Pageant Mum Gives Daughter Tapeworms So She Would Lose Weight! | Untold Stories Of The ER

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Adriana Borunda
Adriana Borunda - Timme sedan
10/10 acting
ღ•MarinCimasღ• ღ•TM사랑
Get copyrighted u made yo mama joke!
BrittKGM - 2 timmar sedan
Talk about an entitled parent.
Jell Corpin
Jell Corpin - 3 timmar sedan
Ewwwwww thats gross that mom should be having tapeworms because she deserves it and another thing if I was there I'll be yelling back at her for yelling at other people that are HELPING HER DAUGHTER!!!!! #thatisgross
Chris Mercado
Chris Mercado - 3 timmar sedan
Porn has better acting than this.
Jeffery Woods
Jeffery Woods - 3 timmar sedan
was this all fake? wdf is this?
Hadasha Patterson
Hadasha Patterson - 3 timmar sedan
Vicky Adey
Vicky Adey - 4 timmar sedan
guy: yeah you use a thing called a key
literally everyone: tells him to get it
hello lauren
hello lauren - 4 timmar sedan
Her mom could’ve just had her exercise ;-;
Emma H.
Emma H. - 4 timmar sedan
🤮🤮🤮that mom🤮🤮🤮
Like her acting is so dumb
Does she actually think we're gonna buy that bullcrap it's so fake
(Edit) ok nevermind all of the acting is total bs
JACE GIBBONS - 5 timmar sedan
This has to be fake 😂
Jason B.
Jason B. - 5 timmar sedan
First thing I noticed is the misspelled
Ahamed Rikaz
Ahamed Rikaz - 5 timmar sedan
Baby Alive
Baby Alive - 6 timmar sedan
The mom is a rope, and poor taphy. She doesn't deserve it
The mom deserves 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 slaps
xxtoxicxx Yeet
xxtoxicxx Yeet - 6 timmar sedan
This is soo fake the mom is sooo bad at acting
Grixms - 6 timmar sedan
I have to pee
JosiasthePK Bro
JosiasthePK Bro - 6 timmar sedan
6:15 thug life
Brave kid, Chloe
Brave kid, Chloe - 7 timmar sedan
EWWWWW what are tapeworms 🤢🤮
Jessica Steward
Jessica Steward - 7 timmar sedan
i got about two minutes in and had to take a breather because the “mother” makes me want to actually die
Savannah Gacha POTATO
Savannah Gacha POTATO - 7 timmar sedan
This is how many slaps the mother gets ( times 1000 )
Aphrødite Playz
Aphrødite Playz - 7 timmar sedan
Dont know which is more disgusting the pills and the putcome or the mother
Matt Malcomb
Matt Malcomb - 8 timmar sedan
Is it just me or is this mother either bratty or does it sound like she was raised as a spoiled brat?
jordyn montpellier
jordyn montpellier - 8 timmar sedan
I think the mom has been using tape worms herself and went to her brain and *Messed Her Up*
The World Of Sophie Wonder
The World Of Sophie Wonder - 8 timmar sedan
The mom keeps talkin shit about the nurse but she cant even try to help her own daughter?!?!
Akeynaa Garcia
Akeynaa Garcia - 8 timmar sedan
Yader Vasquez
Yader Vasquez - 8 timmar sedan
I would slap that bitch so hard that her accent would go away
Jasmine kuwonu
Jasmine kuwonu - 9 timmar sedan
I can't take this seriously with the moms accent... it's ruining what ever is happening in this video
Ellie Garcia
Ellie Garcia - 9 timmar sedan
What type of nurse or doctor act like that in real life -.-
Hannah Pheasant
Hannah Pheasant - 9 timmar sedan
There's a... key... thing
Hannah Pheasant
Hannah Pheasant - 9 timmar sedan
Gwendalynn Alvarado
Gwendalynn Alvarado - 10 timmar sedan
bella messer
bella messer - 10 timmar sedan
Doctor: your gonna feel a little pinch okay? Me:mk needle:HAHHAAHAH I WILL DESTROY YOU!!!! me: OMFG
d-man 426
d-man 426 - 10 timmar sedan
If i did that cps would have taken my kids she better have got in to trouble over this
queenZILLA - 10 timmar sedan
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Margot Velthoen
Margot Velthoen - 10 timmar sedan
This is sooooooooo fake. The acting is super bad...
Common Sense
Common Sense - 11 timmar sedan
In gonna barf
JoyfulStaples - 11 timmar sedan
Moms are supoosd to love their children for the way they are.

Campbell Myers
Campbell Myers - 11 timmar sedan
Stanley’s like fuck this shit im out
KamixDaLord - 11 timmar sedan
This mom is so annoying i feel bad for the girl
FaZe gamerboy
FaZe gamerboy - 12 timmar sedan
she talks funny
Random Videos
Random Videos - 12 timmar sedan
Is it just me because I kinda wanna see the tapeworms in the toilet
Lepioness_fein - 12 timmar sedan
Their nothing but some horrible actors...,like the beginning gave it away.
Please enter name
Please enter name - 12 timmar sedan
Stay away from Stan Lee

