WE HAD A BABY!! - Smarter Every Day 132

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Jonathan Hall
Jonathan Hall - Dag sedan
Yeah...I'm cool with it.
Julie Enslow
Julie Enslow - 5 dagar sedan
And that is an amazing woman also! Fabulous!
AI IB - 10 dagar sedan
You are avery positive person..wish all males are hv same features as urs.
T DMJ - 16 dagar sedan
So sweet you were more attracted to her while pregnant!
Blinder - Månad sedan
i just expected a slap when future dad ask for explain what happening :DD
William Write
William Write - Månad sedan
Love it!!!
HAPPY GAMING - Månad sedan
I love you Destin
Isaac Martin
Isaac Martin - Månad sedan
Props to your wife. Having a baby? Let's her husband shove a camera in her face. Dealing with a newborn and all that entails? Sure honey, film me laying down on the floor. She deals with you in such a loving way. It's awesome.
J Reese
J Reese - Månad sedan
Love, love, love your stuff. Thank you so much!
Angela Tseng
Angela Tseng - 2 månader sedan
Happy Father's Day from 4 years later! You're amazing, Destin!
Bertie Koch
Bertie Koch - 3 månader sedan
In my opinion, one of the best episodes you have done. Loved every bit of it. We hope and pray that everything will be good with the baby and mother.
Wildcat Bruce
Wildcat Bruce - 3 månader sedan
Congratulations to your family!
Wildcat Bruce
Wildcat Bruce - 3 månader sedan
I have four babies too. All boys, thank God. I teared up watching this. My love has no bounds for those boys that God gave me. Being a dad is a blessing from Almighty God. Being called dad, is by far the best sound ever.
Wildcat Bruce
Wildcat Bruce - 2 månader sedan
Code Name because I grew up in a house with all girls.
Code Name
Code Name - 2 månader sedan
Wildcat Bruce So why thank god for only boys?
Ya Ki
Ya Ki - 3 månader sedan
Awwww, you have a beautiful family!
Dimitar Donev
Dimitar Donev - 3 månader sedan
Hm interesting. I would’ve never been able to hear my baby heart beat change because of all the crying, and by crying I mean mine.
Nosson Weissman
Nosson Weissman - 4 månader sedan
How the girl holds the baby vs how the boys hold the baby 😆
Afoakwah George
Afoakwah George - 4 månader sedan
Awwwww 💓💓💓
Pigtail Bbq
Pigtail Bbq - 6 månader sedan
Just watched for the first time today 2/3/19. It's a pleasure to see someone Love their children. We need to treat them like they are a gift from God. They are!
Benjamin Scoville
Benjamin Scoville - 6 månader sedan
This is such a wholesome video
DrRocketman 779
DrRocketman 779 - 7 månader sedan
Wife was like I'm glad we were sponsored by a mattress company. Now leave me alone and let me sleep.
Hussein Bayoun
Hussein Bayoun - 8 månader sedan
You are a beautiful person
dan rayman
dan rayman - 9 månader sedan
Awesome! We just had our first a month ago.
shawn bla
shawn bla - 9 månader sedan
Interesting ❤️💕
Jussi Ekholm
Jussi Ekholm - 9 månader sedan
What the heck are these 359 downvotes?? How can you downvote this video?
Code Name
Code Name - 2 månader sedan
Jussi Ekholm probably some natural birth anti-medication asshats.
INSTABOII DSG - 10 månader sedan
"So me as an enginer I wanted to..." hahhaa LOLZ 😂😂😂
claire higgins
claire higgins - 10 månader sedan
So happy for you, congratulations and best wishes
Anuj Sain
Anuj Sain - 11 månader sedan
Such a sweet video!
Infinite Craftsman
Infinite Craftsman - År sedan
My sons aorta was closed up and they kept the ductus (PDA) working for 8 days until surgery with drugs. Pretty cool.
That Guy
That Guy - År sedan
Family man!!! That's the only kind of man to be!!!! I love it!!!!
Nicholas Matuza
Nicholas Matuza - År sedan
as a medical student I really appreciate these videos
thank you!
Noeleen Pisani
Noeleen Pisani - År sedan
what a man. beautifully done.
Billy Porras
Billy Porras - År sedan
This video made me think of you and Matt from DemoRanch are a lot a like. I think it would be a cool video for you guys to get together.
Michael Hart
Michael Hart - År sedan
Destin. Thank you so much for being a genuine YouTuber and being a great example of a family man!
aeabottss22 - År sedan
Destin. You are an inspiration to everyone. I hope making videos is as wonderful for you as watching them is for us. You are the best channel on YouTube.
Michal Glabek
Michal Glabek - År sedan
Thanks for being such a cool dude. Good to see that you cherish your family above everything else.
Pizza Sub
Pizza Sub - År sedan
"Oh can i rip the tags off?" Sir that is iLlEgaL
Do the Maths
Do the Maths - År sedan
My half sister was born a week ago (in two days I will see her)
hamhumtube - År sedan
War department :) you are the best Mr. Destin. Late yes congratulations
Andrew Phillips
Andrew Phillips - År sedan
I've seen many awesome things in my life, many from this channel. This is close to the top. Thanks for making the world a better place, Destin.
María Florez
María Florez - År sedan
You have a really beautiful family. Greetings from Colombia, keep the good work.
