Ben Shapiro: US commentator clashes with BBC's Andrew Neil - BBC News

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Erika Sepulveda
Erika Sepulveda - 7 minuter sedan
He was not destroyed he was clearly being mischaracterized the whole time and this guy rarely let him explain his side and or his believes which is clearly why he was frustrated and u can tell the guy was not serious about the interview for the book at all. All the guy wanted was to character attack Ben and that's it.
rob hoppe
rob hoppe - 39 minuter sedan
Ben has never faced a master of the Socratic method, how he rebounds from this will be interesting. Either it'll temper steel, or melt plastic.
Sam Glaser
Sam Glaser - 40 minuter sedan
Shapiro exposed the fuck out of him
Anson Wolsey
Anson Wolsey - 26 minuter sedan
Abhay singh
Abhay singh - 47 minuter sedan
Ben Shapiro destroys bbc journalist
trofet - 48 minuter sedan
Shapiro got wrecked
Freethinker - 48 minuter sedan
After watching this video I decided to stop watching any other videos of Ben Shapiro because he is the only Jewish so far that enrages me to the point that I become inhuman and say that Hitler did nothing wrong to the Jews.
MARC FLETCH - 49 minuter sedan
BBC always has an Agenda. Love to Lie and put things out of context. As per usual they invite someone on under a false pretext And THEN push their Left leaning agendas. Much like TR and That pathetic "investigative" show which name alludes me at this time.
s nelson
s nelson - 55 minuter sedan
He got ben so mad by asking about old tweets and old mistakes
Andrew Tucker
Andrew Tucker - Timme sedan
Ben Shapiro is a Zionist.
deathpants1 - Timme sedan
When will stupid people learn that if their debating/research skills are not at least 9000. Shapiro will destroy them
Memento Mori
Memento Mori - Timme sedan
BBC will you not be uploading your network getting destroyed by a well known UKIP hopeful recently?
It’s ok it may have slipped your mind, so I’ve provided a link for everyone. You’re welcome. Take it down I’ll come back and put it back up okie dokie pond-life.
eric williams
eric williams - Timme sedan
Shapiro showed the bbc for what they are. The bbc is against the people and has been for some time .
kelly parker
kelly parker - Timme sedan
First of all no women would go to Jail in Georgia for aborting a child... that is just stupid.... he new that was not true. When he said it .... thin he just wanted to piss off shapiro after that ..... that was his goal the hole time .. he works for the government and I bet he is for the labor party.. that means he is a liberal.. we Americans have are problems but at least we are free .... he can’t say that ..mister government controlled go back and ask your handlers what to say next
Kaci Carter
Kaci Carter - Timme sedan
This is great. Shapiro's answers are quick and logical
Kaci Carter
Kaci Carter - Timme sedan
+Maxwell Erickson hahaha yeah he got pretty frustrated
Maxwell Erickson
Maxwell Erickson - Timme sedan
Shapiro on this video might be the angriest little man I've ever seen
Kas K
Kas K - Timme sedan
First time I see Ben lose his cool.
Monty Thibault
Monty Thibault - Timme sedan
Ben did a solid answer to the political discourse question and the subsequent questions by Andrew Neil were, to be fair, pretty jabby and nonconductive to discussion. However, the preferred technique for these situations is to keep your cool and repeat yourself rather than become aggrevated.
Manuel Ray Lease
Manuel Ray Lease - Timme sedan
A Women making a decision, haha. What a joke
ECTOGEOS ZETHIP - 2 timmar sedan
satarlon - 2 timmar sedan
Ben got destroyed...
HXT Sauce Brand Design
HXT Sauce Brand Design - 2 timmar sedan
BBC has lost ALL my respect at this point. Great going losers.
Doom Sayer
Doom Sayer - 2 timmar sedan
Shapiro : Undefeated

These interviewers are pathetic
grenade - 3 timmar sedan
Shapiro 👍
Mina Ts
Mina Ts - 3 timmar sedan
He got emotional, now what about his saying “Facts don’t care about your feeling?”
