How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut

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Ylov • - Timme sedan
The woman in the blue blazer is a solid 3 and she is giving the lowest numbers?😂wow! Girl get a mirror....
Mshauri Mazuri
Mshauri Mazuri - Timme sedan
I don't like to give people number but if I do, I will do it inside my head because its really hard to say someone that just by giving them lowest number means they are ugly and we do not want to do that.
Abdalla Khalifa
Abdalla Khalifa - 2 timmar sedan
Interestingly enough, the lesbian top 5 picks, were 3 boys and only 2girls...
Storm_Gamer - 2 timmar sedan
Attractiveness is just built on childhood impressions, none is pretty or not pretty, it’s just how familiar you look
alfesh zuber
alfesh zuber - 3 timmar sedan
Blue blazer girl is racist fuck
Pach - 3 timmar sedan
imo the girl at 0:31 is the most attractive
The Mixed Angel
The Mixed Angel - 3 timmar sedan
The Girls in Blue is pretty and looks likes if Elizabeth Gilles had a sister, a d she would look like that. 🤤😍💫
Shorooq Najim
Shorooq Najim - 4 timmar sedan
That girl with the blue jacket didn’t need to be rude like that
Rayne Muir
Rayne Muir - 4 timmar sedan
I want to marry the model guy, his hair and dimples are perfect!
Kimchi Bunny
Kimchi Bunny - 4 timmar sedan
This video pissed me off, like badly. I could see the discrimination at work. Made me feel uncomfortable.
People talk about personal choice, like that "judge" who preferred white men, but it's an education they receive on what attractive is. Non-white people are unattractive. While fake unattractive white people are highly.
I feel badly for the asian guy. He is so attractive, but I feel as if he himself only wants white men because that is where he grew up and those were his peers. I hope he can learn to love being Asian. He doesn't know how awesome that is. Despite my name, I'm a gay man from South America/Caribbean, so it's not like I'm Korean.
The white lesbian judge, the judge who only likes white men, and the judge in the blue are all disgusting. Even the black guy with the white shirt who doesn't like Asians, but fetishized Carter is disgusting. I don't want to know them or see them EVERY again. I think I will stop watching videos from this channel for awhile and unsubscribe. I feel
Lyra - 4 timmar sedan
the lesbian is hot asf 😤🤩
Who TF is you ?
Who TF is you ? - 4 timmar sedan
My guy in white is Dram bruh
Chandrika Gurung
Chandrika Gurung - 4 timmar sedan
How do I report this video?
卌arely - 4 timmar sedan
the "subtle" racism in the blue blazer chick is unbelievable and disgusting
Fatty Acid
Fatty Acid - 4 timmar sedan
Damn the lesbian is hot. Too bad I think I am a solid Man 5 to her.
Nosh Khan
Nosh Khan - 5 timmar sedan
Who comes up with this shit ,
oBringMeTheDiscoCake - 5 timmar sedan
I LOVE the girl in blue because I know for a fact she'll be watching this and screaming internally or unable to watch this
martha - 5 timmar sedan
blue blazer, if she is such a smart mouth, could have been more in depth of her rates. Just saying someone's face is long is weird is in no way funny or "honest", it's just plain rude. Her ego was definitely in the clouds when this video was shot because she is most definitely not a looker and I did not even find her interesting at all, just super cringe tbh.
Meli Xzn
Meli Xzn - 5 timmar sedan
The girl in the blue suit needs someone to put her in her place... keep yourself humble.
martha quezada
martha quezada - 5 timmar sedan
The blue jacket was a fucked up
Lolo - 5 timmar sedan
Wow i like the design for coralines other mother in the new live action reebot
MapleWind - 5 timmar sedan
The one women with short hair reminds me of Laurie Metcalf
Joann Lucas
Joann Lucas - 5 timmar sedan
girl in the Blue needs to contain her shit lmao
Agent Smith
Agent Smith - 5 timmar sedan
2:24 can someone make a meme out of this grunting or this Hyperventilation, sounds like a gigantic frog dying and ringing to air, through his last attempts to breathe...

and stinks like fish, i hate it when people do this
*GASPS IN AT THE SAME TIME* "UUUHHHHHHAHHHHAAHHHHHHH" TF? spoiled fish creature with the body of a trans-man
Nat L G
Nat L G - 5 timmar sedan
The woman in grey and blue blazer are awful and the woman in grey tip and skirt to the Asian was fricking rude! Awful
Nat L G
Nat L G - 5 timmar sedan
Loved the guy in white he’s just the bomb!
Tommy Maxwell
Tommy Maxwell - 5 timmar sedan
Dumb blue blazer bitch thinking she's hot shit, when in reality she's white trash.
