How to build a 300mph Koenigsegg Jesko | Top Gear

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Scott Ryan
Scott Ryan - 4 timmar sedan
He’s an absolute top bloke mind absolute genius
Jonathan Keith
Jonathan Keith - 5 timmar sedan
Petrol cars have the potential to be extremely fast when there isn’t a bunch of regulations and restrictions put on the manufacturer. I mean, there are teenagers building 7-second 1/4 mile cars now. Clearly we haven’t come close to the limit of petrol engines.
hakrsakr - 11 timmar sedan
When you're so firmly on top, you can freely show how your stuff is made knowing your competitors still couldn't best you.
I see all this hand-laid carbon and it's beautiful, but I can't help but feel a bit of sadness knowing Lamborghini patented the resin/loose carbon fiber molding tech and nobody else can use it. I literally can't imagine what Koenigsegg would do with it.
Norbert Krasovski
Norbert Krasovski - 11 timmar sedan
And yet they still cant build something to come close to Koenigsegg performance :) right?
Benny Martinez Reyes
Benny Martinez Reyes - Dag sedan
" And it does that like that! (Snaps finger) PSSHKKAAK!..
25 28 gear ratios? More than a semi🤔🤔 i love this guy!😅 he's "bloody mad!"
Raghavendra Magalam
Raghavendra Magalam - 2 dagar sedan
100% ppl in comments won't or can't buy this.
90% ppl here won't even have chance to sit inside.
80% ppl here won't even see this on road.
Anthony Strunk
Anthony Strunk - 2 dagar sedan
I love how this is truly a boutique car maker.
Markus Patients
Markus Patients - 3 dagar sedan
One would think if one made some of the "Fastest cars on the planet", the people who made them would drive them to work?
GaLoS - 3 dagar sedan
Not a fan. Their cars don't have a premium finish to them, you pay for speed, not quality and functionality of interior.
Laurens Woltermann
Laurens Woltermann - 3 dagar sedan
Dearest Top Gear,
Don't get me wrong, I like Chris Harris' enthusiasm about almost everything he drives like he's ready to get married to it. And keep that going :)
But as a suggestion: why not make a special department for factories? "Top Gear - Factories". And let Jack Rix do this section!
Make it longer, more in depth, if you ask me since I like the details. This way you have a whole new section that could be the new USP for Top Gear!
Chris Harris - Car Reviews
Jack Rix - Factory Tours (Don't call it The Grand Factory Tour(s) please...)
And maybe other people doing Car Shows? Haven't been following the content too much lately so I don't know who are the ones presenting the footage, but you get the gist.
And I like to make this a youtube petition right away! So please fellow Top Gear Fans, like if you (partially) agree.
Kind regards,
yakie kadafi
yakie kadafi - 3 dagar sedan
482 km/h para los que no saben de mph.
Duncan Howarth
Duncan Howarth - 4 dagar sedan
17:37; Koeniggsegg sweatshop. Outsource to China. Even cheaper!
Duncan Howarth
Duncan Howarth - 4 dagar sedan
Starting at 9:37; Is Jack inebriated? No wonder he wasn't allowed to drive!
Duncan Howarth
Duncan Howarth - 4 dagar sedan
Change of mind! It's the whole video!!! My legs are like Jacks after a skin-full in my local pub.
Stanmadephotos - 4 dagar sedan
I wish they went into more detail about the motor because it looks IDENTICAL to a Ford 4.6L 4V motor out of a 96-04 Cobra or Lincoln Mark VIII. I know they say 5.0L but people open up 4.6Ls to 5.0 all the time.
darkiee69 - 3 dagar sedan
It's an inhouse koenigsegg engine.
JMADMACHINE - 4 dagar sedan
Why lower 85 octane fuel produce higher BHP of 1600?
darkiee69 - 3 dagar sedan
It's not 85 octane. It's E85. That's 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. That's why it gives higher BHP.
fitnesspoint2006 - 4 dagar sedan
Brake calipers covered so you don't see the BREMBO logo until the Koenigsegg's logo are painted on.
