Scuba Diving and Fishing Underwater in a Crystal Clear Pond! (Caught a Fish 26ft Deep)

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DALLMYD - År sedan
Drop a thumbs up if you want to see us fish for sharks underwater!! If we break 100,000 Likes we'll do it for Shark week next month! That would be insane!!
Rory Johnson
Rory Johnson - 16 timmar sedan
Do it
Tanner T
Tanner T - 2 dagar sedan
Thanks for making this video it was pretty fun to watch. Keep it up dude and screw the trolls that trash talk you.
Matt McNicholas
Matt McNicholas - Månad sedan
100k? C'mon. 60 is close enough
Derpqueen 101
Derpqueen 101 - 2 månader sedan
DALLMYD you don’t fish for sharks like you fish for fish, you shark for sharks.
Dark Night
Dark Night - 5 månader sedan
Go to a other land en dive
Hunter D
Hunter D - Dag sedan
Those bombs never worked for me and it was not cheap neither
Ja Mellie
Ja Mellie - Dag sedan
10:31-10:40 TEMPLE RUN
Mahone Craig
Mahone Craig - Dag sedan
You should go to decker lake in Utah
Thomas Danyluk
Thomas Danyluk - 2 dagar sedan
Jesse Morton
Jesse Morton - 6 dagar sedan
South twin lake here in central Oregon has potential for great treasures to be found. Big tourist spot here
Terry Spencer
Terry Spencer - 7 dagar sedan
Why does he keep saying there big ??? There not
Jose Tan
Jose Tan - Dag sedan
dude, your joke isn’t funny
Terry Spencer
Terry Spencer - 2 dagar sedan
Assassin oh no what will I do .... 😂😂😂
Jose Tan
Jose Tan - 3 dagar sedan
Assassin No, Terry’s worst than a hoe
Assassin - 4 dagar sedan
Irvin called you a hoe😂😂😂
Jose Tan
Jose Tan - 4 dagar sedan
Terry Spencer btw I’m loving life
Orakel Gottes
Orakel Gottes - 9 dagar sedan
if this is in Florida ... I wouldn't do something like this, there is always possibility of meeting Alligator in rivers or ponds of Florida
William Lawrence
William Lawrence - 11 dagar sedan
It's been a few days and you still haven't stopped talking get in the water and get some fishing done quit talking about it and do it Jesus is this supposed to be a fishing channel for a talking Channel let's see some fish
Benjamin Duke
Benjamin Duke - 15 dagar sedan
Great video! I know it's probably already been answered in the comments somewhere.. But can anyone tell me the dive location?? Thanks
William Lawrence
William Lawrence - 17 dagar sedan
You know what really be awesome if you would shut up that would be awesome I'm done I've watched about half the video and I can't I can't handle your mouth you got one little b**** you f****** women's f****** squeaky voice f*** this
William Lawrence
William Lawrence - 17 dagar sedan
Who wants to listen to your goddamn whole story about life if you're going to catch some fish underwater but you goddamn bait on a kid in Jesus dude I'm not even going to prescribe to you I'm just going to lose your channel because you're a blowhard nobody wants to know about your goddamn dog or your mother or your trip to Hawaii or more living in Hawaii so few words get in the freaking water and do your thing you're never going to get a hundred thousand not if I can help it
Victor Cordova
Victor Cordova - 13 dagar sedan
Woah chill out bro fucken toxic asf wtf
Noble 6
Noble 6 - 15 dagar sedan
Nobody gives a little shit about your hateful comments, didn't your mother tell you to get off the xbox already?
Aiden Thao
Aiden Thao - 16 dagar sedan
William Lawrence why are you such jerk? No one wants to hear your fricken thoughts if it’s not some thing good.
William Lawrence
William Lawrence - 17 dagar sedan
Why don't you stop f****** blowing and get in the water Jesus Christ you talk too much you think I really want a prescribed
Max rux
Max rux - 20 dagar sedan
how does he talk underwater
Bailey Weger
Bailey Weger - 17 dagar sedan
said it at 4:50 as well
Bailey Weger
Bailey Weger - 17 dagar sedan
he said less than a minute in he was taking his full face mask "which allows me to talk underwater"
Louie Arellano
Louie Arellano - 21 dag sedan
Hahaha let's go for 100k likes.
Jerold Gubatcho
Jerold Gubatcho - 23 dagar sedan
Nurse sharks in the shallows WITH A SPOTTER. If your fishing for sharks in the water you boys need someone up top. Preferably with a shark repellant bomb (I dont know what their called in english sorry)
Lota of fun thanks.
velvetflappers - 23 dagar sedan
It's called a gun
Kxd_ Raj
Kxd_ Raj - 26 dagar sedan
Jim Chiro
Jim Chiro - 28 dagar sedan
Maaan i really really like your masks i really want one.....jake you really have cool stuff under water like it's.✌🤙next time go back to Hawaii to fishing there.
Patricia Scott
Patricia Scott - 29 dagar sedan
Please have Treasure in more videos!!!
