How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut

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Narjes Bessghaier
Narjes Bessghaier - 6 minuter sedan
Thé blue blazer girl is so rude! She thinks herself so attractive
Tonya D
Tonya D - 24 minuter sedan
I like the chick in the blazer, she was funny as hell. Love straight forward women!
Pep - 43 minuter sedan
9:08 "hell yeah, I feel good about myself, everyday I wake up" xD that guy was hilarious!
Katie F. Rosas
Katie F. Rosas - 51 minut sedan
Blue blazer girl was so rude
Valentine August
Valentine August - Timme sedan
I hate this, my feelings are hurt 😔
Bubble Hash Gaming
Bubble Hash Gaming - Timme sedan
Big guy wanted a piece of Carter
JJH % - Timme sedan
I really don't like the judge chick at 0:16
She's so mean and seems unapologetically rude.
I feel like almost everything she said pissed me off.
LoneWolf - Timme sedan
"Your face is weird"
*Racism Alert!*
ThatTURK1 - Timme sedan
The problem with videos like this is that no one unless you truly don’t give a fuck are going to rate anyone that low. The thing is when people actually state they’re opinion like the girl in the blazer people on the internet get mad that shes being mean when in fact shes just being honest. I’d rather be friends with her than with someone who tells me theres nothing wrong with me and lets me go out looking like a dumbass
Sandy Pandabook
Sandy Pandabook - 2 timmar sedan
“On a man scale” Omg where are my fellow lesbians
neeminam neriminam
neeminam neriminam - 2 timmar sedan
6:50 bitchhh wtffff
Hannah Peters
Hannah Peters - 3 timmar sedan
if i was in it i would be like 10 10 10 because everyone is beautiful bitch
tatt oo sticker
tatt oo sticker - 3 timmar sedan
So nobody's gonna talk about how hot that first girl wearing all black and black hair is?
Saad Ahanaf
Saad Ahanaf - 3 timmar sedan
Man in the white Tee is a fckin ROCKSTAR!!!!
Shannon Raughley
Shannon Raughley - 3 timmar sedan
The little black girl was aborable and omg her smile!
Saad Ahanaf
Saad Ahanaf - 3 timmar sedan
Girl with the blazer is the worst of this video. Not just because she's rude but any person smiling looks beautiful , she looks like a witch when she smiles. A straight look at the soul.
Darth Revan
Darth Revan - 3 timmar sedan
Im surprised that lesbian girl put a dude in the first spot and a dude in the third spot
Melissa Alvarez
Melissa Alvarez - 3 timmar sedan
You're a ten sir. YOU. ARE A. TEN.
Rhianna - 3 timmar sedan
Ngl I don't think the lady in black was any hotter than Carter or the girl with the flares, the fact that she looked like a doll and didn't have much character was offputting to me.
Rhianna - 3 timmar sedan
It's interesting that the girl in the skirt who said she was insecure was rating people more harshly than the lesbian lady and the tall guy who seemed very comfortable with themselves... Like people who are insecure and don't love themselves project their conformative standard onto everybody else, whereas the other two could see people's unique beauty and what gave them character.
CUPCAKE BEAUTY - 3 timmar sedan
I would rate the blue blazer girl a 1.0 for cruelty
No Username
No Username - 4 timmar sedan
*Am I the only one that doesn’t like big bums* 😅
I just don’t get it
Thaha Alam
Thaha Alam - 4 timmar sedan
They should have made the people that were being ranked rank the person that was ranking them
Charles Cavanagh
Charles Cavanagh - 5 timmar sedan
Hate and love the girl with blue blazer haha
Neisha Palustre
Neisha Palustre - 5 timmar sedan
0:40 I defiantly heard "Lets rape so people"
Gianna Onnembo
Gianna Onnembo - 5 timmar sedan
omg bruh
Asia Palmer
Asia Palmer - 6 timmar sedan
"you like me don't you?"
" cute"
"Shit I know."
Jojo Elizabeth
Jojo Elizabeth - 6 timmar sedan
Blue Blazer needs a fashion makeover She's wearing shit we wore in early 2000s 😂
lil tanggg
lil tanggg - 6 timmar sedan
How tf keep snoring up in there lmao
slcj butler
slcj butler - 6 timmar sedan
I think they should have let the group judge the ones who were judging. :/ Blazer lady was honest but rude about her honesty.
Kwonjiyong - 6 timmar sedan
“not unless you turned around” 💀
Tiffany Pollard
Tiffany Pollard - 6 timmar sedan
Can we talk about how that black guy was FOINE asf 😭 and that voice tho. My brother come all the way thru 😂😂
The Darkner Supreme
The Darkner Supreme - 7 timmar sedan
So nobody's gonna talk about how hot that first girl wearing all black and black hair is?
