - 20 timmar sedan
Looks like a remodelled Mustang
Opie - 20 timmar sedan
Money corrupts. A chance blown...
MultiJoeMoma - 21 timme sedan
this should have been the new celica
MultiJoeMoma - 21 timme sedan
I'll take a Camaro SS or to a lesser a 370Z thanks
RambunctiousTonster - 22 timmar sedan
:::yelling like Samuel L. Jackson::: Say TUNING COMPANIES one more GOD damned time!!!
jdf rth
jdf rth - 23 timmar sedan
get rid of that toe nail in the back and replace it with a aftermarket spoiler and she'll be alright. 2jz swap.
holden caulfied
holden caulfied - Dag sedan
A Supra was dyno'd and it puts 339 hp to the wheels and does 0-60 in 3.8 seconds. So what that means is.. all you BMW/Supra haters CAN SUUUUUUUUUCK IT !!!!!
J3RX Eruption
J3RX Eruption - Dag sedan
Ugly ass car
triboNT - Dag sedan
why you ask what is the issue having BMW in that car? ha! for starters, the turn signals will not work after a few runs.
Bad Monkey
Bad Monkey - Dag sedan
Answer: It could be a Toyota
Ram Valdez
Ram Valdez - Dag sedan
Not gonna sell for a 100 grand in well gusse what a fully loaded one will be 100. Grand
jerry henderson
jerry henderson - Dag sedan
Can you put a big single in it and make over 1000 HP ?
Jawn Chan
Jawn Chan - Dag sedan
Serious question: why would you get this over a corvette?
Super NinjaX1
Super NinjaX1 - Dag sedan
Doug, I have to disagree with you on the motor. That 2jz was a pretty damn good motor. I really think they dropped the ball on this one. I really wish Toyoda just decided to release the FT-1 with original Toyota parts.
Dr. Mantis Toboggan M.D.
So is the chassis code mk5?
absboodoo - Dag sedan
"Since when is that a problem?"
When couple years down the road the maintenance/repair bills start to come up.
Johnny Khojava
Johnny Khojava - Dag sedan
This is the last bit that proves the fact: toyota cannot make a car enthusiast cars no more. Its just a bait and switch. There is no problem with bmw, I own one myself but for me it would be hilarious if someone would tune my x5 down put a toyota badges and claim its a land cruiser from now on and tuning companies can make a good car out of it. Its sad, companies forget about their past and make a shitboxes like prius this days.
Full A.
Full A. - Dag sedan
Nice camera effect...
Insta Car Culture
Insta Car Culture - Dag sedan
THIS is the most disappointing car of all time
RadX52 - Dag sedan
Take a shot every time Doug says "BMW"
Ryan Barbolt
Ryan Barbolt - Dag sedan
The reason that it's a problem for this car to be a BMW, is because Supra buyers DON'T WANT TO BUY A BMW!!!
Jerry Ryan
Jerry Ryan - Dag sedan
This BMW is a major disappointment
Salem Aldeiban
Salem Aldeiban - Dag sedan
thanks for telling us your licence plate, 6ES 906.
Matthew Gaines
Matthew Gaines - 14 timmar sedan
It's not his license plate. It's a manufacturer plate that can be moved from car to car as the manufacturer desires. Are you new to this? Now that you see the plate on the car, what do you think you can do with that information? Find Toyota's facility in Texas. Google can get you that information quicker. Every vehicle on the road has a visible plate. So what.
High Hopes
High Hopes - Dag sedan
Doug, you clearly don't understand the target audience for this car. You're hung up on the details of it being a tuning platform, which is a good thing for the buyers of this car. Yet you don't understand the issues of it having a BMW engin, being underpowered, limited trans options and other issues that were a disappointment - to the target audience. You sound like an old lady complaining that it's not ideal for groceries.
Jose Mendoza
Jose Mendoza - Dag sedan
the door panel is a crazy sign that this is not a Toyota
Jose Mendoza
Jose Mendoza - Dag sedan
why buy it over the Z4 that's the question
Jose Mendoza
Jose Mendoza - Dag sedan
its all bad
Wesley Tillotson
Wesley Tillotson - Dag sedan
Where’s the jdm fanboys’ love for this car?
“We let tuning company do that”
Kimbo Slice
Kimbo Slice - Dag sedan
100,000 for that BMW piece of shit.
Julio Torres
Julio Torres - Dag sedan
I love when Doug makes good review vids that the vid goes smoothly and entertaining.....this being one....the porsche 918 one is great too and so is the Spyker C8...just to mention....i like when he drive a good while and the background is a nice scenery,
Cisco - Dag sedan
Is a bad looking car :v
darthsidious90210 - Dag sedan
Lost interest at: "the supra is only offered with an automatic transmission"
bloody sixth.
bloody sixth. - Dag sedan
I feel like it could of had a better front end & it should have came with a factory wing
BRZ_2015 - Dag sedan
It’s a BMW
IdealSound & Performance : Mobile
Glad you said not having a manual is a mistake.
IdealSound & Performance : Mobile
Thanks google.. "Now I am going to get it on the road and drive it.." .. next thing is "So, how do our period proof underwear work?" .. good job advertising algorithm.
Dalip Dobrova
Dalip Dobrova - Dag sedan
It kinda looks like an alfa romeo 4c
Keith Bandy
Keith Bandy - Dag sedan
not a toyota junk car bmw ? can,t even come close to a supre . own one
Slimee - Dag sedan
Sooo Toyota didn't learn anything from Pontiac's debacle with the GTO revival? AKA Import a Holden Monaro and slap a Pontiac grille and badge on it and call it a day.
skip walker
skip walker - Dag sedan
Did you just say you don't trust the people of West Virginia?!?!?!
You fly-over liberals are going to learn a lesson in discrimination!!!!
FilmVI VI - Dag sedan
It's not a Toyota.... It's a BMW. Major fail :-(
Aaron Belmonte
Aaron Belmonte - Dag sedan
So it's a BMW. ok got it
Laserlite 3000
Laserlite 3000 - Dag sedan
Looks like a gay BMW
A l
A l - Dag sedan
Look it's the new Supra I mean the new beamer.ooh well just put Toyota badging were the Beamer's go. Lol what a joke the new Supra is or should I say the beamer.
ficodecko - Dag sedan
oh god why.....japanese car with german reliability no thank you, i buy Japanese for a reason. why not follow their partnership with subaru or something like they did with the brz/frs
Tyler S
Tyler S - Dag sedan
Most famous from Japan? Not sure MX5 Miata will agree..
gimmpy91 - Dag sedan
Toyota dropped the ball
nkoonkukoo - Dag sedan
What's up with all these tuning companies ??
jcoltonj32001 - Dag sedan
Maybe put a manual gearbox in an enthusiast car? good start?