Game of Thrones S8E01 Explained

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Alt Shift X
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Tim C
Tim C - 22 dagar sedan
Alt Shift X so no more video wrap ups? Just live feed of Q and A? Why? It’s impossible to participate. This is the single greatest web-site, but you’re turning it into a podcast. Am I out of line or do others feel the same? Peace, and many blessings.
Tim C
Tim C - 22 dagar sedan
Fine, but for the rest of us, please leave your superior wrap ups. These live streams are too confusing. Way too many people raising their hands at once. And the other half fooling around. In the meantime, please get Jamie a dragon stone hand for the battle. Peace
Sara Rasty
Sara Rasty - 25 dagar sedan
when u make a break down video for ep 2 let us know what u think about bran's words "he tried before with many other three-eyed ravens "
Ayisha Suzuci
Ayisha Suzuci - 26 dagar sedan
Flöru Höud chirh
Zain Abedin
Zain Abedin - 27 dagar sedan
@Alt Shift X what are the chances that girl Davos gave food to was Mellisandre?
Gareth Dowling
Gareth Dowling - 21 timme sedan
Season spoilers - Dany goes mad.
JamieCurrant - Dag sedan
Some really optimistic predictions in this one. Big summer child vibes :(
APC - Dag sedan
not only targaryens can ride dragons. come on alt shift x, youre better than that.
Luri Ley
Luri Ley - 2 dagar sedan
the most seamless sponsorship yoooo
Hanker6969 - 3 dagar sedan
I love how you imply that Ed Sheeran isn't a good innocent person lmao
Alua Sugralimova
Alua Sugralimova - 3 dagar sedan
Tyrion never proved himself to Dany, why is he even still the queen hand?😅
Felix Kamolz
Felix Kamolz - 5 dagar sedan
1:05 "if anyone survives the white walkers" .........
madmadameminx - 7 dagar sedan
The war is hurting good, innocent people. And Ed Sheeran.
Endless Void Studios
Endless Void Studios - 8 dagar sedan
great vid i know your trying not to be to critical in these but I have to admit it seems a little weird when you take the time to point out Sansa mentioning food as a problem but not that they don't ever bring it up again or that deanery's says the dragons aren't doing well and can't get enough to eat despite clearly having just eaten and showing no sign's of any issues outside of her comment . Or the fact that you even talk about how in the lore of the book dragon's can't go beyond the wall a plot point the show totally shit on by having Dany save jhon with her dragons beyond the wall. There is a lot wrong with this season and I'm sure you know what I'm talking about don't be afraid to bring it up
Alexander Neil
Alexander Neil - 9 dagar sedan
Fuck it, burn the city to the ground, civilisation rise and they fall you see them rise again, just ânother human trait, slaughter the innocents Dany you go girl... its been happening since the dawn of time! İt"ll be worth it to get rid of evil İncarnate Cersei!
Tavish N.Competent
Tavish N.Competent - 11 dagar sedan
I actually come closer to believing the show will end with the story being told, by probably Sam, like some have guessed, because the intro reflects this device suspended above in the citadel, whose maesters write down and keep history. The device displays history, which indicates each episode is a chapter of the story being told. That story could be told by anyone, but I think it will be Sam, because he mentions writing down history, while at the citadel, in the scene where he responds to the grand maesters work not being poetic. Game of Thrones as a title, is rather poetic. Something Sam would most likely title his book of history.
Carbon2861996 - 12 dagar sedan
The writers don't realize the upside-down cross is the symbol of St. Peter?
theusernameicoodfind - 13 dagar sedan
Who is Tyrion? A plot device for Danny!
Alxs End
Alxs End - 14 dagar sedan
"It’s hurting good and innocent people … and Ed Sheeran."
Leandro Bareiro
Leandro Bareiro - 14 dagar sedan
Antes le ponías subtitulos en español 😞
glitch - 14 dagar sedan
years of fear of the white walkers...
who will survive? who won't?

aaaaand everyone survived.
captain clary
captain clary - 14 dagar sedan
Didn't Bran have a vision about his fall? In season 6 episode 6, before Benjen saves Mera and Bran.
