Keanu Reeves Reveals Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date At E3 2019

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Konrad Chmieliński
Konrad Chmieliński - 14 minuter sedan
Anyone know the music of last seconds ?
Ikeabulle - 4 timmar sedan
Who is that annoying bitch screaming in the background???
Gondol - 4 timmar sedan
Random guy: You're breathtaking
Keanu reeves: *pulls out a uno reverse card*
Destiny tran
Destiny tran - 7 timmar sedan
❤️❤️❤️ Keanu Reeves
LDC Tech
LDC Tech - 7 timmar sedan
2:18 he almost lost his footing there
Fiorella Calmet
Fiorella Calmet - 11 timmar sedan
Keanu the new batman please🙏🙏🙏🙏
Fiorella Calmet
Fiorella Calmet - 11 timmar sedan
Keanu reeves is the boss
Joshua Rose
Joshua Rose - 11 timmar sedan
Happy father's day to our dad
RPS Corp
RPS Corp - 13 timmar sedan
I love how Kotaku covered up more then half of the actual release date....fuck these guys, heh.
Joels_Creed141 - 19 timmar sedan
Keanu Reeves: Im hear to talk to you about Cyberpunk 20-
Vinay G
Vinay G - 20 timmar sedan
Keanu reeves-the living jesus
SnoTheWitch - Dag sedan
When you roll a nat 20 in Charisma.
CLipeROfGamE - Dag sedan
Thank god a game that is only for xbox and windows 😊🙄
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez - Dag sedan
Finally a new Deus Ex game.
John Dinsky
John Dinsky - Dag sedan
Shame...I was hoping for Rowan Atkinson
Erman Bakhtiar Othman
Erman Bakhtiar Othman - Dag sedan
Manager: how to make sure people will buy this game?
Employee: just call Keanu Reeves
Game: sold
Tyler 1
Tyler 1 - Dag sedan
I couldn’t see the release date because the suggestions for the next video and your channel was in the way
S F - Dag sedan
The MAN Himself....
soukous25 - Dag sedan
kotaku dumb fucks
Gregory The Game Cat
Gregory The Game Cat - Dag sedan
Keanu Reeves = still winning in 2019!
Guy TheGamerBoy
Guy TheGamerBoy - Dag sedan
Keanu Reeves is the fucking MAN!
Vivien Schindler
Vivien Schindler - Dag sedan
yeismeload - Dag sedan
That one screaming chick was flicking it hard
D Jay
D Jay - Dag sedan
he's so precious may god protect him at all costs
I am literally a god
I am literally a god - Dag sedan
Some how he looks like john wick
Chinito Oppah
Chinito Oppah - Dag sedan
Did you click for the game? Or did you click for keanu reeves?
Dont bother answering the question im psychic
Matthew Whitmore
Matthew Whitmore - Dag sedan
Dread it, run from it, but mr. Anderson arrives all the same
Rosh Zuriel
Rosh Zuriel - Dag sedan
Random guy: your Breathtaking
Keanu: *Reverse Card*
ninjastah - Dag sedan
If Christianity had stock, it would be soaring past Bitcoin, Jesus has finally returned! XD
Dananjaya Made
Dananjaya Made - Dag sedan
*Keanu wields Mjolnir
GreenTea - Dag sedan
2:45 Anyone know that soundtrack ?
David emma
David emma - Dag sedan
❤❤❤❤aguante keanu reeves❤❤❤❤
vicky rl
vicky rl - Dag sedan
2:03 he is so cute when he smiles
maniaksss111 - Dag sedan
После ЭТОГО предзаказал сразу на все 3 платформы игру.
theragman77 - Dag sedan
Best moment of the E3
Anderson Yachachin
Anderson Yachachin - Dag sedan
I love U Metroman
George Machado
George Machado - Dag sedan
Keanus eh o CARA!!!!!!!
Kent Löfgren på svenska (Swedish only)
Responsible: We need a good intro.
The man: I got this.
Calıber beats
Calıber beats - Dag sedan
The part u came for
Kenzi - Dag sedan
CDprojectred knows whatsup
Khalid Bayati
Khalid Bayati - Dag sedan
Cyberpunk release date: 2020

Audience: ...
First name last name
First name last name - Dag sedan
He is more humble than drax
santaflow133 - 2 dagar sedan
Keanu: So you guys wanna know when do we are to.. amm going to... The release date!
Joshua Reinaldo
Joshua Reinaldo - 2 dagar sedan
Guns....lots of guns.....
TheTyphoon365 - 2 dagar sedan
LGBAQTIX+ Garbage Game
Khaled Zarif
Khaled Zarif - 2 dagar sedan
Getting it for Keanu
GreenTea - Dag sedan
You know what else Kotaku thinks of it ?
Lokman Hakim
Lokman Hakim - 2 dagar sedan
Coolest man
ChessVL - 2 dagar sedan
JerTheMec - 2 dagar sedan
Kinda reminds me of tony stark lol!
CoolMan513 - 2 dagar sedan
Oh Shit Jonhwick in 2099
BTW my penis is small But anyway
Having people dislike this video really shows how some people are truly evil
Hersh Mellow
Hersh Mellow - 2 dagar sedan
can't wait for this game!
