Will It Muffin? Taste Test

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Good Mythical Morning
Good Mythical Morning - 3 månader sedan
Want to know how Josh prepared these muffin monstrosities? We’ve got a Behind the Mythicality for “Will It Muffin?” coming out on Wednesday, so sign up for the Mythical Society and watch how Josh cranked out these muffins! https://www.mythicalsociety.com/
Alexander Ray
Alexander Ray - 2 månader sedan
Scott Bakula was the captain of Enterprise in Star Trek Enterprise, too
Guess Who
Guess Who - 2 månader sedan
you are all bunch of idiots
David Little
David Little - 2 månader sedan
For the record...English muffins aren’t English..they’re an American invention.
Spraypaint 13
Spraypaint 13 - 2 månader sedan
do will it nugget or chicken nugget
Andrew Bergmann
Andrew Bergmann - 2 månader sedan
Will it pillow
Matt The Cat
Matt The Cat - Dag sedan
Quantum leap is on tubi. Which is free.
Matt The Cat
Matt The Cat - Dag sedan
leap is on tubi. Which is free.
Matt The Cat
Matt The Cat - Dag sedan
Quantum leap is on tubi. Which is free.
Bryce Gillam
Bryce Gillam - Dag sedan
Josh at butcher shop: Can I get pig uteruses and like.. squid ink?
Gary Engle
Gary Engle - 2 dagar sedan
I couldn’t even watch them eat the last one 🤮🤮🤮🤮
alucardfu2 - 2 dagar sedan
Yuri Danylko
Yuri Danylko - 3 dagar sedan
Borshch is suposed to have tomato in it..
Erik Hobart
Erik Hobart - 4 dagar sedan
the sausage is clearly better than the ham
kammyri kammy
kammyri kammy - 4 dagar sedan
How do you get a job like this? I want the hookup!
Benjamin Marston
Benjamin Marston - 4 dagar sedan
Smash or pass Gatorade muffin 😂

smash...dont judge me
Caress Thirus
Caress Thirus - 5 dagar sedan
Ok, but these cupcakes were beautiful.
Tonya Litteral
Tonya Litteral - 5 dagar sedan
I LOVE “Quantum leap!!!!” It definitely one of the best tv shows ever made!
Musical Artist
Musical Artist - 6 dagar sedan
I almost threw up watching this because I was eating dinner
GamingBadly Good
GamingBadly Good - 6 dagar sedan
So that is am expensive muffin with all that caviar
Rose Vasquez
Rose Vasquez - 6 dagar sedan
Nice I like this people
Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph - 6 dagar sedan
You guys need to make a video where you take all of your favorite “will it’s” from every video and find your ABSOLUTE favorite!
Lydia Hogue
Lydia Hogue - 7 dagar sedan
"Words have meaning england!" I want this on a shirt
Rip Devon
Rip Devon - 8 dagar sedan
Anybody else remember Scott Bakula from Star Trek?
Chris Lord
Chris Lord - 8 dagar sedan
Did y'all give up torturing Rhett with congealed blood?
Megaphant2 - 9 dagar sedan
Josh is so cool
Element EL
Element EL - 9 dagar sedan
That egg McMuffin muffin looked phenomenal!
Stephanie Volpi
Stephanie Volpi - 9 dagar sedan
Nobody ;
Rhett:"If I quantum leaped into my body right now"
1000 subs without videos?? :D
Screw you exxxon 😂😂
kidinabstract - 12 dagar sedan
4:03 "A little ketchup jizzle."
frnk p
frnk p - 13 dagar sedan
today we learned that rhett is a verse and link is a top
Paris Nicole
Paris Nicole - 13 dagar sedan
I love how the will it episodes have just turned into Josh pulling of weird baking recipes
Vladyslav Chornobai
Vladyslav Chornobai - 14 dagar sedan
Dudes, Borsch is a national Ukrainian dish! Not Russian...
Bronwen Latanville
Bronwen Latanville - 12 dagar sedan
Vladyslav Chornobai lmao yes I am
Vladyslav Chornobai
Vladyslav Chornobai - 12 dagar sedan
@Bronwen Latanville are you serious? I quite doubt it based on the name and this statement. While I haven't been in all the regions I can vouch for the majority of regions
Bronwen Latanville
Bronwen Latanville - 12 dagar sedan
Vladyslav Chornobai I’m Ukrainian and I didn’t know that haha
Alex Lange
Alex Lange - 14 dagar sedan
"I like a STICKY muffin"
• MiikoX
• MiikoX - 15 dagar sedan
BBQ Pizza!!!!
Raul Espinoza
Raul Espinoza - 16 dagar sedan
You guys should do a fast food edition of a random fast food I suggest will Mac Sauce on for example Mac and cheese, Flaming Hot Cheetos or beyond that Sushi or even grosser Will it Mac Sauce on Cow tounge.... Please Like so GMM can do a Mc Donald's special Big Mac Sauce will it Mac Sauce
Like If they should do it
Comment on other suggestions
Mosa Faye
Mosa Faye - 17 dagar sedan
Does josh have his own channel?
midoribookstore - 17 dagar sedan
Man I think I'd actually really enjoy that elder god lookin abyssal sea muffin, it seems to have a lot of stuff that I'm pretty fond of :D
F.B.I - 18 dagar sedan
*I kept thinking that links sweater was stained* 😂
Tanner Hutchings
Tanner Hutchings - 19 dagar sedan
That intro tho!
Alison McGregor
Alison McGregor - 19 dagar sedan
ewww the last one 🤢🤮😱
Cool_ Panda
Cool_ Panda - 21 dag sedan
Whever they said Russia I automatically knew the muffin would have vodka in it!! 😂
kalai doskop
kalai doskop - 21 dag sedan
the seafoodmuffin looks like something that hp lovecraft were loving to eat 😂
Chris Yeazel
Chris Yeazel - 21 dag sedan
Ohhhh boy.
Pritom Debnath
Pritom Debnath - 21 dag sedan
Did you just say MILFIN???
Pritom Debnath
Pritom Debnath - 21 dag sedan
Mufferade 😆
Dragon Destroyer
Dragon Destroyer - 22 dagar sedan
Vladimuff Putin is just a communist muffin
x1PMac1x - 22 dagar sedan
The seafood muffin should have used a hush puppy base to compliment the seafood.
Dont Bemean
Dont Bemean - 23 dagar sedan
Who said in England every dessert r puddings ? Get ur facts right before speaking
KendallDaPug - 23 dagar sedan
I’m gonna go around calling people elongated blueberries now
TREK CORE - 24 dagar sedan
Also who tf says pudding in English it’s desert 😂
TREK CORE - 24 dagar sedan
Just like it is with a cup cake😂
TREK CORE - 24 dagar sedan
You know in English a muffin is the same thing as it is in America
Furby Fella
Furby Fella - 24 dagar sedan
I remember watching your Furby 2012 video a while ago, Rhett mentioned wanting to see a remake of teddy ruxpin, well they made a remake in 2017!!! You should react to it. I subscribed
Daniel Stanton
Daniel Stanton - 24 dagar sedan
Sticky muffin....... anyone else from the uk creased when they heard that? XD