Pageant Mum Gives Daughter Tapeworms So She Would Lose Weight! | Untold Stories Of The ER

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Elie •
Elie • - 3 minuter sedan
TLC is so fake lmao
Airdeos Gaming
Airdeos Gaming - 37 minuter sedan
Who came from Share my story?
Cotton Candy Kitty
Cotton Candy Kitty - 58 minuter sedan
The mom sounds like such an entitled brat! She is acting like she knows everything while her daughter is in so much pain! Because SHE gave here tapeworm!
GoldieBlack Girl
GoldieBlack Girl - Timme sedan
Who saw something like this on share my story
Like dis
Gracie princess Fluff
Gracie princess Fluff - Timme sedan
😡😡😡😡 I HATE THAT MOM!!!!
Gracie princess Fluff
Gracie princess Fluff - Timme sedan
That mom is causing so much drama! CAUSE SHE LITERALLY FEEDS HER DAUGHTER TAPE WORMS!?!?!?!?!
Ave T
Ave T - 2 timmar sedan
*me feeling like I have tape worms now*
sosa vlogs
sosa vlogs - 4 timmar sedan
Naomi Mela BFF
Naomi Mela BFF - 5 timmar sedan
This is one of the stories animated on when the mother gave the daughter a tapeworm to eat to lose weight
prinqe - 6 timmar sedan
Someone sue this woman
Evan Segermark
Evan Segermark - 6 timmar sedan
This reminds me of that one share my story video🤔
Troyan - 7 timmar sedan
The man was just like f this sh** I’m out!
XxCookieCamaraxX - 7 timmar sedan
The mom is weird as heck holyyyyyyyyy
Dabber Huang
Dabber Huang - 9 timmar sedan
I know this
Alisa De ketele Pornsing
Alisa De ketele Pornsing - 10 timmar sedan
That mom needs to get evry day 1000 smacks
General Obi Wan Kenobi
General Obi Wan Kenobi - 13 timmar sedan
TLC is a fucking embarrassment. I remember when it stood for The Learning Channel.
Joaquin Garcia
Joaquin Garcia - 14 timmar sedan
This is fake
Jacob12 144
Jacob12 144 - 14 timmar sedan
This happened wen she was 12 but the made a real one
kian teles
kian teles - 15 timmar sedan
Leilani Yasin
Leilani Yasin - 15 timmar sedan
Omg again with these awful people
Ryo Coolguy
Ryo Coolguy - 15 timmar sedan
Did i hear stan lee? :(
Sarahi Ramirez
Sarahi Ramirez - 16 timmar sedan
There was an animated story of this go check it out
daniel lobato
daniel lobato - 17 timmar sedan
Omg another drama mama lol
Melissa Ducote
Melissa Ducote - 17 timmar sedan
Ok that mother is rude ( sorry just mad at her)
The golden lion
The golden lion - 18 timmar sedan
Loren Manulevu
Loren Manulevu - 18 timmar sedan
Oh my gosh this mother ...
Loren Manulevu
Loren Manulevu - 18 timmar sedan
Oh my gosh this mother is so .......
Montana Garcia
Montana Garcia - 19 timmar sedan
IM FUCKING OUT THIS SHIT!!!!!!!???????S?S?Z?S?XZ?AD???ASD??S????D?Z?S?
Montana Garcia
Montana Garcia - 19 timmar sedan
Montana Garcia
Montana Garcia - 19 timmar sedan
This HOW FUCKING MANY THIS DRAMA MAMA IS DEAD BY ME [][][[][][][][][] [][][]
thanosgl 2005
thanosgl 2005 - 19 timmar sedan
Karen be like
Lori Godwin
Lori Godwin - 20 timmar sedan
That mom is such a b***h and i thought my mom was rude and too add her accent makes it even worse
banana boi
banana boi - 20 timmar sedan
I love this but people don't know its fake
Miffy Brothers
Miffy Brothers - 21 timme sedan
You’ve got to be on another level of retarded to think this is real at any age over 12
LinfortheWin - 22 timmar sedan
Oh god their acting is so bad...
Pietra’s LPS
Pietra’s LPS - 22 timmar sedan
Wait Donna?
That’s her flippin name.....
Ze Channel
Ze Channel - 23 timmar sedan
I saw this on real stories or something!?
Ze Channel
Ze Channel - 23 timmar sedan
Is this real?!
Amber Vaughn
Amber Vaughn - 23 timmar sedan
Dum a
Taco Yara
Taco Yara - Dag sedan
Quentin Donahue
Quentin Donahue - Dag sedan
I hate parents who pressure their kids like this lady should realize no one is perfect
Sarah Bills
Sarah Bills - Dag sedan
There is no way this is real 😂 hahaha very entertaining
NeoZ - Dag sedan
This is fake?
Makeup by Rabeeah
Makeup by Rabeeah - Dag sedan
I think I've seen this on storybooth or my story animated
Rowdy Adkins
Rowdy Adkins - Dag sedan
The female nurse looks fine!
*• Ana •*
*• Ana •* - Dag sedan
The acting is so bad and cringey.
Duy YT Nguyen
Duy YT Nguyen - Dag sedan
Your not smart f you
Duy YT Nguyen
Duy YT Nguyen - Dag sedan
Duy YT Nguyen
Duy YT Nguyen - Dag sedan
Shut up stupid mom
cHiKeN nUgGeT
cHiKeN nUgGeT - Dag sedan
Can we appreciate the actress who played the mother cos everyone hates her. Obviously this is acted out because otherwise the mother would hate the cameras and all. A round of applause to the actress 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Jamie Roberts
Jamie Roberts - Dag sedan
I like how they assumed that all the tapeworms came out
Queen Pixi
Queen Pixi - Dag sedan
Bruh I wanted to see the tapeworms
Elvin Yang
Elvin Yang - Dag sedan
Who’s mom would do this to their own child
Little Foxy
Little Foxy - Dag sedan
Stanley: "Yeah there's a uh key... thing." Everyone: " *BRUH* " Nurse: "Can you go... get it?" Stanley: "Yeah yeah yeah yeah!" Me: " *Dead of laughter* "

