Avengers Cast on Premiere, Favorite Lines, Matching Tattoos & Birthday Gifts

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khloyi - 10 timmar sedan
Delta General
Delta General - 19 timmar sedan
Scarlett should have said cap doesn't like those words avengers age of ultron
Sarah Angell
Sarah Angell - 19 timmar sedan
she was telling us something
but it flew right over my head,
I guess my reflexes weren’t fast enough
CompleteIndie - 22 timmar sedan
**Robert:** *literally does ANYTHING, including doing nothing*
Khoa Do
Khoa Do - Dag sedan
damn Scarlett looked like she's lost a lot of weight here.
Tiago nascimento
Tiago nascimento - Dag sedan
O the noite é uma zona igual a esse programa. Danilo está no caminho certo.
Roku the Poker Face
Roku the Poker Face - Dag sedan
Scarlett : "We're never coming back. "
In Scarlett's head : " I'm never coming back . "
Gloria Garcia
Gloria Garcia - Dag sedan
You lied RDJ it did mean something bad for iron man😭💔
Joy Abzaluly
Joy Abzaluly - Dag sedan
johansson, beauty ....
taxi cab
taxi cab - Dag sedan
9:40 Tony Stank
Eilish _34
Eilish _34 - Dag sedan
no one:
the audience: WOOOOOOOOO
imani jimbah
imani jimbah - Dag sedan
“Don’t lie to them, we’re never coming back”
Justin Erickson
Justin Erickson - 2 dagar sedan
Chris Hemsworth is my spirit animal!
Marija Babic
Marija Babic - 3 dagar sedan
Paul Rudd is the cutest person ever fight me
Marija Babic
Marija Babic - 3 dagar sedan
*I named him Dennis*

Idk why thats so funny to me lmao
Akbar Shabazz
Akbar Shabazz - 3 dagar sedan
The two highest paid actors in the world for their respective genders sitting side by side on the show of the highest paid late night host!
ja n
ja n - 3 dagar sedan
Sub for iron man
Maeve Stowe
Maeve Stowe - 3 dagar sedan
Brad Paisley so funny 😂
Jasmine Zhao
Jasmine Zhao - 3 dagar sedan
Chris: maybe there's a reason why there's a height minimum
Ragib Bakhtiar
Ragib Bakhtiar - 4 dagar sedan
1:40 scarlet says to tony"we're not going to ever come back"
Badr Faozi
Badr Faozi - 4 dagar sedan
Robert downey jr: nothing bad is happening to iron man
Iron man DIES
Samantha Wickey
Samantha Wickey - 4 dagar sedan
The story about Chris Hemsworth and his daughter was awesome. My favorite part was
Chris: Maybe there is a reason there is a height sign.
RDJ: Maybe!!!!!?????
Spicey Sauce
Spicey Sauce - 4 dagar sedan
Chris: maybe there’s a reaso-
RDJ: MaYbE?1?!1
Speedster Wolf
Speedster Wolf - 5 dagar sedan
I love how Rdj includes Paul Rudd to the conversation and shii
Sergio Ramirez
Sergio Ramirez - 5 dagar sedan
A super yacht
Fancy spoon set
A hot air balloon
A lama
That's how you know how rich these guys are.
Oh, and a Iron man themed guitar.
Beatriz Nunes
Beatriz Nunes - 5 dagar sedan
two of them die but who ?
Chillfroze - 6 dagar sedan

