Game Of Thrones // Burlington Bar Reactions // S8E2 "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms" Part 3 !!

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Knight622ny - 5 dagar sedan
Yeah I felt that shit
Luka muselimović
Luka muselimović - 8 dagar sedan
It's just unbelievable to listen and see people reaction to Podrick's song.A minute of pure artistic silence.So heartbreaking and warm at the same time.My favourite scene by far.Magnificent.
Dost Khan
Dost Khan - 8 dagar sedan
Cahzinar X
Cahzinar X - 9 dagar sedan
Not a particularly huge fan of Briene but the chemistry between these 2 characters are among the best in any series. It offers a lesson irl about who your around can bring the worst or best out of you.
David Sastre
David Sastre - 12 dagar sedan
That outro was disgusting lol freshly fucked
David Sastre
David Sastre - 12 dagar sedan
And a Brienne lookalike!
David Sastre
David Sastre - 12 dagar sedan
Pod should nab those two actor girls
Commander Starstrider
Commander Starstrider - 14 dagar sedan
Briane of Tarth getting knighted was one my favorite moments of the entire series
Akainu Sakazuki
Akainu Sakazuki - 15 dagar sedan
6:06 my exact reaction to Pod's voice
Mongolski Robak ŚMIERCI
Mongolski Robak ŚMIERCI - 15 dagar sedan
7:23 An American secret after a girl fell on the truck. She had a son. Ummm... OK?
Bernie G
Bernie G - 16 dagar sedan
Burlington Bar crowd is AWESOME!!!! Fully invested in each and every moment!!!! Love it!!! By the way, @SeanTankTop is cute!!! Just throwing it out there. Lol
Muhammad Anwar
Muhammad Anwar - 16 dagar sedan
9.35, the sound effects still gives me goosebumps... hats off to the sound department
Johen Kay
Johen Kay - 16 dagar sedan
Put captions on and watch 2:47 to 3:02.
Sven - 16 dagar sedan
0:16 I think that is the best scene in the complete serie. 👌
Houssem Ferjaoui
Houssem Ferjaoui - 17 dagar sedan
@0:22 SORRY but I had to point it out lmaooo
Mm Falcon
Mm Falcon - 17 dagar sedan
What's with the incorrect subtitles? Is it supposed to be funny?
N H - 17 dagar sedan
"Don't worry, it's gonna work out well for most of you" is a sentence I never should've been able to use to describe the episode that follows.
Beauty H.
Beauty H. - 17 dagar sedan
God dam his voice
Gendry OneTrueKing
Gendry OneTrueKing - 18 dagar sedan
that girls shoulder dance at 1:18 wewww
Ben Richey
Ben Richey - 18 dagar sedan
Samwell Motherfucking Tarly. And you know he would too.
beesly01 - 18 dagar sedan
The closed caption leaves a lot to be desired, but is funny as hell...
SpeakYourNames - 18 dagar sedan
"The name for the mother but charge you to the fatty acid."
KEVIN Melnik
KEVIN Melnik - 18 dagar sedan
Where is this bar?
Alexandre H
Alexandre H - 18 dagar sedan
1:16 so cute!!!
nightguardian01 - 18 dagar sedan
just watching those two girls is so annoying...
Christie Piersol
Christie Piersol - 19 dagar sedan
Jon doesn't want the iron throne.
RONNIE W - 19 dagar sedan
When podrick sang. love it
Justin - 19 dagar sedan
Who the Fudge does your subtitles lmao
daoraavida - 19 dagar sedan
This is their marriage and none can prove me otherwise
ASDFG - 19 dagar sedan
fan service haha
RandomMindz - 19 dagar sedan
5:14 - I dare the bar to sing "Never Wanted To Leave" after the Series Finale
matt ventura
matt ventura - 19 dagar sedan
Next week I'm covering all of my windows with the blackest duct tape in the entire world so I can actually see what's going on.
KittyHerder - 19 dagar sedan
Those two women at the bar were so cute!
Daniel Wical
Daniel Wical - 19 dagar sedan
Watch with subtitles 2:56 lol
whale in the ocean
whale in the ocean - 19 dagar sedan
Everyone at this table survived.
cabron1984 - 19 dagar sedan
it what tree every year the last male struggling i'm dying this shit is funny as hell
cabron1984 - 19 dagar sedan
lol you have claim to the iphone
cabron1984 - 19 dagar sedan
lol the subtitles are fucked up i'm his buster
Mark Chen
Mark Chen - 19 dagar sedan
Group hysteria works for watching GoT!
