How to build a 300mph Koenigsegg Jesko | Top Gear

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Frantuzzi Berg
Frantuzzi Berg - 16 timmar sedan
I know the price tag is from a whole other planet but this car is a moving piece of art and engineering and CVK is such a humble guy and always fun to watch!...
Reid Harris
Reid Harris - Dag sedan
So who will hit 300mph first , the American Texan or the Swedish playboy
Kirtlon Cashie
Kirtlon Cashie - 2 dagar sedan
Still waiting on jesko build info
Prem Bajaj
Prem Bajaj - 2 dagar sedan
Xlnt video around the factory. Simply amazed at the intense efforts and passion going into building each car - and the experience delivering proven performance. Time to switch from yesterday’s bulls and horses to the Swedish pedigree.
Fighting _OBI
Fighting _OBI - 2 dagar sedan
the wiring actually looks pretty simple compared to other modern cars
Donald Allen
Donald Allen - 3 dagar sedan
Are they using their Freevalve tech for this engine?
Breezy Mods
Breezy Mods - 3 dagar sedan
Looks alittle like the Porsche... the difference?.. well aside from being better in every way Porsche hasn’t been cool since “my man” Adolf lost the re-election. ;)
Mayln Wood
Mayln Wood - 5 dagar sedan
Very impressive company.
Byser - 5 dagar sedan
Unlike Hennessy, Koenigsegg will not steal parts and money to make it to 300 mph.
Colin McNulty
Colin McNulty - 6 dagar sedan
When I win the lottery the first person I'm calling is Christian Von Koenigsegg.
christdragon - 6 dagar sedan
I'm a massive Koenigsegg fan. Thank you.
Hello World
Hello World - 7 dagar sedan
It went from “How to build a 300mph Koenigsegg Jesko” to “How to build a Koenigsegg Regera”
Robin Dahlberg
Robin Dahlberg - 7 dagar sedan
Angle home
Juan Cabrera
Juan Cabrera - 8 dagar sedan
What a cool guy..
Custom PC Builder
Custom PC Builder - 9 dagar sedan
20:00 FM is that Aaron Kaufman in the background?
Madern - 9 dagar sedan
This is not topgear
Pack Rat
Pack Rat - 9 dagar sedan
Thanks for the tutorial on how to build this but I'm not sure I gots the monz...
Tha Hoova
Tha Hoova - 9 dagar sedan
Their building looks like shit
Spyros M.
Spyros M. - 9 dagar sedan
Well that was a video for the Agera but whatever
Lance Hondrade
Lance Hondrade - 10 dagar sedan
Rimac: **smiling in the corner**
Sam - 10 dagar sedan
Famous people/ company from Sweden
2. Volvo
3. PewDiePie
4. Coca - Cola
5. Koenigsegg
What next??
Petrol Veins
Petrol Veins - 6 dagar sedan
Strv tanks
Gilbert Kirk
Gilbert Kirk - 9 dagar sedan
Teo - 9 dagar sedan
The only Sweden enemy is Elon Musk
abz124816 - 11 dagar sedan
Jack Rix must be wearing depends, because his wet spot is not showing.
Thank you Koenigsegg. I can get to the store so much quicker to buy milk.
What about incorporating the cam-less valves into this contraption. Koenigsegg seems to imply that this is the future of engines.
Philip Cowie
Philip Cowie - 11 dagar sedan
Sounds like Richard Hammond's little sister.
Jekyll Hyde
Jekyll Hyde - 12 dagar sedan
If i was buying any hyper car i would be going straight to Sweden. What a good company and great workforce and wow what cars they make.
Michael Davis
Michael Davis - 12 dagar sedan
And she only weighs 3,131 lbs!
crx350x1 - 12 dagar sedan
you can't not respect this man and his company. absolute boss. god bless dude
Simon Maček
Simon Maček - 13 dagar sedan
For me agera is still the best looking car ever made.
코코몽 - 13 dagar sedan
작은 잘못을 방치하면 큰 재앙으로 돌아오는게 대량생산입니다.
왜 한국은 생명에 도박을 하는 사람들이 많은지 모르겠습니다.
OGT Gaming
OGT Gaming - 14 dagar sedan
hey thats not a Volvo....:(
Aaron Walcott
Aaron Walcott - 14 dagar sedan
When your swag is so drippy that you insist on the non-scratch pants for everyone! Christian's mind is so powerful.
Jay Lee
Jay Lee - 14 dagar sedan
Wow amazing car are you sure that is the fastest one
german arroyo
german arroyo - 14 dagar sedan
Why do they say "fifteen hundred HP" or "twelve hundred HP" instead of one thousand five hundred? You are lazy guys, english speakers.
Rochje Petersen
Rochje Petersen - 15 dagar sedan
Anyone else notice the Volkswagens parked in the parking lots
tommy d u b b s
tommy d u b b s - 16 dagar sedan
Idk....I find this interviewer annoying
Chad Simmons
Chad Simmons - 16 dagar sedan
i like the car, but wish Koenigsegg would build something for common a scooter maybe? (good-upload)
Alexander Cabansag
Alexander Cabansag - 16 dagar sedan
2.8 Million EXW incoterms means the seller obligation is just to produce the car. Christian von Koenigsegg really know business.Wow 🙌
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller - 16 dagar sedan
it might keep the fuel nice and safe but it doesn't keep you very nice and safe could you imagine a side-impact that had us fart oh my Lord
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller - 16 dagar sedan
What's the big deal about them letting you in a two and a half million dollar car you're not allowed to drive it obviously you're sitting passenger buddy
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller - 16 dagar sedan
If you need a driver to go 300 miles an hour then look no further than right here I'll do it in a heartbeat
Wayne Miller
Wayne Miller - 16 dagar sedan
I have a question my mommy just asked me if I could teach her how to ride my stick I don't want to make her mad I want Mommy to be happy I love her but I don't know how to drive yet
Logan Healea
Logan Healea - 17 dagar sedan
I wish Christian would make the engine fit in my 79 Volvo 242. That’d be the ultimate Swedish brick sleeper lmao
Ramnath Iyer
Ramnath Iyer - 17 dagar sedan
Guess every company deserves a Boss like Christian von no bar....performance no bar.....Just build a LEGEND of a HYPERCAR........who wouldnt want to work in a company like Koenigsegg........
NarrowPath - 17 dagar sedan
You have to be a moron to prefer Buggati over this.
ThePhantom4567 - 17 dagar sedan
Christian seems like a legitimate good person. Someone I would want to relax and have a beer with.
Roemu TT
Roemu TT - 18 dagar sedan
I'm willing to go 300 mph in case you don't have a driver😂
•_ - 18 dagar sedan
Could really do with less editing gaffs
lchpdmq - 18 dagar sedan
He looks a lot like rick from pawn stars
edro1973 - 18 dagar sedan
There's a little Ford modular DNA in those engines.
Paul Derrick
Paul Derrick - 19 dagar sedan
so is the regera here and gone like that? it was such a cool concept
Simon Olofsson
Simon Olofsson - 16 dagar sedan
They might have a couple left to build, but they do limited runs of their models since they're such a small company. Got to move on and keep on inventing. I'm sure the hybrid and hydracoup concept will return in a later model at some point, probably revised and even better.
Myami Onfire
Myami Onfire - 19 dagar sedan
What is aluminium?