17 Details In 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Episode 5 You Might Have Missed

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Vismund - 9 dagar sedan
I wish I would of missed the whole show.
film analytics
film analytics - 17 dagar sedan
*mentions Aaron Roger's cameo*
*rewind the video 80000 times to find Aaron Rogers*
*still doesn't find him*
Electrifying 3:16
Electrifying 3:16 - Månad sedan
They definitelly planned Daenerys going mad and burning down King's Landing from the get go, but I also think they were planning to have Jon end up on the throne but scraped it cause they thought it was too easy to predict.
S R Leeming
S R Leeming - Månad sedan
The letter had no meaning anyway
Aesthetic Soul
Aesthetic Soul - Månad sedan
People : Do you want to rule winterfell, Lord Bran?
Nope. Three eyed Raven, remember?
Later : Do you want to rule the six kingdom?
Bran : Hold my wheelchair.
Aesthetic Soul
Aesthetic Soul - Månad sedan
Jon Snow's Script for Season 8:

*"Fall Back"*
*"I don't want the throne"*
*"You're my Queen"*
slavetothechange 007
slavetothechange 007 - Månad sedan
Qyborn didn’t create the scorpions he just re made them. People of Westeros were using them all the way back to Ageons conquest.
Rudolf Dzhyhirei
Rudolf Dzhyhirei - Månad sedan
momed momed
momed momed - Månad sedan
Arya Stark was right ……NO ONE likes the ending of GOT
Matthew Fisher
Matthew Fisher - Månad sedan
Good channel. About to subscribe!
Daniel Mak
Daniel Mak - Månad sedan
I will burn you alive!
Lydia Derhake
Lydia Derhake - Månad sedan
The white horse is a reference to the Faceless Men's banner of black and white, and her turning from revenge and death toward the future and light. You guys read way too much LotR into this.
hen ko
hen ko - Månad sedan
Why did d dragon fly away with deany’s body? What would it do with the body?
less kiss
less kiss - Månad sedan
Varys talks with Jon snow while having a walk. To the left of varys.. is that a WHITE PLASTIC COVER at the beach??
hostyle - Månad sedan
britt britt
britt britt - Månad sedan
This is reaching.
RlGrind - Månad sedan
This video is for the extreme dumbasses who dont even try to understand ongoing action
jmichealsmith99 - Månad sedan
very good!!!
Chay - Månad sedan
stupid writing in last season what’s the point of this letters with the ending that’s stored in place
K-raig - Månad sedan
"Do we miss anything?", yes, those six and a half minutes I can't get back after this tripe of a video.
christianne1985 - Månad sedan
They didn't mention that there was a shot of the girl holding the white horse lying on the ground burned to a crisp.
Marcus Y
Marcus Y - Månad sedan
You missed one thing, game of thrones started good but ended shit, just like this video
Lori W
Lori W - Månad sedan
I love these videos!! It really helped to tie things together for me AND be a lot more satisfied with the ending, which I had mixed feelings about. I understand it much better now and see that there was actually a lot of thought put into it.
John Leggio
John Leggio - Månad sedan
Who got all of Varys letters?!?! He wrote more than one and he had that little girl spy!
Jim - Månad sedan
This is the least insightful GoT video I've ever seen. Also, showing the shadow of a dragon on Kings Landing isn't foreshadowing, unless you were trying for a stupid joke. Remind me not to watch your videos.
Savage PapiBoy
Savage PapiBoy - Månad sedan
Wait so are they saying game of thrones is like a sequels to lord of the rings
Alvarez_Gamer14j - Månad sedan
3:55- 3:57 da fuk? only see people running.
Cheydinal - Månad sedan
Oh, I kind of forgot about that
Hannah Cound
Hannah Cound - Månad sedan
We also hear Light of the Seven variations played throughout the carnage, which was composed for, as you say, destroying the sept, which a lot of fans watched and went 'okay so Cersei is the mad queen that's right' and now it's playing while we see the true mad queen which is a cool lil detail
Snapdragon 9600
Snapdragon 9600 - Månad sedan
If they wanted to reference our Lord of the rings, they should of had Sir Peter Jackson rewrite series 8! Then it wouldn't be the dumpster fire the plot lines, characters, and even battles became.😠
Joy C
Joy C - Månad sedan
Like he did with The Hobbit?
tama yeager gibson
tama yeager gibson - Månad sedan
Sansa...little bird.
pavan boorla
pavan boorla - Månad sedan
Varys talks with Jon snow while having a walk. To the left of varys.. is that a WHITE PLASTIC COVER at the beach??
Haris Okereke
Haris Okereke - Månad sedan
Why did d dragon fly away with deany’s body? What would it do with the body?
adam roberson
adam roberson - Månad sedan
What was the point of this
Creative_Plays - Månad sedan
melisandre unkowingly sacrificed shireen baratheon to save arya stark in s8e5, "only death can pay for life" theres alot of evidence to support this from s3e5 onwards
Maria c Amarillas
Maria c Amarillas - Månad sedan
It end stupid
Tizzer123boya - Månad sedan
How about that varys tried to poison Dany but seen as she was t eating it couldn't happen, I think alot of people missed that and his payment to the girl was the jewls on his rings
siam16br - Månad sedan
You missed the hint that Varys talking to that little girl was probably trying to poison Danny but she wouldn’t eat.
varlamov - Månad sedan
"You are my queen, I've found the queen!" - I've heard this before!
So, D&D were foreshadowing that Jon actually VRChat knuckle? Does it make sense?
xal ks
xal ks - Månad sedan
In the end Jon's true lineage amounted to nothing
JD21 - Månad sedan
Why did it show Bran learning this for so long? literally the end of S7 was Bran finding out Jon was the heir, but it meant nothing in S8 and Bran was like 'yea i want the throne'
Mykl S
Mykl S - Månad sedan
You missed the part the thumbnail was showing.
Sou Ka
Sou Ka - Månad sedan
Arya is like pewds.. "NO KILL"
Friedrich - Månad sedan
The worst season ever
Billy Joe
Billy Joe - Månad sedan
Tesfa TWL
Tesfa TWL - Månad sedan
CAMERA MAN at 3:52 with his hand and camera on the left side. I guess it's not just the Directors, Writers, and Producers who gave up on Kings Landing with Deny. But also Editors all gave up, too and BURNED THEM ALL GOT Season 8 Episode 5...
Gabriel Larsen
Gabriel Larsen - Månad sedan
At the ending of the episode we see Araya Stark standing on the ground which is a reference to the first scene with Araya where she's also standing on the ground.
JD21 - Månad sedan
She breathed too i think
Suusiowo - Månad sedan
definitely Shadowfax
Braden Vassov
Braden Vassov - Månad sedan
pause at 3:54 on the left is that a guy holding a camera?
JD21 - Månad sedan
It might've been a 'behind the scenes' cut
Denise Nyström LeCat
Denise Nyström LeCat - Månad sedan
My dear Sandor, i'm gonna be missing him!
Nexuro - Månad sedan
It’s not detsils, it’s lack of syorytelling, that’s why you to look for some lil shit to get wtf is going on