Callie Munch
Callie Munch - 19 dagar sedan
I'm sorry but green haired girl and her friend are annoying AF.
sepehr pooladi
sepehr pooladi - 19 dagar sedan
uplode s8e3 reaction ffs
MrJabloney - 19 dagar sedan
These people are just pretending to be huge fans for the camera. If they were as big a fan of the show as they seem, why go to a place where everyone screams at the top of their lungs over the dialogue, every time a character opens their mouth?
Tyler Coonce
Tyler Coonce - 19 dagar sedan
I love how, ever since he arrived on the show, Tormund has been The Audience. This scene really exemplifies that.
Tyler Coonce
Tyler Coonce - 19 dagar sedan
"Be without fear in the face of your enemies.
Be brave and upright that The Seven may love thee.

Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death.

Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong – that is your oath."
martha linville
martha linville - 19 dagar sedan
She deserved that, I cried when I saw it the first time and cried again watching this
Tambiliyah - 20 dagar sedan
the girl with the red lipstick is just too much
Bella Felize
Bella Felize - 20 dagar sedan
Now this joke really matters and is appropriate:
Bran: I saw you being knighted
Brienne: *tears in her eyes*
Bran: You were so beautiful
Ronnie BoomBoom
Ronnie BoomBoom - 20 dagar sedan
WHERE IS YOUR 3rd Girl?? THE GIRL WITH BLACK HAIRS AND RED LIPS!! I loved her!! i'm so sad we doesn't see her in your season 8 videos :-(
Lo Lo
Lo Lo - 20 dagar sedan
Turn on the caption and watch when Jon tells dany the truth lmao I can't stop laughing
stevanroth - 20 dagar sedan
At least you get to see it first. We get it over here in the U.K Monday 2am so its shown at the same time as its aired in the U.S. Well its US production company making The best tv show ever made mainly in the UK with mainly A British cast. The Only Two countries that matter in the world really.
SparkZ - 20 dagar sedan
I consider this as one of the best game of thrones episodes
Byka Clyat
Byka Clyat - 20 dagar sedan
why this kinda video isnt deleted cuz of using movie scenes? there arent any copyright problems ? is it ok to use like that? just asking n curious
DEXTER COMPUTER - 20 dagar sedan
Please upload season 8 EPs 3 soon
Jojo Andrew Puerto
Jojo Andrew Puerto - 20 dagar sedan
Am I the only one here? Waiting for their Ep 3 reactions I've been visiting his channel every minute
Глеб Тремпилко
Глеб Тремпилко - 20 dagar sedan
Jojo Andrew Puerto so true brother
Jojo Andrew Puerto
Jojo Andrew Puerto - 20 dagar sedan
Sean where's the episode 3 reactions?
Wondervictim - 20 dagar sedan
Everybody in that room survived...
PewDiePie 2.0
PewDiePie 2.0 - 20 dagar sedan
Where is today's episode?
Howler452 - 20 dagar sedan
Shannon Jin
Shannon Jin - 20 dagar sedan
3:07 I see the tears. That's how I feel.
StopFlaggingVideos - 20 dagar sedan
Kevin - 20 dagar sedan
We want the third episode reaction quickly!
Cayden Corbett
Cayden Corbett - 20 dagar sedan
We all just gonna ignore the weird ass moan at 10:54?
Ana Valenzuela
Ana Valenzuela - 20 dagar sedan
Get episode 3 poppin
tcq83 - 20 dagar sedan
Hurry up and post episode 3 reactions. Want to see it by tomorrow.
jamesbbste - 20 dagar sedan
Is there any protocol regulating who sits at the bar?
David K
David K - 20 dagar sedan
Who on god's green earth did the subtitles? There were either deaf or do not know english....terrible.....excuse me, or drunk.
GodmyX - 21 dag sedan
Thanks Sean!
Trek001 - 21 dag sedan
I've often wondered... What happened to the viewer you nicknamed Khal Hagrid
Von Festus
Von Festus - 21 dag sedan
Season 8 episode 3 Sir Brianna goes Team Blue @ 25:15 mark hahahaha
Frenkablooddrop - 21 dag sedan
the auto translate is hilarious especially 8:51
Ridyansh Gupta
Ridyansh Gupta - 21 dag sedan
I can't hold my tears seeing Brienne's smile in this episode and the reason is obvious😢
Teilo HD
Teilo HD - 21 dag sedan
this epsiode was the best one yet i fucking love pdrick's song, almost cried after it.