Azarian - År sedan
Should you ever come to germany cologne, i would be so blessed to meet you!!! you're just such an awesome person
Claudia Trammell
Claudia Trammell - År sedan
This was amazing. My grandson was just born and what you describe is exactly what went wrong when he was born. The flap didn’t close and crated problem that I had know idea about. Your description really helped me understand what had gone wrong. He’s doing really well now. He was in the Birmingham Children Hospital, excellent hospital, they did remarkable stuff to help him. Thank you so much for your explanation
BrandonFleming - År sedan
one of my favorite videos on this channel
Hameed Sadat
Hameed Sadat - År sedan
احمد الغامدي
Congratulations Destin and family.
I am very happy for you. I wish you and your family the best.
Congrats from the other side of the world " Saudi Arabia " :)
nanaki18 - År sedan
All true for me, got my daughter in December, and it changed my world, and now I'm becoming more of a father every day.
I didn't got that with the heart, I knew that this happens, but have you really heared it? Can you maybe bring a more detailed video abaout the stuff thats happening there, and what you heared? It all fascinates me so much, and as you said, I learn new things every day from my baby, and her mother :)
keep on the good work, love your videos
Sanchit Sharma
Sanchit Sharma - År sedan
Congratulations Sir... You are one. Of a kind... Keep it going... I am feeling bad for myself as I cannot support you by being a paterion... But nice work
Shy The Photoguy
Shy The Photoguy - År sedan
Aon Arts
Aon Arts - År sedan
As a guy who never wants kids... this made me cry. By far the sweetest most touching thing I’ve ever seen through visual media. Destin, knowing people like you exist constantly reinstates my faith in humanity...
And makes me smarter every day.
Lol couldn’t resist
Micro Lobbies
Micro Lobbies - År sedan
I regret eating so much
Andu Ninicu
Andu Ninicu - År sedan
Can i cry now ?
crocdoc2 - År sedan
I laughed out loud at the weight graph being redacted by the war department. As the graph was plotting out I was thinking _"what, she let you do that?!"_ but then wham, gone. Lol.
Evan Rosen
Evan Rosen - År sedan
You made my wife swoon!
husain kantawala
husain kantawala - År sedan
Wow..... congratulations!!!!!....super awesome video and heart touching.......😊
david granity
david granity - År sedan
Dad : rocket engineer
Mom : medical professional
Yes world need more babies from you guys.
Conner Vieira
Conner Vieira - År sedan
I don't mean this in a weird way, but you seem to be more human than most other YouTubers. I feel like I can relate to you, and you don't seem like someone who just wants the attention and money. Keep up all the great work!
AcornX - År sedan
i like how every time you get a baby you want to make a video about it
Jeb Bradwell
Jeb Bradwell - År sedan
I want to be like you.
jrhighlab2 2
jrhighlab2 2 - År sedan
destin you are smart and congradulations you have beutiful children
jrhighlab2 2
jrhighlab2 2 - År sedan
nice dude good luck being a dad to all them kids
Joel Hudson
Joel Hudson - 2 år sedan
You are blessed. Yes YOU can rip the tags off ( you're not reselling the matrice are you? I thought not)
Timo VanDeGriend
Timo VanDeGriend - 2 år sedan
when i was born i had 3 knots in my umbilicle cords :D
Dom Cristante
Dom Cristante - 2 år sedan
that baby looks like one of my friends
ChestyMD - 2 år sedan
As a med student, I can tell you, this is truly a miracle. It amazes me how every single cell works to the formation of a new life. Our bodies are truly a creation of God.
Katherine Spencer-Howard
Katherine Spencer-Howard - 2 år sedan
You're such a lovely person... If Mrs SED wasn't around, I'd ask U to marry me! (Maybe!) You're a blessing to Mrs SED and your children. Keep doing what you're doing, Destin, cos I reckon U've got it right :-) xx
Jangle2007 - 2 år sedan
Yeah...this was beautiful. Child-birth is nothing short of an amazing experience, for the parents and the older kids.
James Fain
James Fain - 2 år sedan
Awesome episode! It's easy now when they are all so young and hang on every word you say. Just remember how you feel today when they are teens and they try your patience. If you can love them thru those tough years you'll have a fan for life. It's when they need you the most.
tinkmarshino - 2 år sedan
Your a good man my brother
Hareka Tysiri
Hareka Tysiri - 2 år sedan
what does it take for a women to get a guy like you? it's so rare these days
Crazy Chaos KIDS!!!
Crazy Chaos KIDS!!! - 2 år sedan
I'm only 8 and I understand your videos!!! #almost as smart as your kids
RedGc8 - 2 år sedan
your the man!
Nick Moretti
Nick Moretti - 2 år sedan
this is so beautiful Destin. you are a great man and a great dad and even seeing you a couple times a month here shows that so I can only imagine the positive impact you have on your children and wife. stay awesome !
tsleel escappa
tsleel escappa - 2 år sedan
Don't apologize. This was a great video. Thanks destin
I Eat Garbage
I Eat Garbage - 2 år sedan
Bond - 2 år sedan
I think your wife needs her own channel! Good video though I didn't know about this heart flap/hole. The only question is can it open again?
dlghtfl1 - 2 år sedan
So happy for you! Congratulations. Wish more men felt the same way as you.
CJ Moore
CJ Moore - 2 år sedan
thank you man...
algorithm - 2 år sedan
I remember my dog (RIP) acting a lot different around my mom when she was pregnant with my brother. Odd how it knew.
RichardtheStark - 2 år sedan