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Donut Media
Donut Media - 3 månader sedan
How many of you are looking up B13s on Graigslist right now?
GSR Muñoz
GSR Muñoz - 3 dagar sedan
In Mexico it is called 2000 GSR and it only went on sale from '93 to '96, there's a SR20 community all over the world, and ofcourse we enjoy to put to the test all the engines variants available like the SR20-DE , DET, VE, VET on our little Tsuru's.
Trevor Bell
Trevor Bell - 12 dagar sedan
Im looking for my first car and I found a b15 se-r spec v and im trying to convince my parents to let me get it😂😂😂
CarTuned - 21 dag sedan
Donut Media Please do the Nissan Maxima! It is noted as the 4DSC (4-Door Sports Car) meant to compete with the other 4 door sports cars
Pedro Cruz
Pedro Cruz - 22 dagar sedan
Donut Media do one on the altima
Ali Abbas
Ali Abbas - Månad sedan
Can you do Camrys...?
Lance Hondrade
Lance Hondrade - Timme sedan
*Spotted an SE-R at my high school.*
Volition Trader
Volition Trader - 3 timmar sedan
i still drive my 2003 spec v lol
Dory Darkling
Dory Darkling - 9 timmar sedan
I got a 99 Nissan Sentra in Dec 2017, and had it until last month. I loved that car, but the engine was shot cuz the last owner didn't take care of it. Now I have a shitty Pontiac that barely runs.
Isaiah Braunberger
Isaiah Braunberger - Dag sedan
Someone please help me whats the difference between the 2002 nissan sentra and the 2002 sentra SE-R
Luna Skiles
Luna Skiles - Dag sedan
My mom drives a Sentra
Jay Delorme
Jay Delorme - Dag sedan
Just got a 2010, it's not a v-spec though... found this video highly entertaining :)
Sergio Cavazos Jr
Sergio Cavazos Jr - 2 dagar sedan
I bought the Tsuru headlights from Nissan Mexico for my B13. It was a great refresh for the car.
Point Blank
Point Blank - 2 dagar sedan
My buddy had one with a 75 horsepower shot of NOS.
Brethren of Yeshua
Brethren of Yeshua - 2 dagar sedan
I loved my Sentra. It only had the n/a SR16 but it was still fast with a rev limit at 8500. If I knew more about cars back then I would have pulled the engine after wrecking it. I didn't realize all Nissan engines didn't have VVT.
SaNdO_bOi - 2 dagar sedan
Great documentary there is a 90’s Sentra ya comes twin turbo stock do some more research
Junior Meghji
Junior Meghji - 2 dagar sedan
Probably Nissan's worst engine made!
Jeff Carroll
Jeff Carroll - 3 dagar sedan
Bob T
Bob T - 4 dagar sedan
I had a brand spanking new black 2002 SpecV. My brother had a silver one. I loved the look and power but the motor was junk. I went through mass airflow sensors, crank sensors, and I had to even replace the motor due to oil consumption along with a lot of other SpecV owners such as my brother, friends, and forum members. I have yet to purchase another Nissan due to the bad taste it left in my mouth. No support from Nissan. Peace!
Shane Hubert
Shane Hubert - 5 dagar sedan
I'm still rockin my 2006 se-r spec-v as my daily while my 335i is the beast
Ronald Fleming
Ronald Fleming - 6 dagar sedan
07 Ser driver cvt trans
MOHAMMED Farhan QURESHI - 6 dagar sedan
Yes I want Nissan sentra se R
Paradise Vibes
Paradise Vibes - 7 dagar sedan
I have a 02 SeR I took the 2.5 out and got a Sr20DE from a 94 Ser and I make way more power now
mike swanson
mike swanson - 7 dagar sedan
Had a '92. Added a Stillen exhaust, made a cold air intake, put on some 15" OZ wheels with BFG Comp TA 225/50-15. Looked sweet in black and tore up the mustangs and Iroc z. Still have the 3 position height adjustable Razo aluminum shift knob I put on it. Was just as good as short throw kits when it was down all the way. Should have mentioned the 200sx se-r too. Company here in Omaha even imported an all wheel drive chassis from Japan andade an awd se-r.
Justin Dennison
Justin Dennison - 8 dagar sedan
Forgot that they also had the fifth generation with a optional brake package with brembo front brakes
Benoit Cloutier
Benoit Cloutier - 8 dagar sedan
When he mentions the old corollas horsepower and its the same as my 2015 jetta 2.slow xD
D Fenstermacher
D Fenstermacher - 9 dagar sedan
You shouldn't of skipped the b12
Romeo Alpha
Romeo Alpha - 9 dagar sedan
Had a 1993 Nissan Sentra, called Nissan Sunny here.
Mycall Wilson II
Mycall Wilson II - 9 dagar sedan
I used to play Mech Warrior when I was six, on a PC with a Joystick controller. I'm 21 now.
That is basically what war Robots is.