Flying Penguin
Flying Penguin - 14 dagar sedan
"If anyone survives the White Walkers" ༼ノ° ͜ʖ °༽︵ ┻━┻
John von Shepard
John von Shepard - 14 dagar sedan
Jon isn't King no more.........
LukyBalboa - 15 dagar sedan
It was the most gentle advert i ever saw. Congrats bro
Johnny Alfonso
Johnny Alfonso - 17 dagar sedan
Thank you for not repeating yourself so much in this video.
ooshalia - 17 dagar sedan
i can see him choosing stark and handing the throne over
Paawan Patel
Paawan Patel - 18 dagar sedan
Watching this with hindsight having seen ep 3 is interesting
thecrazyhamster - 18 dagar sedan
Game of thrones: friendship is magic 🦄
Mike Anetsberger
Mike Anetsberger - 18 dagar sedan
My favorite parts are the parts where you go back to older episodes or book history, otherwise its just kinda.. the play by play..
Mike Anetsberger
Mike Anetsberger - 18 dagar sedan
My theory is that the crystal that turned the Night King into the Night King is still around and will play a role in the next 3 episodes. I don't see why it wouldn't still exist, kind of a plot hole if it doesn't.
Lily Slipcast
Lily Slipcast - 19 dagar sedan
So many stupid dick jokes 😤
Neptune Joo
Neptune Joo - 19 dagar sedan
After episode 3, we reach the point when fans theories are more interesting than the show.
WookieWarrior - 18 dagar sedan
They have been since season 6 tbh
David Moore
David Moore - 19 dagar sedan
Is theon now becoming an unsullied warrior
K T - 19 dagar sedan
That sponsor ad transition was so smooth
Edward Lapine
Edward Lapine - 19 dagar sedan
Dragon glass is not obsidian.
You cannot cast obsidian the way they do in the show.
Dragon glass also appears to be far more durable and less brittle than obsidian.
iSiragxl - 19 dagar sedan
Good video like always, and damn that was a nice segway to your ad.
Lina Gromyak
Lina Gromyak - 19 dagar sedan
He is giving so much meaning to the new season and proposing so many good theories... I came here after episode 3 and yeah... the show is not that intelligent anymore...
Lina Gromyak
Lina Gromyak - 11 dagar sedan
Brian Scalabrine definitely!!! And it makes me so mad!!! I can’t even fully enjoy the earlier seasons!
Brian Scalabrine
Brian Scalabrine - 12 dagar sedan
Lina Gromyak it’s pain me how the show turned out, so many amazing theories and depth just flushed down the shitter.
Amazatastic - 20 dagar sedan
"theres been a lot of jokes about dicks since they ran out of book material" THE SHADE IM HERE FOR IT
Pat W
Pat W - 21 dag sedan
I could hear you smiling as you made that SUPER smooth transition into the audible plug. That was slick as hell dude.
Grimoire666 - 21 dag sedan
12:17- Or the true head of the Iron Bank is actually a dwarf like Tyrion- having heard of Cersei's own mistreatment of her brother and the execution of dwarfs in general; thus denies her out of justified anger.
Cersei could ask the Night King for undead mammoths, but that's not as likely- though it is the closest that she'll ever get to having pachyderms.
Skull Greymon
Skull Greymon - 21 dag sedan
Bran is just DR Strange GOT
brandonmoves - 21 dag sedan
you are the reason I've made it this far in Game of Thrones. Thank you for laying out the stakes so clearly, every time.
Jaded Joker
Jaded Joker - 21 dag sedan
As a kid we always welcomed tomboys. This was in the 90's. We never looked at them as much different from the other girls other than maybe they were cooler because they like the things we like. It was just one more body for any teams that we were putting together. The people that gave them the hardest time were OTHER FEMALES and they could be brutal. It's just like the myth that all men talk about are boobs and sex. I've never had a conversation with any male friend about either of those that lasted longer than a couple of minutes. Women on the other hand obsess over those things and project that obsession onto males. This narrative that's been out there for so long is bogus and old.
Belinda Wilson
Belinda Wilson - 21 dag sedan
"It hurting good people and ed sheeran" 😂 😂 😂
KJH 12
KJH 12 - 21 dag sedan
LeftEyeless - 21 dag sedan
This is high quality content. Holy shit.