Leave Libtards Speachless
Leave Libtards Speachless - 3 timmar sedan
I don’t believe Ben Shapiro lost cause he sound frustrated but he has to because this guy is interrupting this guy just has a monotone voice he’s also only asking questions he doesn’t have to respond just call things barbaric and crazy he’s not a smart debater just a quoter from the past cause I can quote the good old confederates that where liberals if you want me too
your mum
your mum - 3 timmar sedan
why did ben shapiro bring up the "dark ages" thing for literally the entire interview
MD - 2 timmar sedan
To keep reminding him of his bias from the start, with every succeeding question, even though he feigned neutrality.
Swag Yolo
Swag Yolo - 3 timmar sedan
This vid has comments enabled. Other choice videos don’t . Hm
Leave Libtards Speachless
Leave Libtards Speachless - 3 timmar sedan
This guy is pulling stuff from the past how about we pull stuff from the past hey buddy how’s your slaves
Anson Wolsey
Anson Wolsey - 25 minuter sedan
G G - 3 timmar sedan
Finally his bullshit wordy garbage opinions are put down
Leave Libtards Speachless
Leave Libtards Speachless - 3 timmar sedan
5:55 he can’t answer the question cause it would be easily tellable that he’s a democrat so he avoids the question
Crow - 3 timmar sedan
Mark A
Mark A - 3 timmar sedan
That final statement though . Ben got KOd
Mark A
Mark A - 3 timmar sedan
Fuckkk He managed to get under Bens skin !!
Sailor Jerry Swallow
Sailor Jerry Swallow - 3 timmar sedan
grow balls, that voice gives me ptsd
Fat Gator
Fat Gator - 4 timmar sedan
BBC Bad Broadcast Corporation. As bad as PBS, no worse. SSDD.
Linda Tedesco
Linda Tedesco - 4 timmar sedan
Ben , Mr. McDreamy. The Ben is unshaken. This guy is a loudmouth. He must be a lefty; he thinks louder is righter. BBC Andrew Neil is a horses ass and a jerk.
Dan Osanu
Dan Osanu - 4 timmar sedan
Clash of the trolls
NorCalguapo NorCalguapo
NorCalguapo NorCalguapo - 4 timmar sedan
Ben was right to end the interview
Tracy Bennett
Tracy Bennett - 4 timmar sedan
This was a waste of time.
Sizzel TV
Sizzel TV - 4 timmar sedan
whoever this interviewer is is an idiot
ZachZag - 4 timmar sedan
lol what a terrible interview by bbc
G G - 3 timmar sedan
ZachZag awwww u mad little boy shepiro couldn’t get his bullshit past objective people
Matthew Thielemier
Matthew Thielemier - 5 timmar sedan
This is my first ever comment I have written but something needed to be said about this.
I can not believe an international news source could be so childish. Right wing or left wing, you have to be blind not to see this was a set up to attack Shapiro.
1. Andrew Neil says quote out of context dug up from years in the past
2. Ben Shapiro tries to put the quote in context
3. Neil talks over him until Shapiro gives up
4. Repeat
Neil covered this attack up by saying that these quotes were in violation of what he wrote about and that is why he was bringing it up. If Neil has done any research at all before this interview he would see that in every video Shapiro is in he takes questions and debates with people. He does not promote one group hating the other, he works toward doing the opposite by going collage campuses and having assemblies to unite people. He gets people of different views in one room to explore and discuss our issues. He even invites some people of opposite view to talk with him after so they can share views.
This was an attack on a popular right wing speaker from an "unbiased" network.
At least try to hide it BBC...
Rupert Jelf
Rupert Jelf - 3 timmar sedan
+Dandan LOL
Dandan - 3 timmar sedan
You are right Matthew. And there are very many fake accounts commenting on this page so don't take them too seriously.
Rupert Jelf
Rupert Jelf - 4 timmar sedan
Ben could not have been talking to a more right wing BBC journalist. He was just a journalist doing his job. As he said, if was interviewing someone else with the opposite point of view he would have put forward the opposite argument. That is normal. Just watch his other interviews (not debates), he treats right and left the same
Rupert Jelf
Rupert Jelf - 5 timmar sedan
To repeat: "Outside of America, journalists ask "contrary" questions, i.e they put the "other side of the argument" to illicit the response. That is normal. It was not a "debate". It was an "interview". American media does not conduct these sorts of interviews for fear of "losing access", so give "softball questions". This is normal journalistic interviewing to anyone outside of America"
Rupert Jelf
Rupert Jelf - 5 timmar sedan
Grow up. This was not a debate. This is normal interviewing style for every county outside of America. Your sycophantic pandering media don;t dare lose access. Everyone knows Ben is a "wanna-be" intellectual. Might wash with you but the rest of the world sees right through the quick talking bs
Kurtis Lynch
Kurtis Lynch - 5 timmar sedan
BBC are failures
Rikers El
Rikers El - 5 timmar sedan
Ben Shapiro is typical Passive aggressive. My opinion counts, u question that you are attacking me.