Charles Funderburk
Charles Funderburk - 12 timmar sedan
what that mom is so f*****g stupid
Emily Canty
Emily Canty - 12 timmar sedan
I don’t like her mom
KesO68 yeet
KesO68 yeet - 12 timmar sedan
How could u FLIRT when ur daughter os in AGONY?! What kind of mother does that. Ik it is stories but still.
Satisfying Slime Co.
Satisfying Slime Co. - 12 timmar sedan
What are tape worms?
Matthew Freitag
Matthew Freitag - 13 timmar sedan
That mom is such a bad actor😂🤣
P L - 13 timmar sedan
Is this supposed to be a reality show or a scripted drama?
Bella Nhan
Bella Nhan - 13 timmar sedan
The mom is crazy and mean she get slapped 9999
anna - 13 timmar sedan
“ i hayfta payee”
Andrea Montano
Andrea Montano - 13 timmar sedan
Wait is this real or fake cuz it’s horrible acting.
Emil Khan
Emil Khan - 13 timmar sedan
A fucking decent doctor would never react like that when the tapeworm was discovered
Igor Lehmann
Igor Lehmann - 13 timmar sedan
btw some tapeworms actually would leave the body thru the anus and they can grow up to 25 meters long (80ft) and can live inside its host for 30 years!
Abigail McCall
Abigail McCall - 14 timmar sedan
That mom is.... Hmm...
L a u r e n
L a u r e n - 14 timmar sedan
This is so bad like the acting this shouldn’t even b a thing
Spess - 14 timmar sedan
That’s illegal
Soivet Russia
Soivet Russia - 15 timmar sedan
Worst acting for the mom ever
Freeman Vs The World
Freeman Vs The World - 15 timmar sedan
Not gonna touch this one, I'm out of here!
Idk what to name myself
Idk what to name myself - 16 timmar sedan
This acting is so cringeworthy.
Savage King
Savage King - 17 timmar sedan
Just why
KelseyNotKelsey - 17 timmar sedan
"ArE yAOU caOmPlAoTlY oUt Of YaoU mInD?"
Grace Masi
Grace Masi - 18 timmar sedan
Omg, the acting thooo
Mug Man
Mug Man - 18 timmar sedan
Nurse: *and we were like aaa!*
STALKER Anonymous
STALKER Anonymous - 19 timmar sedan
damn what a bitch mother
Chanthe Albus
Chanthe Albus - 20 timmar sedan
I do not like the mother of the child you should stop doing that cuz she is doing her best
Netanya George
Netanya George - 20 timmar sedan
I hate the mum so much!
Scorchy - 21 timme sedan
Typical Entitle (Karen) Mother
Nefloudi 27
Nefloudi 27 - 21 timme sedan
*OpEn ThE dOoOoOoOorRr*
Shayaan Shahid
Shayaan Shahid - 22 timmar sedan
Again to think the best actor here is the ultra sound equipment
NUSSBABYROCKER - 22 timmar sedan
That mom is acting like a black *nIgGaH*
TwentyOone lancer
TwentyOone lancer - 23 timmar sedan
Nurse: You gave here tapeworms?!
Mom: no it was a pill with little tapeworm eggs on it
Velkovska Sanja
Velkovska Sanja - 23 timmar sedan
Velkovska Sanja
Velkovska Sanja - 23 timmar sedan
*Imaginer how quickly they came out*
Irrelevant Potato
Irrelevant Potato - 23 timmar sedan
The mum says the nurse is nurse cRaZy talk yet the mum is shouting out in the hospital "MY DAUGHTER IS GONNA EXPLODE"
Evelina Mahler-Eckard
Evelina Mahler-Eckard - 23 timmar sedan
That’s abuse and should be a job for the social services! I really hope the doctor and nurses reported that.
Lilly Brown
Lilly Brown - Dag sedan
The acting is giving me second hand embarrassment
Lonely emo trash
Lonely emo trash - Dag sedan
Romejay Villones
Romejay Villones - Dag sedan
Ewww that is grose i.v seen this beffor
Mr Ragabaga
Mr Ragabaga - Dag sedan
”Acting on point”
SUN flower
SUN flower - Dag sedan
I hate this acting. The only descent actor in this clip was a daughter
*Random Stuff 5678*
*Random Stuff 5678* - Dag sedan
Taffy looked like she wanted to slap the mum when she was drinking the yellow stuff
angel 16 yugirl
angel 16 yugirl - Dag sedan
Why does this look staged
itz FreyaSofie
itz FreyaSofie - Dag sedan
Thank you for not showing the bowl. It would be stuck deep in my brain.. THANK LORD!!
Natasha Thach
Natasha Thach - Dag sedan
Wait, did they flush the toilet?
Naomi Rivera
Naomi Rivera - Dag sedan
What a dumbass mom.
LavyLavender - Dag sedan
Oli Jay
Oli Jay - Dag sedan
No qualified nurse would gag like that about fucking anything smh. Also just in the middle of the fuckin place and opening the patients door w/out saying “pull ur pants up” all of this is insanely fake
Sadia Ahmadyar
Sadia Ahmadyar - Dag sedan
This woman has the same exact name as my fifth grade teacher yo I’m shooookkkk
Sydney Hastings
Sydney Hastings - Dag sedan
in her "23" years of being a nurse

you heard it hear folks.

tape worms is the most disgusting thing she has ever.. seen.

Katie Marie
Katie Marie - Dag sedan
I hope that there was a report filed on the mother that’s most def child abuse
Fatima Magana
Fatima Magana - Dag sedan
The acting is rlly bad especially from the mother cringe asf
MJK k - Dag sedan
That poor girl, she doesn't deserve that. The mom is crazy
Moose Gamez
Moose Gamez - Dag sedan
Yee hawww, skinne trash
Tae jam Kook
Tae jam Kook - Dag sedan
I thought it was poo all over the floor
Tyler Crosiar
Tyler Crosiar - Dag sedan
What an awful mother
XxMoonieGachaxX - Dag sedan
The mom is fucking annoying. Esp the fucking accent of hers
Human Persons
Human Persons - Dag sedan
Who names they’re kid “Taffy”
ashley singh
ashley singh - Dag sedan
Worst acting ever
H. styles
H. styles - Dag sedan
If it’s a “JUST” a stomachache like the mother said why does it look like they went to the hospital???.............