Unfortunately it’s the endgame changer
Nataniel Bilboat
Nataniel Bilboat - 6 dagar sedan
Paul honestly gave me the best idea for a tattoo seeing as how pants hate me even with a belt I might get a Dinner for Schmucks tramp stamp lmfao
Karligram - 6 dagar sedan
I thought it was going to be seventeen minutes of just cheering at first lol
Frankie Yuvan
Frankie Yuvan - 6 dagar sedan
Robert Downey Jr. seems just like Tony Stark and acts just like him.
Di Wu
Di Wu - 6 dagar sedan
RDJ deserves an Oscar for his performance in Avengers Endgame!
Madison W
Madison W - 6 dagar sedan
Well I accidentally left the theater to pee at the part of black widow’s death. At least I didn’t have to see it 😂😰
רני דגו
רני דגו - 7 dagar sedan
1:20 paul rudd being paul rudd
4:24 and again
Rmercury - 7 dagar sedan
The fact that this is 17 minutes 💘
Luna Blackthorn
Luna Blackthorn - 8 dagar sedan
"Does that mean anything bad for tony stark, for Ironman?"
RDJ: no, no, no not in the slightest. :)
xianglei zhang
xianglei zhang - 8 dagar sedan
Marty Fernandez
Marty Fernandez - 9 dagar sedan
hearing rdj saying "the future's very uncertain" gives me a little bit of hope ;)
Mateo Ceballos Querol
Mateo Ceballos Querol - 9 dagar sedan
Tony stark's best line is : I am Iron man
Jim Heeren
Jim Heeren - 9 dagar sedan
Damn scarlet looking fine
MoparMadness93 - 9 dagar sedan
Anyone know if Brad Paisley really gave Robert the guitar or if it was just a set up for the joke
Selah Hamilton
Selah Hamilton - 9 dagar sedan
juan Puglisi
juan Puglisi - 10 dagar sedan
Paul Rudd: BoY
ᄒᄒ다람잉 - 10 dagar sedan
Markjulius Sumabal
Markjulius Sumabal - 11 dagar sedan
Rdj sounds like iron man, chris hems sounds like thor, paul sounds like ant man, scarlet sounds like witch😂
Joe Aka Anoai
Joe Aka Anoai - 11 dagar sedan
Ali Enver Bilecen
Ali Enver Bilecen - 12 dagar sedan
The look Robert shares with Scarlett totally gives away major spoilers
simge h.c.
simge h.c. - 12 dagar sedan
damn this hurts now
Streicher - 12 dagar sedan
Steve: Lets go get that Son of a B***h
Tony: Language!!
Only true OG will remember
darryl hugenson banner
darryl hugenson banner - 12 dagar sedan
I feel like a free fart
manuela jean rené
manuela jean rené - 12 dagar sedan
black widow is the “dumb stuff” so..sorry scarlett
Leticia Cristine
Leticia Cristine - 12 dagar sedan
Just came here because I wanted to see Scarlett and RDJ talking about Avengers 😭😭😭😭
SteveTheBassist - 13 dagar sedan
Jimmy: pisses off Robert
Robert: gets pissed off
Jimmy: surprised Pikachu face
padmini malji
padmini malji - 13 dagar sedan
Amazing movie😎😎😎😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Technical Calculator
Technical Calculator - 13 dagar sedan
The avengers is nothing without RDJ
L.L - 13 dagar sedan
When you realised Black Widow and Iron Man are both sitting on the couch

Those who are dead
pastelsky - 13 dagar sedan
*yells* : lAnGuAgE!!
Tom DeLaCruz
Tom DeLaCruz - 13 dagar sedan
Scarlett is dressed for sex
DAVID AVILA - 13 dagar sedan
So who gave rdj the guitar 🎸?
Sam S
Sam S - 14 dagar sedan
Love Paul Rudd, always the comedian fast on his feet. "I was in it (that scene) but you could not see me!" (Makes a motion with his fingers being one inch high).
ADITYA Anand - 14 dagar sedan
11:53 I love that may be reaction
Aquarius - 14 dagar sedan
13:10 Scarlett: "There I am smiling back at the ground."
Me: _"Oh. My. God."_
Aquarius - 14 dagar sedan
Robert: "Not in the slightest."
Me: _"I get that reference"_
Haven Tellez
Haven Tellez - 14 dagar sedan
vv Endgame spoilers vv

jimmy kimmel: does that mean something bad for tony stark?
rdj:no, no no. not in the slightest. :)
me: :(:(:(:(:(
no tea no shade
no tea no shade - 14 dagar sedan
3:38 okay that’s not funny anymore after endgame
nilesh londhe
nilesh londhe - 15 dagar sedan
Awesome movie
Tony Stark
Tony Stark - 15 dagar sedan
0:23 i think scarlett is the boss in this team
Jude - 16 dagar sedan
10:00 Jimmy: you're not in that clip
RDJ: yeah, I enjoyed it anyway
Jimmy: so does that mean something bad for Tony Stark?
RDJ: no, no, not the slightest