JR422 000
JR422 000 - 2 dagar sedan
He is literally the most loved human on the planet😂name a human who is loved more than this man
N30Craftr3alz - 2 dagar sedan
Wake up samurai we're about to avenge a dog
Noel Alcantara
Noel Alcantara - 2 dagar sedan
Thanks, dad.
winsley ocampo
winsley ocampo - 2 dagar sedan
Keenu reeves: YoUr BreAtH TaLKiNg
•Chil-rixien• - 2 dagar sedan
Please welcome Chiara Leaves
Aaron Barlow
Aaron Barlow - 2 dagar sedan
They have a Keanu Reeves!!!
powerbricc6000 - 2 dagar sedan
Keanu Reeves: You're breathtaking!
jin5632 - 2 dagar sedan
How much...
Fco. Javier Sánchez García
0:30 somebody help my boy r2d2!
Alpha Agui
Alpha Agui - 2 dagar sedan
You see, when Keanu starts to smile.. dang!
Kiran - 2 dagar sedan
00:15 some woman died of orgasm in first 20 secs of Keanu's entry.
13th - 2 dagar sedan
Keanu : This is gonna be breathtaking.
Guy : You are breathtaking
Keanu : *You are all breathtaking*
The coolest guy ever
Pat O
Pat O - 2 dagar sedan
Is Keanu Reeves the second coming? I think so. Please up vote if you do too!
Rockylol - 2 dagar sedan
Somebody donate me an xbox. I wanna play this :(
Aquiles Castro
Aquiles Castro - 2 dagar sedan
Only on xbox :(
Flipper - 2 dagar sedan
Keanu manages to be the goofiest, yet also least awkward E3 spokesman at the same time
КиллА РНС - 2 dagar sedan
John Wick
arzkaful1 - 2 dagar sedan
No pre orders
bobitabird - 2 dagar sedan
OMG! What an amazing, fascinating, mesmerazing showman Keanu is! I'm excitingly waiting for John Wick 4!!! I wish to speed time!
charllotte alterado
charllotte alterado - 2 dagar sedan
Did my caption just said Chiara ribs? LMAO😅😂😂😂
rozy depp
rozy depp - 2 dagar sedan
Stiff - 2 dagar sedan
I want a Keanu Reeves simulator
8 bit synth
8 bit synth - 2 dagar sedan
I think BAE had a few drinks beforehand LMAO
8 bit synth
8 bit synth - 2 dagar sedan
Such a glorious man.
Abd Farid
Abd Farid - 2 dagar sedan
Hello... mr Anderson. Welcome back!
Diego M. Arenas
Diego M. Arenas - 2 dagar sedan
keanu: alright alright dont get excited too much, i got finish this
Crowd: gets excited too much
Kili - 2 dagar sedan
How can someone hate that man?
Geeky Metalhead
Geeky Metalhead - 2 dagar sedan
Keanu Reeves gets sick
Keanu Sneeze
Руслан Зейдин
Руслан Зейдин - 2 dagar sedan
Ахуэнно Братан )))
Some Puerto rican guy
Some Puerto rican guy - 2 dagar sedan
The funny thing is that the guy who yelled "you're breathtaking!" Was offered a free Cyberpunk 2077 collector's addition but refused, so what I've heard
Hudof Hudof
Hudof Hudof - 2 dagar sedan
I dont ucking care, peoples are retarded.
Rayan Alonso
Rayan Alonso - 2 dagar sedan
Caraca mulecote
kuncoro hadi
kuncoro hadi - 2 dagar sedan
*subtitle mention*
"Please welcome chiara leaves"
Caryna Novaes
Caryna Novaes - 2 dagar sedan
How not to love Keanu Reeves ?
sub mah ass
sub mah ass - 2 dagar sedan
How can we miss this 2:15
Licht Silver
Licht Silver - 2 dagar sedan
So I can pplay as the OP-est character for Cyberpunk 2077
as Cyborg John Wick?
ARMY_LA-MIGRA - 2 dagar sedan
I hope so.
Synyster Gates666
Synyster Gates666 - 2 dagar sedan
keanu te bancamos en todas
Swan City
Swan City - 2 dagar sedan
Jeeez, we do not deserve him!
kazi Gulam Saroar
kazi Gulam Saroar - 2 dagar sedan
I just love this guy 3000
Arvene88 - 2 dagar sedan
Keanu Reeves promoting Polish game wow wow wow!!! * _ *
Milan Alicia
Milan Alicia - 2 dagar sedan
We loooove Keaaaanuuuuuuu 😍😅😎
mehdi soltani
mehdi soltani - 2 dagar sedan
2:12 what you are here for
Eserey - 3 dagar sedan
that one girl screams to loud poor person that is sitting next to her
Fabio Valdes Araneda
Fabio Valdes Araneda - 3 dagar sedan
Keanu the legend itself
nope nope
nope nope - 3 dagar sedan
2:16 if u here for the "you are breathtaking" guy
авф фвафваф
авф фвафваф - 3 dagar sedan
EliteDuck - 3 dagar sedan
Omg he looks like John wick from fortnite 😂😂 lmao
Third Shift Millionaire
Third Shift Millionaire - 3 dagar sedan
You gotta love Keanu, such a big fan.