Resistance Commander
Resistance Commander - 21 dag sedan
Hey what will the Dreadfort have to do with this, as I think it hasn’t been consumed by the walkers.
Steven Young
Steven Young - 21 dag sedan
I just realized something everyone who King Robert embraced died... What it that's the same for Jon or Dany in that episode now??
unit03 - 21 dag sedan
I love listening to audiobooks on dragon back
ricen0odle - 21 dag sedan
guys check his twitter this is what he said
Chris Fontaine
Chris Fontaine - 21 dag sedan
the comments are hysterical....
NOW: where is episode two review... you take longer than GRRM does to write the last two books.....
RIGHT AFTER VIDEO UPLOADS: your videos are the absolute best!!!! hands down!! Best quality!!!
Horia Galitianu
Horia Galitianu - 21 dag sedan
14:02 lol
Amirichi - 22 dagar sedan
Brooo we need episode 2 asap!
OneHourShower - 22 dagar sedan
Damn dude I’ve been looking for your new video every day this week. This sucks.
diljin shaji
diljin shaji - 22 dagar sedan
Where is episode 2 review?
2Corfive17 - 22 dagar sedan
Can you provide a breakdown on your video making process so we know why it takes so long?
Tim C
Tim C - 22 dagar sedan
Where’s our episode two wrap up? It’s Saturday and the live Q and A isn’t enough. I have to work and not around. Boo Hoo. Why do they have to upgrade everything?
Andrew Austin
Andrew Austin - 22 dagar sedan
they ruined most of the characters at this point. i'll be waiting for the real story if they ever get finished.
Rhonda Wright
Rhonda Wright - 22 dagar sedan
Will e2 breakdown be out before episode 3?
Cansu K
Cansu K - 22 dagar sedan
Cansu K
Cansu K - 22 dagar sedan
+OneHourShower I know but last week on live stream he said it will come soon this week. It is always worth to wait but since i am done with all the possible videos i can see 😂
OneHourShower - 22 dagar sedan
Cansu Kaya this dude takes forever.
John Doe
John Doe - 22 dagar sedan
Really hope the little finger theory holds out
John Doe
John Doe - 20 dagar sedan
​+Julia these ones
Julia - 20 dagar sedan
what theory do you mean?
Budza - 22 dagar sedan
You are obligated to tell if this video, contains sponsored content.
Budza - 17 dagar sedan
+Chris Fontaine HAHA xD
Chris Fontaine
Chris Fontaine - 18 dagar sedan
@budza true story
Budza - 18 dagar sedan
+Chris Fontaine Cool story
Chris Fontaine
Chris Fontaine - 21 dag sedan
someone should burn you to death with dragon fire........
QuickClips Art
QuickClips Art - 22 dagar sedan
Episode 3 tommorow so when is this new video
Akua Hope
Akua Hope - 22 dagar sedan
Thanks for the insights! Great to listen to and consider as i await the next episode.
Tom Wiech
Tom Wiech - 22 dagar sedan
Way to slack on season 8!
brimac1011 - 22 dagar sedan
ok y’all gonna get episode 2 out before episode 3???
AVeryHappyFish - 22 dagar sedan
I really hope that Jon is not Azor Ahai! Not yet another man being the chosen one, please. I hope that there won't be an Azor Ahai at all and it turns out to be a delusional prophecy borne of false visions, misinterpretation, and confusion. GoT is very realistic, both psychologically and in the ways of its world, that's why we (or at least I) love it. If it degrades itself to an appearance of a reincarnated savior of the world who single-handedly changes the fate of everything and everyone, even that savior being female won't sweeten the bitter pill much. I hope for something very different. There are no destined heroes in real life, no saviors, no chosen ones, no easy solutions. That said, I do expect from the show writers to write the most banal and juvenile ending, so I won't be surprised if that's exactly what they're going to do.
wittysankalp1 - 22 dagar sedan
Dude.. it's Saturday.... and u still haven't come out with the 2nd episode review... ??
TheJapanCodeGuitar - 21 dag sedan
Yeah, Im with you now haha honestly by now my interest on a video about last episode has gone done drastically
smittyP - 21 dag sedan
+TheJapanCodeGuitar now he is hahs
TheJapanCodeGuitar - 22 dagar sedan
The first one came out at the end of saturday... so he's not any later than on the first one
Brian Harries
Brian Harries - 22 dagar sedan
Brooooo you da best but wheres episode 2 man?!??!