Seth The Teller
Seth The Teller - 4 timmar sedan
I question this opinion
K Martin
K Martin - 5 timmar sedan
Neil grabs comments from 7 years ago and uses them against him. Then he labels the right as having barbaric policies. Then he accuses Ben as being against Judeo-Christian values. Then he characterised his book without giving specifics or quoting from any excerpts.
Ben had every right to be upset, and giving his track record or calling things out for what they are, it's good he walked Neil out. The moment Neil would not admit his hidden agenda was the moment I would have walked off too. Kudos, Shapiro.
Kaci Carter
Kaci Carter - Timme sedan
couldn't have said it better myself
Tim K.
Tim K. - Timme sedan
Are you on a first name basis with "Neil"?
hyperlynXXX - 3 timmar sedan
His hidden agenda was getting answers, lol
Reece Laroche
Reece Laroche - 5 timmar sedan
They both destroyed each other in this interview
kanyedian - 5 timmar sedan
Loved it
Joahna May
Joahna May - 5 timmar sedan
I feel like shapiro got this interview in downward hell bent got his nerves. From that "barbaric" upto the last part he held it against neil. He's got strong will about the issue and was subjected to an "objective" questions. Along with that, it was Neil who is to question and not to answer tho. So, both didn't handle it well?
Joahna May
Joahna May - 2 timmar sedan
+Rupert Jelf i know it was an interview. What i was trying to say is that, it would be interesting if Neil was to answer him and see his point of view about the issue. Thats all. And yes, what shapiro did was not "professional", questioning the one who must be questioning. 😅
Rupert Jelf
Rupert Jelf - 4 timmar sedan
+Joahna May In other words, when Ben asked Andrew Neil to answer his questions, that was completely wrong. As he was not debating someone from "the other side". This was a journalist asking "contrary" question on "behalf of" the other side. He would have put Ben's point of view forward if he was interviewing someone with the opposite views of Ben. Does that make sense Joahna?
Rupert Jelf
Rupert Jelf - 4 timmar sedan
+Joahna May This was an interview not a debate. A debate is one side v the other. One side argues the other. An interview is where the interviewer asks the questions. A good interviewer asks "contrary" questions....i.e. acts on behalf of the opposite viewpoint who is not there to ask those questions. Does that make sense?
Joahna May
Joahna May - 4 timmar sedan
+Rupert Jelf so whats to say Neil should have answered shapiro directly then? In my opinion, it wouldn't be right for Neil to be questioned like that(cause it seems shapiro's a little aggresive about it). At the same time I was curious what Neil's (deeper) opinion is about the issue that made this interview blow up.
Rupert Jelf
Rupert Jelf - 5 timmar sedan
Outside of America, journalists ask "contrary" questions, i.e they put the "other side of the argument" to illicit the response. That is normal. It was not a "debate". It was an "interview". American media does not conduct these sorts of interviews for fear of "losing access", so give "softball questions". This is normal journalistic interviewing to anyone outside of America
Martin Assisi
Martin Assisi - 6 timmar sedan
This interviewer should just admit the bbc is liberal lol. It’s like watching children on both sides. The liberal side likes to take shots, just like this interviewer and they all do the same thing. Let’s just debate it out and go ham. Lmaooo bunch of softies everywhere
Samcea Munn
Samcea Munn - 6 timmar sedan
Joe Wortley
Joe Wortley - 6 timmar sedan
Probably shouldn’t have said the whole I’m famous and you’re not thing but other than that I don’t know why everyone’s freaking out
Seth The Teller
Seth The Teller - 4 timmar sedan
People scared by Bens rhetoric are clamoring to devalue his opinion. Also I think they just wanted "ben shapiro" and "destroyed" in the title since they are both popular search terms in politics online. (For views, obviously.)
t t
t t - 6 timmar sedan
James Finney
James Finney - 6 timmar sedan
Andrew Neil caught out haha talk about owned!
