Official Teaser: Disney's Maleficent: Mistress of Evil - In Theaters October 18!

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“Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” is a fantasy adventure that picks up several years after “Maleficent,” in which audiences learned of the events that hardened the heart of Disney’s most notorious villain and drove her to curse a baby Princess Aurora. The film continues to explore the complex relationship between the horned fairy and the soon to be Queen as they form new alliances and face new adversaries in their struggle to protect the moors and the magical creatures that reside within. The film is directed by Joachim Rønning from a story by Linda Woolverton and a screenplay by Linda Woolverton and Micah Fitzerman-Blue & Noah Harpster, the film is produced by Joe Roth, Angelina Jolie and Duncan Henderson with Matt Smith, Jeff Kirschenbaum and Michael Vieira serving as executive producers.

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Firehawk1927 - 3 dagar sedan
Wow, another pointless live action movie that is completely unoriginal. Doesn't matter though, looks like to me that a bunch of young kids are eating this shit up down here in the comment section.
soɥʇǝ ƃuıpuıʍun ɹno
soɥʇǝ ƃuıpuıʍun ɹno - 2 dagar sedan
Firehawk1927 your comment is pointless idiot 😂😂😂
lori swafford
lori swafford - 3 dagar sedan
Nathaniel Aquino
Nathaniel Aquino - 4 dagar sedan
Pietro zeduri
Pietro zeduri - 7 dagar sedan
Imagine this trailer with lana del Rey’s “Season of the witch”, it would have been soooo much better 😍😩
Aisha hastings
Aisha hastings - 8 dagar sedan
Angelina Jolie can cut my throat with her cheekbones !
ONCE UPON A TIME - 11 dagar sedan
🔮🎃📽 Her first love that she trusted, cut off her wings so he can become King. And becoming King made him paranoid & hiding behind iron doors afraid of Maleficent's wrath. In the real world today, how does someone feel when a close person to them betrays them & cuts off their wings, metaphorically speaking, so they can't fly (thrive, succeed, reach their dreams). A very EVIL jealous person cut my wings to advance their career & took away my lively-hood, job, house, car I had to file for bankruptcy and moved back with my mom. I wish I had some magic like Maleficent to punish them. And in this movie a bitch Queen is going to try to kill her, but Maleficent will discover there are others like her out there... I can't wait to see it in 3D. Angie did a great job 😈 😈 😈
I'm Just Lucy
I'm Just Lucy - 12 dagar sedan
One question: Where the heck is Diaval during all this?
basorexia - 13 dagar sedan
Angelina Jolie is the only Maleficent. So as Lana Del Rey should be the only one making a soundtrack to this film.
Sunnygacha15 - 16 dagar sedan
Hey, it comes out on my b-day!
cristina Banuelos
cristina Banuelos - 12 dagar sedan
That is the perfect present
lost soul _
lost soul _ - 18 dagar sedan
Disney is all and pure garbage , I don't even let my children watch Disney at all . They know that Disney is SATANIC EVIL and LUCIFERIAN and that Walt Disney himself was indeed a 33rd degree Freemason FACT , I did my research on Disney land and world for over 12 years now . ISAIAH 4:20 , Woe unto them who call EVIL good , and Good Evil ; that put darkness for light , and light for darkness ; that put bitter for sweet and , and sweet for bitter ! I woke up long ago became Christian baptized my whole body submerged in water in the name of JESUS CHRIST ! out of love for my fellow humans wake up before it's too late in REVELATION 21: 19-20 . My love is to let others know the truth , but not with hate or judging thoes but simply sharing my testimony as a Christian my job is NOT to condemn my fellow Man . The WORD OF GOD is REAL and the second coming of CHRIST will happen every eye will look up of the return of JESUS CHRIST
soɥʇǝ ƃuıpuıʍun ɹno
soɥʇǝ ƃuıpuıʍun ɹno - 2 dagar sedan
lost soul _ piss off
Panic ASAP
Panic ASAP - 18 dagar sedan
Me: So maleficent are you good or evil??
Maleficent: _sweats_
Mysterious girl
Mysterious girl - 20 dagar sedan
Dante Jones
Dante Jones - 24 dagar sedan
0:16 I don't think that was maleifcent. Her horns is a little more curve.
Hi I’m Gukki
Hi I’m Gukki - 24 dagar sedan
Maleficent isn’t evil, Life made her that way and she’s just an overprotective mother that has a harsh past with romantic love so she doesn’t want Aroura to end up in the same situation. The queen was being rude to her and she threatened to take the one girl she loves so she lashed out how is that evil?
MELEK DENHIZE - 24 dagar sedan
cm se llama la canción
Madame Nox
Madame Nox - 24 dagar sedan
Eww, Disney, where’s Lana? Didn’t I tell you she better at singing...
Shanice Ball
Shanice Ball - 25 dagar sedan
When I first watched this video, in the beginning when Queen Ingrith started narrating, I completely thought that she was Maleficent speaking because it sounded so much like her
so pigmented
so pigmented - 26 dagar sedan
That turn she did at the end of the teaser was fire!!! 🔥🔥🔥😘😍
Expelliarmus Equuleus
Expelliarmus Equuleus - 28 dagar sedan
When i see her, it reminds me of vexana.
Shirley Thomas
Shirley Thomas - Månad sedan
What my pancakes not without a griller pan,which everybody can't get,proper tools.
Shirley Thomas
Shirley Thomas - Månad sedan
Um you need to clean up, they want me to beef with your four legged dog, and that ain't right like eating at the table with the other four legged dogs,
Intan Permatasari
Intan Permatasari - Månad sedan
imagine Hela and Maleficent in the same movie 🔥🔥🔥🔥queen of death and queen of evil Lol
Shakila Bano
Shakila Bano - Månad sedan
Okay know I am confused
But still I am not sure about the threat thiny😂
delrey witch
delrey witch - Månad sedan
soundtrack of first movie was cover by lana now that trailer has season of the witch that's not lanas cover but 4 days ago lana realized cover of this song
Ksgrox 04
Ksgrox 04 - Månad sedan
The second trailer is much better than this. This is just like “Maleficent is back and evil again”
Kelby C
Kelby C - Månad sedan
Anyone know the name of the song?
Logan Lentilus
Logan Lentilus - Månad sedan
They didnt hire Lana tensing season of the witch. But Guillermo del Toro knew better.
alibi aba
alibi aba - Månad sedan
Fitting role for her :)
zen - Månad sedan
whatever maleficent was wearing at the end...disney what are you thinking?
I am someone
I am someone - Månad sedan
Everyone: Are you evil?
Maleficent: Well yes but actually no.
Dylan Ramírez
Dylan Ramírez - Månad sedan
Maleficients has the reason brcause she only want to protect Aurora
adriel - Månad sedan
pfff lana del rey's season of the witch is 100% better than this one
Ibrahim Sobhi
Ibrahim Sobhi - Månad sedan
Stop with the cheekbone memes
Aiden Jolly
Aiden Jolly - Månad sedan
the theme song is giving me goosebumps
JustJazz :3
JustJazz :3 - Månad sedan
I'd say the teaser trailers are short but they are also better than the real trailers.
Chris 3/77
Chris 3/77 - Månad sedan
Who asked for this?
Wizarding World Videos
Wizarding World Videos - Månad sedan
The Mistress of All Evil
Speed Killer
Speed Killer - Månad sedan
just watched the first part... really liked it but i doubt a sequel is going to work with these characters, unless maleficent just decides to turn completly evil which she cleary was not in the first part. just driven by vengeance which she regretted afterwards. reminds me of the anime/manga called berserk, same there if you take the main protagonist out of context it seems like he is the bad guy. love it!(i hope there are good reasons for her to turn evil otherwise it would probably ruin it for me)

