Here's Why the 2020 Toyota Supra Could Be Better

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Initial Drawings
Initial Drawings - 6 timmar sedan
Imagine if the engine is rebuilt by Toyota and it’s better at tuning than the 2JZ
Wait that’s true? Frick, I’d buy the Supra than the C8
VR Car Vlog
VR Car Vlog - 7 timmar sedan
OUCH Watchout SENSORR!!! Just wanna tell U!
ROCKY GAMING - 9 timmar sedan
Oh well the only thing i hate about the new supra its the front of it but on the side and back it looks so sick
Chris Hill
Chris Hill - 10 timmar sedan
Khaing Tun
Khaing Tun - 11 timmar sedan
sucks also reviewer so talkative 🙂
Grand master Semos
Grand master Semos - 11 timmar sedan
Nahhh.. skipped this one, going for supra 2028...
aaron litman
aaron litman - 12 timmar sedan
Rebadged bmw, no thanks. I’ll spend 5k more and get the mid-engine vet.
Jonathan Duenas
Jonathan Duenas - 12 timmar sedan
So BMW made a car & Toyota slapped their name on it like that kid in a school project who doesn't do anything...
Jared Windam
Jared Windam - 12 timmar sedan
Toyota is only for reliability not for performance.
Hallyson Henrique
Hallyson Henrique - 15 timmar sedan
Toyota the Best ★★★★★
Frank Ly
Frank Ly - 15 timmar sedan
This car is physical proof of Toyota asking and letting BMW pee on the grave of the original legend.
TheBlackjackRaven - 16 timmar sedan
I think, I like this car a lot unironically. I think I might get it, I understand all the negative marks, very much. I like the body, tech, and interior.
Mike Harris
Mike Harris - 16 timmar sedan
I didnt ask for a another bmw I asked for a fast and furious supra
Isaiah James
Isaiah James - 17 timmar sedan
Now for mazda to bring back the rx-7
Skyline8180 - 17 timmar sedan
For godsake Mitsubishi... If you bring back the Lancer... DON’T FUCK IT UP
Alex Hall
Alex Hall - 17 timmar sedan
It's just a pos BMW with a Toyota badge. That engine will blow up after 1500 miles. Toyota should have used their own 3.5L V6's and tuned them for performance.
PENNY WISE - 19 timmar sedan
More like a toyota celica
ROUSH4203 - 22 timmar sedan
Doug demuro: the type to review a supra in the rain with rusted rotors
Jalani Wilson
Jalani Wilson - 22 timmar sedan
TOYOTA is known for reliability. A BMW M car is not.
james83925 - 23 timmar sedan
Toyota, Sell your current Supra run; don't make more. Sever ties with BMW, engine is fragile and so are electronics. Make a bigger MR2 with the MKIV Supra indestructible inline-six 2JZ-GTE supercharged to 500+ hp (93-98 Supra had 320 hp). In 2 years introduce Supra with ceramic-vented discs, ONLY 6 speed manual and only Toyota electronics. Your BMW Supra is a laughing stock. You can be back in the game vs C8.
RussianJesuz - Dag sedan
it literally looks like an frs.
S. G.
S. G. - Dag sedan
16:21 *The PAIN, the OCD PAIN, ouch*
HereFishyFishy - Dag sedan
Honestly Toyota's slogan should be; Toyota, could be better.
Groovy Baby
Groovy Baby - Dag sedan
Should’ve just kept it as the FT-1 and made a true evolution to the Supra with a new engine with some of the similar character of the 2jz and call it the 3jz with around 450hp for some evolution. Not a retro design but keep the spirits of the car. The rounded architecture and with a variation of the rear and front lights. Modernize it but don’t be entirely retro and don’t be completely far fetched from the Supra. It’s not that the FT-1 design is bad or this car is a bad car. It’s just not very Supra, too Gt86 like a small quick car and not enough meaty sports fatness. Could’ve went for more. Like Nissan did with the GTR
klmn krstf
klmn krstf - Dag sedan
*literally no one asks for the aston martin db5 to get back*
Aston martin: *does it anyway*
*everyone asks for the 94 supra*
Toyota: here is the 5th gen supra but it's just a bmw
Invariably Driven
Invariably Driven - Dag sedan
It's not about BMW making good engines and cars. It's about the pure JDM experience. It just doesn't feel the same to me. Seems like most car companies now a days aren't staying true to themselves or their roots. Just glad the Toyota FRS got a Subaru engine at least..
