Eugene's Guide To Every Hair Product

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Starrlyn Kindrick
Starrlyn Kindrick - 2 timmar sedan
Can we appreciate Eugene slaying the FUUUUCK out of every single look? From $0.99 gel to high end shining spray . WEEEERKKKK kweeen !!!!!
Rhett De Guzman
Rhett De Guzman - 15 timmar sedan
Y an elevator????
XDSDDLord - Dag sedan
The problem isn't my hair. The problem is that I'm not Eugene.
Tunar Jalilli
Tunar Jalilli - Dag sedan
I thought man's best friend is Dog, turns out it is comb
skorpia g
skorpia g - Dag sedan
Please do best hair products for every type of hair.
Phoenix Plischke
Phoenix Plischke - Dag sedan
anyone else think of radiohead when they called it high & dry
Eter Puralis
Eter Puralis - 2 dagar sedan
Totally watched this for the tutorial *cough*
Gay Bros
Gay Bros - 3 dagar sedan
I love the looks the stylist gives the camera every time Eugene says something.... interesting.
Azan Zahid
Azan Zahid - 3 dagar sedan
you gay
KennonFodder - 3 dagar sedan
Minutes - 3 dagar sedan
It's not fair, you show all these amazing styles on a god amongst men who makes ANYTHING look good
Nikki Cedrone
Nikki Cedrone - 3 dagar sedan
Boring. Only watching cuz Eugene is hot.
Tailor Miles
Tailor Miles - 4 dagar sedan
Basically 17 minutes and 36 seconds of me wishing to be Eugene
leavemelonely - 5 dagar sedan
He literally still looks hot even when the stylist just washed his hair i can’t
James Cunico
James Cunico - 6 dagar sedan
Fake Mail
Fake Mail - 7 dagar sedan
honestly who has time for this like we're men not women all of our hairs pretty much looks the same-short.
Fake Mail
Fake Mail - 7 dagar sedan
Right to left is Hitler sorry
Neha Aziz
Neha Aziz - 7 dagar sedan
Sorry,mom, it's not straight anymore....was it a hint?
Minnie - 7 dagar sedan
He’s so fine
Mockingjay USA
Mockingjay USA - 7 dagar sedan
Eugene : Sorry mom *not so straight anymore*
One month later
Eugene : *I’m gay*
Steven Burton
Steven Burton - 8 dagar sedan
I’m not going to lie, that suit looks amazing. Great video as well!
Sophia Mendoza
Sophia Mendoza - 8 dagar sedan
Honestly I was shocked to have that first type of gel they used, but glad to know I'm making a good hair choice for what I want 👍
Lisa Arkhincheeva
Lisa Arkhincheeva - 8 dagar sedan
I literally just watched a BuzzFeed video, where this guy gives people hair makeovers, and everybody in the comments was like "their hair were better before"
Hi Pineapple
Hi Pineapple - 8 dagar sedan
i love this
The Moody Red
The Moody Red - 9 dagar sedan
I'm still in love. 😍❤ You gorgeous
Elim Kwok
Elim Kwok - 10 dagar sedan
Our favourite beauty guru
Bandit - 10 dagar sedan
how does david dang do his hair
jeffrey hu
jeffrey hu - 10 dagar sedan
First one makes him look like a rich white dad playing golf
hannah moore
hannah moore - 14 dagar sedan
Can the rank king, Eugene, rank famous artists? or feminists? or colors? or mental disorders that used to be in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)? or super heroes? or underwear brands?
Wille - 15 dagar sedan
why is this basiclly science lol
Mako Haworth
Mako Haworth - 15 dagar sedan
Eugene looks like big gay
pineapple for life
pineapple for life - 15 dagar sedan
Eugene has soo much more hair than I thought
your mom
your mom - 16 dagar sedan
are Eugene and the stylist gay? not trying to mean, I am just asking
LightStar150 - 16 dagar sedan
If only I had hair
TIME TRAVELER - 17 dagar sedan
Sorry mom, not so straight anymore
Mal K
Mal K - 19 dagar sedan
He looks like Brad Majors with this styling.
Lawrence L.
Lawrence L. - 21 dag sedan
If I had hair like that hairstylist' life would be so much better. My hair started to thin during my mid-20's. I've been on Propecia and Rogaine for my hair thinning since the mid-2000's.
Kylin Burtrum
Kylin Burtrum - 21 dag sedan
“Sorry mooom. Not so straight anymore mooom.”
Seiei Leisure
Seiei Leisure - 21 dag sedan
Honestly, as much game as Eugene's hair has in this video, his eyebrow game is on point. Without it, his hair wouldn't shine as much either.
pablo piccaso
pablo piccaso - 21 dag sedan
no, stay the fuck away from my daughter
How To?