NumberOneZero 0
NumberOneZero 0 - 5 dagar sedan
4m upfront with a 10m resale value. I'll take two.
Parth Kapur
Parth Kapur - 6 dagar sedan
I'm a mechanical engineer who works in consulting. Would quit in a heartbeat to work here, it's like an engineer's wet dream.
Vexx - 6 dagar sedan
is that a factory or a hospital ?
ExuberantRaptor - 6 dagar sedan
"We set everything up for at least 310 mph so there´s a little bit of buffer for error as well." *A T L E A S T* xD
Paul Schmiemann
Paul Schmiemann - 7 dagar sedan
I clicked on this vid but when I realized that it’s not the OG gang with Jeremy Richard and James, I didn’t want to see this video
Pbperez 210
Pbperez 210 - 7 dagar sedan
Lol true 8:50
Getthe cansin
Getthe cansin - 7 dagar sedan
Christian been chomping a little too many meatballs
Logan Alred
Logan Alred - 7 dagar sedan
This is the worst how to ever.
Game Sweden
Game Sweden - 8 dagar sedan
0:48 That is not a viggen, that is a saab 35 draken
A Cruz
A Cruz - 8 dagar sedan
Ralle6000 - 8 dagar sedan
The guy that owne the koenigsegg "factory" is he from Sweden?
darkiee69 - 3 dagar sedan
Yes he is, he's born in Stockholm.
jimimckay69 - 8 dagar sedan
I'd love to see a beefed up "Ragnarok" version of the Jesko. Maybe partner it up with a "Death Star" version as well to be the next "Thor" & "Vader" 🤔 (cut me a check if this happens)
Genius Marc Says
Genius Marc Says - 8 dagar sedan
so i think if i buy a Koenigsegg unpainted it will cost me half the price
Chris K
Chris K - 8 dagar sedan
Okay, why all the negatives!
Please enlighten me, what's the "problem". You may be other brand loyal, but that shouldn't negate other cars that just don't appeal to you and your taste.
I would never expect everyone to like all my opinions, but that doesn't mean I hate their choices. what?
Pentium 486sx
Pentium 486sx - 9 dagar sedan
Uh, that's a Draken, not a Viggen...
BeastMode Overseer
BeastMode Overseer - 10 dagar sedan
Not only does the VENOM F5 want to tackle the 300MPH goal but the SSC North America Tuatara is aiming for goal as well!
Syed Nadeem Hussain
Syed Nadeem Hussain - 11 dagar sedan
Thank You for the tutorial Top Gear!!!
Now I can make myself a very own Koenigsegg Jesko👍👍👍
Hamza Ouamrouche
Hamza Ouamrouche - 11 dagar sedan
300 mph High Speed JESKO Carbon VERY LIGHT weight absoulut chassi aluminium wire Electro Evo car and Engine components cooling system electrically AMAZING Door protect make is car
__ - 11 dagar sedan
Christian used to have hair, then they made an open roof version.
Denys Yaroshenko Design
Denys Yaroshenko Design - 11 dagar sedan
Cars that cost more than $ 250,000 lose their usefulness in terms of man-kilometers. For the money you can buy a plane and travel long distances in a short hour.
TheBrainless - 11 dagar sedan
In this days Koenigsegg is the best perl in the crown.
Adam Benaben
Adam Benaben - 12 dagar sedan
Everyone was thinking that they would use the Koenigsegg Direct Drive in the Jesko. But of course this small Swedish company had to reinvent the transmission again... Love Koenigsegg
عالم الزئبق الأحمر RED MERCURY WORLD
Matthew Borell
Matthew Borell - 12 dagar sedan
The noise coming from that regera was orgasmic.
Night Lock
Night Lock - 12 dagar sedan
Who’s that dude? Where’s the other 3 guys?
Cool_hand_alex lol
Cool_hand_alex lol - 12 dagar sedan
420 Friendly
420 Friendly - 13 dagar sedan
720p. Really? That's it?