Anson Wolsey
Anson Wolsey - 23 minuter sedan
No he didn't.
Paul Jerome
Paul Jerome - 6 timmar sedan
One of the people on this video is an actual journalist. The other is a 'talking head' who got famous through social media.
Gangster Popeye
Gangster Popeye - 6 timmar sedan
2:20 "I'm interested you think there's a THOT movement" You're damn right there is
Andy B
Andy B - 6 timmar sedan
I kind of like the generational aspect to this exchange. Two different styles, decades apart.
Richard Cecere, Jr.
Richard Cecere, Jr. - 6 timmar sedan
Andrew Neil is a twit.
Soosalah - 7 timmar sedan
I am so tired of Brits.
Spurdo Jenkins
Spurdo Jenkins - 7 timmar sedan
OY VEY!!!!! 11:37
Spurdo Jenkins
Spurdo Jenkins - 7 timmar sedan
small virgin gets railed by BBC
Micah James
Micah James - 7 timmar sedan
No one was destroyed, Ben didn't lose anything, anyone who actually watched the video can see Andrew is definitely just there for debate rather than informative discussion on Ben's book, Ben just left out of frustration. Sorry that the rest of you get your sense of satisfaction from an old and irrelevant man with text book liberal opinions pissing of a little jewish dude. Well done.
Michael & Paulette
Michael & Paulette - 7 timmar sedan
Legitimate question. You are on the left. Journalists don't give opinion. Pundits give opinion.
Feshiylife - 36 minuter sedan
Michael & Paulette no he’s not lol. Neil is a very conservative journalist. They probably let him interview Ben because he might have been fair
Mykl Aaron
Mykl Aaron - 8 timmar sedan
Shapiro isn't wrong here. This jackass is asking jackass questions. Period. Dishonesty in journalism hidden behind a calm demeanor. While I disagree with a lot of Shapiro,he is tired of being attacked by dishonest journalism.
Daniil Shein
Daniil Shein - 8 timmar sedan
Maybe I'm wrong, but I've never seen so unprofessional interviewer. Yes, Ben lost his temper, but this was not a conversation, it was just a set of the stupidest questions ever without any intention to hear the answer, but with a goal to humiliate other person. This old fart just showed how lefties think discussion should looks like. congrats BBC, you are on your way to soviet union or venezuela, good luck with this.
Dandan - 3 timmar sedan
Watch more BBC news you'll see many other such unprofessional interviewers and lying reporters as well. It's their style, apparently.
Rosa - 8 timmar sedan
I thought the interviewer was clearly a biased liberal. This whole interview was about baiting Ben and making him look hateful when he’s far from it. I’m glad there’s someone like Ben to stand up to the Left with facts and reason. The Left are the hateful, intolerant ones in reality.
manuel mcclain
manuel mcclain - 8 timmar sedan
Yeah he never heard of you yet he has videos of Ben Shapiro made by YouTubers and quotes made by Ben Shapiro himself.
daymon robertson
daymon robertson - 6 timmar sedan
The interviewer said he had never heard of shapiro till he had to research up for the interview. Shapiro is not the tyoe of political commentator that would get noticed by the upper echelons of the uk Conservative movement.
KingKracker - 8 timmar sedan
Not many bucks to be made hih? While wearing a 10k$ suit
Zoya Insiya
Zoya Insiya - 5 timmar sedan
He used to be high up in Rupert Murdoch's media empire. Still is a board member for the Spectator. Guess that's where money for his posh suit's from
KingKracker - 8 timmar sedan
Bbc is the worst
Hubbalc - 8 timmar sedan
I think the interviewer definitely has a slant he's using in this discussion, Europe vs. American conservatism aren't the same (people seem to be throwing that out in the comments). Ben was justified in asking him to clarify his positions, which he never did, and then the interviewer kept trying to set up "gotcha" moments with no logical clarification to follow. BBC seems like a joke.
Jeremy Martino
Jeremy Martino - 8 timmar sedan
This old man was best friends with Jimmy Saville. A dirty old pedophile. Angry, stupid old man.
mechaart - 8 timmar sedan
I like Shapiro, but he lost this one fair and square.