Racing Café
Racing Café - 9 dagar sedan
As always F**ing good video. There were 2 door versions for the B14 Sentra as well, they were called: Nissan 200sx, SE and SER. They were available from 1995 to 1999 I think. here is one for example:
Cris Pesongco
Cris Pesongco - 10 dagar sedan
Me: Nissan
My brother: Nissin
Cris Pesongco
Cris Pesongco - 5 dagar sedan
@Man from Nantucket *Ah, I see you're a man of culture*
Man from Nantucket
Man from Nantucket - 5 dagar sedan
Intellectuals: Datsun
Mudflap 01
Mudflap 01 - 10 dagar sedan
One of my favorite cars to date was my B13 with a JDM sr20det. Quick, fun, reliable and super cheap!
Gamershellboy1 - 11 dagar sedan
You missed the B15 BTW. That was the B16 you showed not the B15.
Gamershellboy1 - 11 dagar sedan
My dad had a Nissan sunny B13 also called doctor sunny here. It was amazing and it was silver and it was the SER version. We also had a B15.You missed the B15 BTW. That was the B16 you showed not the B15.
Dillon J
Dillon J - 13 dagar sedan
I've owned 5 b15s including a supercharged and turbo changed one, the turbo one was putting out 507whp on the dyno and had room to approve I know of a few hitting that peak aswell as a 800hp one down in florida, definitely one of the funnest cars Ive owned
Leonel Valadez
Leonel Valadez - 14 dagar sedan
It has been confirmed that 3rd world countries get the better stuff longer
Sevyn Rodrigues de Miranda
Sevyn Rodrigues de Miranda - 15 dagar sedan
My SE-R is my baby
Elio Ortiz
Elio Ortiz - 16 dagar sedan
They use them in ciudad acuña on the border as taxis, they haul ass up and down the city they put little lights and neons on them and they also mod the hell out of the taxis with body kits and rims honestly people dont really look at mexico as a big car culture place but its realy big tsurus are awsome
MAGA - 17 dagar sedan
The reason I subscribe you're too funny dude and I love your reviews they're fun keep it up!!
Luisitosau - 19 dagar sedan
Yo tengo un tsurito (b13) de 2014..
AnHRTBus - 19 dagar sedan
You want one bad?
I've got a 04 SE-R Spec-V (not called V-Spec in America to to a copyright I believe) with a six speed manual and NIsmo S-Tune package you can have.
jetstream - 19 dagar sedan
still love b14 :)
Pepsi Woman
Pepsi Woman - 19 dagar sedan
I wannan have his job
SIRNOAH 58 - 19 dagar sedan
I have a 1996 Nissan 200sx se-r and nobody's done a cool review like this. Please like I so this comment gets attention I wanna see this
Hugo Vial
Hugo Vial - 20 dagar sedan
I have a 2008 sentra 4door, what a shitty shitty car, every month I have to replace something this week I have to replace the hub bearing. Last month the clutch. So far I'm in it 2000.00 overall. Don't buy this car. And the new ones I heard there even shittier.
MikeyXII31 - 21 dag sedan
I miss my boosted 05 spec v now!
Mathew Hyland
Mathew Hyland - 21 dag sedan
Make a video on the Nissan laural
Andrés Jiménez Ortega
Andrés Jiménez Ortega - 21 dag sedan
Quick note here. As far as I know the B13 was named Tsuru over here yes but all the other updates are named Sentra as here as well. So for us we see the Tsuru and the Sentra as two diferent models.
Ayoob Basha
Ayoob Basha - 22 dagar sedan
Why didnt u do the nissan sentra 200sti or 200gxi
Timothy Lace
Timothy Lace - 23 dagar sedan
I'm trying to find and buy a sentra nismo right now, but the SR turbo is probably a better deal for the price
PABLO ESCOBAR - 24 dagar sedan
Still got b13 in the Caribbeans im from Trinidad
Boogie Jules
Boogie Jules - 24 dagar sedan
Ultra jealous of that hat!!!
Alex Tepozteco
Alex Tepozteco - 24 dagar sedan
That nismo Sentra is pretty good for handling and has almost 0 turbo lag I have one as a daily, but I also got a mild tune done on it so its power went up from 188 to about 210-216
Phooey - 24 dagar sedan
B Blessed
B Blessed - 25 dagar sedan
3mn 45sec tell the mention of se-R
Javan Ketley
Javan Ketley - 27 dagar sedan
I would've loved to seen a little about Nissan Sentra which was produced for South Africa , they kill it at the drags and look much better in my opinion
أبو تفحيط ‏كابرس
I hate the Nissan Sentra
skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo
skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo - 28 dagar sedan
Beware of 2002 and 2003 Sentras with the 2.5 liter 4 cylinder. It loves to burn oil a LOT!
Allain McGill
Allain McGill - 29 dagar sedan
My aunt had the b13 sunny super saloon n that was my first car crush lol I still want one on boost
Gelo Negron
Gelo Negron - Månad sedan
Did you loose your mind? The B15 SE-R CAME WITH A SR20DE!!!!! & a 5 Speed LSD Tranny, the SE-R Spec-V came with the 6 Speed LSD Tranny & a QR25DE, the SE also came SR20DE, and the lower base models are GA16DE.
Cant believe you man!!!!! Broke my heart @DonutMedia
cha pi
cha pi - Månad sedan
Sentra GTs been good to me..
