Kumail Nanjiani Sweats Intensely While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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First We Feast
First We Feast - 10 dagar sedan
What's your favorite episode of Season 9 so far?
Kashinath S
Kashinath S - 2 dagar sedan
This one.
Julie Rivera
Julie Rivera - 2 dagar sedan
Please bring in The Rock!! 😭😭
John Thomas
John Thomas - 2 dagar sedan
Thats when i found your channel lol favorite part
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor - 3 dagar sedan
can i blow my nose on camera?! camera pans down to watch everything incase something gross came out:D
Peter Charles
Peter Charles - 3 dagar sedan
Episode 1 - Halle Berry - this was the one for me
John Doe
John Doe - Timme sedan
Kumail was on Game Informer's Replay show playing Super Castlevania IV and talking about gaming in Pakistan. Go check it out!
John Doe
John Doe - Timme sedan
Did Kumail eat Dave Bautista and absorb his features?
micgao - 4 timmar sedan
Doodoo Head
Doodoo Head - 5 timmar sedan
Get the Rock on here
Dakota Craft
Dakota Craft - 5 timmar sedan
Does anyone else wanna see Matt stonie on here?
Kevin Berry
Kevin Berry - 5 timmar sedan
Always great energy on this who, even if the host hasn't met a host before, it always seem professional, and I would never have met that these two hadn't met previously.
Danielle C
Danielle C - 7 timmar sedan
Kumail is the first time I wanted the show to stop so that you wouldn't torture your guest anymore. He seems like such a nice dude I don't want to hurt him.
CoD _Uploads
CoD _Uploads - 8 timmar sedan
The math is totally sound. 😂
B P - 8 timmar sedan
Get Tom Ford on here lol that would be interesting
tjaleth - 8 timmar sedan
fuck I didn't realize I wasn't subscribed until he said that, they always show up in my feed
De -Vine
De -Vine - 10 timmar sedan
Omg I love this so much!!🤣🤣🤣
Michael Cookielover
Michael Cookielover - 10 timmar sedan
Id love to subscribe. But everytime i want to buy your hot sauce packs you are sold out!
Caleb Mueller
Caleb Mueller - 11 timmar sedan
Get Pete Davidson
Spencer Gadoury
Spencer Gadoury - 12 timmar sedan
Why aren't those wings...
Hersh Chabra
Hersh Chabra - 13 timmar sedan
can you unpackage that? - sean evans 2019
Angry Ancestor [KbanjoK]
Angry Ancestor [KbanjoK] - 14 timmar sedan
Sean shaking the bottle while asking a question and the pure look of confusion and fear on the guest's face is my favorite part every time
Gratification Productions
Gratification Productions - 17 timmar sedan
Kumail getting JACKED for The Eternals.
Jess Yates
Jess Yates - 19 timmar sedan
Great Episode. Great Show. Thank You!!
Alex Daniel
Alex Daniel - 19 timmar sedan
Kumail is beef cake!!!
zumu - 22 timmar sedan
this guy now is an Eternal...
Dalton Perkinson
Dalton Perkinson - 22 timmar sedan
Let's acknowledge Sean's commitment to stalking each guest, so they can have meaningful discussion. It's the only time I would condone stalking; it makes for a great episode.
Kaden Moss
Kaden Moss - 23 timmar sedan
Anyone else hate when he says “unpackage” instead of “unpack”?
I'm You, You're me
I'm You, You're me - Dag sedan
Ever since he did that Twilight Zone remake episode (the first one that was free - The Comedian), I feel like each picture I see of him is looking at me like, "did you hear me? is that what you want? what do you want?"

this thumbnail included..
Lo Wolfe
Lo Wolfe - Dag sedan
Petition to get Pablo Schreiber on this
ghee4345 - Dag sedan
It’s surreal seeing kumail getting so popular. I remember seeing his standup live and collegehumor cameos 10 years ago, even got a fb invite to his wedding haha.
V Lo
V Lo - Dag sedan
i'm just gonna say it -- Chocolate Milk??? 🤷🏽‍♀️
Jesse Bravo
Jesse Bravo - Dag sedan
Kumail is my favorite character in portlandia 😂😂
IA. BassFishing
IA. BassFishing - Dag sedan
Fuck yeah! Iowa FTW!!!
matthewfuture - Dag sedan
Kumail is such a cuck.
Patrick Fitzgerald
Patrick Fitzgerald - Dag sedan
I don't know about the video games being the only media getting better. Some of the most fun I've ever had playing video games was mario party for the 64.
Ultra Sound
Ultra Sound - Dag sedan
26:20 Oh shit! I just got caught by Sean Evans. I wonder what he means by " Or Else.."
Robouroboros - Dag sedan
"Everyone close your eyes. Pause the cameras."

*unabashed recording continues*
elloDucky - Dag sedan
Great episode 😁😁 would love to see *Hank Green* here!!
Corey Watkins
Corey Watkins - Dag sedan
"Movie star shit" i lost it :D
Martin Meland
Martin Meland - Dag sedan
That gold Patek Phillipe Aquanaut is fire.
Shannon T
Shannon T - Dag sedan
Bring on Riley Reid!!
Folarin Osibodu
Folarin Osibodu - Dag sedan
Kumail is big and jacked
Felicia Royers
Felicia Royers - Dag sedan
"Gilfoyle, you are racist.

Richard, you are ugly."
Oscar - 2 dagar sedan
Hot ones should make aloe vera toilet wipes
David Ellis
David Ellis - 2 dagar sedan
* *starts talking about jerking off 800 guys in an auditorium* * YouTube *DEMONITZED*
Dan Josef
Dan Josef - 2 dagar sedan
the Jerk Off Theory had me laughing in tears. im so fuckin sad that Season 6 is the final season
Babytwix143 - 2 dagar sedan
I've watched for 9 seasons and didn't think to subscribe until threatened 😅
Adrianne Gandhi
Adrianne Gandhi - 2 dagar sedan
First time seeing this show. Does the host have that thing where their pain receptors are different than the average person? cuz his face isn't even turning red.
Tina Ahia
Tina Ahia - 2 dagar sedan
Please do an episode with Bretman Rock @bretmanrock
John Hartley
John Hartley - 2 dagar sedan
Very tasteful watch.
JKhan - 2 dagar sedan
still waiting for the last dab redux to be available....
Joshua Abram Caoagdan Sorneo
Do Hot Ones with Sophie Turner 🌶️
imogenbegins - 2 dagar sedan
Can't you just make and sell a frozen version of your vegan & vegetarian wings? COME ON!!!!
James - 2 dagar sedan