Zach Alfaro
Zach Alfaro - 6 timmar sedan
mechaart nah that interviewer clearly didn’t do enough research on who Ben was
swann331 - 8 timmar sedan
Shapiro got shellacked! Couldn’t take the heat so I he pussed out like a baby Trump.
Harry - 8 timmar sedan
BS clashes with a BS-journalist...
United State of Zionism
United State of Zionism - 9 timmar sedan
11:40 most Jews are irreligious Ben .
Then why they claim God gave them land of Palestine ?
Another Hippocratic Jew Ben Shapiro .
J Caspa
J Caspa - 9 timmar sedan
BBC news is terrible.
Ray Olsen
Ray Olsen - 9 timmar sedan
Once someone badgers he should openly debate. This guy had it both ways and it frustrated Shapiro who gets too caught up in rules and civility.
Nicolas Pico
Nicolas Pico - 9 timmar sedan
He rattled bro, he’s the guy asking the questions he understands no one wants his opinion
Jif - 9 timmar sedan
you win this round, libtards. but we'll be back
Soba - 9 timmar sedan
Nicolas Pico
Nicolas Pico - 9 timmar sedan
Dodges question argh “YoU aNsWeR tHeN” hats not his job he stated what he was supposed to do perfectly around that 5th min when he interrupted him 😭
CuAnnuvin - 9 timmar sedan
Can Andrew Neil really be this stupid? Or is he just insufferably arrogant?
WENy Z - 9 timmar sedan
that is not a debate
Sinia - 9 timmar sedan
Jon Hemp
Jon Hemp - 9 timmar sedan
*Interview Aborted*
Ronnie Rocha
Ronnie Rocha - 9 timmar sedan
Andrew Neil sounds completely ignorant! I like how Shapiro keeps calling him out in it.
Ryan Bussell
Ryan Bussell - 9 timmar sedan
Hey... We're going to say we're going to interview you about your book but then turn it into a debate where I'll play devils advocate... I'd be pretty upset as well.
daymon robertson
daymon robertson - 6 timmar sedan
Unless the book was about the discourse in American politics. Then your role in making the right left divide bigger would be open for question.
Rosa - 8 timmar sedan
Ryan Bussell Thank you. Couldn’t agree more.
Carl D'Angio
Carl D'Angio - 9 timmar sedan
Slay this bum, Ben! Don't mess with Ben, period!
Potato Lmao
Potato Lmao - 4 timmar sedan
Carl D'Angio we’re talking about the debate. Enjoy your day?
Carl D'Angio
Carl D'Angio - 5 timmar sedan
+Potato Lmao lol. Go look at Ben Shapiro's accomplishments. This guy is who again? That's what I thought. Enjoy your day?
Potato Lmao
Potato Lmao - 8 timmar sedan
Carl D'Angio ah yes the excuses incoming now
Carl D'Angio
Carl D'Angio - 8 timmar sedan
+Potato Lmao bro, have you been eating your carrots? Did you not see the same thing I did. That's not a debate. That was a wannabe journalist attacking him over, and over, and over again. When Shapiro asked him to answer anything he refused. What part are you not getting? Yes, Ben was fed up because the "interview" was a slander right out of the gate. NOBODY owns Shapiro, much less some old bum that can barely breathe. Why should Shapiro stick around for that? Why?
Potato Lmao
Potato Lmao - 8 timmar sedan
Carl D'Angio shame on you for siding Shapiro! He said “I’m popular nobody has ever heard of you” he was losing the debate and pulled out the popularity card, Shapiro got destroyed face it
Honk Honk
Honk Honk - 9 timmar sedan
They’re both clowns
fonkymaster - 9 timmar sedan
Ben Shapiro's height and emotional maturity parallel.
Theodore Coleman
Theodore Coleman - 9 timmar sedan
He got him very upset...
Rumuniun - 9 timmar sedan
It's so sad how misleading this is! This broadcast was meant to be about Shapiro's book! The BBC commentator went way off topic I thought, and had terrible motive. This wasn't supposed to be a debate about morals, and the BBC are posing it as this Andrew Neil was all over him. Neil was prepared to the teeth and Shapiro thought it was a book commentary, this is awful. The BBC should actually be ashamed for this!
daymon robertson
daymon robertson - 54 minuter sedan
+Rumuniun he may not have started the hatred in american politics but he has not helped stopping it either. Being a arguementive piece by using evidence you select does make the conclusion still an opinion. When you write a book about politics you should expect your politics to be questioned. When you say only your religous values can fix the problem you should expect to be questioned on those values. The problem with writing about history or politics is that it often skewed by the authors perceptions and maybe cherry picking of facts so these still need to be questioned. His subject isnt a fluff piece that gets a light going over on a morning show but a series topic that should support scrutiny and the interviewer did that of the author and the book.
