Avengers Cast on Premiere, Favorite Lines, Matching Tattoos & Birthday Gifts

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wut - Timme sedan
Paul Rudd. The Vampire hidden among us.
ozairistan - 2 timmar sedan
3.8 dislikes are dc guys😂
Ashok Kumar
Ashok Kumar - 2 timmar sedan
Scarlet love you
C.J. Botshiwe
C.J. Botshiwe - 3 timmar sedan
Scarlett gave RDJ an ally oop with that “dumb stuff?” question 😂
Ilan Spierer
Ilan Spierer - 4 timmar sedan
Sneakers should be really satisfied with that free advertisement.
Jared T-F
Jared T-F - 4 timmar sedan
I realy dont like bre Larson
H H - 4 timmar sedan
Lucy(Scarlett jonhenson) can beat thanos
Caldennn Roche
Caldennn Roche - 4 timmar sedan
10:56 Chris Hemsworth best dad ever
Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar - 5 timmar sedan
Iron man fan like here☺️
Ella Carmel
Ella Carmel - 5 timmar sedan
Paul Rudd is just😍😍
G- Irvoo
G- Irvoo - 6 timmar sedan
Is tony actually being mean to Scarlett
Kristopher Ryan
Kristopher Ryan - 7 timmar sedan
I got my ticket yesterday. Cannot wait for ENDGAME !!
Mysterygirl Behindthemic
Mysterygirl Behindthemic - 7 timmar sedan
In Malaysia, it shows on April 24th
Rikailo Ngatai Rimene
Rikailo Ngatai Rimene - 8 timmar sedan
Best Glide
Best Glide - 8 timmar sedan
Who is Andrew Yang?
Atom Knows
Atom Knows - 8 timmar sedan
It's pointless asking about things they can't talk about, would be better if he asked them about future projects like Angelina Jolie and the Eternals.
He's not a very good host, they should hire Graham Norton.
Eddie Hwang
Eddie Hwang - 8 timmar sedan
brie larson makes me want to vomit
Sazzad - 8 timmar sedan
Scarlet u look hot
Scott Spence
Scott Spence - 8 timmar sedan
Bet Ed Norton has an avengers Tattoo Ruffalo
Camilo Vasquez
Camilo Vasquez - 8 timmar sedan
I feel like Paul Rudd just stumbled on stage...
Forgot Name
Forgot Name - 9 timmar sedan
April 24th gang we will spoil everything for april 26th watchers haha jk
banuna1989 - 9 timmar sedan
Thor get a room
Yougant S
Yougant S - 9 timmar sedan
Lol stupid stuffs 🤣🤣😂
Jordan Mercado
Jordan Mercado - 9 timmar sedan
cap immedietly says languge
Priya Viji
Priya Viji - 9 timmar sedan
Now a days American fans became lyk a Indian fans😂😘very expressive❤️any INDIAN MARVEL fans??
Santimagine - 11 timmar sedan
12:49 looks like their gonna eat,
paul rudd: let's go, dennis, ALPACA lunch
Santimagine - 11 timmar sedan
if mark was in the show
jimmy:Have you watched the movie?
rdj: uhhh, no
sj: nuh uh
ch: *shooks head no
pr: no, no.

mark ruffalo: Yes, it was awesome
thelunn - 11 timmar sedan
Funny how Brie Larson isnt involved.
HarryPotter SCAR
HarryPotter SCAR - 12 timmar sedan
DÄRK KnÎGHT - 13 timmar sedan
A moment of silence 4 tha generation that won't be witnessing the avengers era
Joseph Gonzales
Joseph Gonzales - 13 timmar sedan
Scarlett is sexy
navylaks2 - 13 timmar sedan
You know searching around i've noticed something.
Brie Larson is never in the same interviews as Scarlet Johanson or any of the other female leads;)
That should tell you everything you need to know about Larsons arogant personality.
Anyways i'll miss these interviews the chemistry in this cast has always been amazing:)
Boom 8833
Boom 8833 - 14 timmar sedan
Can't believe I almost died today. Before endgame come out
dangjulian1 - 14 timmar sedan
I like when Thor said you are not worthy
Damien Leggatt
Damien Leggatt - 15 timmar sedan
Wow American talk shows are utter push 🤦‍♂️😂
Ashok Rajagopal
Ashok Rajagopal - 16 timmar sedan
I'm glad there is no brie Larson in this interview
Mauri QHD
Mauri QHD - 16 timmar sedan
im a simple man, i dont see Brie, i click
MimiMeows Larios
MimiMeows Larios - 16 timmar sedan
My heart hurts knowing that iron man won’t be on screen anymore 😭 and if they make another iron man Robert Downey jr won’t be casted 😭😭😭💔
Nicnak Paddywack
Nicnak Paddywack - 17 timmar sedan
9:41 all Marvel fans and Tony Stark said “language”.
Nicnak Paddywack
Nicnak Paddywack - 17 timmar sedan
Mark Ruffalo didn’t get the tattoo because he would have turned into the hulk whilst being tattooed.
Marianna V
Marianna V - 18 timmar sedan
Just Kevin Things
Just Kevin Things - 18 timmar sedan
Heyyyyy, you know that whole thing about captain marvel saying she has telepathy . The audience clapped during that exact part
henish mahawar
henish mahawar - 18 timmar sedan
fact : captain America gets mijoneer and shield back
Abu Deva
Abu Deva - 18 timmar sedan
Learn Mollywood , Kollywood, sandalwood and Bollywood | lady actress , how to sit in a programme , simplicity. 👌
Slaythan - 18 timmar sedan
Am I the only one who really doesn't like paul rudd?
CUEBALL424 - 19 timmar sedan
Big liberal hollywood actor needs a gate code? Why? Does a wall work? Oh, ok.
