Game Of Thrones // Burlington Bar Reactions // S8E2 "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms" Part 3 !!

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ugotserved911 - 2 dagar sedan
In the name of the mother, I charge you to defend the innocent. That part had me 😢. Leaders of all superpower nations should be charged with the same responsibility.
SwaanieRaan - 15 dagar sedan
This episode is a love letter to the entire show
MrArmystrong85 - 18 dagar sedan
The girl fanning herself when Pod starts singing 😂
lorik ibri
lorik ibri - 18 dagar sedan
i love how nobody is spoiling anything
AQUA OFFICIAL - 21 dag sedan
I've started to forget character's name why
Bharath Reddy
Bharath Reddy - Månad sedan
E2 was much better than rest of the episodes
baroquejen - Månad sedan
Who would have thought that the knighting of Brienne would be the last truly great Game of Thrones moment, and yet here we are. This makes the series for me.
amir shafiq
amir shafiq - Månad sedan
So i turned on the English subtitles, right at the 2:55 mark:

"The name for mother but charge you to the fatty acid"

Jarod Farrant
Jarod Farrant - Månad sedan
Jenny is my new favourite song.
Jarod Farrant
Jarod Farrant - Månad sedan
Brienne the knight now that has a good ring to it does it not?
Yusuf Zulfi
Yusuf Zulfi - Månad sedan
It was really heartwarming
meeran haq
meeran haq - Månad sedan
This episode would have been such a great "good-bye" for characters. But nope. Fking hell
Droosk - Månad sedan
Rhaenyra Reigns
Rhaenyra Reigns - Månad sedan
When Jon reveals to Dany his parentage the subtitles say:
"An American secret after a girl fell on the truck. She had a son What it murdered the baby if you ever found out man, yeah than you", etc. These subtitles are horrible. :-/
"Music on Carrie", "Rachel Jesus brah", "It have claim to the iPhone"...
David Chu
David Chu - Månad sedan
Samwell? Would you be big spoon or little spoon?
Zarkee Poo
Zarkee Poo - Månad sedan
This episode was the true finale of GoT, just pretend the episodes after this are a horribly written fan-fiction
Knight622ny - 2 månader sedan
Yeah I felt that shit
Luka muselimović
Luka muselimović - 2 månader sedan
It's just unbelievable to listen and see people reaction to Podrick's song.A minute of pure artistic silence.So heartbreaking and warm at the same time.My favourite scene by far.Magnificent.
Dost Khan
Dost Khan - 2 månader sedan
Cahzinar X
Cahzinar X - 2 månader sedan
Not a particularly huge fan of Briene but the chemistry between these 2 characters are among the best in any series. It offers a lesson irl about who your around can bring the worst or best out of you.
David Sastre
David Sastre - 2 månader sedan
That outro was disgusting lol freshly fucked
David Sastre
David Sastre - 2 månader sedan
And a Brienne lookalike!
David Sastre
David Sastre - 2 månader sedan
Pod should nab those two actor girls
Commander Starstrider
Commander Starstrider - 2 månader sedan
Briane of Tarth getting knighted was one my favorite moments of the entire series
Akainu Sakazuki
Akainu Sakazuki - 2 månader sedan
6:06 my exact reaction to Pod's voice
Mongolski Robak ŚMIERCI
Mongolski Robak ŚMIERCI - 2 månader sedan
7:23 An American secret after a girl fell on the truck. She had a son. Ummm... OK?
Bernie G
Bernie G - 2 månader sedan
Burlington Bar crowd is AWESOME!!!! Fully invested in each and every moment!!!! Love it!!! By the way, @SeanTankTop is cute!!! Just throwing it out there. Lol
Muhammad Anwar
Muhammad Anwar - 2 månader sedan
9.35, the sound effects still gives me goosebumps... hats off to the sound department
Johen Kay
Johen Kay - 2 månader sedan
Put captions on and watch 2:47 to 3:02.
Sven - 2 månader sedan
0:16 I think that is the best scene in the complete serie. 👌
Say wut
Say wut - 2 månader sedan
@0:22 SORRY but I had to point it out lmaooo
Mm Falcon
Mm Falcon - 2 månader sedan
What's with the incorrect subtitles? Is it supposed to be funny?
N H - 2 månader sedan
"Don't worry, it's gonna work out well for most of you" is a sentence I never should've been able to use to describe the episode that follows.
Beauty H.
Beauty H. - 2 månader sedan
God dam his voice
Gendry OneTrueKing
Gendry OneTrueKing - 2 månader sedan
that girls shoulder dance at 1:18 wewww
Ben Richey
Ben Richey - 2 månader sedan
Samwell Motherfucking Tarly. And you know he would too.
beesly01 - 2 månader sedan
The closed caption leaves a lot to be desired, but is funny as hell...
SpeakYourNames - 2 månader sedan
"The name for the mother but charge you to the fatty acid."
KEVIN Melnik
KEVIN Melnik - 2 månader sedan
Where is this bar?
Alexandre H
Alexandre H - 2 månader sedan
1:16 so cute!!!
nightguardian01 - 2 månader sedan
just watching those two girls is so annoying...
Christie Piersol
Christie Piersol - 2 månader sedan
Jon doesn't want the iron throne.
RONNIE W - 2 månader sedan
When podrick sang. love it
Justin - 2 månader sedan
Who the Fudge does your subtitles lmao
daoraavida - 2 månader sedan
This is their marriage and none can prove me otherwise
ASDFG - 2 månader sedan
fan service haha
RandomMindz - 2 månader sedan
5:14 - I dare the bar to sing "Never Wanted To Leave" after the Series Finale
matt ventura
matt ventura - 2 månader sedan
Next week I'm covering all of my windows with the blackest duct tape in the entire world so I can actually see what's going on.
KittyHerder - 2 månader sedan
Those two women at the bar were so cute!
Daniel Wical
Daniel Wical - 2 månader sedan
Watch with subtitles 2:56 lol
whale in the ocean
whale in the ocean - 2 månader sedan
Everyone at this table survived.