Str4t0sPh3rE - 21 dag sedan
If only they had someone who could make wildfire.....
JKSnacks - 21 dag sedan
You guys remember every people that charged died while Pippin sang his song except 1?
Gee I wonder which one would survive this time out of my all time favorite characters, it would break me even if 1 of them dies.
Taylor Swift Forever
Taylor Swift Forever - 21 dag sedan
The girl with green hairs always there in the bar😊😊
glamourchix14 - 21 dag sedan
*That brunette girl beside the green haired girl was me during the knighting scene* 😭
1junetop - 21 dag sedan
The dragons took to John because they sensed who he was. They always knew. Thats why he was able to ride them. Danny senses it also, she knows John is telling the truth about his birth.
Alan Norris
Alan Norris - 21 dag sedan
Dany is wrong about one thing. There is another person that knows Jon's true parentage. Howland Reed.
alf - 21 dag sedan
girl in the black over alls my goodness
philbio66 - 21 dag sedan
The next episode is going to be devastating.
One king to burn ‘em all.
Which character in my last night? Well, common but to be honest, Dany baby.
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha - 21 dag sedan
my reaction was the same of the guy who says oh men when the moment of jenny oldstones came out 'cause maybe they gonna to die
GhastlyCretin85 - 21 dag sedan
This hysteria is going too fucking far now. Grow up, nerds.
Mick - 21 dag sedan
Ey at least you fit your profile name.
Benjámin Kurilla
Benjámin Kurilla - 21 dag sedan
S8E2 is all about characters finally meeting and not ignoring each other. It had to be done. Without it we would keep asking for a long time a lot of whys...
João Coelho
João Coelho - 22 dagar sedan
was only me or anyone else saw the night king standing next to the white walkers, u can see his weapong and then him, a person with no hair along with the other walkers, was just to use the max people they could on that last scene or did the night king lost his dragon? sry for bad english
Agent Orange
Agent Orange - 22 dagar sedan
Dark-haired girl at @1:18
I'll knight you 10 times over!
Hit me up.
rene L
rene L - 22 dagar sedan
8:58 all Jon had to do was wait 2 seconds, say "I dont want the iron throne" and woulda cleared alot of tension for Danny. But no0o0o he let the stupid horn be the death of someone.
SOORAJ PK - 22 dagar sedan
Love your reactions guys😍❤️
Timo Lang
Timo Lang - 22 dagar sedan
I love you all😂
Nature's Wild
Nature's Wild - 22 dagar sedan
In the preview we saw clips of them before it “starts” but they didn’t show Jaime and Brienne until they were in battle, where are they before that I want to know.
Thomas Long
Thomas Long - 22 dagar sedan
What the fark is that woman doing with her hand at 0:25?
Kate Frost
Kate Frost - 22 dagar sedan
Well we finally got to know what Podrick did to those girls. He sang for them with his hauntingly beautiful voice
Sultan - 22 dagar sedan
My guy Podrick still a fucking squire
Kyle James
Kyle James - 22 dagar sedan
The men in that crowd are the antithesis of the men on the show.
Patrick - 22 dagar sedan
Brienne's nomination was just beautiful.
NPC - 22 dagar sedan
Granny Farts
Granny Farts - 21 dag sedan
NPC Dustin served the bar a lovely roast mutton early in the night...
Eric Hunter
Eric Hunter - 22 dagar sedan
i know im not the only one who's thought about flying out to Chicago just to drink in this bar and watch some good shit
EsperMagic - 22 dagar sedan
Daenerys is just the worst
Jub Jub
Jub Jub - 22 dagar sedan
Show this video to anyone in the world who doesn’t think America and its values are the greatest in the world. A warm bar where many people of different race, religion and sex get together to enjoy this life experience together, in harmony, with passion. Nothing but love and respect for each other. Show this to the Americans who believe in race inequality or that we are different at our core due to our skin color. This is the world I want to live in and be a part of. We just need something we can all love and be united around. If a TV show could do this, imagine the possibilities.
psxmasterfinal - 22 dagar sedan
I will be crying again for this fucking series.
vegeta30000 - 22 dagar sedan
0:44 well hello to you too!