LOVE STYLE - 19 timmar sedan
Hit like for Iron MAN 😎😎😎
Tom Koz
Tom Koz - 19 timmar sedan
Robert Downey Jr. is 54.... Paul Rudd is 50... let that sink in
f15 - 19 timmar sedan
Omg rdjr is funny wehn Chris sayed maby
f15 - 19 timmar sedan
I am wareing marvel mom okay
f15 - 19 timmar sedan
I don't care if my mom say we're something girlly
ahmed esmat
ahmed esmat - 19 timmar sedan
jinxie712 - 19 timmar sedan
He said they get tickets to Avengers in IMAX, but he didn't say Endgame. They all get there and it's Avengers 1. lol
Katya Anikeev
Katya Anikeev - 19 timmar sedan
9:37 Cap, Language!!!!!!!!!!!!!
magdalene adjei
magdalene adjei - 20 timmar sedan
Paul Rudd is *genuinely* funny
sayounara1232 - 20 timmar sedan
If Chris Hemsworth isnt husband, father of your kids goals I dont know what is
ke ne
ke ne - 20 timmar sedan
None of these actors can be replaced. Thank you for the past 11 years!
young india
young india - 20 timmar sedan
2.10 . Thor has no idea what to say😊😊. That's rdj genius of taking lead without saying anything
Krizby Marte
Krizby Marte - 22 timmar sedan
Scarlett Johansson is the bomb!
Agil Darmawan
Agil Darmawan - 23 timmar sedan
i just like how Paul avoid all Jimmy's traps 😂
Amaan Farrukh
Amaan Farrukh - Dag sedan
6:18 When Scarlett and Chris fell in love
Manda Panda The Miraculous Fan
Amaan Farrukh you know they do not like each other....JuSt SayInG
Utkarsh Parihar
Utkarsh Parihar - Dag sedan
Robert Downey be like....dude my personality is it at my best😎😎
KayKovo - Dag sedan
My parents did the same with me at six flags lol stuffed paper towls in my shoes 😂😂
your basic trash
your basic trash - Dag sedan
if only tom holland was here...
Alem Pongen
Alem Pongen - Dag sedan
That dumb stuff is Captain Marvel's part🤐😂
Commander Dritz
Commander Dritz - Dag sedan
9:07-9:11 yeah and look what happened xandar.
Abdelrahman Masoud
Abdelrahman Masoud - Dag sedan
guys can you please help me and support my new T-shirts Etsy store name zrzor
Shreyas N
Shreyas N - Dag sedan
Paul Rudd is a national treasure. Protect at all costs.
Suicide Man gaming
Suicide Man gaming - Dag sedan
My dad got me ticket for avengers endgame, 8 in the morning, imax
April 24th
عزيز حسين النائلي
عزيز حسين النائلي
Ram Bahadur Kami
Ram Bahadur Kami - Dag sedan
Thor and rocket raccoon are my favourites 😍
Swey Wayne
Swey Wayne - Dag sedan
I want to be Scarlett... I want to be surrounded by these hot guys ♥
Prince Vegeta
Prince Vegeta - Dag sedan
9:37 *LANGUAGE!!*
Lili - Dag sedan
Alpaca 🦙
Tatjana Di
Tatjana Di - Dag sedan
My scalett
Lindz Can
Lindz Can - Dag sedan
*9:38** Language! Captain.*
Golshan Tabatabaie
Golshan Tabatabaie - Dag sedan
"I was in it, you just couldn't see me" 😂😂😂😂
Cornerstone Schools
Cornerstone Schools - Dag sedan
Ilo lego
Ilo lego - Dag sedan
Captain language pls. Lolz
Cynthia G
Cynthia G - Dag sedan
Why is Tony Stark acting like someone else... Hummmm Weird!
loadz03 - Dag sedan
No Brie Larson?!?!?!
😉 Kidding, no one wants to see her 🤣🤣
Ashley *
Ashley * - Dag sedan
"I bought you the Buffalo Bills". As a Bills fan, that's a low gift. x D
Sniper ™
Sniper ™ - Dag sedan
where is chris evans?
Armando Oliveira
Armando Oliveira - Dag sedan
Anita Fakhari
Anita Fakhari - Dag sedan
Chris is just a very cool dad
Patrick Roanhouse
Patrick Roanhouse - Dag sedan
Sarah M.
Sarah M. - Dag sedan
When he said they had a birthday this week and you freak out because your birthday is the same week as Iron Man and Ant Man’s.
Mad Chatter
Mad Chatter - Dag sedan
Paul needs to play Nathan Drake
01trickster - Dag sedan
I call it now. End game will be the biggest box office film in movie history!!
01trickster - Dag sedan
None of these actors can ever be replaced. Thank you for the last 11 years now!
Emma Payton
Emma Payton - Dag sedan
“mAyBe?!” I’m CRYING
Noodleydoo - Dag sedan
Scarlett J is so unbelievable likeable. She's been in there swinging it out with the boys from the get go. She never hides behind that oppressed woman BS like Captain C-word.
Tanner Witsel
Tanner Witsel - Dag sedan
A slappa da bass
VS1990 - Dag sedan
Scarlet Johansson.. Oh damn!
interrobangings - Dag sedan
notice how much happier everyone seems when brie larson isn't around
jrarks - Dag sedan
It's like Game of Thrones cast are closer to real and Avengers cast are too Hollywood.
Jay Gomez
Jay Gomez - Dag sedan
In Italy they pause the movie for a break no matter what movie it is they pause the movie for 10 mins lol first time that happen to me I was wtf lol later a felt dumb lol
Shazia kanwal
Shazia kanwal - Dag sedan
Golden hairs are ewwww
Shazia kanwal
Shazia kanwal - Dag sedan
Red headed Scarlett looks dope!!!