[Debut Stage] 1THE9 - Spotlight, 원더나인 - Spotlight Show Music core 20190413

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Alison Kim
Alison Kim - 12 dagar sedan
props to under-nineteen
Julie - 21 dag sedan
Abel Berliana
Abel Berliana - Månad sedan
Anh thư
Anh thư - Månad sedan
ita al marwa
ita al marwa - Månad sedan
F Lui
F Lui - Månad sedan
I am so obsessed with doyum’s deep rapping voice
G G - Månad sedan
Who the blue hair?
G G - Månad sedan
@Bts Forever thank you
Bts Forever
Bts Forever - Månad sedan
Genela - 2 månader sedan
WOAH THE CHANT! Can someone teach me the fanchant in here?
far rr
far rr - 2 månader sedan
Why no one realise their choreography is amazing!I like it💖
Enyo - 2 månader sedan
I was always following Seunghwan during Under 19 (serious stanning). Soooo happy to see him and many other familiar faces actually debut, and with a fantastic song too. Fightingggg
banqtanz sonyeondanz
banqtanz sonyeondanz - 2 månader sedan
hearing this song for the first time i remember the airplane pt.2 of BTS
I'll be good
I'll be good - 2 månader sedan
iam cc
iam cc - 2 månader sedan
Who waited for this?!
Cherinda Mhrn
Cherinda Mhrn - 2 månader sedan
i will merry u
stacy r
stacy r - 2 månader sedan
looking at this after watching under nineteen, so proud of all of them, stan them plssss
Hendrik Primus
Hendrik Primus - 2 månader sedan
Himawari Bii
Himawari Bii - 2 månader sedan
Oh.. jinsung 😍😍😍
Clart Tyy
Clart Tyy - 2 månader sedan
I always being excited when i watch them! Even my bad mood will be gone when i watch them. Love them so much💜
Clara Cheung
Clara Cheung - 2 månader sedan
Prefer having Jinsung as the main vocal... his voice and the way of singing can be modified to match the song, as like a magic, growl, I need you...and his voice fills with the power, strong, and thick...but need to keep more practice so that he can deal with the song on the stage in live show....
Julie Cc
Julie Cc - 2 månader sedan
Hmm he is the main vocal together with Yechan.
Khusnul Khotima
Khusnul Khotima - 2 månader sedan
I love u guys,,, congratulation for your debut!!fighting💕
Shofi Aulia
Shofi Aulia - 2 månader sedan
Why this make me cry😭😭 oh my god! Like the amazing spiderman, this 'THE AMAZING 1THE9'
Hplssra - 2 månader sedan
they don't look like under nineteen, so tall!!!
Cindy Bowser
Cindy Bowser - 2 månader sedan
they are visual, talented and amazing!!!!
Hplssra - 2 månader sedan
2019 is gonna be a tough year! Monster rookies everywhere. 1the9, txt, itzy... where are these talented kids coming from?!
Cindy Bowser
Cindy Bowser - 2 månader sedan
Debut group from Under Nineteen under MBK Ent and really need all the support they can get, because you’re right it’s a crazy rookie year!
Changbin's Flow
Changbin's Flow - 2 månader sedan
2:16 signature move every rookie group does.
Victoria Coronel
Victoria Coronel - 2 månader sedan
I don’t regret supporting them. 💜👏 It’s crazy how they went from Under Nineteen to 1The9 so fast.
Zulaikah Baffic
Zulaikah Baffic - 2 månader sedan
Its my 100th time watching this stage but today I felt like commenting something cuz I feel so proud hehe. I will continue to support you guys. I really love you guys hihi. FIGHTING
O E - 2 månader sedan
They are probably gonna be one of the bigger boy groups!🍀
MinMinChi - 2 månader sedan
I wish, they sadly have only 1 year contract ;-;
Cristina's Music
Cristina's Music - 2 månader sedan
Cindy Bowser
Cindy Bowser - 2 månader sedan
Please do stan and join us in Wonderland and tell all your friends. They are so underrated. Thanks!
We have different clothes
We have different clothes - 2 månader sedan
I saw this live (on my laptop lmao) I loved it!!! I immediately searched them up after, omigosh this song is amazing
Trang Halley
Trang Halley - 2 månader sedan
Song is sooo good, performance is great, they are talent. Hope this group will be successfull😤
Miriam Webb
Miriam Webb - 2 månader sedan
They are really good. Their outfits are great.
Cathy Mariño
Cathy Mariño - 2 månader sedan
0:27-0:29 fav part
Andrea Elizabeth
Andrea Elizabeth - 2 månader sedan
El "mamacita" de sungwon no lo voy a poder superar más 💚💚💚
kim seokjin is my senpai
kim seokjin is my senpai - 2 månader sedan
Hobi is probably so proud
Elo Yelo
Elo Yelo - 2 månader sedan
Elo Yelo
Elo Yelo - 2 månader sedan

Laura Samar
Laura Samar - 2 månader sedan
I’m supporting them since UNDER19🤘 They are hard working. I have no regrets that I stan them. I love this group! Indeed STAN them🤘
Mystic Guava
Mystic Guava - 2 månader sedan
god damn who's the grey haired guy
Qwinee T
Qwinee T - 2 månader sedan
Jeon Doyum, center and main dancer (cum rapper) of the group. And the cutest boi ever ;)
Unurjargal Narmandakh
Unurjargal Narmandakh - 2 månader sedan
yeahhh ma boys killed it
aaehlt ooo
aaehlt ooo - 2 månader sedan
Congratulations on your debut 1the9

But why does this feel so NCTish? 😂
Dicky Rachman
Dicky Rachman - 2 månader sedan
I Will support u guys and for jinsung and yonho 🙆🙆
Exo l_1485
Exo l_1485 - 3 månader sedan
Why aren't the pants worn by Tae Woo put together with the clothes worn by Jinsung?
sunshinedrops - 3 månader sedan
The fanchants!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
multifandom trash
multifandom trash - 3 månader sedan
who's the violet and silver headed guys?
Qwinee T
Qwinee T - 2 månader sedan
@multifandom trash yup he is :) he went on to win the Under19 competition as no. 1 rank and hence became center (and main dancer) of the group
multifandom trash
multifandom trash - 2 månader sedan
@Qwinee T thanks sjksjskjsjs they look familiar and i realized that doyum was that army from team fake love
Qwinee T
Qwinee T - 3 månader sedan
Violet is Kim Taewoo, and silver is Jeon Doyum :)
Krysvien Madeleine
Krysvien Madeleine - 3 månader sedan
Giang Phan
Giang Phan - 3 månader sedan
1The9 fighting 💪💪💪
LadyELF♥SuJu - 3 månader sedan
Елизавета Золотухина
Purple Girl
Purple Girl - 3 månader sedan
😍 doyeom ❤❤❤
Afriska Anggraini
Afriska Anggraini - 3 månader sedan
Love you guys.... awesome....