Halfthekgb - Månad sedan
Ahem. Nissin is a cup Noodle company. It's Pronounced NEE-sahn
jackson7177 - Månad sedan
LMAO Nismo Sentra is a disgrace to the NAME!!!
Jos Vukovic
Jos Vukovic - Månad sedan
I had an '02 se-r automatic. QR25DE. Worst car ever. It was fun to drive but so many problems. Fuel pump, 3 crank position sensors, intake manifold and the whole butterfly screw thing. Bad memories.
Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness
Back when Nissan was the Coolest...
Captain 345
Captain 345 - Månad sedan
Not all were sedans?
Aviles Jose
Aviles Jose - Månad sedan
GODDAMN THIS GUY IS SO FUCKING ANNOYING. The info ia great but goddamn this guy is starving for attention.
Dexter Sandy
Dexter Sandy - Månad sedan
Can you do the Infiniti g20 please and thanks
Dr. Etzor
Dr. Etzor - Månad sedan
Tbh... there was a even better car than the Sentra B13 or B15, there was a 200 horsepower 2 liter SR20VE powered front wheel drive Nissan, and it was rare, but even rarer was the Autech version with AWD, yes, Autech, the same Autech that's on the cheaper-end Skylines with AWD.
Even though the Sentra is a nice car though, in Europe we got these things called N15 and N16 Almera (Also known as Pulsar / Bluebird), basically they were Sentra equivalents but available also as Hatchbacks, N16s were reliable and decently good cars while N15s still used to have SR20DE and some have even put SR20VE's under the hood, giving them some extra power, and since N15 is a light car, the engine made it even better and some people still use those cars for hill climb races, i've even seen a P11 Primera with a SR20DE gold top and it had a sequential gearbox, yes, a racing gearbox in a freaking "common" car, seems ridiculous.
If there was a straight 6 cylinder left hand drive Nissan, i'd basically buy it, but since all Skylines are right hand drive and all the left hand drive ones have V engines... i don't really have much to "go to" from my N16, sadly.
I guess i'll either have to give up waiting for some kind of 1.8 liter turbo four banger and go for a V6 Nissan or Infiniti, or i will have to buy a... *shivers* BMW... just to get a 6 cylinder, though only 523 has NA engine with 3 liter displacement and 6 cylinders.
Mike Who?
Mike Who? - Månad sedan
U forgot to say that the 01 and on Sentra ser specv are 6 speed!!!! 😵
Aaron Hernandez
Aaron Hernandez - Månad sedan
Do Nissan Maxima ols
BIG JOE OUTDOORS - Månad sedan
I just sold my 1998 Nissan 200sx se-r, with there SR20DE MOTOR. I drove it like I was a rally driver here on the Seattle streets, burnouts for days on a front wheel drive, with no hand break. Sold it with 190K with 160whp, weight at 22,500 with five speed manual. Most fun I had with a car.
iamgavin - Månad sedan
my dad got a 2003 Sentra SE-R Spec V in the beautiful yellow color and got the upgraded sound system in it! I grew up in that thing and now hes gonna let me have it and damn if i dont love those 175hp pulls LMAO cant wait to start working on it and adding a turbo and a new exhaust, its about to sound beautiful
Richard E.
Richard E. - Månad sedan
i had Sentra 1994 in 2003 and sold it in 2006. it was a great car
Daniel Leyton
Daniel Leyton - Månad sedan
B13 is the un-safest-fucking car ever built. At least for Mexican and southern markets.
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez - Månad sedan
Chris Delahunty
Chris Delahunty - Månad sedan
Had an 03 Spec V. Biggest piece of crap ever. Loctite the butterfly screws and replace the pre cat with a header and you might be ok.
Jos Vukovic
Jos Vukovic - Månad sedan
I feel your pain. I had an 02 Se-r automatic. Same problem and so many others. Changed the crank position sensor 3 times in 5 years
Josh Chedsey
Josh Chedsey - Månad sedan
you NEED to do an entire video on the tsuru, like for real, please
Patchouli - Månad sedan
I love how the mention of the B14 is just "Torsen is dumb. NEXT"

Love my B14. Damn thing is beast.
RockabillyFox - Månad sedan
The 240SX got the truck engine because Insurance Companies were being total no-fun-nazis.
walter redd
walter redd - Månad sedan
B15's also came with brembo brakes, but only if you didn't want abs. They also had a problem holding revs from 1st to 2nd
George Pina
George Pina - Månad sedan
Hahaha tsurus are used by taxi drivers in Mexico. Puro muzquiz coahuila putos ala verga
Daniel McKenzie
Daniel McKenzie - Månad sedan
I own a 2004 Nissan SER, I just put in a 2nd Gen Engine and it really bad ass with improved fuel economy, went on a trip and getting 28MPG!
Daniel McKenzie
Daniel McKenzie - Månad sedan
has 2.5 QR25DE
Juan H.p.
Juan H.p. - Månad sedan
You are jack black but with a car lover twist
themonolithian - Månad sedan
I'll give you guys a tip. Infiniti g20. Sr20 motor. I accept likes and comments