Jano Kokot
Jano Kokot - Dag sedan
This car is so awkward
slickl4l - Dag sedan
Tristan Sassen
Tristan Sassen - Dag sedan
It doesn't even look like a supra looks more like a BMW
ryan h
ryan h - Dag sedan
you have 3m subs for a reason. you right. but my mk4 has 2 hood latches
Jacob Gutierrez
Jacob Gutierrez - Dag sedan
no manual transmission????? I was starting to regret getting a frs until you said that lol
POB108 - Dag sedan
I saw this in flesh along with mk4 supra in Toyota Manila bay. Its very small yet Toyota avanza is bigger
LOCATOR - Dag sedan
So do I gotta wait another 21 years for the refresh model?

Or Toyota gonna fuck it up again?
CoolStuff Unboxings
CoolStuff Unboxings - Dag sedan
I think its disappointing that they use a BMW engine because they make really reliable engines that can go for hundreds if thousands of miles.

However BMW doesn't make as reliable engines which is a reason for the complaints !
Tyler Schaub
Tyler Schaub - 13 timmar sedan
The engine was sent back to bmw until it met Toyota's standards. Dont get discouraged though at the "lower hp" either. BMW is advertising engine hp where Toyota is advertising at the wheels.
Raafee Khan
Raafee Khan - Dag sedan
21:22 , a lot of cars do that, I guess the wind hits a perfect frequency to clash ,
Just crack the other window open a bit
Raafee Khan
Raafee Khan - Dag sedan
Why have such a large tachometer if the car is only sold in automatic?
bLablAgodzilla360 - 15 timmar sedan
tuning companies
Bass in Your Face!
Bass in Your Face! - Dag sedan
This is an example of if you don't use it you lose it. Toyota hadn't made a true performance car, in so long they forgot how to do it and this is why they had to collaborate with BMW.
The Combat Engineer
The Combat Engineer - Dag sedan
Garbage, they should have built the FT-1 Concept with a bespoke motor. Total garbage.
Raafee Khan
Raafee Khan - Dag sedan
I don't know, it doesn't look good, it doesn't feel right, it just feels like a major let down.
Why not just use a turbocharged *modernized* same engine influenced version from before?
Why base it on the z4 and not revampe the old model?
bLablAgodzilla360 - 14 timmar sedan
I never understood why they couldn't revamp the old Supra Engine. Some Japanese car company is already doing engine swaps with this monstrosity
Raafee Khan
Raafee Khan - 15 timmar sedan
@Nuclear Narwhal modernized*
Nuclear Narwhal
Nuclear Narwhal - 15 timmar sedan
Why would Toyota use a 20 year old engine with an old design?
Maqui Martin3z
Maqui Martin3z - Dag sedan
Old supra is the better one
win toto
win toto - Dag sedan
8:30 BMW building cars

Yes they do make great M models but the problem is quality and craftsmanship. Do you know how much it cost to repair a bmw if it breaks down? Thus build great cars but they don’t last
win toto
win toto - Dag sedan
So the tuning companies are the actual designers for this car since Toyota is like here do whatever u want just give us $50,000
Lunamaria - Dag sedan
They should have used a Lexus sports bar and built on that
MrMethadrine - Dag sedan
I think the automatic transmission trend is mostly for safety reasons because people who usually buy super expensive cars drive like shit.
Dan Oldham
Dan Oldham - Dag sedan
Wow, what an ugly car.
ottoman empire
ottoman empire - Dag sedan
Lthiiiiiss is the... The original of Douh
Patches0hulahan - 2 dagar sedan
Looks like a muggy rainy day in Texas good job Doug
20000plus Rpm
20000plus Rpm - 2 dagar sedan
„We want a new supra“
„Here you go, a bmw with 50% finished parts on it. So you can fit stuff. For more of your money. Made by other people. Just like the car itself.“
Pedro Sueta
Pedro Sueta - 2 dagar sedan
When millennials take over as project managers, this is what you get. Next, they are going to turn 4Runner into a crossover because it's the "trend."
RC JEDI - 2 dagar sedan
Toyota totally dropped the ball here. I would never buy one of these. What a bummer. Im totally let down and disappointed.
Mckenjie Canale
Mckenjie Canale - 2 dagar sedan
TheStradman Anyone??
ultrablue2 - 2 dagar sedan
Doug, let me answer your query about why the new Supra being 90% BMW is a bad thing: because it’s not a Toyota, who simply piggybacked another company’s car, changed the styling, and called it their own. People do put a premium on Toyota products, from their engineering to their reliability, servicing, and ease of use. Beyond that, this is a flagship car, one with its own history and lineage; what does it say when the company jobs it out to someone else? You saying “why is Toyota using a BMW for their flagship car a bad thing” is like saying “my son cheated off one of the smarter students in his class- why is that bad?”