Niyaz Majeed
Niyaz Majeed - 13 dagar sedan
Brandi Vokaj
Brandi Vokaj - 13 dagar sedan
I hope that the flat plane cranck sound is gonna be like ferrari but a own incredible sound
Selpoc - 13 dagar sedan

At 7 Heaven
At 7 Heaven - 13 dagar sedan
19:15 No Photo
Top Gear : but we take a VIDEO :D
Shawny6970 - 13 dagar sedan
Let’s have more underwear shots lol cheeky
Venom Bass Top Speed
Venom Bass Top Speed - 14 dagar sedan
Top gear inspires me! I am watching top gear since I was a kid and I made channel inspired by top gear please support me and subscribe me
Nidockor jaa
Nidockor jaa - 14 dagar sedan
I can't imagine what if my name was the famous supercar brand...
Dave Williams
Dave Williams - 14 dagar sedan
How many hours total to build a Regara ?
ben ebright
ben ebright - 14 dagar sedan
i want koenigsegg pants
Сулеúман Баúрамов
А перевод по русски есть?))
Max S.
Max S. - 15 dagar sedan
Sorry, but...did the camera operator not look at the screen during the into?
The focus is painfully off.
83N5#4 - 15 dagar sedan
DIY Koenigsegg Jesko
Benton Cannon
Benton Cannon - 15 dagar sedan
Drop the arrogance. Take a leaf from Christians book.
David Lewis
David Lewis - 15 dagar sedan
The fact that they build everything in house, except the windshield and tires, is unheard of! Mr K obviously wanted to build the very best product possible, and it shows. He is a modern Bugatti; the passion and engineering. Worth the Money! amazing! And naming the JESKO, after his cool is that! what a Son
Sergio Ferrero Pérez
Sergio Ferrero Pérez - 16 dagar sedan
I really hope Koenigsegg does a car named Ragnarok
fieryspy64 - 16 dagar sedan
This is some next level DIY
Yusuf kardoğan
Yusuf kardoğan - 16 dagar sedan
Türkçe altyazı pls
One - 16 dagar sedan
Instead of all that Complex Contraption, Just build a good electric car with just a Motor !
Painkiller488 X
Painkiller488 X - 16 dagar sedan
This gives me some kind of next challenges that come for hypercars in the next years
#1: 2.8M $ is ridiculous...price tag must decrease cuz it will be too expensive and earning money will be even more difficult (apparently rich people is getting richer but that fantasy will crack down when we don’t expect it)
#2: cannot go fully electric cuz making batteries for EV’s is more contaminating than running a petrol engine car, and it doesn’t have to be petrol, new fuels are coming and if not they will come with development.
#3: simulation will be the 100% way of development of a hypercar, even videogames nowadays are getting so close to reality that is very scary, you can make a car from scratch with simulation and will be an absolute destroyer since the last screw is tighten up.
#4: this hypercars need to go racing to get more money and make the industry bigger, and maybe challenge F1 for the Queen of Racing’s title.
#5 hitting 300MPH in straight line is not enought, curves have to be taken even faster than right now by any race car of today.
#6 this is not more an ego battle from now on, is an engineering battle, finding mistakes and fixing them if we want useful technologies that can go in “normal” cars from everyday use.
MAX 56
MAX 56 - 16 dagar sedan
Tio Kaidou
Tio Kaidou - 16 dagar sedan
The sonaplasty of Christian is so fun kkk
Auto techAll
Auto techAll - 17 dagar sedan
Thanks for uploading, and good, Hmm autonomous hyper cars will be future?
Calvin Chan
Calvin Chan - 17 dagar sedan
Calvin Chan
Calvin Chan - 17 dagar sedan
why people keep saying "yes-ko",
you see Christian says "Jes-ko"
Kevin Walker
Kevin Walker - 17 dagar sedan
doesn't ever say the names of his people, it's all about him....
HeadlightHeartSurgeon - 17 dagar sedan
I’m willing to test drive the cars for y’all. I’m more than willing to do it!!
Zach - 17 dagar sedan
3:19 Hey very clearly calls it the "Jesko" hard pronouncing the "J". So neh to all my friends that kept correcting me saying it's pronouced "Yesko!"