Rumuniun - 2 timmar sedan
+daymon robertson That is a subjective premise that the author wouldn't agree with. It is outside the premise of the book! Shapiro had no part in the making of the political sphere of today, he was a child/student when the politicians were making decisions! No the book is not an opinion piece, it has a thesis, which you know of, it has evidence, his opinions on the evidence as it is his opinion that these facts help contribute to his thesis, and finally a conclusion. This piece is not his opinion, it's an argumentative work with evidence that he has selected. Don't confuse it with a journalist's subjective work. But I agree with you that the journalist should ask legitimate questions ABOUT the book and its premise, not going outside the premise for personal attack. Petty, fake news, and really shameful of BBC!
daymon robertson
daymon robertson - 3 timmar sedan
+Rumuniun the book argues that america has become a tribal political area and has to return to traditional judeo christian ideas. Shapiro has helped make that tribalism so asking a author on a subject his views and roles are legitimate questions. His book is not a factual but opinion piece so a review of the book is a review of the man.
Rumuniun - 4 timmar sedan
+fonkymaster He was invited cordially to talk about his book and the themes of his book. That is the only facts I need to know that BBC was out to get him. Asking him bold questions without prior formality is not very honest to me. Just because you reiterate his catch phrase after making fun of him for being literally ambushed is very poorest, and poor use of his simple catch phrase is a worse telling of you. Your post is full of opinion and ignores the facts that contribute to the reason he walked off! Sorry, I don't see him crying anywhere.
Rumuniun - 4 timmar sedan
+daymon robertson That doesnt answer why this was advertised as a book review, the topics he was questioning about were outside the field Shapiro was invited to. Unfair, dishonest, and amazingly brazen if you ask me.
Greyface Luis2nd
Greyface Luis2nd - 10 timmar sedan
British seem so repulsive...i bet he smells of cheap musk and has a little ole turtle head dick covered in nasty pubic hair briar bush. But i dont like ben either.
S B - 10 timmar sedan
BBC , CBC AND CNN are so left it's crazy.
U T 99
U T 99 - 10 timmar sedan
S B Andrew Neil is a conservative lmao
Ryan Michael
Ryan Michael - 10 timmar sedan
Fuc bbc fuc Europe
Daniel Sohn
Daniel Sohn - 10 timmar sedan
Not really a big Shapiro fan since he often throws others doing the hard work under the bus to superior, but he was far more polite than this pompous British anus deserved.
Ryan Michael
Ryan Michael - 10 timmar sedan
This brit is a tard
Daniel Sohn
Daniel Sohn - 10 timmar sedan
BBC is CNN with an accent. This slob is as much a conservative as David Brooks. A pretend conservative so a slanted bunch of slobs can portend balance when none exists.
alpha bet
alpha bet - 10 timmar sedan
U lost except it - 48 states togo - human life is what 2 single people create and its zero todo with you ever - so good to here u failed at that stage tbh -
Danny Stalford
Danny Stalford - 10 timmar sedan
OK BBC. Rather than argue anything of actual substance or value, you want to lambast someone with random out of context sentences that might have been said in bad taste.
You are absolute shit tier media. Your interviewer was unable to do anything other than read quotes off of a sheet of paper and refuse to engage in actual conversation, and you are ENEMIES of open discorse.
This is just sad to watch. That in 2019, we have sunk so low that cheap point scoring matters more than discussing the actual issues.
fonkymaster - 9 timmar sedan
He didn't. You took him out of context.
Danny Stalford
Danny Stalford - 9 timmar sedan
+fonkymaster one. Not my hero. Two. The interviewer didn't use one fact or logic. He read quotedls off a sheet of paper and tried to insinuate that the other person was below contempt. RATHER than argue any kind of point
fonkymaster - 9 timmar sedan
Facts over feelings, nobody's fault your hero Shapiro got destroyed with facts and logic.
Mimi Lori
Mimi Lori - 10 timmar sedan
Ben won hands down!