Scuba Diving and Fishing Underwater in a Crystal Clear Pond! (Caught a Fish 26ft Deep)

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DALLMYD - År sedan
Drop a thumbs up if you want to see us fish for sharks underwater!! If we break 100,000 Likes we'll do it for Shark week next month! That would be insane!!
Aiden Slater
Aiden Slater - Månad sedan
Soulless _YT
Soulless _YT - Månad sedan
that is the smartest idea I've ever herd
Soulless _YT
Soulless _YT - Månad sedan
Rory Johnson
Rory Johnson - 3 månader sedan
Do it
Tanner - 3 månader sedan
Thanks for making this video it was pretty fun to watch. Keep it up dude and screw the trolls that trash talk you.
Loranys Aka
Loranys Aka - 8 dagar sedan
Look a lot like king fish
Jj Harless
Jj Harless - 15 dagar sedan
Corn works beter
Jj Harless
Jj Harless - 7 dagar sedan
I've caught a 6 pound bass off of corn before
Tanner Cantrell
Tanner Cantrell - 7 dagar sedan
Yes it does I caught a 4 pound crappie with corn
Noah West
Noah West - 15 dagar sedan
Mezlo - 16 dagar sedan
Here in 2019 and its a banger
The king of rod and reel
The king of rod and reel - 12 dagar sedan
Mezlo yup
chadialkarawan - 16 dagar sedan
Hello Can you send to me a fishing rod when you find one as a gift from you
Grant Wilson
Grant Wilson - 16 dagar sedan
Catfish underwater next
Laura Deniz
Laura Deniz - 17 dagar sedan
No Brandon
Aaron Barker
Aaron Barker - 19 dagar sedan
I was brought up fishing with corn
Wasup People
Wasup People - 20 dagar sedan
Me in Minecraft:
TheEpicNatalie 12
TheEpicNatalie 12 - 24 dagar sedan
Just so you know, you need to keep Treasure away from all of that algae, because some algae is deadly to dogs
Blayne Bankhead
Blayne Bankhead - Månad sedan
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Kolt Tupa
Kolt Tupa - Månad sedan
Sreekanth Sreekumar. Sreekumar
This channel deserved more likes
Brooklyn-t guy by poobie
Brooklyn-t guy by poobie - Månad sedan
@Sreekanth Sreekumar. Sreekumar to which one 1st or 2nd
Sreekanth Sreekumar. Sreekumar
Tyler Nicholson ur right
Brooklyn-t guy by poobie
Brooklyn-t guy by poobie - Månad sedan
You mean "This channel deserves more subscribers" Or "This video deserves more likes"
Ryan Puntin
Ryan Puntin - Månad sedan
2019 gang
yosha medic
yosha medic - Månad sedan
Awesome guys. I moved into a house on a lake, neighbors tell me it’s 30-40 ft feeling but idk. Watching this video makes me want to go dive in once I get my gear back from its yearly inspection. Pinellas park,Fl here
laluzaris - Månad sedan
13:12 acab
Michael Diamond
Michael Diamond - Månad sedan
I've done that before
Can you guys get me some subs and views
SpinnXo - Månad sedan
Erica Klein
Erica Klein - Månad sedan
Apex legends clips And funny moments naw apex is trash 🗑 so no
Erica Klein
Erica Klein - Månad sedan
Srry no
BRC 21
BRC 21 - Månad sedan
Yummy Gaming nope
Uk Fishing
Uk Fishing - Månad sedan
Rebecca Martinez
Rebecca Martinez - Månad sedan
Love your videos and I enjoy watching your friend ship with Jordan, your dog is precious
B stinger21
B stinger21 - Månad sedan
wher is this at
Kris Harris
Kris Harris - Månad sedan
Still wanting this to hit 100k
Jake Holley 0333
Jake Holley 0333 - Månad sedan
2019 ????
Alpha shadow Eclipse
Alpha shadow Eclipse - Månad sedan
Cute lil tresure
Doc Holliday
Doc Holliday - Månad sedan
You need to go fishing on a paddle board in the ocean and let a GIANT fish pull you guys around! That would be worth the price of emission!!! "Been there done that 40 years ago!" 👍👌👊🇺🇸
Erica Klein
Erica Klein - Månad sedan
Doc Holliday yes
Jimmie Evans
Jimmie Evans - Månad sedan
Looks cool down there
Jimmie Evans
Jimmie Evans - Månad sedan
Looks like fun guys
suraj phalke
suraj phalke - Månad sedan
Are ponds usually this clean and have fish like these..?
yosha medic
yosha medic - Månad sedan
In Florida most lakes/ponds aren’t that clean
suraj phalke
suraj phalke - Månad sedan
@Alpha shadow Eclipse my bad
Alpha shadow Eclipse
Alpha shadow Eclipse - Månad sedan
The plural of fish is fish
The fishing channel
The fishing channel - Månad sedan
Jose Lopez Madrigal
Jose Lopez Madrigal - Månad sedan
Hi guys i really enjoy your channel i was wondering if you guys ever coming to Sacramento California and dive into the Discovery river? If you ever do please let us know and keep up the good work
Bruno Bloem
Bruno Bloem - Månad sedan
I love you videos
You are the best
(Your voice sound like spider man with that mask!🤣
From the Netherlands🇳🇱
Jerimyah Farrar
Jerimyah Farrar - Månad sedan
More treasure
Hyrum Siems
Hyrum Siems - Månad sedan
What GoPro do you use
Mathew Gallimore
Mathew Gallimore - Månad sedan
More treasure
Doge Studios
Doge Studios - Månad sedan
Leonard Price
Leonard Price - Månad sedan
Ooooh i got a big. It was like a 4 inch fish
buku2008 - Månad sedan
great guys!