How To? - 20 dagar sedan
Your daughter can only dream about a man like Eugeune. She will probably marry some slob as you are the father rofl
Justin Tran
Justin Tran - 21 dag sedan
So many gay Asians in one video
Jinisbae - 21 dag sedan
WolfsbaneFilms - 22 dagar sedan
The look his stylist gives the camera after Eugene says “my hair is a whore for product” 😂😂
LiQUORNOW228 - 22 dagar sedan
His hair with no product is my goal lol
Diyanah Ismail
Diyanah Ismail - 22 dagar sedan
That's like a $300 blow dryer!!
ZaraLoves - 22 dagar sedan
I was so shook when I saw him at the rooftop cause it looks like the filming location for DWC. 😂
Legit Lama
Legit Lama - 22 dagar sedan
I apprechiate these 2 men talking about hair products!
Jenelle Khalaily
Jenelle Khalaily - 22 dagar sedan
Honestly look #2 makes Eugene look like a video game Japanese gangster.
kory zamora
kory zamora - 23 dagar sedan
He needs a better haircut.
roltthehunter - 23 dagar sedan
I watched this for like 10 mins, I don't even have hair. :/
Tomash - 23 dagar sedan
Gotta love David
Gencay Deniz
Gencay Deniz - 23 dagar sedan
i love nazi germany hair cutes
SHAKED ELIYHO - 23 dagar sedan
Of all of them, I think the most suitable hairstyle in Eugene is number 3
HakuNeko - 24 dagar sedan
I'm super jalous of his hair.. I gave up on my frizzy, curly, impossible hair long ago. My hair's literally like a poodles' ears, sort of flat-ish at the top and poofy af at the bottom, gives me a triangle head. Doesn't help that I'm fat, so I look like a circle with a triangle on top -.-'
Lv7 - 24 dagar sedan
u ugly dude
HAPPY PANDA - 24 dagar sedan
That guy sound like he is a really good math teacher
Alvin Mercado
Alvin Mercado - 25 dagar sedan
Their isn’t exactly a lot of YouTube videos about styling men’s hair at home and what the products actually do and when to apply them. Stuff like applying wet or dry or before or after blow drying or how to comb are really useful information that men don’t really learn from anyone and that stuff isn’t readily available online. Good reference video!
A BrØ For All
A BrØ For All - 25 dagar sedan
Eugene looks like a Korean high class gangster....4:05
bikkey balami
bikkey balami - 25 dagar sedan
Eugene looks like that guy from the 5sos video
Pallasite Matrix
Pallasite Matrix - 26 dagar sedan
what do u mean I can't just achieve these looks effortlessly by rolling out of bed. (seriously though doing hair is an art and I can appreciate a professional that makes it look so good)
Angela Gomez
Angela Gomez - 26 dagar sedan
I would love my boyfriend to have that the 1st look on Eug.
bigegg7170 - 26 dagar sedan
these guys is whats wrong with the world,they do not contribute anything to human advancement.they make everything gay as fuck,
Peggyt1243 - 26 dagar sedan
I always knew Eugene was gay. He is hot does not matter what he does with his hair.
acidmudusa 13
acidmudusa 13 - 26 dagar sedan
Eugene looks like one of those rich anime characters or maybe it just me
rhi leadas670
rhi leadas670 - 26 dagar sedan
From experience curly hair is the most difficult hair to work with because it gets tangled so easily and not as much things to do with it,but I still love my hair
Mohammad Rahman
Mohammad Rahman - 27 dagar sedan
Just realized Eugene has really white teeth.
Young Chan
Young Chan - 27 dagar sedan
Dang he's hottttttttttttt >
Amanda Palme
Amanda Palme - 27 dagar sedan
"Heat protectant is a condom for your hair and the blow dryer is a...diseased dick" -Eugene Lee Yang, 2019
The Royal Admiral
The Royal Admiral - 28 dagar sedan
I love my hair and I love styling it, but I've always sort of done the same left to right part as a sort of default, even just at six minutes I've been given new ideas to play with my hair and it's surprisingly hyping me up?
Sadaf IndecisionIsMySecondName
,,I thought I would take it one step further and ..." oh, sooooo Eugene 😅
Alivia Nuttall
Alivia Nuttall - Månad sedan
I'm not trying to be mean or any thing but are there face normally that shiny or is it just lighting
Cora Daurizio
Cora Daurizio - Månad sedan
I love how Eugene looked perfect in every single one of these ❤️
OneLastWo - Månad sedan
You just got to be super confident about it
debby dee
debby dee - Månad sedan
Please don't make this another candid competition
The world NEEDS style ish
Felipe - Månad sedan
That’s feeling when you are bald...
Anna V
Anna V - Månad sedan
Please have Eugene meet Maddox from hiho kids and Cut, Maddox is a mini version of him
Anna V
Anna V - Månad sedan
Please have Eugene meet Maddox from hiho kids and Cut, Maddox is a mini version of him
christine m.a. marzano
christine m.a. marzano - Månad sedan
Maybe a product list in description box would be helpful. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
xxn - Månad sedan
6:07 we should’ve seen it coming
Rebecca Cannon
Rebecca Cannon - Månad sedan
this was useful for my pixie cut! thank you!