Kimchi Bunny
Kimchi Bunny - 5 timmar sedan
Tall white guy has no body. It's like a head on a skeleton. No ass. No abs. No powerful thighs. Just bones. The tall black man is way more attractive. The shorter brown guy is way more attractive. The black man with the big hair is way more attractive.
Sabrina - 6 timmar sedan
The guy in the white would love me! lol
hard Multifandom life is
hard Multifandom life is - 6 timmar sedan
Wait....Is that lesbian a bounty hunter?
lexie murakami
lexie murakami - 6 timmar sedan
talk shit get hit and i'm coming over to retrieve the fucking gorgeous people that the blue blazier woman rated under 10
Nana - 6 timmar sedan
I couldn't do this I would be too embarrassed to be truthful
SHAKETH Qveen - 6 timmar sedan
Y’all I love Carter she’s so pure😭❤️
ddlovogue - 6 timmar sedan
I feel the need to comment this on every video that features Ilah: I love Ilah
Yandere - 6 timmar sedan
... hmm
Hatary Moon
Hatary Moon - 6 timmar sedan
Who is the lesbian someone tell me please
1_Takoyaki _1
1_Takoyaki _1 - 7 timmar sedan
I do think the girl in blue is pretty rude but I agree on a lot of stuff with her!
Not everything, but still.
Mike T
Mike T - 7 timmar sedan
Should've had the line give them their rank number
Eres Un Puto
Eres Un Puto - 7 timmar sedan
girl in blue has a terrible taste, i bet you that bitch single
Ashley Mathews
Ashley Mathews - 7 timmar sedan
The girl in the blue jacket thing is a bitch
Katie Tran
Katie Tran - 7 timmar sedan
like a five....WHAT..,sorry sorry
Brandy - 7 timmar sedan
Girl: "I mean your tall but your bald"
Him: "I know that's it that's what it is"
Sarath Raj
Sarath Raj - 7 timmar sedan
That lesbian is sooo coooollll..
Kaitlyn W
Kaitlyn W - 8 timmar sedan
The Korean is so cute ♥️
nairy nairy
nairy nairy - 8 timmar sedan
How does a person who is last would feel ...? Wtf video
hardik khatri
hardik khatri - 8 timmar sedan
You should have made them judge the ones who judged them at end of the video
hardik khatri
hardik khatri - 8 timmar sedan
The girl in blue gets a solid 1 from me.
Mae Audette
Mae Audette - 8 timmar sedan
Blue blazer girl needs to stop
risoli - 8 timmar sedan
The guy with the really nice eyes and smile seemed so sweet tbh
Jannete Rodriguez
Jannete Rodriguez - 8 timmar sedan
The girl in the blue rlly put herself in spot number 4, lol
2 Spoons bunnypeach
2 Spoons bunnypeach - 8 timmar sedan
I found the person at 4:10 extremely attractive!!!😍
Why? because why not
Why? because why not - 8 timmar sedan
4:11 omg cute asf 11/10 anybody know their @?
Sam Richey
Sam Richey - 8 timmar sedan
Why was everyone ranking the woman in the green jumpsuit so low??? I thought she was gorgeous. Also I LOVE CARTER OMG SHES SO SWEET
Sophia - 8 timmar sedan
“Your face is a little weird...” 🤣
Joshua Imhof
Joshua Imhof - 9 timmar sedan
So awkward but so awesome
polymathecian - 9 timmar sedan
0:46 Who is that woman? A man needs a name.
Jonas Andersson
Jonas Andersson - 9 timmar sedan
This looks fun. Where do i sign up to participate?
Faithkey121 Junk
Faithkey121 Junk - 9 timmar sedan
People giving Carter low ass ratings like what you mean, I’m a girl and she a solid 9
Beck van Rooyen
Beck van Rooyen - 9 timmar sedan
soooooo to me that guy in plaid w big hair is solid 11/10 is entirely my cup of tea woowoo
FREAKENATOR - 9 timmar sedan
Black guy funniest mf ever
MsCruz16 - 9 timmar sedan
The 2:25 guy is actually very attractive😍
Terrel Johnson
Terrel Johnson - 9 timmar sedan
am i the only one thats keeps hearing some next snorting. like why u laugh like dat 😂😂😂
Peyton Gaida
Peyton Gaida - 9 timmar sedan
Wow I hate that one bitch in the blue coat
O Sib
O Sib - 9 timmar sedan
That black stud was FINE ASF. A whole 11 out of 10...whatcha mean? Like she can wife me
Ava H.
Ava H. - 9 timmar sedan
Anyone else has the girl with the accent???
Hadley B.