sorry for long post duh
David M.
David M. - Månad sedan
Background music of this teaser: Season of the Witch - Audiomachine feat. Molly
William Chollick
William Chollick - Månad sedan
Will this movie be rated PG-13?
Dynasti Lisse Noble
Dynasti Lisse Noble - 2 månader sedan
This movie is just as good as the first one.
grimview - 2 månader sedan
1:08 most paused moment
Cinema Explained
Cinema Explained - 2 månader sedan
Aurora: It's okay, Maleficent's not evil.
Maleficent: *laughs in magic*
Seven Ellen
Seven Ellen - 2 månader sedan
So ... Not Mistress of ALL Evil yet, Disney? Still milking that cash cow with unoriginal ideas and dead creativity.
Dhruvil Modi
Dhruvil Modi - 2 månader sedan
That's Angelina jolie
Levi Heichou
Levi Heichou - 2 månader sedan
she protecc

she attac

but most importantly..

she wants her beasty bacc
Никита Ющенко
Никита Ющенко - 2 månader sedan
What the song? Like it when answer will be
hellolala - 2 månader sedan
better not suck like the first movie
Parveen Mahaputra
Parveen Mahaputra - 2 månader sedan
song sucks we need lana del rey back
Sheila Freund
Sheila Freund - 2 månader sedan
I am 62 years old and that trailer terrified me! What is it going to do to the children? Wise parents won't take their kids to see that one! There are better ways to spend that $100
Lee Kelvin
Lee Kelvin - 2 månader sedan
this video has weird height and width ratio. l thought it was microsoft edge acting up, but it is still the same even after l switch to chrome. "Nice" CSS whoever made it
Kade Smash
Kade Smash - 2 månader sedan
I'm sort of disappointed. I liked how they handled this character in the first movie. Just to sit there and throw it all away and make her evil anyway? It's a shame.
nino *
nino * - 2 månader sedan
Alexita A.
Alexita A. - 2 månader sedan
Name music please?
Proto-Guest - 2 månader sedan
I guest we now know maleficent is a anti-hero.
Mini Emma Chamberlain
Mini Emma Chamberlain - 2 månader sedan
Angelina josie should have really be casted as maleficent in descandents, 2 and 3. Rip cameron boyce🙏
Gary A. Valenzuela
Gary A. Valenzuela - 2 månader sedan
I Have No Videos, Subscribe Anyway
Disney is evil.
Ian - 2 månader sedan
Alice from Mobile Legends has her own movie?
Lotte M. Dekkers
Lotte M. Dekkers - 2 månader sedan
What is the song that was used in the trailer???
jomari quebic
jomari quebic - 2 månader sedan
Watch this