Queen Of everything
Queen Of everything - 7 timmar sedan
I love 2:57 amazinggggg😂♥️💕 that’s me tho
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas - 7 timmar sedan
It’s most attractive left least to the right. They all did the opposite 😂😂😂
Edit: or was it left to right camera facing? Not her facing them?
christopher king
christopher king - 7 timmar sedan
I need to get up in y'all Vids. That Indian & white girl ...SMH..just awful
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas - 7 timmar sedan
Black men love bbw
fruppy - 7 timmar sedan
Don't worry guys, karma will hit back the blue blazer girl 👀
Ninja -
Ninja - - 6 timmar sedan
fruppy not exactly because your on her side you stupid slut I hope someone throws acid on u good day
Kim Thomas
Kim Thomas - 7 timmar sedan
The blue blazer and the tall black guy demonstrate the difference between arrogance and confidence
CoolKem C
CoolKem C - 8 timmar sedan
I cant believe someone put that guy with the gorgeous curly hair as the least attractive. He’s hella fine!
Jayati Dey
Jayati Dey - 8 timmar sedan
What does that girl in sky blue blazer think of her self? You are an average white woman and I would not even give you more than 2 on my behalf.
Hanna Sings
Hanna Sings - 10 timmar sedan
This is so fucked up to be honest? Rate people from there looks, like common. I would go home and cry if they gave me an seven. It’s not like people need lower self esteem than they already have. I would love a episode were they just hype each other up instead of insulting them!
Google Fan
Google Fan - 10 timmar sedan
4:10 Michael in your shirt? Moonwalker spotted! 10 straight away!
Dia Mj
Dia Mj - 11 timmar sedan
2:12 that's so fucked up to say to someone that "your face looks weird" like I understand they making you rate them n all but look at the black guy hes so sweet and kind but even for the ones with lower ratings he's so nice. I mean personally blue blazer lady girl whatever, you need to fix your attitude and perspective on people.
N u reading this right now. You so damn fine :)
Nevaeh Grace Ferris
Nevaeh Grace Ferris - 11 timmar sedan
Your face is a little weird
-Cut woman 2019
MIlica Rakonic
MIlica Rakonic - 11 timmar sedan
That first woman is so rude
Turtle Harvester
Turtle Harvester - 12 timmar sedan
The dude with the crazy hair would become a solid 10 if he cut his hair and shaved. Just being honest.
lucax tshotting
lucax tshotting - 13 timmar sedan
jesus shut up about her already its about being honest did she overdo it maybe but fuck me being honest is hard
no comment about that "i guess its a proyection of my own insecurities" ones now that was insulting smh
Galactic Donuts
Galactic Donuts - 13 timmar sedan
As someone who’s obsessed with anime and rock band members, I’m sad to say I have high standards 😔
yare yare daze
yare yare daze - 13 timmar sedan
i havent met anyone as rude as the blazer girl
well i havent met her but still
zerosum - 13 timmar sedan
Why was Eminem not invited?
Hello There
Hello There - 13 timmar sedan
You like me don’t you?
You cute
I know
I’m sorry for him to know he liked him and then hit em with that I fucking can’t I cackled
Bantan Regimen
Bantan Regimen - 13 timmar sedan
6:30 shes so pretty 10
Bantan Regimen
Bantan Regimen - 13 timmar sedan
4:32 she's so hot wtf
Claire - 13 timmar sedan
That one chick was such a b*tch
Bantan Regimen
Bantan Regimen - 13 timmar sedan
Bruh that butch lesbian is hot asf
Jonah Miller
Jonah Miller - 15 timmar sedan
girl in blazer: you can’t be a 10
me: well that’s, kinda... uhhh... yikes
Madly Espinoza
Madly Espinoza - 15 timmar sedan
The brutha with the crush on Carter is big king energy that I love! His confidence is key!🥰‼️
laxmi cpn
laxmi cpn - 15 timmar sedan
Please don't bring the blue blazer lady with her rude-basic-white-girl attitude, makes us wanna unsubscribe and stop supporting CUT. Its not the numbers she gave, she was rating based on genetic and racial features that people have no control over, like "you can't do anything about your face", was that really necessary?
It's one thing to say I don't find your features appealing so I'm giving you this number, it's completely another to call someone weird for their genetic features.
Pavanator - 15 timmar sedan
that lesbian woman needs to put herself in the top tier of attractiveness and that's final this video is invalid if this does not change
Samantha Derrick
Samantha Derrick - 15 timmar sedan
The first girl is gorgeous! petite/voluptious/curvy..perfect hourglass!! oh and a attractive face with long black hair.