Hadley B. - 10 timmar sedan
Just a couple of dudes being dudes ;)
Esteban Franco
Esteban Franco - 10 timmar sedan
High standards asf omg
hannahxxx - 10 timmar sedan
5:47 what’s his @
Yazmin Austin
Yazmin Austin - 10 timmar sedan
The last girl is Lilo from Lilo & Stitch grown up
릴리. - 10 timmar sedan
This is so mean to judge people around their looks. If I was there, I would ask them to tell them about things they did in their life. Love you guys though! 🌿
Caden Fowler
Caden Fowler - 10 timmar sedan
That pale lady is a BITCH DUDE
alien_invation :3
alien_invation :3 - 10 timmar sedan
That girls kinda a bitch tho
alien_invation :3
alien_invation :3 - 10 timmar sedan
Bro im deffo a 1
Holly Tea
Holly Tea - 10 timmar sedan
The girl with the red shirt is stunning shes for sure a 10/10 idk why she was rated so low
Pooja G.
Pooja G. - 10 timmar sedan
“I mean you’re tall’re bald”😂😂😂
Celly Lozwe
Celly Lozwe - 10 timmar sedan
I love you guys but This was a WRONG IDEA. Playing on people's insecurities and perpetuating a Social Constract of what beauty means is just WRONG. This is the very reason people suffer from Body Dysmorphia, the reason people hurt themselves physically and emotionally, the reason why inequality and unjustified privilege will continue to echo within our society.
And that is the truth. What beauty looks like is only a Marketing strategy. A way to make money. They try to make you believe that there is something wrong with you so that you can buy it, consume it. If you knew you were beautiful nobody would profit so they have to construct an image. And guess what? That image changes. It's never constant. Years ago girls were on the journey to weight loss today we on the journey to weight gain. You can't base your decisions on something that's constantly changing can you? Like a wise man once said, " Don't make a permanent decision based on a temporary circumstance or situation" so yes You are beautiful. We are Attractive. And that is Permanent and non changing.
Tipton Wheeler
Tipton Wheeler - 10 timmar sedan
this shit wack
Grace Sarfowaa
Grace Sarfowaa - 10 timmar sedan
The lady in the suit is very honest
Kristine Kim
Kristine Kim - 10 timmar sedan
holy crap that girl with the red hair be SAVAGE
ATOM - 10 timmar sedan
Whats anastasia’s @? The one in the black dress with the red belt thingy
TheWeirdSideOfYoutube Bitch
TheWeirdSideOfYoutube Bitch - 10 timmar sedan
I think they are bi?😂
Sritulasi Alokam
Sritulasi Alokam - 10 timmar sedan
The girl at 4:47 was really pretty. Also, the dude ranked is sooo nice. The way he lets you down still makes you confident. He would've looked at me and said "you are a one." but he's just so nice that I'd be fine.
Skyler Herbst
Skyler Herbst - 10 timmar sedan
"she has nice feet for sure" I forgot he has been on here before and said he has a foot fetish.
Rocio Madrid
Rocio Madrid - 11 timmar sedan
I find the dude with the long hair pretty sexy
Lindsey Vanbelle
Lindsey Vanbelle - 11 timmar sedan
Whys the chick in the blazer so awful!?! Jeez! Lmao🤣🤣
Kimberley Stultz
Kimberley Stultz - 11 timmar sedan
I felt so bad for Carter
Sadie Swiss
Sadie Swiss - 11 timmar sedan
Carter is so beautiful. The pale skin, the great laugh. She’s so beautiful
aye - 6 timmar sedan
Sadie Swiss agreed
Chelsea Fenner
Chelsea Fenner - 11 timmar sedan
I wanna do this!!
Hayley The Gemini
Hayley The Gemini - 11 timmar sedan
what are the lesbians @‘s help me it’s for...research :)😂
Emma Lee
Emma Lee - 11 timmar sedan
Big Mac Yo2
Big Mac Yo2 - 11 timmar sedan
Colby Harrison
Colby Harrison - 11 timmar sedan
The black guy is a wonderful human being
Jeny D
Jeny D - 11 timmar sedan
I do not care for the personality of the woman in the blue blazer. Just not my cup of tea. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Therese Howell
Therese Howell - 11 timmar sedan
Blue blazer should’ve been at the bottom of that line🙄
Dark Streak
Dark Streak - 11 timmar sedan
mmm the guy at 5:45 though..... he would totally be number 1 for me lol
Adam Bell
Adam Bell - 11 timmar sedan
Gwen Eaves
Gwen Eaves - 11 timmar sedan
They should put a divider between the people and they just judge them through personality
Chris S
Chris S - 12 timmar sedan
What's the point?
Jacki - 12 timmar sedan
Should’ve flipped the role and had them rank back.
NunosKid - 12 timmar sedan
the girl in a suit is fucked up srry
Chris Brown
Chris Brown - 12 timmar sedan
So cringeworthy.😬