Lustrous Angels
Lustrous Angels - 22 dagar sedan
I love how Sansa makes a witty comment asking how they plan to feed the greatest army ever.
It's like she forgot that that was EXACTLY what Jon left Winterfell to go bring back...
AVeryHappyFish - 22 dagar sedan
My interpretation was that she intended it as a jab at Daenarys, i.e. she wasn't really thinking when she said that. The cleverest character, indeed. :)
sweetpea - 22 dagar sedan
Where is your Episode 2 analysis??
Patrick Moreira
Patrick Moreira - 22 dagar sedan
Damn you take so long
Arash Rashid
Arash Rashid - 22 dagar sedan
how jemmy lanister hair changed to black and not white
Nobody Special
Nobody Special - 22 dagar sedan
That's a real slick segue into your sponsor.
Killian Senteno
Killian Senteno - 22 dagar sedan
Dude, love all your videos. Episode 3 is out this Sunday, how come we haven't see the episode 2 breakdown, yet?
Damian P
Damian P - 23 dagar sedan
Dude, I love your videos, but if Jon is half Stark half Targaryen, doesn't that mean that Sansa and Arya are Half Stark and Half Tully? No one is a full Stark, they don't do incest.
AC4X - 11 dagar sedan
You clearly missed the point, which was about bloodlines, not surnames. Jon has Stark and Targaryen blood, binding him to both families/houses. Just like Sansa has Stark and Tully blood, as you pointed out, which is why the Vale came to her aid at the Battle of the Bastards.
Nico Meins
Nico Meins - 21 dag sedan
Damian P this is about marriage and not incest as far as i know. Ned and Catelyn married before they had their kids, as it was meant to be back then. Sex or child’s before marriage where a great dishonor. With the marriage, Cate gets to be a official Stark since the wife takes on the name/house of the her husband (that’s why ppl tried to get their daughters married into great houses, bc they take the name then). That’s why Arya (<3) and Sansa are fully Stark. Cate also got called Catelyn Stark in the show, if you guys remember.
Tio Caiman
Tio Caiman - 23 dagar sedan
What is the Futurama reference?
big strong boss
big strong boss - 23 dagar sedan
why the fuck would I need a 20 minute video to "explain" a 50 minute episode in which nothing even happened

you guys are just milking ad money from retards who can't follow a narrative at this point
Aumnipresence - 23 dagar sedan
because it's an 8 season series aired over ten years that involves untold number of charecters, locations and plots.... that why.... game of thrones is whats called a cash cow, and @altshiftx can milk that bitch for however much he pleases........
Matthew Talbot-Paine
Matthew Talbot-Paine - 23 dagar sedan
I may have chosen a poor time to start watching "upstart crow" which features yara as one of it's actors only she is a sweet bookish sort of girl in it.
Matthew Talbot-Paine
Matthew Talbot-Paine - 23 dagar sedan
Star Crossed? More like Stark crossed
Goose McBruce
Goose McBruce - 23 dagar sedan
bronn won't kill them just because the queen told him to, he'll kill them because the queen paid him to
Goose McBruce
Goose McBruce - 23 dagar sedan
Tyrion's problem is that he's lost one of the core pillars of his identity. he drinks and he knows things. and depending on how you read that, it could very well be interpreted as "he drinks therefore he knows things"
Tajuan James
Tajuan James - 23 dagar sedan
Episode 2 Explained please, your channel is the best😭😭😭😭😭🙏🏽
DohShinobi - 23 dagar sedan
May I point out, that Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa), shaved his beard and ponytail, 1 week ago.
Even after 7 years his last appearance in the show.
Maybe, Danerys will die, and meet him in the after life?
Edit: insta link ->
burak gani öztürk
burak gani öztürk - 23 dagar sedan
NoiseCannon - 23 dagar sedan
STOP THE PRESSES, Bradley Cooper said in an interview "Arya could be a white walker, she could steal a face" AND IT MAKES SENSE
Michael Hawkins
Michael Hawkins - 23 dagar sedan
Time to wait a year before he uploads Episode 2 of game of Thrones
Fonza Relly
Fonza Relly - 23 dagar sedan
Whwrw is Holland Reed?