Altitude Pilot
Altitude Pilot - Månad sedan
Bro how can i make my own pond that clear 😂
hi bye
hi bye - Månad sedan
what lake is this?
Joyce Losoncy
Joyce Losoncy - Månad sedan
it's a pond😂😂 and I dk
Flappy bird is gay my nword
10:24 in Texas that’s what we call a minnow
Jerimyah Farrar
Jerimyah Farrar - Månad sedan
I live in texas
Dyllan Coberly
Dyllan Coberly - Månad sedan
Is me or does jake sound like quagmire
ginomccabe - 2 månader sedan
I love scubadiving
Greed_ Hacks
Greed_ Hacks - 2 månader sedan
I love your dog! Can he be in more videos?
Mad Max
Mad Max - 2 månader sedan
You suck
Timothy Moeller
Timothy Moeller - Månad sedan
Shut up
Debby Keter
Debby Keter - Månad sedan
U suck idiot they are the best
Flappy bird is gay my nword
Mad max if you breath then your a bad person i hope you stop breathing if you know what I mean
bryce Ougel
bryce Ougel - 2 månader sedan
Boy shut the hell up
David Rid
David Rid - 2 månader sedan
Uno reverse btw
Ben Coatsworth
Ben Coatsworth - 2 månader sedan
woulda been hilarious if you hooked a massive fish underwater and it dragged you around lol
Lynn Paul
Lynn Paul - 2 månader sedan
This was an excellent video. Catching fish like that like was a trip. And Brandon jumping off that cliff scared me. Be Careful hot stuff.
Logan Wilder
Logan Wilder - Månad sedan
Laynee_Playz - 2 månader sedan
Sóng Biển Vlog
Sóng Biển Vlog - 2 månader sedan
Nike 👍
Connor Connor
Connor Connor - 2 månader sedan
more please
Denise Walden
Denise Walden - 2 månader sedan
Love love love seeing Treasure in your videos. She is such a sweetie pie. Makes me miss my Bailey.
Michael Dalton
Michael Dalton - 2 månader sedan
I wanna see u catch sharks underwater
MuhFuckinNinja - 2 månader sedan
I second this
Hwtd 04
Hwtd 04 - 3 månader sedan
Those bombs never worked for me and it was not cheap neither
Ja Mellie
Ja Mellie - 3 månader sedan
10:31-10:40 TEMPLE RUN
Mahone Craig
Mahone Craig - 3 månader sedan
You should go to decker lake in Utah
Thomas Danyluk
Thomas Danyluk - 3 månader sedan
Jayke Severin
Jayke Severin - 2 månader sedan
Thomas Danyluk your dumb and dumber
Jesse Morton
Jesse Morton - 3 månader sedan
South twin lake here in central Oregon has potential for great treasures to be found. Big tourist spot here
Terry Spencer
Terry Spencer - 3 månader sedan
Why does he keep saying there big ??? There not
Alex Needle
Alex Needle - Månad sedan
They're **
Jose Tan
Jose Tan - 3 månader sedan
dude, your joke isn’t funny
Terry Spencer
Terry Spencer - 3 månader sedan
Assassin oh no what will I do .... 😂😂😂
Jose Tan
Jose Tan - 3 månader sedan
Assassin No, Terry’s worst than a hoe
Assassin - 3 månader sedan
Irvin called you a hoe😂😂😂
Orakel Gottes
Orakel Gottes - 3 månader sedan
if this is in Florida ... I wouldn't do something like this, there is always possibility of meeting Alligator in rivers or ponds of Florida
William Lawrence
William Lawrence - 3 månader sedan
It's been a few days and you still haven't stopped talking get in the water and get some fishing done quit talking about it and do it Jesus is this supposed to be a fishing channel for a talking Channel let's see some fish
William Lawrence
William Lawrence - Månad sedan
@Swam_CR7 okay if it's a scuba diving Channel and not a fishing channel you said you were fishing that's cool but you never fished all you did was run your mouth and talk now think about it you said it's a scooper channel so why don't you go scuba diving and shut up and scuba instead you talk to the whole video I made no sense so who is the asshole you and you want a comment to me Jesus get a life why don't you go back under the water shut your auction take off and breathe you're the world of Fame
Swam_CR7 - Månad sedan
William Lawrence it’s a scuba diving channel smh
Benjamin Duke
Benjamin Duke - 3 månader sedan
Great video! I know it's probably already been answered in the comments somewhere.. But can anyone tell me the dive location?? Thanks
William Lawrence
William Lawrence - 3 månader sedan
You know what really be awesome if you would shut up that would be awesome I'm done I've watched about half the video and I can't I can't handle your mouth you got one little b**** you f****** women's f****** squeaky voice f*** this
Debby Keter
Debby Keter - Månad sedan
William Lawrence boy shut the hell up