a fool, we're a fool for believing him
Zeref Dragneel
Zeref Dragneel - 16 dagar sedan
11:52 "Maybe?!"
Autumn - 16 dagar sedan
“don’t lie to them were never coming back” clowns literal *clowns*
Hannah Mooney
Hannah Mooney - 16 dagar sedan
we love you 3000 💛
Lyndsey Jackson
Lyndsey Jackson - 17 dagar sedan
Haha Paul a chiefs fan!!!! LETS GOOOOOO! and not to mention RDJs favorite flower is the sunflower which is Kansas state flower😏
Lyndsey Jackson
Lyndsey Jackson - 17 dagar sedan
The sign at Disney land: you must be this tall to ride
Chris: who cares about safety let’s stick something things in her shoes! 🤣🤣🤣
Mr Dhaliwal
Mr Dhaliwal - 17 dagar sedan
*Crap Bag* is amaizng
Ana C Barrantes
Ana C Barrantes - 17 dagar sedan
They really just said they are never coming back and that Black Widow arc is the game changer... they really played us like that💔
Pandas are cool
Pandas are cool - 18 dagar sedan
Surprised Paul Rudd didn't show that Mac and Me clip like he always does.
fred flintstoner
fred flintstoner - 18 dagar sedan
Iron man dies so Sherlock Holmes can live. Don’t see why that’s sad
its Les
its Les - 18 dagar sedan
10:59 Damn Chris is the best dad
Joshua Kearney
Joshua Kearney - 18 dagar sedan
What is Christ Hemsworth’s instagram
Asparagus Lady
Asparagus Lady - 19 dagar sedan
No Name
No Name - 19 dagar sedan
Please nobody gonna tell anything to appreciate how RDJ is trying to get Paul Rudd into the conversations ? cause paul is kinda left out in the conversation at the beginning. He’s really a decent guy😍
andre abrantes
andre abrantes - 19 dagar sedan
I really don’t believe that Robert doesn’t have his iron man suit at home. He is iron man in real life
Layaan Sattar
Layaan Sattar - 19 dagar sedan
omfg the same thing happened to me on the tower of terror I was 4 and my dad snuck me in and I was basically rlly petite and small so when I it shot down I was practically flying in the air my mum and dad were holding me down lmao
Djenae 01
Djenae 01 - 19 dagar sedan
"Does that mean anything bad for Tony Stark?"
"No no. Not the slightest."
debinosa - 19 dagar sedan
this cast was spectacular. can be no argument there. i'm really going to miss them being together. =(
really loved ironman. i felt like he was the glue that held it all together.
Brenna Donnelly
Brenna Donnelly - 20 dagar sedan
Also do none of them know what the Tower of Terror is?? That’s one of Disney’s most famous rides
Brenna Donnelly
Brenna Donnelly - 20 dagar sedan
Lol RDJ lying through his teeth about nothing bad happening to Tony, “no no no, not in the slightest”
Samuel Borden
Samuel Borden - 20 dagar sedan
10:06 R.I.P Tony❤️
Miepi09 - 20 dagar sedan
11:55 XDDDDDD MAYBE ?????? !!! haha XD
benito - 20 dagar sedan
Richard Burchfield
Richard Burchfield - 20 dagar sedan
Whats tony stark doing with these actors?
miimika - 20 dagar sedan
"does that mean anything bad for tony stark?"
robert, knowing EXACTLY what happens: no, no, not in the slightest :)
Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt - 21 dag sedan
Robert was lying 10:07
Alva Thorén
Alva Thorén - 21 dag sedan
5:23 i love how Robert says like ofc not we are not pcychos and scarletts just like yes in the background
Ranyia Ruffin
Ranyia Ruffin - 21 dag sedan
Me:WATCHES ENDGAME: So that’s why Scarlet said her and Robert were never coming back 😱
沖田琴 - 21 dag sedan
Nigel R.
Nigel R. - 21 dag sedan
Is he giving out tickets to something
vargasnavarro patricia
vargasnavarro patricia - 22 dagar sedan
Que guapotes son los tres y que bonita es Scarlett.
1290 2005
1290 2005 - 22 dagar sedan
Roberts face at 10:22:
Uff that was close!!xD
Adelė Balytė
Adelė Balytė - 22 dagar sedan
*Some comment* : Omg that is so ironic man...
*Me reading the comment* : Omg that is so iron man...
I now think marvel lives in my brain forever
gravityfallsfan9 :D
gravityfallsfan9 :D - 22 dagar sedan
imma just screen in on my iphone and instagram live it xD