Barracuda - 18 dagar sedan
the ghost is not Koenigsegg's logo, but the squadron's logo - they asked to have it on K's cars and K agreed
tired shinigami
tired shinigami - 18 dagar sedan
american gentelman called what?
Carlos - 18 dagar sedan
I would say this car is worth 1 million but not 3 million $
Carlos - 18 dagar sedan
So much paint!
I would buy a Regera without paint so it's 50kg lighter, hahaha
Ivan Jerez
Ivan Jerez - 18 dagar sedan
Thank you!!!
great show dude! impressive!
Moulik Kumar
Moulik Kumar - 18 dagar sedan
Lamborghini:How fast does this go
LowJack187 - 18 dagar sedan
Looks like Koenigsegg chose the wrong show!
signorpippistrello - 18 dagar sedan
It´s a Draken not a Viggen..... But hell, I also thought the great thing about a monocoque is you don´t need a chassis.
IMGONEIN60 - 19 dagar sedan
Notice Christian said JESKO not YESCO like everyone else has been pronouncing it. It's named after his father...
Emil Dahl
Emil Dahl - 19 dagar sedan
18:28 Nice sign on the left hand wall.
Emil Dahl
Emil Dahl - 19 dagar sedan
16:50 No wonder you save 20 kilos on doing Koenigsegg Naked Carbon.
blake mabry
blake mabry - 19 dagar sedan
It amazes me how knowledgeable Christian is, that and how passionate he is about his cars.
Aaron Thompson
Aaron Thompson - 19 dagar sedan
Reading lots of comments. Surprised I haven't seen any "yeah but my garage built (insert cheap beat-up tuner car) will smoke that thing at (drifting, autocross, stoplight drag race, whatever) for a fraction of the cost."
Ken Miller
Ken Miller - 19 dagar sedan
How to build a ford gt that already went 300mph
lex mark
lex mark - 19 dagar sedan
I'm wondering who needs a 300 mile an hour car on a public road the speed limit is 65 miles an hour unless you're on the Autobahn that's the only place in the world that I know you can go that fast and even then you can't go that fast cuz you're going to run into somebody else so why would you even want to 300 mile an hour car doesn't make sense even going through a hundred is extremely fast going to give somebody whiplash
TewksburiZ - 19 dagar sedan
They should join any racing competition to stamp the brand. Whatever record they have still not as convincing compare to real world.
Josh Larochelle
Josh Larochelle - 19 dagar sedan
“How to build a 300mph koneigsegg that only goes 296”
Build Everything
Build Everything - 19 dagar sedan
I'll take one of each.
Pole Phobphum
Pole Phobphum - 20 dagar sedan
Loving to see how hypercar was built.
Sydost - 20 dagar sedan
Thats not a viggen, it's a draken
avada - 20 dagar sedan
8:24 Why not consider fuel cells? Add fuel cells to the batteries as a range extender so the weight wouldn't encrease, only the range.
(Obviously you wouldn't be going full power for all the fuel load, but why would you anyway? Even record runs don't use all the fuel load, the tires couldn't even last that long.)
Nordmore68 - 20 dagar sedan
Christian von Koenigsegg never stops to impress me.
But I'm also proud and impressed of the Norwegian industry-designer Bård Eker, that has been involved in much of Koenigseggs development.
R0MANEK shark
R0MANEK shark - 20 dagar sedan
I Jesko to say i love you❤️😘👊✌️
D - 20 dagar sedan
Billionaire toys.
Welber Salles
Welber Salles - 20 dagar sedan
Jawa Adhit
Jawa Adhit - 20 dagar sedan
matty mullins ?
Jonathan Rae Crisanto
Jonathan Rae Crisanto - 20 dagar sedan
More like How to build a Regera
GET REAL - 20 dagar sedan
Now I can understand and believe why these cars are worth every penny amazing!!!
TechNick - 20 dagar sedan
I absolutely love these kinds of videos! Koenigsegg makes the best cars on the planet in my opinion.
Zodi X
Zodi X - 20 dagar sedan
19:39 "Probably don't wanna touch those"
* touches it *
Easy Groove
Easy Groove - 21 dag sedan
ferrari fxxk evo for me