Gregory Fairchild
Gregory Fairchild - 2 dagar sedan
The combination of turbo and the super Smith, tough 2jz is what made the supra so desirable.
Why buy this? Buy a
Toyota dropped the ball... off the Hoover dam...
Gregory Fairchild
Gregory Fairchild - 2 dagar sedan
Trunk release handle is for inop trunk latches.
Gregory Fairchild
Gregory Fairchild - 2 dagar sedan
Super smooth....darn auto correct
Clayton Rhee
Clayton Rhee - 2 dagar sedan
Trd boutta be lit
Saurav Sen
Saurav Sen - 2 dagar sedan
With this mindset it was better for Toyota to revive BMW M1 with the old Lambo design or Corolla sport version LOL
Edgar Morales
Edgar Morales - 2 dagar sedan
They should of called it the BMW Supra 🤣🤦‍♀️
david roberts
david roberts - 2 dagar sedan
jeez, too much hand/arm movement for me
Santos Jerez
Santos Jerez - 2 dagar sedan
Looks exactly like a BMW Roadster ...unbelievable a 2020 Toyota with BMW on it ...
Mr FlexNationDvd
Mr FlexNationDvd - 2 dagar sedan
I was fine with it until i saw the cupholders.
Robert Ross
Robert Ross - 2 dagar sedan
My mom had a Supra in college, and now I'm thinking about buying the new Supra now that I'm in college
Robert Ross
Robert Ross - Dag sedan
@Panda _DVA it's a Toyota, not a Bugatti lol
Panda _DVA
Panda _DVA - Dag sedan
You guys must be some rich spoiled family blood line
Atlas Gaming
Atlas Gaming - 2 dagar sedan
ngl, they could have used all the bmw parts and just stuck in a tuned 2jz and it would have been fine.
Ángel Ravel
Ángel Ravel - 2 dagar sedan
A Steiner
A Steiner - 2 dagar sedan
WTF was Toyota thinking! What a disgrace to the original Supras.. oh well looks like my 94’ Turbo just increased in value lol
Kelly Austin
Kelly Austin - 2 dagar sedan
Funny because I can't stand the looks of this car. Not now not ever.
mikeguitarification - 2 dagar sedan
Looking at Stradman's Supra, the passenger door is the same as this car, no red on it. Seems like an odd stylistic choice.
Joe Osuna
Joe Osuna - 2 dagar sedan
The mismatched door panels actually did make production. All of the 1500 Launch Editions have it
Bill B.
Bill B. - 2 dagar sedan
If I wanted a BMW........
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk - 3 dagar sedan
Toyota FT1 should have been the new Supra
Brian M
Brian M - 3 dagar sedan
I think they dropped the ball on the front end design.   My 10 year old son, actually pointed out it looks like an Alfa Romeo sedan in the front.......
Jeffrey Del Vecchio
Jeffrey Del Vecchio - 3 dagar sedan
Ive owned two Supra Turbos, a 1992 and a 1989. They were both Turbo Targa, 5 speeds. The Supra NEEDS an inline 6 turbo! This new Supra Sucks because it is underpowered! Please NO BMW engines!
Idaho Jake
Idaho Jake - 3 dagar sedan
Hope you're using your signals.
C. O. F Flightschool
C. O. F Flightschool - 3 dagar sedan
I want to see one after a Dinan Tune.
alex rios
alex rios - 3 dagar sedan
Dam wish I had money to buy the new Supra
Someone cashapp me stijonathan lol 😔
Mr. X
Mr. X - 3 dagar sedan
Shut the hell up and DRIVE THE SHIT OUT OF THE CAR!!! That's what we want to see.
James N
James N - 3 dagar sedan
Logan H
Logan H - 3 dagar sedan
how many times is Doug gonna say "tuning companies"
Lost Komadas
Lost Komadas - 3 dagar sedan
Toyota Empire ruling subaru and bmw
blaccteezy - 3 dagar sedan
They know people just rip off the stock part and install aftermarket.
Kevin James
Kevin James - 3 dagar sedan
Between this and the 86, Toyota just can't be bothered to make their own sports cars anymore.
rednutbrian - Dag sedan
They should borrow from lexus
Oscar Lopez
Oscar Lopez - 3 dagar sedan
8:58 No Supra, Always no Supra!