NEW MOVIE TRAILERS 2019 🎬 | Weekly #17

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Αθανασιος Δαμακουδης
The : LEFT BEHIND seguel.
Αθανασιος Δαμακουδης
The Preguel of : THE OMEN
nunya - 10 dagar sedan
1. Gemini Man....Yes, will watch at theater.
2. MIB- yes, but steal from the internet.
3. Assimilate, yes, but steal from the net
4. All the rest, No
Alan Jones
Alan Jones - 11 dagar sedan
Same old shit
Tim Randall
Tim Randall - 14 dagar sedan
I'll be damned Yoda had a son!
Barbie Burnett
Barbie Burnett - 14 dagar sedan
they all suck! i got bored to death! by just watching the previews
David Rheinhardt
David Rheinhardt - 26 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who think all these movies will suck
Cassie - 26 dagar sedan
WOKE US FUCK SJW`S MOVIES THE WORST KIND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
deadly zebra
deadly zebra - 26 dagar sedan
god thats some bad CGI on the will smith movie
Dreadly Me
Dreadly Me - 26 dagar sedan
Gemini Man, Definitely the new MIB!, Oh yea, and Assimilate!
Hector Orozco
Hector Orozco - 27 dagar sedan
Nos van a meter un frankestein alienígena?
Jumber Tarielashwili
Jumber Tarielashwili - 29 dagar sedan
You see? Will Smith,Does he burn a photo of Putin?
GIJo - Månad sedan
no need to watch this movie.
Dumbledoresarmy13 - Månad sedan
Forsythe Park, Staircase in an alley off River Street, Factor's Walk...that last one's lookin' more like Georgia than Texas if you ask me.
Haze DropCross
Haze DropCross - Månad sedan
"You Made a person, out from another person"
Haze DropCross
Haze DropCross - Månad sedan
The only way to kill your clone is to throw at him a motorbike.
zenafied - Månad sedan
How has Will Smith never won an Oscar? He was so damn good in Hancock and Seven Pounds.
Alexander Torro
Alexander Torro - Månad sedan
Why does Will Smith look so much older in some scenes?
StonyJoe - Månad sedan
Can't wait to miss People in People of Color International
Spookay T'is Me
Spookay T'is Me - Månad sedan
Time stamps are all fucked up
narcis havic
narcis havic - Månad sedan
i remember when i was kid and i just woke up one day and start look at cartoons like before,but...until that day cartoon was boring for me.Im afraid that this will happen again,this time with movies
1966johnnywayne - Månad sedan
Nodded off in the middle of the trailers...don't think Hollywood is getting any of my money this year, again.
Jesse C
Jesse C - Månad sedan
Two left hand drive car jokes in one month of trailers? WOOH. We just met the quota for the decade!
Jesse C
Jesse C - Månad sedan
H&M? Clever marketing ;)
mondomacabro major
mondomacabro major - Månad sedan
Most of these are lame - and - they are still doing the stretchy mouthed cgi BS ... HA HA ... no thanks!
Steve Ross
Steve Ross - Månad sedan
MEN in Black. MEN. And another fucking woman gets in. Fuck Off Hollywood, I will be keeping my cash in 2019.
salaciousBastard - Månad sedan
How many times is Chadwick's dad gonna get smoked?
qlimaxer - Månad sedan
WOKE US FUCK SJW`S MOVIES THE WORST KIND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
david tomlin
david tomlin - Månad sedan
Game of thorns rocket racoon all most like blue dot planet line back home
Legendary Super Saiyan God Green Saitama
Is that meruem in the thumbnail
Dobre Alexandru
Dobre Alexandru - Månad sedan
What will they do when Denzel dies? The film industry, I mean.
solitarymaninblack - Månad sedan
Nice. People are triggered in the comments section. Nothing wrong with political correctness. Infowars are just full of nonsense. These are just movies. You don't have to watch them.
stxcoop •
stxcoop • - Månad sedan
Can we go back to the times when trailers didn’t give away the entire movie
Parasmunt - Månad sedan
We need more Polynesian lesbian comic superheroines who are going to bust up the white man for threatening their pristine islands.Why have we seen no Polynesian lesbian heroines? How long do we have to wait before this discrimination ends?
Random Kid
Random Kid - Månad sedan
3:00 oh for Oden sake why can’t I remember which movie he was in (Thor)
vulkedinak1987 - Månad sedan
the next woke bullshit Korean cinema is way better right now
Casper Bosman
Casper Bosman - Månad sedan
two different movies same gag.....sigh ENDLESS THRASH!!!!
Boyd Peters
Boyd Peters - Månad sedan
Will Smith just plain bites. And Adam Sandler seriously Hollywood has no shame
nicolas lloreda
nicolas lloreda - Månad sedan
Cartagena Colombia😍
Red Lantern
Red Lantern - Månad sedan
This ain't men in black anymore. Call it people in black then
1966johnnywayne - Månad sedan
Something Just Weird in Black.
Lee Gray
Lee Gray - Månad sedan
more hollywierd remake crap i won't spend money on !
Ed Stewart
Ed Stewart - Månad sedan
everybody gets a payday
Efrem Tommasi
Efrem Tommasi - Månad sedan
7:24 .... I know... you said: hey that's Black Panther
Ivor O'Connor
Ivor O'Connor - Månad sedan
This actor is always boring. I'll download and skim it from piratebay but not waste my money. Seems about as bad as a john wick movie...
Grace Gracy Boo
Grace Gracy Boo - Månad sedan
I see Thor, T'Chala and Jean Grey.....
Doran Martell
Doran Martell - Månad sedan
Spy movie. You have my attention.
Will Smith. No. Next!
MefuneAkira - Månad sedan
Murder Mystery : I was in 1min in.
Cat Face Poetry
Cat Face Poetry - Månad sedan
She is just as hot, cougar next door hot XDDD
Marcus Celt
Marcus Celt - Månad sedan
These movies are AIDS for the soul
Marcus Tulius Cicero
Marcus Tulius Cicero - Månad sedan
Travolta really sucks at a Texan dialect, lol. He's worse than Famken Jannsen, and she's Dutch, rofl!
Ogun Gou
Ogun Gou - Månad sedan
He is bad at wearing wigs too.