Devilsfan118x - 24 dagar sedan
Man this dude is slowwww with the videos.
Lívia Vasconcellos
Lívia Vasconcellos - 24 dagar sedan
it is mind boggling how people are not talking about any of the magic shit is going down. It was this huge build up in earlier seasons how we the audience could see magic and the characters kept on saying it was all folclore and long gone.
And here we are, where no one gives a wink to any of the news.
Resurrection, meh, the wall has fallen, meh, bran can see the past, meh, Dragons in the north, meh, one dragon is a zombie, meh. - we are way more affected by any of this than any of the people living it in the series.
nd4spd - 4 dagar sedan
Fair enough
Lívia Vasconcellos
Lívia Vasconcellos - 7 dagar sedan
+nd4spd admiring the accomplishments of the episode as 1 single thing does not erase having standards and a bit of memory.
nd4spd - 7 dagar sedan
Sounds entitled af. And I salute the all the grueling hard work that went into the riveting battles.
Lívia Vasconcellos
Lívia Vasconcellos - 7 dagar sedan
+nd4spd is 6 eps because they didnt want to do 10. The "complainers" are people that invested themselves into a project that is now rushing towards the end and the show runners accumulated the biggest budget in the world fpr a tv series get to just shrug everythin off at the conclusion. Its funny how they had no issues in collecting all those awards because the "complainers" bought merch, promotes the show, voted for them. I feel cheated of a great ending cause mainstream consumers just don't care about plot and love watching "Transformers" style """epic""" battles, and "Fast and Furious" dragon riding and the writes just wanna collect them checks and fuck off.
nd4spd - 7 dagar sedan
They've got 6 eps, they don't have time for that. Honestly, I have no idea what 99% of complainers were expecting. More whole seasons of complex and detailed plotting?! Get real, the show is over, just enjoy it for what it is.
Nabil Kramer
Nabil Kramer - 24 dagar sedan
who was the reader from that audiobook
Andrew Christian
Andrew Christian - 24 dagar sedan
That is by far the best ad spot I have ever heard. You had be hooked and listening to it at the end of the episode, then BAM! You need to be paid at least double for this one.
jorge gaitan
jorge gaitan - 24 dagar sedan
I'm really hoping this show doesn't somehow normalize incest🤯
BrutalTurtle - 24 dagar sedan
tyrion will betray dany
Lewis Macleod
Lewis Macleod - 24 dagar sedan
its not a dragon its a wyvern
Emily Keel
Emily Keel - 24 dagar sedan
Can you do a deep dive on Jenny's Song x PTWP theory video please please pleaseeeeeee
Zero Ninety
Zero Ninety - 24 dagar sedan
Ed Sheeran got his eyelids burned off? WHY DIDN'T WE GET TO SEE THAT?!?!
Michael Clark
Michael Clark - 25 dagar sedan
waiting any amount of time for the next ALT+SHIFT X video is both torture and worth the wait.
Shawn Boudreau
Shawn Boudreau - 25 dagar sedan
Cersei choosing Bronn to kill Tyrion and Jaime is probably one of the worst cases of the show making characters dumb for the sake of Drama. First of all, his relationships with the two majorly compromises the mission. Second, Bronn is a sellsword not an assassin, there would be better people for the job. He could maybe get close to Tyrion but that wouldn't be worth the risk of him just switching sides.
Meaghan McLellan
Meaghan McLellan - 25 dagar sedan
I feel like everyone is going to die. All of the foreshadowing about how the long night won't end and death always wins and also George r r Martin is a fucking crazy genius sociopath he probably told them the end I he wanted, and if they are true to him that will be the ending
1SPQR2 - 25 dagar sedan
Drinking game: take a shot every time he says "reunites" and die of alcohol poisoning
Isak Jawo
Isak Jawo - 25 dagar sedan
Can you please make a list of the Main characters and guess if they are going to die or not, when got is finished you can make another video where you react to youre answers. I think that would be great content!
Scott K
Scott K - 25 dagar sedan
Don't scroll down. It's just 1,000,000 of the Person1: Person2: comments. That shit was clever for about a week. Then the internet fucking smothered it to death. Just like everything else.