Plus. Stanley: *Along with everyone else sees the bowl of Tapeworms.* Also Stanley: " 🎵Frick this crap I'm out,🎵 "
YahairaQueen Gaming
YahairaQueen Gaming - Dag sedan
This is Sooo fake I swear to god
Renee Couvillon
Renee Couvillon - Dag sedan
The mom is soooooo stupid
Julia Nguyen
Julia Nguyen - Dag sedan
Dude the daughter could have died the mother should go to jail who cares about beauty all you need is kindness and love not weight or being weightless
Passiah's Life
Passiah's Life - Dag sedan
"OMG another drama mama" I'm dead 😂
Daire Chavez
Daire Chavez - Dag sedan
That’s how you know this shit is scripted but it’s still interesting
icecream playz
icecream playz - Dag sedan
Whos here becuase of share my story just me? Ok
Jiana Puddle
Jiana Puddle - Dag sedan
If anyone goes to story animations there is a similar story because her mum said she was to fat so she gave her a tape worm
Sierra Williams
Sierra Williams - Dag sedan
I hope that girl lives with another lady that is willing to treat her right
Lucy Arbuckle
Lucy Arbuckle - Dag sedan
What a nice mom! So kind to almost kill your own daughter!! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️
Alton Supena
Alton Supena - Dag sedan
Correct me if I’m wrong but Is the nurse Filipino
Jamie Chang
Jamie Chang - Dag sedan
This was literally in share my story
Kawaii Neko Original
Kawaii Neko Original - Dag sedan
Jesus .................. i have no word
Beauty boy Makeup
Beauty boy Makeup - Dag sedan
Is this real
xojadenangel - Dag sedan
I don’t understand why it hurts when you bite your tongue on accident and it doesn’t hurt when you bite it on purpose. I also don’t understand why your biting your tongue right now.
Paint Time
Paint Time - Dag sedan
This similar story has been on Actually Happed channel no lie
Lauren Plays
Lauren Plays - Dag sedan
I think she’s 🤰 baby
Christine Griggs
Christine Griggs - 2 dagar sedan
Is this fake?

I really think this is fake
Ri TaniB
Ri TaniB - 2 dagar sedan
This fake
Midnight Fox
Midnight Fox - 2 dagar sedan
This video looks fake
david jones
david jones - 2 dagar sedan
Why this. Looks fake, i mean mom behavior looks really staged 😒😒😳😳or is it real i am having a bad time figuring out
Carlos Planas, Jr.
Carlos Planas, Jr. - 2 dagar sedan
Why didn't they call the police on #DramaMama???
Carlos Planas, Jr.
Carlos Planas, Jr. - 2 dagar sedan
Anyone got some duct tape for #DramaMama over there???
Sugar m18
Sugar m18 - 2 dagar sedan
Yeah, the acting is pretty atrocious. But I’m willing to believe that these are re-enactments of actual stories
JumpscareJP - 2 dagar sedan
That lady is SO rude
Caila May
Caila May - 2 dagar sedan
Who else saw this on “Share My Story?”
Valerie the Vlogger
Valerie the Vlogger - 2 dagar sedan
They are acting no one would be able to record that without getting in trouble