We Bought The Cheapest GTI In Germany (TURBOS & TÜV)

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Mighty Car Mods
Mighty Car Mods - 12 dagar sedan
Grab the new song from this film “One You Find (Feat. Jordan Millar)” by Moog from iTunes and all good digital music stores.
Daness74 W.
Daness74 W. - 3 dagar sedan
always welcome "MM"!!
AV life
AV life - 7 dagar sedan
what's the mic set up are you guys are using?
willwazere2 - 7 dagar sedan
@Tobias thanks 👍👌
Tobias - 7 dagar sedan
@willwazere2 : Moog - SPEED Feat. Mark Agustin
Tobias - 7 dagar sedan
@willwazere2 : there you go: sezone.info/view/eTBEamNyYUJZYXM.html Cheers
the dark side
the dark side - 24 minuter sedan
You were the only ones who bought a German car in Germany to it.... not Aussies who brought a car tell the truth
the dark side
the dark side - 37 minuter sedan
A grand in uk
Michael Oluwatobiloba
Michael Oluwatobiloba - 38 minuter sedan
I love your presentations I am a man of volkswagen golf 2 with much ❤ ftom Nigeria.
Colin D
Colin D - 13 minuter sedan
Golf mk2 now very sought after in UK
SoundsUzed - Timme sedan
The policeman was alone in his car? Is that even allowed?
Byron J E.
Byron J E. - Timme sedan
It's not German, its Bjorno
Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson - 2 timmar sedan
Exhaust sound like crap
Kyle P
Kyle P - 2 timmar sedan
I haven't seen someone wear an Element sweater since 2001
M_AJ - 4 timmar sedan
next time cook the spargel :))
ThE GaMEEeEEee - 7 timmar sedan
In UK we say "3 door" I like the term 2 door better thougg
why the difference I wonder?
Bloodfox Tribe RC
Bloodfox Tribe RC - 2 timmar sedan
thats cause we only call the ones doors that are actually there to get in out of the car... its an old thing tho... most people nowadays say 3door, 5door and so on too cuz thats what the manufacturers call them (international market and all)
SKRmedia - 10 timmar sedan
Hey Guys. Nice to see you in good old germany.
You rly should come to the event called "Reisbrennen". The biggest Import Car Festival in Europe - also in Germany.
Full of japanese Cars, 30.000 guys, Drifts, Drags, Races, Show for 3 Days while Camping on the Race Track. Would be fkn amazing to see you there...
Alvaro Canton
Alvaro Canton - 12 timmar sedan
Nice video guys! What are you gonna do with the car when you go back to Australia ?
kjl - 18 timmar sedan
hope you had a good launch in sLovenia :D
Barkinmarmot - 21 timme sedan
A ton of fun watching you do those mods. I could feel your pain as you fought the rust and crud removing the stock parts - been there and done that with my MKIV. And you were having fun the whole time. A great video all around. Thanks!!
Shane Matthews
Shane Matthews - 23 timmar sedan
rust that bad lol, half the cars around here have the exhaust literally fall off because they rust away.
Michael B
Michael B - 23 timmar sedan
Come do a special in America!
Andras Libal
Andras Libal - Dag sedan
What did you have for lunch? A horse burger? :)
Sergio Camba
Sergio Camba - Dag sedan
What an epic journey! So happy you guys made this
Dan RR
Dan RR - Dag sedan
Loved this episode!!!
Lasse Hck
Lasse Hck - Dag sedan
Waiting for the TÜV is a horrible feeling, last time I didnt pass and so I had to fix everything. I think the TÜV is a good institution and the people there are very nice (one mechanic gave me advices how to fix my katalysator problem) but it is very expensive...
Stefan - Dag sedan
Gebruikers ja niet dealers 🤣🤣🤣🤣
J M - Dag sedan
Adrian Black
Adrian Black - Dag sedan
48:18 what is that?
Felix Kühling
Felix Kühling - Dag sedan
you have to cook Spargel xD
nissanv8FTW - Dag sedan
every part needs to be certified or they take the car. name another auto culture more cucked than germany.
iamyourfuture808 - Dag sedan
great footage, can i ask what camera gimbal was used?