Alyssa Huber
Alyssa Huber - Månad sedan
I love your dog she is the cutest dog ever!!!!!!
joao pereira
joao pereira - Månad sedan
I loved to try scubadiving but here it costs a lot
Nick Lisa
Nick Lisa - Månad sedan
That’s some algae infested waters
Jedo lanz Labastida
Jedo lanz Labastida - Månad sedan
Ahhh your smart bro😁😁😁

I trust you
Bep YT
Bep YT - Månad sedan
we want truesure
Cheir and Flochii
Cheir and Flochii - Månad sedan
gET oUT Ma SWaMp!
Kandi Hinshaw
Kandi Hinshaw - Månad sedan
Your dog is absolutely beautiful German Shepherd my nephew had one who was Heidi they had to put her down cuz her kidneys were infected and they couldn't get the infection under control just said
Matthew Palmore
Matthew Palmore - Månad sedan
What mask are you using? Does it work with any type of regulator? I imagine its purchased as a unit. Im pretty particular on my mask though.
killer- clown161
killer- clown161 - Månad sedan
That's scaryyyy
kyle tompkins
kyle tompkins - Månad sedan
More Treasure
Jordan MacLaurin
Jordan MacLaurin - Månad sedan
More treasurer
Colbie Moore
Colbie Moore - Månad sedan
Weng Jingyi
Weng Jingyi - Månad sedan
I play that
Victoria Jack
Victoria Jack - Månad sedan
Wow, I’ve never heard of fishing underwater lol. Looks like funnn
Underwater Screams
Underwater Screams - 2 månader sedan
Put Treasure in more videos!🐶
zombieonyoursix - 2 månader sedan
He sounds like sigma is from family guy
TheDailyDosage - 3 månader sedan
Can you guys post your gear in discretion??
Andrew Nguyen
Andrew Nguyen - 3 månader sedan
Lane Hughes
Lane Hughes - 3 månader sedan
Where is that at?
Osmium []
Osmium [] - 3 månader sedan
Were is it ?
Liberal Tears
Liberal Tears - 3 månader sedan
6:19 I think there was a bass.
James - 3 månader sedan
Great video
James - 3 månader sedan
Best way to fish you get to let them go i the water👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾😂
Adam Culver
Adam Culver - 3 månader sedan
More treasure the dog he or she is such a cute 🐶
nico muniz
nico muniz - 4 månader sedan
More treasure
Руслан Константинович
good fun)))
Tim Harrell
Tim Harrell - Månad sedan
FLR Films
FLR Films - 4 månader sedan
Susan Gibson
Susan Gibson - 3 månader sedan
FLR Films Mellow marshmallow marshmallow is the best rapper in the world right now is
Salty Mango
Salty Mango - 4 månader sedan
Please don't ignore this you should use the fishing pole as a grappling hook like use a weight and a tri hook snag it on something and reel yourself down there
TheZakMan - 5 månader sedan
Awesome channel, thumbs up! and you got a new subscriber from Brazil!
Michigan fan
Michigan fan - 5 månader sedan
Those are ice fishing polls i know you dont get frozen lakes down there
Israel Pacheco831 Ribeiro
Israel Pacheco831 Ribeiro - 5 månader sedan
Exelentes vídeos! Vocês podia fazer um vídeo aqui no Brasil, mas espera um mais, quando o presidente Jair Bolsonaro deixar o Brasil mas abraço e tudo de bom para você.
Slade Holzman
Slade Holzman - 5 månader sedan
Ease more treasure
Natalia Pacheco
Natalia Pacheco - 5 månader sedan
Gosto muito de ver os vídeos , são muito interessante e viciantes...gostaria de fazer isso um dia.
Israel Pacheco831 Ribeiro
Israel Pacheco831 Ribeiro - 5 månader sedan
natalia silva Eu também Natalia.Um abraço e Boa sorte para você e um excelente 2019.
Tiffani Amber
Tiffani Amber - 5 månader sedan
Y'all should use magnets while diving
random person
random person - 5 månader sedan
*Sees 1 to 4ft Dartmouth on daily basis* *says that 5 or 6 inch bluegill is a big one*
Jesus Martinez
Jesus Martinez - 5 månader sedan
Hi jake can you make a shout out for me on youtube on the next video thank you bro and keep doing good videos
Tim Harrell
Tim Harrell - Månad sedan
but why
Ericka Hernandez
Ericka Hernandez - 5 månader sedan
IT look like IT was glow in the dark rock😂
MOTION - 5 månader sedan
Jake sounds like a squeaker with the mask
RVbilly - 5 månader sedan
Lmfao so I’m not the only one who chases their dog like that 😂😂😂😂
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie - 6 månader sedan
Yes, always more Treasure. Everything's better with pups!
Peyton Marie
Peyton Marie - 6 månader sedan
Joe Harlow
Joe Harlow - 6 månader sedan
Joe Harlow
Joe Harlow - 6 månader sedan
8:54 see ya layta dude
Cynthia Stangoni
Cynthia Stangoni - 6 månader sedan
I have zinus problem😞 cant dive, but my son looooves your videos.