Stephanie kittywitty
Stephanie kittywitty - 16 timmar sedan
I need to be freinds with that dude he has so much positivity that I need right now lmao
Kiley Stocks
Kiley Stocks - 16 timmar sedan
Oh man, I would have sucked at this. I would have been like 8 or more for all of them.
babydoll 17
babydoll 17 - 16 timmar sedan
.... i thought they were all 10s but mk
Shenel Queen
Shenel Queen - 16 timmar sedan
Most of the stuff the woman in the blue pointed out about some people she had herself, don’t expect high standards from people if you don’t acquire yourself smh 🤦🏽‍♀️
Emilie Silva
Emilie Silva - 16 timmar sedan
ok but i got an ad with a Jamaican guy milking a giraffe and skittles came out.....
Amanda P.
Amanda P. - 16 timmar sedan
4:39 had me laughing for ten minutes
cheshire cat
cheshire cat - 16 timmar sedan
That chick in the blazer was a bitch. 0 for her looks because her personality threw it all away.
Rob Santos
Rob Santos - 16 timmar sedan
I like how they are honest with each other on here with the race and everything. And not geting butt hurt about it.
xoxo_cheeks _
xoxo_cheeks _ - 17 timmar sedan
“You like me don’t you”
“You cute”
“I know”
alfredo reyes
alfredo reyes - 17 timmar sedan
The girl that likes white boys a 2.5
Woah Aimee!
Woah Aimee! - 17 timmar sedan
You cute
I know
Alma Ag
Alma Ag - 17 timmar sedan
I can't believe that people agreed to do that. I mean, I wouldn't have done none of those things. And the people who was rated... WHY DID YOU GO THERE? You're self-esteem is just AMAZING. Honestly, I couldn't go there and listen to people rating me, u know?
Eddie Sugar
Eddie Sugar - 18 timmar sedan
2:57 the tiny “you cute” 💀💀
Tapple Is a Nerd
Tapple Is a Nerd - 18 timmar sedan
Everyone deserved a ten.
Ginny Staton
Ginny Staton - 18 timmar sedan
The lady in the blazer is just mean...
Draw Clearly
Draw Clearly - 18 timmar sedan
The straight white lady mad racist
priscilla lerma
priscilla lerma - 18 timmar sedan
carter and the black guy better be fucking dating now istg
rosie. - 19 timmar sedan
Im a straight -3000

honestly tho idk who's even attracted to me. I long to be a person who everyone finds gorgeous but i know i can never be that
Trudi Patterson
Trudi Patterson - 19 timmar sedan
The straight girls were kinda the worst (especially the the girl in the blazer she seems mean)
Angel Okeibunor
Angel Okeibunor - 19 timmar sedan
The black guy in all white 😭💙💙 who got his socials??
Purple Wave
Purple Wave - 19 timmar sedan
That black guy has an awesome personality 👌
Angel Okeibunor
Angel Okeibunor - 19 timmar sedan
Blazer lady got me fucked up, so rude and for what? Looked dumb as hell.
Oriana Gomez
Oriana Gomez - 19 timmar sedan
These girls are mean af. Judging like they are 10s out here. God bless this man
Lucas Butterfield
Lucas Butterfield - 19 timmar sedan
This video is what’s wrong with the world
Nevaeh Vega
Nevaeh Vega - 20 timmar sedan
okay but carter was deadass rlly pretty
Jade Brooks
Jade Brooks - 20 timmar sedan
The girl in the Blazer is picky as hell for a 4.5
start bleeding
start bleeding - 20 timmar sedan
3:42 this dude definitely sucks toes lmaooo
start bleeding
start bleeding - 20 timmar sedan
"you like me don’t you?" "you cute." LMFAO
Nour - 20 timmar sedan
no one :
lesbian girl : i mean lesbian-wise
KontagiousKitten - 21 timme sedan
Why everyone so mad at blue blazer bitch. She got opinions, she gave them like she was asked to.
J.C. Latte
J.C. Latte - 21 timme sedan
the first girl that was rated is my cup of tea for sure 🤩
Andrea Crosby
Andrea Crosby - 21 timme sedan
2:24 her freaking laugh omg 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😂
Atown Bucks
Atown Bucks - 21 timme sedan
Youre supposed to be honest , I’d want somebody to honest wit me ... y’all are just soft 😂
Starr Ayala
Starr Ayala - 21 timme sedan
What’s the girl in the blue blazer IG ? Asking for a friend 😃
Maria Perna
Maria Perna - 22 timmar sedan
they ranked the older asian lady way too low imo
Khadijah Khaliq
Khadijah Khaliq - 22 timmar sedan
The girl in the blaser and the girl in the skirt were fucken horrible
Astrid Miller
Astrid Miller - 22 timmar sedan
Hey guy with the incredible huge curly hair and nice skin - you look just like my ex, and despite my ex being a total asshole, he is still one of the most handsome people ever to me. You look good and your hair is so well cared for!!
Astrid Miller
Astrid Miller - 22 timmar sedan
I like the purple blazer lady's brutal honesty. I really enjoy it.
Addie Valdes
Addie Valdes - 22 timmar sedan
the girl with the blazer is so incredibly rude