David French
David French - Dag sedan
Those suspension bolts you replaced just look like standard zinc plated m12 or m14 8.8 grade construction bolts not meant to be used on cars... probably not the right thread pitch either lol
Psychopath ِ
Psychopath ِ - Dag sedan
Come to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and get pulled over for literally anything. My 7.5 GTI does loud farts when the timing is perfect and got pulled over because 'my car is loud' literally stock af
Manoj Kularatne
Manoj Kularatne - Dag sedan
Boy you two know how to make a great car video. Hopefully you ll MOD a Toyota Starlet GT (a true JDM).
Fr05t3k - Dag sedan
thats why I love aussies, not offened by the cop, but laugh it off thumbs up
niklas bengtsson
niklas bengtsson - Dag sedan
I have to ask, what tool is it you are using to chop of the muffler? Really effective comparing to a saw oe something ive used before
ChuuuuCKie - Dag sedan
The Policeman is definitely no real policeman. In Germany the the policemen are always drive for two. So this scene is obviously 100% fake. You also notice that when the polisist talks and had a slip of the tongue.
Walson Chacko
Walson Chacko - Dag sedan
That was an awesome videos , you HAVE to do the Waterfest show in NJ , USA next , it’s a blast!
Andy LIFO - Dag sedan
28:57 very suspicious...
Torashin1 - Dag sedan
So much innuendo from 16:03
Carlos Javier Vilche Fernandez
Increíble, me encanta !!!!!
luka tadic
luka tadic - Dag sedan
if you were in slovenia you culd com to croatia to go to beach
theFallinOne - Dag sedan
love the video guys.. i bought my mk4 1.8gti turbo 6 years ago still have it and love driving it. Bought it and put it through mot for grand total of 500 quid lol.. appart from servicing and general wear and tear the only things its got is a new flywheel / clutch kit and an lpg conversion kit :)
Thracian - Dag sedan
2 white bearded Aussies were racially profiled in Germany. Lol!!!
Thracian - Timme sedan
@Bloodfox Tribe RC If I had meant white beards, I would have written "white-bearded", you idiot. I hope that clears it up for you.
Bloodfox Tribe RC
Bloodfox Tribe RC - 3 timmar sedan
RaCiAlLy ... no they were not... also you forgot a comma. they dont have white beards.
August Bauenmand
August Bauenmand - Dag sedan
Where's the subwoofer?
Motheo Lebelo
Motheo Lebelo - Dag sedan
Great video and epic quality.
Loved all the shots
The Golf GTI looks good, wow guys
Dr. Funkstein
Dr. Funkstein - Dag sedan
As an American I cant help but say how much I truly miss living in Germany 🇩🇪! Greatest 3 1/2 years of my life! By far the best country in the world! GREAT people, DELICIOUS food, BEAUTIFUL country and AWESOME Cars 😎
AJ2 Official
AJ2 Official - Dag sedan
Why don’t Jetta gli get any love 😭
Mr. Jesus
Mr. Jesus - Dag sedan
You guyz just need to get your hands on an e36 TI model. Its the least loved BMW existing, but putting a m52b28 in there and it goes sideways 100% of the time :D
Jet S
Jet S - Dag sedan
Lancia Delta Integrale at 43:28. I wonder if they realised it was something so much more than a Golf. Such a shame to see it lowered so much with stupid wheels. I hate stanced cars.
George Austers
George Austers - Dag sedan
Would have been better if you drove from Austrailia
Christopher Sparkman
Christopher Sparkman - Dag sedan
That movable lift is AWESOME! Does anyone know if it’s available here in the USA?
Also the brand name and/or model?
Alexis Tosta
Alexis Tosta - Dag sedan
I would love to know where the owner of this garage bought that car lift...
Иван Иванов
Иван Иванов - Dag sedan
@Moog you are old for this shit
Robbiemegusta - Dag sedan
Everytime they said "jack off" i chuckled
Patrick Mike
Patrick Mike - 22 timmar sedan
Robbiemegusta yeah that scene had a lot of interesting wording 😂