Emmett MIller
Emmett MIller - 6 månader sedan
JonaBamb 01
JonaBamb 01 - 6 månader sedan
i wanna have Treasure in more vids :D shes soo cute :)
James Snowden
James Snowden - 6 månader sedan
OK of corse she's so cute
James Snowden
James Snowden - 6 månader sedan
Miguel Cervantes
Miguel Cervantes - 6 månader sedan
This is probably the coolest fishing video I've ever seen.
Aqualpha - 6 månader sedan
Crazy man
trent galindo
trent galindo - 6 månader sedan
42K more likes to go!!!!
Gary Harper
Gary Harper - 6 månader sedan
That's so cool I wish I could do that one day.😎😁😄😆
Dark Night
Dark Night - 5 månader sedan
Erik Kantor
Erik Kantor - 7 månader sedan
amazing pond
WAT Central
WAT Central - 7 månader sedan
Cool dog - 7 månader sedan
Crystal clear? Nice clean pond there, good for your dog too.
_•BlueKat•_ - 6 månader sedan
Why is ur email ur youtube channel name?
Haylie Chauvin
Haylie Chauvin - 7 månader sedan
I’m laughing so hard. You don’t know what a hair barrette is but you know what a bath bomb is 😂😂. (No offense to anyone)
Becky Byrne
Becky Byrne - 7 månader sedan
Can you and Brandon scuba dive and see how can find more phones
Александра Котова
Dimas ID
Dimas ID - 8 månader sedan
Kalo bikin video jangan kebanyakan bacot
Fatso fishing
Fatso fishing - 8 månader sedan
I was actualy talking to my friend the other day about scuba diving and fiahing under water and he looked at me like i was retarded lol i cant wait to show him this 👍😂
This was a really cool video
Chinh Le
Chinh Le - 8 månader sedan
Jake, don't side run with a husky without proper training. She will bite or scratch you for sure. But, she probably not intended to do so. You accidentally triggered her excitement of taking down a prey. I dont think you can fish a shark under water. You'll be treating as a swim bait. Lolz. I enjoyed all you guy's videos. Great job!
_•BlueKat•_ - 6 månader sedan
He isnt really going to fish a shark 🤣🤣🙄🙄
Chinh Le
Chinh Le - 8 månader sedan
@Josh Rademacher cool great to know.
Josh Rademacher
Josh Rademacher - 8 månader sedan
one, that is a German Shepherd, two that is actually one of the ways that they play, its not as much biting as trying to grab your leg in there mouth.
Marlize van Wyk
Marlize van Wyk - 8 månader sedan
Where do you live
Dont you Know Anime And BTS is Life?
I Live on Earth.
JIMMYKILLER NL - 6 månader sedan
Ben jij Nederlands
Marlize van Wyk
Marlize van Wyk - 8 månader sedan
GhostSpirit56 - 8 månader sedan
This is so amazing watching you not just release them after catching but also seeing whats under there without having to go there myself its amazing
Passionately Devoted
Passionately Devoted - 8 månader sedan
Such a beautiful German Shepherd!!
suzib33 - 8 månader sedan
I love how you wave to the fish 😂
unclassified - 8 månader sedan
Corn works for pan fish lol.
Charlotte Bather
Charlotte Bather - 8 månader sedan
Me too I love fishing it's just my future
AmiAdventures - 8 månader sedan
beautiful!!!!WHERE IS THIS!? 0-0
Thanos Dog420
Thanos Dog420 - 8 månader sedan
It's Florida
That kid on YouTube
That kid on YouTube - 8 månader sedan
I think I heard them say Florida But idk
Chris Plays
Chris Plays - 8 månader sedan
This is fishy XD
Jalisa McKinnon
Jalisa McKinnon - 8 månader sedan
I'm so glad that I found this channel. I love these guys.
Josh Rilea
Josh Rilea - 8 månader sedan
You guys should try and fish for those big catfish in the Chattanooga.
Shanell Strehlow
Shanell Strehlow - 9 månader sedan
This vid was Awesome! Treasure's got to be The Cutest baby I'd ever seen!
Cooper Knickel
Cooper Knickel - 9 månader sedan
Jess and Kay Dodge
Jess and Kay Dodge - 9 månader sedan
I love youR videos!!!
GhostOfBaggins - 9 månader sedan
Treasure is beautiful, more vids please :)
Raymond Chan
Raymond Chan - 9 månader sedan
Your reaction sound so much like quagmire
Hovestadt93 - 9 månader sedan
i really like the idea of fishing under water, you should do this more often :)
Tyroonz - 9 månader sedan
I had the idea of naming her treasures
Michael Link
Michael Link - 9 månader sedan
Also Treasure is such a beautiful German Shepard!
Michael Link
Michael Link - 9 månader sedan
Put Treasure in some more videos please.
Lmao xXlamadlexdadleXx
Lmao xXlamadlexdadleXx - 9 månader sedan
What kind of mask is that?