WOW! Chris Kläfford's Cover Of "Imagine" Might Make You Cry - America's Got Talent 2019

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Fredbear fazbear
Fredbear fazbear - 43 minuter sedan
It's thor playing guitar, I heard Chris hemsworth plays Hurt to get sad
sevese isaro
sevese isaro - Timme sedan
Best version I've heard might even bypass original version in my opinion👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍
Gilad Tzumi
Gilad Tzumi - Timme sedan
Jesus's got talent
DeLinda Williams
DeLinda Williams - Timme sedan
😢Ever since John Lennon, I cry whenever I hear this song. This guy did it justice. Great voice.
Ace Binay-an
Ace Binay-an - Timme sedan
I clicked cuz I thought it was thor, but was worth😅👌👏
Zane Walters
Zane Walters - 2 timmar sedan
One of the most talented singers I've ever heard but no golden buzzer?
Placebo - 2 timmar sedan
Skald. You beautiful, beautiful skald.
Naila Zakir
Naila Zakir - 3 timmar sedan
Efrain Venancio
Efrain Venancio - 3 timmar sedan
There’s no more singers like him nowadays...
Deep hug
Deep hug - Timme sedan
Esse cara é de mais ! .. This guy is amazing ! Woww
Ann Tierney
Ann Tierney - 3 timmar sedan
Only Vikings can park here❣️
Gibbor Harefa
Gibbor Harefa - 3 timmar sedan
I hate to Say that i'm 30.
And now, After Zlatan Ibrahimovic... Sweden have new Part, it you my brother.
I love your voice ; Head, Middle and Chest vocal.
Deep hug
Deep hug - Timme sedan
zach marshal
zach marshal - 3 timmar sedan
Has real talent and doesn’t have a sad back story= no golden buzzer
Denise Kearns
Denise Kearns - 3 timmar sedan
OMG! So beautifully surreal.
casper2yall - 3 timmar sedan
That was really awesome..
Jennifer Cain
Jennifer Cain - 3 timmar sedan
Making all of us Swedes proud!
dyems Blanco
dyems Blanco - 3 timmar sedan
Sounds like bryan adams.. Great voice
klinik hape
klinik hape - 4 timmar sedan
AffluentGaming - 4 timmar sedan
He 30
D Ramos
D Ramos - 4 timmar sedan
This is what happened to thor before end game.
D- Nice
D- Nice - 4 timmar sedan
starts at 2:13
Muhammad Atsir
Muhammad Atsir - 4 timmar sedan
there are still people who don't like it
John Doe
John Doe - 4 timmar sedan
the best falsetto i have ever had heard
John Doe
John Doe - 4 timmar sedan
lucky people just had themselves a free concert
Monika Monia P
Monika Monia P - 5 timmar sedan
Thiago Costa
Thiago Costa - 5 timmar sedan
Esse cara é de mais ! .. This guy is amazing ! Woww
r/IamVerySmart - 5 timmar sedan
He is a famous Swedish singer. Who has worked with huge music producers and music writers. When you see this knowing who he is. It makes you realize how fake these talent shows are. This was just a good way for him to get exposure on the international stage. I really like him. He is an amazing singer. and he is a wonderful person. But it is sooo overplayed. He has played in front of millions of people many times before this. and there is not a single part of me that does not think that the judges and the production knew.
eF Faisal
eF Faisal - 6 timmar sedan
I never get tired of hearing this angel's voice.
King Cobra
King Cobra - 6 timmar sedan
This dude is out of everyones league this season and it’s not even close even though I would love to see kodi lee Win
SwedMiro SwedMiro
SwedMiro SwedMiro - 4 timmar sedan
Unless Kodi choke up on stage he is going to win. Better story, bigger hurdle to climb and that is what people vote for. Chris is a better singer, musician and have more talent but that won't help.
Austin Crowe
Austin Crowe - 6 timmar sedan
6000 people are deaf
The Bronx Toelupe
The Bronx Toelupe - 6 timmar sedan
anybody wanna send me the guitar tab for this?😂
Soffyanpenang Penang
Soffyanpenang Penang - 7 timmar sedan
Just One guitar,One MIC you are really have are talen
Bianca - 7 timmar sedan
wait was that Terry?
minhhai kim
minhhai kim - 7 timmar sedan
So this is what endgame did to Thor
Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor - 8 timmar sedan
I would love to hear him to as My Guitar Gently Weeps
Chase Best
Chase Best - 8 timmar sedan
He's got me in tears. This mffer is good
ChaChi - 8 timmar sedan
Did no one notice lexy panterra?
Mhm vadådå
Mhm vadådå - 8 timmar sedan
svenskar, vart är ni?
JamesRekts - 8 timmar sedan
IMAGINE having a voice like that.
Donna Louise Lytollis
Donna Louise Lytollis - 8 timmar sedan
I really hope he wins he is just amazing beyond words utterly incredible I listen to him on Spotify everyday I want him to win 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Simon Johansson
Simon Johansson - 9 timmar sedan wtf! His voice!!!!
MrGTN7000 - 10 timmar sedan
My new favorite!
Demonetize Hah
Demonetize Hah - 10 timmar sedan
His music is pure Art
Karyn Anderson
Karyn Anderson - 10 timmar sedan
immediate chills all over, your presence, your heart, your voice. I LOVE ALL the nuance in your amazing voice. i hope to purchase LPs from you!!
Flisan star
Flisan star - 10 timmar sedan
My mom's friends child had Chris in her family
Spencer Stutz
Spencer Stutz - 10 timmar sedan
Nice good job🤩🥳
Роман - 11 timmar sedan
suzuki terhase
suzuki terhase - 11 timmar sedan
this guy gives me goosebumps...and yeah it is weird because you don't know how good you are!!!!! !
christer Nilsson
christer Nilsson - 11 timmar sedan
hellow from sweden go fore it regard Christer!!!
Vladinir Fernandes
Vladinir Fernandes - 11 timmar sedan
Puts!!! Canta demais.
Just Maddi3
Just Maddi3 - 11 timmar sedan
I thought it was Arianna Grande "Imangine".